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I'm with my American gf(I'm Québecois) in Austin. She suggested using uber go get somewhere, I said we're right by one of the stations so why don't we just take the train? She completely refused.

What is it with Americans who just flat out refuse to public transit? I've never encountered it in other countries.
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Mayday Air Crash Investigation

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Is this basically a horror movie for /n/?
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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Post interesting infos, images and videos about trains in Japan.
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Why we don't travel by zeppelin?

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>be me
>be femanon
>riding my rigid 90s steel mountain bike
>dressed casually, no cycling specific clothes (unless a helmet counts)
>on a paved bike path
>enjoying the nice spring weather
>begin to come up on someone from behind
>a fat guy
>wearing full cycling kit
>including Air Attack helmet
>on an S-Works road bike
>he hears me approaching and looks back
>he quickly looks forward and starts pedaling as hard as he can
>I'm keeping pace with him without even trying
>he keeps looking back at me
>literally every 5 seconds he looks back
>looks visibly distressed, as if afraid that he is going to be passed by a girl on a mountain bike
>he keeps looking back every 5 seconds or so and this goes on for several minutes
>we get to a climb
>he slows down to an excruciatingly slow pace so I pass him immediately
>when I get to the top of the hill I look back out of curiosity, he is only a third of the way up at best
>a few minutes later, stop at one of my favorite rest stops, a nice park overlooking a lake
>about ten minutes later, fat guy passes by
>stares at me as he passes
>a few minutes later, get back on my bike and resume my ride
>not long before I've caught up to fatty again
>he looks back and sees me
>he immediately stops, gets off his bike, turns it upside down, and starts spinning the wheel as if inspecting it
>clearly pretending to have mechanical issues to justify stopping, when really he just doesn't want to be passed by a girl on a mountain bike
>ask him if he is okay or needs help with his bike
>"yes I'm fine thanx. just having a bit of a rest"
Pic related, looks almost exactly like him.
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/bbg/ - Bike Buying General

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Bike Buying General

Spring is just about here, shops and craigslist are gonna start getting busy.

Post your local craigslist, height, and what type of riding you're planning on doing.
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Well, /n/?
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/bqg/ bike questions general

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/bqg/ bike questions general

Previous thread over 300: >>1172552

Are higher-level cranksets (i.e., Ultegra, Dura-Ace over 105, and other equivalents in other brands) stiffer, or are they just lighter?
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/bhg/ - Bike Hauling General

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All the basket talk recently gave me this idea. Couriers, haulers, or people getting their groceries post your rack setups, recommendations, and biggest payloads here
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Comet is Best Girl.
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