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Tales Of Girls

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Any of the girls from the Tales Of series, tons of under-appreciated girls
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Beautiful gloved hands of girls and ladies.
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Post images that make you want to eat pussy.
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/brg/ Bust Ranking General #3

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ITT: We determine the single largest pair of boobs from each series. Use this thread to nominate girls you know might be the biggest of series we don't have, and if possible let us know how sure you are she's the winner. Please correct any incorrect winners you find as well.

> Full ranking google sheet (all ~400 entries)

> Website (~300 entries)

> Discord

> Rules
0. Bust and cup size are not the same thing as breast volume, and biggest "official" size does not mean automatic winner. This is a purely visual competition where volumes are compared directly.
The girl must be fictional.
Any source is allowed a long as it if not self-published (no doujins) or pornographic (no hentai, eroge is fine).
The breasts must be natural.
The girl must be attractive.
The girl must be of roughly human scale (no giants).
The breasts must not be transiently exaggerated "gag boobs".
When in doubt, nominate anyway. Girls that do not qualify by these rules may still be recorded as the absolute winner of their series.

Thank you to all the anons that have nominated girls and helped this project grow. Here's to the continued future of the bust ranking.

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just got some good ones, might as well post it
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Extremely horny illustrations in non-adult games

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We all know them. We all hate and love them. And sometimes you just stare at your new unit and go "damn".

Show off some waifus and just generally horny/sexy gals. Starting with some FEH
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Toilet thread

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The last thread failed to get bumped, so let's start again.
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Brown Girls/Photoshoping

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Brown girls or any girls shooped brown or darker skinned.
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Wet shirts

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It's getting warmer, lets have a wet t-shirt contest
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