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Lewds by official artists

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It's rare that an official artist draws lewds of the charactet. Wonder what's out there.
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Glasses / Megane 2

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Post girls wearing glasses aka meganekkos.

Old thread:
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Saki: Tanoshii

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After a long break, more ecchi mahjong girls.
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Confident Girls

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Just girls who aren't embarassed of their bodies, what they are wearing or the situation that they are in.
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Fire Emblem

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FE thread everyone ? Preferably girls from FEs before Awakening, but everything is fine.

It's been a while, let's share some !
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Creepy girl thread

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A thread for any girl that can be considered creepy
Bags under eyes, long straight hair, disheveled hair, creepy disposition, pale skin, etc.
Any girl deemed to be creepy goes here, preferably with big tits
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Tiny/ inadequate panties

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Standing / Comparison pics

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Just pictures of 2D girls standing
bonus points for comparisons and/or multiple girls at the same time
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Itt: Slingshot bikinis
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