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Competition Swimsuits

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The best type of swimsuit.
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Tomboys thread

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Tomboys thread

Old Thread: >>2352178
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Sexy lingerie

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Brown Girls/Photoshoping

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Brown girls or any girls shooped brown or darker skinned.
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Kisekae Thread

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Telephone Game Edition!

Online Version:


First time using Kisekae? Here's a starter's manual:
"Exact-Size" Method:


Props ETC:

Telephone Game rules:
Create a pose and outfit for the character code in the post you're replying to. Post your reply with an image of the posed and clothed character, as well as a code for your own unposed and unclothed character for another anon to complete.

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Impractical Clothing

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No ripped or opened clothes, just clothing that is intentionally designed to cover nothing.
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Guilty gear girls

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Post your favorites.

Will also feature camera mod screenshots/gifs.
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Matsuena Syun Thread

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Kimi Wa 008 preferred, but Kenichi and Tokiwa Kitareri also welcomed
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Kill la Kill

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Anything related. Preferably Ryuko tho
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