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My new SSSQ thread for supreme posting, featuring even more reposed posting.
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How do I get in touch with an admin?

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There is an archived 4chan thread with my name and personal information that I want deleted. I contacted [email protected], [email protected], and even tried IRC without any response so far. Do I just wait a few more days? It's very important to me that this thread gets deleted ASAP. Admins, please check/respond to your emails. Thanks

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Slovakian Scumbag

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Jaroslav Paška, son of the Right-Wing Conservative Politician of the same name. is a Corrupt Slovakian Nerd who acts like a dictator in a dead java game to feel powerful.

He hails from Bratislava, Slovakia and currently studies at the University of Glasgow, UK.

His mother is a wrinkly ol' bitch named Juliana Pašková. Sounds way too similar to her husband's name....INBREEDING ftw.



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