Disk space woes. and yes, posting links is STILL broken due to some issue with recaptcha that I can't fucking figure out.

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Last /pybt/ over 300
>it's an honor to start this round edition
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/bbg/ - Bike Buying General

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old thread, ded

Don't forget to post your local Craigslist/Gumtree, budget and your measurements when asking for recommendations.
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Transportation Horror Stories

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ITT public transit stories where everything went hilariously wrong

>Be me in 2016
>Friday before Memorial Day
>first run of the year for MBTA's CapeFlyer train from Boston to Hyannis
>pic related, is train at Buzzards Bay
>had finished my final exams for my senior year and had no class that day
>decided I was going to ride that train down to the Cape and back
>get on train at the nearest train station and head into Boston
>eventually get on the train at South Station
>MassDOT had just refurbished an F40PH exclusively for this service
>first revenue trip since its rebuild
>we depart on time
>all is going well until we stop in Quincy about a mile and a half from the first stop
>think to myself that it might be a train up ahead at a station
>this stretch of single track was used by three commuter lines
>25 minutes later, we start moving
>turns out, the locomotive pulling the train had broken down and we were being pushed by a local service as far as Middleboro
>engine got swapped out for a different one once at that station
>rest of the trip is relatively smooth
>arrive in Hyannis at 9:10
>realized I would miss my connecting train back home by the time I got back into Boston
>call my mother
>tell her I missed my connection, and to pick me up at a subway stop
>meet her at that stop at about 1:30 in the morning
>she takes me to pick up my car at the station I got on my first train
>got in my car and followed her home
>got back home at around 2:45 in the morning
>had the train not broken down, I would have been home by 1 on the last train outbound on that line
As much as it sucked missing my connection, I would do it again.
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Aesthetic planes only.
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Sram double tap shifter broke!

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My shifter lever broke off while riding down the st.

Has this ever happened to you guys? What are my options to repair it? I'm thinking I may have to get an entire left hand shifter+brake again.

Any suggestions?
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>put pair of gatorskins on bike in july
>now only 1,100 miles later have gotten flats three times with them (this one was most disappointing, it was a piece of glass probably 5 mm long, but i thought memeskins were supposed to prevent this)

i had my last pair for years with no issues until they wore out... kinda disillusioned right now /n/
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Rate my cop today:

Centurion Turbo with all original parts, apparently almost never ridden. Teeth on the cassette and crank show almost no wear. Gorgeous Dia Compe New Grand Compe brakes and full Suntour Superbe Pro group. Tange 1 tubing. Nearly no marks in the paint.

One of the rare times I've ever found a used bike in my size.

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forgotten groupsets and tech

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Post em here
Especially if they're cheap on eBay

First is Shimano Hone. Ever heard of it? Budget downhill stuff but was killed off by SLX
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this is my first 4 chan post help
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E-Bike Appreciation General - /EAG/

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It's 2018; Year of the Pedelec on the Taiwanese zodiac.

Every major brand will be introducing an e-bike or a full line of them. Raleigh & Marin up to Pinarello & company. Everybody.

The plebs are coming for your KOMs.
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