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I'm sure no one here actually gets turned on by feet, r-right?
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Syun Matsuena

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A thread for everything Syun Matsuena.
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p a n t s u

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Show me yo best
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Goblin Slayer thread 2.0
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Not the same as ENF. These girls are doing it intentionally, and usually look like they're enjoying it.
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Love Live Sunshine

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Extra points for precious Rubies
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Happy Birthday /a/
In all these years i understood that Pantyhose is life.
Pantyhose is love.
Let's have fun today.
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Gloomy girls

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Post girls who have a gloomy look about them, and need some cheering up.
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Kalen Code Geass

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Kalen bread
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Azur Lane Thread

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Post lewd ships
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