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Tifa thread

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Bonus for sexy leather skirt pics!
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Naked "Outfits"

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For when you're technically wearing clothes, but you're still naked.

There's some very basic rules to this thread:
1. No underwear. After all, are you really naked if you're covering your private parts?
2. No conventional outfits. This isn't the No Panties thread, and if you can't even tell the difference, what's the point?
3. There has to be SOMETHING covering her skin. This is the rule that's meant to be bent. She can't be as bare as a newborn baby, but she doesn't have to exactly be modest either...
And this is more of a request than a rule, but
4. Get creative. Naked Towels and Aprons and fine, but they're done to death too, try and find something new.
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Gabriel DropOut

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Kill la Kill

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Anything related. Preferably Ryuko tho
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Princess Connect

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Priconne thread
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Fox girls, anyone?

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And make them thick, please.
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Shortstack Thread 2

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Previous thread
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Happy, content, or smiling girls

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The reason for this thread being I Can Jerk Off My Dick But I Can't Jerk Off My Heart. Nude allowed (and preferred) but I won't complain if it's not.
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Victorian and wild west

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1800 and early 1900s stuff

Because sometimes more clothes is more erotic
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What's this from?

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Does someone know what this is from?