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What are the most important urban rail projects currenly happening in your country?

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It's usually pretty difficult to stay updated on construction projects abroad so let's give /n/ a quick rundown on the most important metro/tram/lightrail lines/extensions currently being built in whatever shithole you live. Ranting about meme buses allowed.

I'll start
>The Netherlands

Noord/Zuidlijn - North/South line (new metro line, 9,7 km)
>Opening July 22. Now being tested
>Will be the most important metroline in Amsterdam and become the backbone of all transport
>The entire structure of the tram network will change, almost all lines get a different route. This is a pretty big deal because most lines have barely been changed (only extended) since they started operating 100 years ago
Amstelveenlijn (hybrid metro/tram being converted to light rail and extended)
>light rail line now still part of the metro network, trams sharing metro tracks and tunnels in the center
>will be disconnected from the metro network, amount of stations reduced, grade crossings removed and extended from Amstelveen Westwijk to Uithoorn, becoming Amsterdams first modern interurban tram line
>Construction starting next year, finished in 2021

Rotterdam metro:
Hoekse Lijn (24 km)
>Rail line currently being converted for metro operation, planned to reopen in September as an extension of metro lines A and B

Den Haag tram:
Line 19
>new tram line, partly finished but will get an extension in Delft in 2020
Upgrade to lightrail standards
>network is currently being upgraded for broader vehicles and bi-directional operation. Platforms and curves are being adjusted, and slowly more and more turning loops are being replaced by tail tracks

Utrecht lightrail:
Uithoflijn (8km)
>new line opening next year
>existing light rail line will be converted for low-floor trams to allow through services on the new line in 2020
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Rideshare bikes

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These Chinese yellow ofo bikes have been popping up at my uni’s campus. Should I be worried?
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I'm an autistic trainfag and even I can't get behind this meme. Give me a reason to support it besides
>it's cool and modern and trendy
>europe has HSR so that means cali should too
>nimby luddite drumpfkin flyover conservatard
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Americans...why do you have a phobia of roundabouts? It's not rocket science.
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General aviation /gag/ general

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a e s t h e t i c Howard Edition

~Welcome to the /gag/~

This is where we discuss everything aviation related! Primarily GA, but commercial and military ops are welcome too!

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What is the peak value road bike?

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Is it carbon or alum? Is it $800 or $2,000? How many gears does it have? What groupset does it have? Does weight matter?
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What's the closest experience I can get to being on an ocean liner like the Titanic or Normandie today?
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels?
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Longboard cruising

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Where would one have to live for this to be a legitimate mode of transportation?
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