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When did breast sizes akin to this start becoming so increasingly common in anime? There used to be a time where Eiken was ridiculed and a girl having a bit more than a handful was considered big, but nowadays that just seems to be the new minimum. What happened?
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How fat is too fat?
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Fire Emblem

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Time to strategically place quality girls in this catalogue
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Clothing <3

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Let's put the clothing in center!

>personal bonus points from me for not over-sexualizing it
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/doa/ - Eternal Dead or Alive Thread

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http://pastebin.com/vyPMWs9R - MEGA
http://pastebin.com/H1Cs9iFF - Images and videos

Beach Paradise mod:

Beach Paradise all-in-one pack (download the game free on Steam first):

Previous thread (images limit reached):
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Feudal Japan / Japanese Fantasy

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Samurai, ninjas, oni girls...
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Random 4

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ITT: You're first 2D crush/waifu/girls you lusted for

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Post the first anime and/or manga girls that you waifud, crushed on, or luested for /e/

For me it started with best redhead in anime
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Kemono Friends

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because Friends are for cute AND for lewd
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I have weird fetish. I like it when women shiver with cold and when they rubbing for warmth while naked or wear summer clothes in winter. Thanks everyone who posts it.
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