/BBG/ - Bike Buy General

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Manon edition
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Aesthetic Bikes General

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Post the most aesthetic bikes.
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Tall grass edition.
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Truck thread

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Preferably vintage, but can be whatever. These pics are from the Keystone truck and tractor museum near Richmond, VA
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200 year old oak trees gone because of the HS2 rail meme. Absolutely disgusting.
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How much faster are clipless pedals for a non-professional road cyclist?
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fixie riders think they are fast

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Im amazed the amount fixie riders thinking they are fast , are these people mentally ill?
also if you use a riser you should kill yourself or any other flat bar
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General: THOT Crashingedition

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Post pics
Be specific
And remember:
>You don't need suspension on a bike unless it is to be used exclusively on technical downhill trails
>Carbon is a meme designed to make bikes literal disposable consoomer tat, unless you ride professionally, have your bikes supplied free of charge for each and every race and every single millisecond off the lap time determines what your family will be eating next week - or you have a deathwish - get a metal bike with metal forks, seat post, stem and handlebars.

With that being said the last thread certainly had its moments, however overall I think it's fair to say it was something of a disappointment, so let's all make a far more concerted effort to elevate this edition to the status of being by far the greatest /bqg/ thread ever in the history of /n/

Previous debacle
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/mtg/ – Model Train General

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Hatton's genesis coaches edition

Previous thread: https://archive.nyafuu.org/n/thread/1593462
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Amtrak has responded to the $2 trillion infrastructure plan put forward by the Biden Administration.


>30+ new routes
>20+ enhanced existing routes
>20m more annual riders
>Better service to cities like HOU, ATL, Cincy
>New service to unserved cities like Las Vegas, Nashville, Columbus, Phoenix
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