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Interregnum Edition

Welcome to the /gag/ - /gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome.
Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum, no nudes. Bikefags not allowed :^)
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Is rapid transit really this much of a meme in California? You may as well bike to the next station by the time these things gain any acceleration.
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Hambini knocks it out the park with €280 bottom bracket

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All the sympers lapping it up, it's just a fucking Shimano BB that's heavier and moar meme:
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/bqg/ Bike Questions General

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Trannies seething edition

Helpful Resources: 1-800-273-TALK
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/UPG/- Urban Planning General

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Discuss projects and improvements in your city.
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Wire stuck inside shifter

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I've tried everything i know, shifting to see if it would move out etc with no luck.
Also tried fishing the wire out of the side hole.
Do i have to disassemble my shifter or is there another way to fix it?.

/trolley/ - Trolleybus general

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>Appreciate trolleybus threads

>Read trolleybus threads

>Post in trolleybus threads
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Is combusting bunker fuel bad for the environment?
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Why does riding the bicycle suck everywhere except for the Netherlands?
pic related, purple lines are cycling lanes
Can't you guys build more?
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(road) bike frame sizing guide

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a few days ago i found an awesome forum post about frame sizing, it covered every detail i heard of so far and more.
it featured calculations and rules of thumb, diagrams and 2D schemes, sources, basically everything one could think of.

sadly, i forgot to bookmark it and with browser settings deleting my history regularly it's hard to find on my machine. i also forgot the forum name.

i think it was an english forum with light (white - gray) background and blueish accents. i think i found it while browsing /n/, so i hope you guys can help me.

it's neither topnigger nor sheldon brown nor is it linked on either of those.

help me please, thanks guys!
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