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Help me find an ecchi pic

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Anons, I need your help. I'm looking for a very specific ecchi picture. It has 3 girls on a beach; girl 1 is lying on the side, while girl 2 is grabbing girl 3 from behind with her feet in the air, and her hand in girl 3's bikini, specifically the right breast. Girl 2 has a happy expression with closed eyes on her face, while girl 3 has an open-mothed look of shock on her face.
Help me anons, you're my only hope.
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Who's up for a game of T/e/lephone?

Simply post any image with something in common with the image above your's.

Points for creativity, but then again, no one's keeping score anyway.
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Reina Kousaka in HAGIKORA

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This image is called "剥ぎコラ"(hagikora) in Japanese, but what do you say if it is in English?
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Aryan waifus

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Blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin and pink nipples.
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Animated breasts

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tits boobs mammaries
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Post your best blonde waifus

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Milf Thread

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Post what you got
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It's strangely arousing.
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Let have a thread for best girl.
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Eroge Question.
I wanna play this eroge I found called "Erect!". But in my research I found this image from an h-scene with this character "euphoria trinity". So before I put in any effort to play it can someone explain this scene to me? Is its just some random magic smoke and mirrors gang bang bull shit or is it an NTR, protaganist is a cuck nonsence?