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Scored this MTB for free from my moving neighbor. I already took off the broken stuff (rack, grip-shifters, rusty cables and housings)
I bought a solid wheelset for this bike for cheap which is compatible up to 11spd, now i am thinking about converting it to a 1x drivetrain. Do i need to change the crankset? to a 2x or 1x? i currently run the stock 3x crankset (as a singlespeed since i dont have shifters atm)
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Bike touring general

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I'm going to do a bike tour in the 3rd world soon and I have some questions:

I should get 26" rims, right? I have a cheap bike with 28" ones now, but I'd rather do a quality upgrade to save myself trouble down the line.

I'm willing to spend like 1500$ for a quality bike if necessary. Do you have some suggestions for bikes with frames for 26" rims? Or should I order parts seperately and ensemble them?

Are steel frames important or is aluminum sufficient? Does steel frames have longer lifespan? I'll probably be doing more riding after this tour.

Could I check secondhand stores for bikes with steel frames and built it up myself? Or are new touring bike frames of much higher quality? (I probably won't find anything in the stores here anyway as I live in a small town).

Is important to have a well fitting frame? I'm 175cm but have long legs, my current bike is 18" and it's one size too big for me on the bike size chart. Idk if a smaller one would be more comfy.

Should I use panniers or a bike trailer?

Should I use suspension forks?

I'm planning to go very far, as long as my money last (4000$). I'll probably do more tours afterwards as well. So I'd like to get quality equipment now to save me from trouble down the line.
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/pybt/ - Post Your Bike Thread

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Old ones run its course
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Service between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach starts in July.
Miami portion opens up late August/early September.
Phase II aka the Orlando Leg was set for earlier 2018 but is up in thin air now thanks to some of the counties along the route.
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Age old question that just needs to be answered

Cyclists only.
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Oval Chainring

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Do these really work? Lots of pro riders use them, but I've heard they fuck up your knees.

To anyone who does use them, where could I find a ring in 144 bcd?
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Do you guys belong to any Facebook groups?

I just joined Vintage Mountain Bike Collectors Society.
I would post a link but 4chan wont let me
Over 1000 memebers so far, pretty lively discussions.
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Why is the U-bahn in Berlin so fucking good?
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Pic not related lol

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There 6.....train....approaching the station. Please step away from the platform edge
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Hey guys, not sure if I'm in the right thread for this.
Do any of you know anything about Osawa bikes?
I recently did some work in a crawlspace and the customer gave me this bike.
I can't find dick about this bike, what it's worth.
I'd like to restore it, but if it's value is higher without restoration, that's the route I'll go.
Any of you guys know what a 1950's Osawa bicycle is worth?