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ecchi general discussion thread

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I don't know how interested /e/ would be in something like this, but how about a thread where we can share our finds, what we look for, what we love (or hate) etc. Maybe we can turn each other onto new fetishes, artists, and must see pics.

I realize there's not much to discuss besides "whoa! boobers!" but personally when I contribute to an /e/ thread, I feel like I'm posting into a void. So you don't have to sip tea while wearing a monocle, discussing the intricacies of why a girl's anus is so alluring, but I'm sure there's some middle ground. Like maybe you really like a hyper-specific ENF scenario, and an anon will reply "what the fuck". Casual ecchi discussion thread.

Dumping some tits to start, just to post 6 pics as per the rules.