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To Love-Ru

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Gimme some good artwork or sc's from the show or from High School DxD
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Happy Birthday /a/
In all these years i understood that Pantyhose is life.
Pantyhose is love.
Let's have fun today.
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Post video game girls if you have them. One piece swimsuits are also welcome but there's another thread for that.
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Slit Pussy/Closed Legs

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Fap Gauntlet

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Post Image and add instructions
(Number of strokes, Speed, Modifier)
eg. 25, GodSpeed, Death grip
50, Slow, Use 2 fingers

Mine: 35, Medium, Loose Grip
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belly button thread
Post em
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This Girl

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Xenoblade Thread.

(Post every nia you have because she gives me comfy chubs)
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Gif/webm thread

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Last one died
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Peeking under
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