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A different kind of gauntlet

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I want to try something. I like the idea of a fap gauntlet, but I never really could get into it. I think the reason is that you put a random number to an image that doesn’t really line up with the mood of the image and I have to stop just to see what the instructions were for each image. I have an idea on how to make this process smoother.
First rule: you must post 3 images. The first is a “vanilla” image, the second can be a nude or a very suggestive image. The third image should be intended to make others fail.
Second rule: You will fap for 10 seconds to each image at speeds relative to their order. First image is slow, second is medium speed, and third is fast.
That’s pretty much it. I feel like this not only makes it easier, but also gives you a chance to put a little personality into it.
I’ll post the first two sets as examples.