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armpits and sideboob

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Reimu edition
post Reimu pics revealing armpits and/or sideboob, the thread may not live too long on that alone though so pics of other characters in outfits that expose armpits and sideboob like that meme sweater or other Reimu lewds could be fine but lets roll with Reimu arpits and sideboob mostly
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fitness girls and muscular girls

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For the fans
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Does anyone here still have some love for tomoko, it's been forever since her last thread and I don't want her to be forgotten
Will post what I can find
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Itt: perfect body type and looks
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Brown waifus thread

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Nerdy / Plain Girls

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For delusional fantasies involving hobby sharing and easy sex. Glasses and plump frames are good charm points.

Starting with a favorite design, Yonezawa Natsumi, on account of the season.
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Fire Emblem Thread
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