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Fit/Muscle girls.

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Kisekae Thread

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Random Encounter edition:
Online Version:

Offline Version (updated February 25):


First time using Kisekae? Here's a starter's manual:
"Exact-Size" Method:

Discord Server (All kinds of kisekae-related content allowed):


Props ETC:
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Mainstream Manga Nudity

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Post nudity from manga that is popular for some other reason than nudity.
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Ranma thread #16

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Old thread hit the image limit

Old thread
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Make a Wish Thread

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Feeling generous enough to fulfill someone's request?
Or selfishly wish someone would find that perfect image for you?
Perhaps... both?!

The poster above you made a simple request. Fulfill it, and make a request of your own.

Keep the requests simple. Be generous. Be humble.
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Can we get a Jam Orbital thread?

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Can we get a thread going all about Jam Orbital? One of my personal favorite bondage artists, I've got a fair amount of his patreon stuff and pic pack 7 on hand, so I'm looking for the rest of his packs and the other 3 Jamsels in Distress packs, thanks in advance
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Fap gaunlet
20, very slow, medium
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Angels/ Winged girls

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Megumin/misty thread

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Post some megumins please, lewds are fine,

also post Misty pics if you have them, as she is my waifu.

Ill start off by posting all I have.
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Bit of an umbrella term as it tends to include very general characteristics like
>short hair
>small breasts
but it's ultimately all about attitude.
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