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Witches thread

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For a Halloween treat, post them sexy witches. Bonus points for titty monsters
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Shantae thread
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Post /e/ contents that you consider masterfully crafted
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On stomach, ass.

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This shit gets me diamonds. On her stomach, ass from behind. Panties, no panties, whatever. Best viewed from directly behind, but not necessarily. Sometimes, you can achieve the same angle from a standing ass shot from below. I'll post the best examples I have. I'd love to see what else you guys got.
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I need more of this quality woman! Why is she being ignored?

Also, general MILFS thread.
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As summer ends and fall begins it's time to put on some appropriate attire.

Must be wearing a sweater.
Must be ecchi in some way.

Bonus points for bottomless or exposed parts.
Bonus points for ribbed sweaters and Virgin-Killer sweaters.
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Butt Cracks #4

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old thread:
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