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Fate thread
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what about the FRONT of knees

Image source 津路参汰 (@t_santa)
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Shorts thread

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Post girls wearing shorts
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Holo a cute, CUTE!
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Bare Backs

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Fetish for backs
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Tomoko Kuroki thread
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Senran Kagura

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Post sexy shinobis
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Biggest Bust of Their Series part 2

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ITT: We post the most stacked character of each series. Doesn't matter if it's video games, comics, manga, anime. cartoon, or movie as long as it's fictional.

After the success of the last thread we have over 60 series ranked, with 60 more girls nominated from series that have yet to be determined. Out of those 60 officially ranked series, 40 have already been cataloged into The Bust Chart we are working on which will be posted soon. We have a discord where girls can be nominated, sizes can be debated, and eventually added to The Bust Chart. The fastest way a girl can be ranked number 1 is if someone with intimate knowledge of the series comes along to prove that she's the biggest, so if you think you can help please consider joining our discord to make our project go a lot faster. A full list of girls pending ranking and much more can be found on our discord:
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Wide Hips/Slim Waist/Hour Glass

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Only the best physiques for breeding.
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This Girl

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