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Athletic Wear

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High heels

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High heels, heeled boots etc
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Chubby Thread

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Rikka, in particular
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Smoking/oral fixation getting comfy with fall

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Old thread:

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Wizard Bread XII - No Rind Edition

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Another day, another bread. Today we'll be going on a trip back in time to the day when we ate all of our bread without the rind. Or I did at least.

Thanks to the suggestion of a dear friend of mine we'll be having our first bread with a theme since the departure of Old Wizard. Peace be upon him.

Our theme:

"Naked with ..."

Girls in the nude wearing nothing but a couple of non-essential articles of clothing.

Think gloves, shoes, socks, scarfs, towels, belts and many more. The possibilities, I am sure, are endless!

Anyway, let's get started so this post doesn't get too long, I can still continue waflfing in the initial dump. Let's go!
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Bowsette Feet Thread

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Aight we’re just gonna keep it simple, who’s got Bowsette feet pics
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Gif/webm thread

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Last one died
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Holy girl's

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Lets show love to all the holy girl's angels, nuns, and good ol normal Christian girls
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