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What's your transportation plan to outrun the pandemic?
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we need ramjets on trains and boats. we need to go faster, there needs to be a cult of speed, a cult of fast. fucking tour de france on meth and electric engines on the bikes. FORMULA 1 NO RESTRICTIONS, FUCKING SUCKING FANS SUCKING INTO THE GROUND, COVER ON ALL WHEELS
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She's right you know.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Gas the downtubers, bike war now! edition
Last thread: >>1460023

Helpful Resources:

If you want help purchasing a new bike, post in >>>/n/bbg
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Did it REALLY reach 156 mph?

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Why can't retards just learn to drive stick?

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Ive only recently started riding my bike as a means of exercise/sport recently and my tain fucking HURTS please tell me this goes away
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you train you loose

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search four numbers on google images.
if you find a train: you loose
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jumbo thread

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post jumbos and widebodies
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Study: Most Car Owners Wish They Didn’t Have to Drive

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More than half of drivers wish they had another option for getting around besides their cars, according to a new poll from Data for Progress — a startling revelation that busts the stubborn myth that most Americans simply prefer driving to greener modes of transportation. In fact, the survey suggests that when we put cars at the center of our planning decisions, we’re not truly serving the will of the people.

Of course, we’ve prioritized car travel in almost all aspects of American life anyway — and that choice has stuck a lot of would-be walkers, cyclists and transit users with car commutes they often don’t want.

And over half of all car users agreed with the statement, “I would like to use public transportation more often, but it is not as convenient to or available from my home or work.”

>Even the researchers were surprised to find that 65 percent of Republicans agreed with the 90 percent of Democrats who think the U.S. needs better public transit.

>Like study after study has shown us for years, Americans don’t just idly wish they could take the train to work someday — they want their cold, hard tax dollars to fund more transit now. In a country that spends just 20 cents out of every transportation dollar on transit, respondents said they’d support cutting the road budget by 13 cents and giving it to buses and trains instead.
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