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milf thread

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Because older women deserve love too
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DDLC thread
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Girls und Panzer

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Nerdy / Plain Girls

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For delusional fantasies involving hobby sharing and easy sex. Glasses and plump frames are good charm points.

Starting with a favorite design, Yonezawa Natsumi, on account of the season.
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Bowsette Feet Thread

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Aight we’re just gonna keep it simple, who’s got Bowsette feet pics
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Chubby Thread

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2B Thread?

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Official Art thread.

/e/ art from official sources (including concept art, art books and character designer/mangaka's pixiv etc.)
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Girls in Military Uniforms

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lets see what you got /e/

can also just resemble a military uniform
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Girls sitting lewdly

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Cross-legged/Indian style, preferably wearing tight pants or bikini, or with view blocked by legs
No panty shots, please
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