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Why has the western world failed to realize the massive urban mobility potential of two-wheeled motorized vehicles?
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Unracer General

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Ahem... Hello gentlemen riders and the sundry sophisticates of /n/, perhaps we should discuss the proper and mature side of cycling, unracing. To all those that say no to consumerist frivolity and yes to beauty, utility, humility, and craftsmanship. We welcome all who see through the lies of the corporate disposable plastic racer agenda and choose to just ride on fine steel velocipedes
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Metro/Tube/U-Bahn thread

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Post pics from your systems of your city if you have it.

I'll start with Kyiv metro.
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Why do they have a bad reputation?
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/pybt/ - urban commute edition

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old thread >>1567432
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>he rides an alloy bike
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should cyclists be licensed and bicycles be registered?

>license and registration on bicycles would reduce theft because bicycles would be police traceable.
>money gathered from license and registration of bikes could be put towards infrastructure
>traffic laws are more enforceable

>potential barrier to ridership
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Anyone using the jtek shiftmate? Why is it so abhorrently expensive for what it is, are there any aftermarket options?

For the uninformed, this pulley system changes the cable pull ratio to allow cross-compatibility between shifters, derailleurs, and cassettes. This thread is also aimed at those who run different components and have yet to resolve their shifting woes.

Handy chart detailing pull ratios and cog pitch:
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Help me design an ebike

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I love cycling but because of an injury I am unable to do it as much as I'd like, my friend let me have a go on his ebike and it was amazing, so I want to put one together myself.

It'll be used mainly for on road (daily commute) but occasional light offroad (gravel, dirt tracks and grass), so MTB would be best. I would like it to have dual power modes, 250w for everyday use and 1000w 'no pedal mode' for occasional use. Would like it to be as light as possible, so carbon fiber frame and other bits but with one eye on durability, especially the moving parts like gears and chain
Also would like to get best bang for buck, I know it'll cost some but if there are any good deals out there I would take that route.

Shopping list
>Frame - Carbon fiber hard tail
>Wheels - Light but durable rims
>Tyres - Decent for road and light offroad, tubeless
>Disk brakes
>Pedals and crank etc (light)
>Group set, chain - focus on durability
>Handlebars, grips, brake levers etc, saddle and stem (lightness and comfort)
>Motor - 1000w with 250w mode - Quality and durability
>Battery and charger - best bang for buck

Plus anything I missed, also any tips and/or advice you may have would be very much appreciated.
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What would happen if cities forced the rail companies to clean up their shit?
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