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BanG Dream returns

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Let's try this again.
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Demons et cetera cont. II

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Horns, wings, demon tails, devils, succubi and so on.

>Animal- and monster girls might be better suited for >>2278892 but it's up to you to make the distinction.
>I guess angels, vampires and dragon girls are fine, too.

You get the idea.
Everyting from petite to voluptuous.
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K-On! Thread

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Kill la Kill

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That show gives a lot of /e/ material, anything KlK related will be welcome!
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Snk thread
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Beach girls arts

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Only separate post for female characters on the beach
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CYOA /e/ general #18

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Post stories, post votes, post images.

Previous thread >>2347313
Or if it disappeared.


Last story: Camp of Dares (finished).

Go to: for the full “Camp of Dares” completed story.

(Thanks to Gnattering Yawn for keeping them)

We are starting a new story with a brand new character. The time to jump in is NOW!

We are transported to the world of Derenf, a place where while humans are abundant, they are hardly alone as the only sapient species. Start the adventure of medieval magic, gather your party, travel around the land, kill the baddies and try not to expose yourself too much to the villagers!

Daisy had always yearned for more than the quiet village life and working at the local pub. Well, her wish was granted; she has discovered to be a half-demon, has become a demon-summoning warlock and had bound herself to Yin, the Demon Fairy. With the addition of the uncivilized and unapologetically nudist Beast Tribeswoman, Aurora and the recent meeting of the mysterious, gallant swordswoman Giselle, the journey countinues.

Granny has disappeared and they have to find her. For that they have decided to summon a Hellhound, but that is not an easy beast to deal with.
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Bare Naked Ladies

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Pussy in non h manga

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Chapter 9 paranoia cage, manga by creator off Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
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