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Full finger gloves on a road bike

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You're the worst breed of fred there is you fucking loser.
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How many nuclear power plants would be needed to electrify the US/Canada rail network?

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>161,000 miles of rail
>Nearly 40,000 locomotives
In rare discussions of the cost of electrifying the US/Canada rail networks, which would cost about 320 billion to electrify the rail, no one ever talks about the cost of the power for it, so just how much would it actually cost in terms of nuclear power plants that would need to be built to power it all?
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/mg/ — Maritime General

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Modest wholesome christian family ride edition
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aus/n/z thread: NGR hate edition

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goddamn i hate these pajeet pieces of shit so much
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Where did it go bros?

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What the fuck happened here and who was in the wrong
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Warehouse transportation

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Alright what are some cool shit you can see in warehouses?

Years ago I went in a Napa auto parts and the associates would gather up tons of little components (relays, fuses, bulbs) in these custom fabricated scooters with baskets on the front, and another basket/ truck bed thing in the rear. Looooong wheelbase they were really fucking fun to use. Policy was "no excessive speed".
Another warehouse had beach cruisers with custom trailers, similar deal. Wide open aisles, but again, small little parts where forklifts wouldn't make sense.
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/gag/ four flite is losers like me

General Aviation (GA) refers to all non-military or Part 121 flying. GA flying includes gliders, single engine trainers, twin training, Part 135 prop or jet, corporate, fire fighting, personal ownership, fractional ownership, etc. Regional peasants pls get bullied.
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