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Goblin Slayer Thread

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Transparent background

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Hex maniac thread

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>Big file size thread
over 2MB only
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Topless with tight legwear

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Post girls wearing nothing but spats, pantyhose, or leggings
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Pussy Spread
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All That Glitters Is Gold

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Post anything you have with gold jewelry, extravagant ornamentation, anything angelic or celestial, and anything with gold metal. Bonus Points for dark skin and shiny skin.
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Post masked girls.
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Girls with piercing

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Tongue piercing, nipple piercing, lip_piercing, eyebrow_piercing, navel piercing...
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Always Remember /e/

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Sometimes we all just have to be thankful the people in our lives choose to talk to us, they don’t have to at all and can leave if they wanted to, so just thank them that they choose to have conversate with you. You never know when they don’t wanna talk to you anymore, just don’t take things for granted and make your time with them meaningful.