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DDLC thread
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Post best chubby girl!

Figures and art are acceptable.
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Kissxsis is the greatest ecchi ever made with no exception. Pure lust written throughout with no bullshit storyline, just straight ecchi.

Based and unrivaled, we've reacjed the pinnacle.
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Asuka Langley!
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Butt Naked!

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Totally bare.
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Xenoblade Thread.

(Post every nia you have because she gives me comfy chubs)
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Biggest bust of their series

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ITT post the most stacked character of each series, doesn't matter if it's video games, comics, manga, anime. cartoon, or movie as long as it's fictional. Only official renditions are allowed, if a fan art is off model it does not count. I'll start with the easiest/most recent/least controversial example of passionlip, the fate series
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Machine Learning Decensoring

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Read the article here:

DeepCreamPy is a Machine Learning algorithm for decensoring images.

The next images in the series will show the few I did on
+ bar sensors
+ mosaic sensors
+ hear sensors

I’ll post the original censored image, the marked up image, and the result.

Any of you tech savvy folks out there should get into this and help make this better. This is sheer win for this community.

GitHub page is here:

Shown here is the original test I did with bar sensors.
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Hex maniac Thread

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Post spooky spaghetti-chans
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Do you enjoy late 80s non-h OVAs and animes with female nudity?
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