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Skinny girls

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Skinny/girls that don’t have a fucking massive ass
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Tasteful Nudity Thread #3

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Rei Ayanami Edition.

General guidelines :

- Proportions should be generally on point ( no titty monsters, etc. ). Some artistic freedom is allowed, of course.

- Partial or implied nudity under clothes ( no panties, etc. ) is allowed.

- Overly sexual positions ( pulling the labia apart, etc. ) are discouraged, but not forbidden. The women featured in the pictures shouldn't look like they're straining to hold the position they are in.

- Pictures of only certain body parts ( ass, boobs, feet ) are not allowed. Generally speaking, the head should always be visible.

- Masturbation is fine as long as it's done tastefully, and pussy juice is allowed as well as long as the amount shown is not excessive.

- The women featured in the pictures shouldn't look like they're uncomfortable, annoyed, or otherwise implied to be forced to show off their bodies.

- The anus, if visible, should be proportional and tastefully drawn.

- Body types of all sorts are welcome, but obvious fetish material ( overly fat, overly muscular, etc. ) are not allowed.
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Usagi thread

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Happy birthday Princess.
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Panties thread
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Tomboys thread

Old Thread: >>2374918
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/mmd/ MikuMikuDance #107

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Last Thread: >>2450705

""New"" (16-6-18) Pastebin:

Video websites:
go to the bottom of the page to change to english
has video view limits
search terms: MMD, mikumikudance, R-18, 紳士の社交場, 紳士向け

Trial Links:

R-15 models collection:

3dcg stuff if you want to import it to mmd
new mod catalog (updated each sunday by the folks of hongfire)
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Princess Connect

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Priconne thread
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Character Sheets

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Where can find more?
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Absurdly Long Hair Thread

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Thread for absurdly long hair

No futa, no shaved head, female characters only

Also join our Discord server:
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