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Models of miniature railways edition

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cat racing bikes

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If you wanted to go alleycat racing in Europe, what would be the perfect bike build?
Hard mode, 1000 € budget.
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ETRTO 28-630 and downtube friction shifters edition

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Answers to common questions: http://topnigger.ueuo.com/

Helpful Resources:

If you want help purchasing a bike, post in >>>/n/bbg
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anyone have any riding frens?

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if so,,, howd you get them? and not look like a total autist in the process

im always riding alone :(
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Storing baggage at Amtrak Station

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Has anyone ever done this? My hotel checkout time tomorrow is 11AM but my train leaves at 6.
They said "\Storage in parcel check is available for $10 per bag." but I have no idea where or what that is.
It would be fucking sweet if I could drop off my bags and just explore downtown Chicago for the rest of the day.

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what is going to happen to these things?
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/bqg/ - i can still ride this, right? edition

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Anyone else watching "The Architecture the Railways Built"? It's not too shabby, but it has given me a craving for more shows/documentaries on railroads. What's /n/ recommend?
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Thought experiment

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This is the Newark Flat Crossing: the only part left on the English rail network where two railway lines cross at grade like this.

The problem is, the East Coast Main Line - the north-south line in the image, one of the network's primary arteries - is crossed by another busy line. This puts a hard cap on rail traffic that can traverse the ECML. Complicating factors are the presence of the nearby River Trent, and the important A46 road, both of which also use bridges to cross the Trent nearby.

It's a mess: how would you re-engineer the crossing to remove the bottleneck and free up the ECML?
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is this what peak performance looks like?
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