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Actual High Res Pics

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Post your pics that are or are above 1080 * 1920 pix. 800 * 2200 and those type of resolutions are ok.
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Personal Dump

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dumping some of my images, feel free to post anything if you want.
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Confident Gals VI

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"If you've got it, flaunt it"
Smirks/smugs, seductive poses, haughty expressions, or just anything else that conveys the idea that the girl knows what she's got and is pretty damn well proud of it.

If there are traces of shyness/hesitation, embarrassment or awkwardness they obviously are not confident.
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Cosplay Thread

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Post characters dressing like other characters
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tight sexy yees

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Tight clothes/outfits thread. +if one piece swimsuit
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Thick ass thread

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Post preferably SFW straight ass shots but NSFW and some deviations from the butt is cool too
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Post pictures involving or having the main focus being armpits, nothing more to say.
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Shadow of the Colossus

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sugoku kawaii ne
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Clothing <3

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Let's put the clothing in center!

>personal bonus points from me for not over-sexualizing it
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