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Draw Thr/e/ad

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Artists of ALL experience levels are welcome.
I'm serious. That includes you. Yeah you. The guy/girl who's never picked up a pencil before in his/her life. You're not only welcome but encouraged to post here.

You know the rules:
> 1. Include full names and what series your characters are from
> 2. KEEP the request SIMPLE
> 3. Compile multiple images into one or link to a gallery for additional references
> 4. Try not to bump requests
> 5. REQUEST drawings ONLY; this is NOT your personal deviantART page.
> 6. Do not hijack requests.
> 7. PLEASE request only one DRAWING at a time
> 8. No shitposting
> 9. Keep it /e/
> 10. If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
> 11. Have fun
Also, please post deliveries just in case a requester misses a delivery in

Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky:
>>>/ic/1579290 # #

Previous Thread: >>2355663

Color Thread: >>2362750
Drawing Books and drawing programs:!vp5hQCbQ!oCNGOUgaVeK1pHs3qasJDQ
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/mmd/ MikuMikuDance #85

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Last Thread: >>2366697

""New"" (16-6-18) Pastebin:

Video websites:
go to the bottom of the page to change to english
has video view limits
search terms: MMD, mikumikudance, R-18, 紳士の社交場

Trial Links:

R-15 models collection:

3dcg stuff if you want to import it to mmd
new mod catalog (updated each sunday by the folks of hongfire)
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Official nudes/art

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As the name suggests, post anything official and ecchi!
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Might be a little counter productive but I wanted to get a tease thread going for those who are doing nnn or just no fap in general but don't mind the tease of good pics. No nudity but with sexual implications. I'll dump a few before I head to work.

Also if you're taking part in NNN or no fap I'd recommend working on your kegels. It can feel pretty good plus whenever you decide to stop and jerk off your orgasm will be way stronger. Also I've noticed after a few weeks of kegels every day if you go soft after cumming you'll bounce back way faster or not even go soft.
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Pubic Hair #4

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Last Thread >>2325460

A bit of hair down there adds some flair
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Girls Und Panzer: #4
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Splatoon Thread: Sexy Expansion

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Gabriel DropOut

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Wizard Bread XIX - Running on Fumes Edition

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Last thread lasted from May until August.

Let's make sure we aren't still here for Christmas.

No theme.
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