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Feudal Japan / Japanese Fantasy

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Samurai, ninjas, oni girls...
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Thong Showing Butthole

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Partially Visible Anus shown behind a thong. Bonus points if outdoor / casual.
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Only C.C lewd pics

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Post the better C.C lewd pic you have.
i need for a research about Artificial Inteligence
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ITT: You're first 2D crush/waifu/girls you lusted for

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Post the first anime and/or manga girls that you waifud, crushed on, or luested for /e/

For me it started with best redhead in anime
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Show me your pantsu
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Guess whos getting laid tonight not me
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ITT: Official Lewd Art Thread

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It's been quite some time since we had one, hasn't it? Dumping everything I've saved from the last thread, you're welcome to join me.
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How fat is too fat?
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Minimally clothed girls thread 2

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Girls only wearing heart pasties, microbikini's, body paint, see-throughs, cupless underwear and other things that can barely be defined as clothing.

Previous thread >>2097525
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Elbow gloves, thighhighs and nothing else

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This thread is about the holy trinity of clothing.
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