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Just bought a pixiv premium account. "Month 2.1 Edition"

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Second thread of this month of pixiv premium.

Ask for fan art and I'll post it.

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i need more of her
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Hair Washing Fetish

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Mostly looking for obscure photos, lots of bubbles in the hair. Preferably in swimsuit but nude is fine too. I'll spam drop mine.

Pole dancer thread

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Put your dancer here.

Love Live Sunshine

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Extra points for precious Rubies
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Pokègirls thread
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Shirt tug

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preferably bottomless
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Any girls wanna trade photos? I’m a 30 yr make and bored. Don’t care if you’re fit or fat. No dudes, girls only. Snap: randomfun67

Huge sweatered breasts

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Just titcows in comfy ribbed sweaters. Let's try to keep them as casual as possible. Sleeves, low-cut, side-cut, cutout is okay if you absolutely must post it, but please no virgin killer.
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Post music that's good to listen to while fapping to ecchi. I'll start with some of my favorites.

Rick Wakeman keyboard solo (skip to 2:36)
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