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Thighs/Thigh highs - the continuing

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cont. from >>2250468
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Sexy lingerie

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Plus sized Elf

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we've got monster girls threads and plump threads. why not both?
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ITT: Characters that make you want to eat ass.
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Holo a cute, CUTE!
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Fantasy races and their qualities

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If you could have a creature, a member of a fantasy race say, as your waifu, which would it be and why? What features would they have that would be great for you? Lewd or non-lewd is okay, it could be anything, including magical properties.

I'm with an organisation whose goal is to genetically create female companions. We have the ability to manipulate DNA and create a companion to a client's precise specifications.

While we obviously can provide human companions, we thought it might be fun to offer builds that line up with those of fantasy races. So you can order an "elf", and you know you're going to get an elf-like companion.

But in order to to that, we need to know what the majority of people think of when they think of that race... and, more importantly, what they _want_ in a companion of that race.

What are some of the fantasy-types you like, and why?
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Cat/Fox girl thread

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You know you love them...
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(preferably from actual shows)
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