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Tell us about your flats, or lack thereof.

>how many
>which tires
>the culprit

Buy any cheap tires that were puncture resistant? Expensive ones that were shit? Let's hear it.
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Amtrak rainbow era.
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Im starting to get into ebikes to do my traveling/commuting/trailing and i am kind of confused about why ANY of them are so expensive when the only real difference that seems to matter on a Ebike is the motor and the battery. i know some get expensive because of "carbon fiber" memes, but honestly that is overkill and its not what im going for anyway.

so im browsing around for ebikes, all over 1.3k, untill i see the Super 73 and the Sondors pic related bike. this is when i started scratching my head and wondering why ANY ebike is over 1k (frames aside). the Super 73s cheapest bike model is about $993 and thats only becauses its on sale. i thought to myself "wow thats a cheap bike compared to the other bikes ive seen" and i actually thought it was as cheap as a ebike was ever going to get unless i custom make one from scratch.

then, 4 days later i come accross the sondors original bike (pic related), which was another indiegogo bike for only $500. i thought that this bike was obviously worse than the super 73 right? wrong, its actually MORE POWERFUL than that 1k bike... the sondors also has these $100 upgrades to make the bike even more powerful and comfortable to ride. but thats not all, its most expensive model is still under $1000 and it has even double the power of the sondors original.

so im still sitting here scratching my head. why does anyone buy these 1700-3000 Ebikes when the only thing that matters is the motor and battery which can be built and bought for under $1000? unless you are on mountain bike trails the frame LITERALLY doesnt matter what so ever. some please explain. the only purpose of a ebike is to assist in movement, why is $500-$1000 not the standard for ebikes? its not like its made from "cheap material" either. a 36v 12.8ah li ion battery is above average for any normal person and 48v 17.8ah li ion is just that much better. so whats the deal?
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old thread nowhere to be found
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The UCI has been the biggest, utter, truly, festering, terminal, cancer that has ever happened to cycling, cycling technology, cycling development and public cycling adoption. Proof me wrong.
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Magical Rail Chan Desu Kun 2.0

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It seems to be time for a new thread.

For those of you who missed the first exciting instalment, I'm using OpenTTD to build a complete working virtual model of the entire British railway network. Ask me anything.
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Post Your Transit Card Collection Thread

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I just got back from Tokyo and realized how many Transit cards I had piled up. Has anyone noticed themselves collecting passes, temporary or otherwise?

From top to bottom, left to right: MetroCard (New York), Ventra (Chicago), Breeze (Atlanta), Pasmo (Tokyo), and it probably doesn't count, but Delta Skymiles.
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Newer more better post your bike thread.

Winter will soon come edition.

Featuring, my amazing stack, shorter stem, lower saddle and now for the first time, schwalbe tyres as a temporary fix for progressively shittier conditions.

Post yours and tell me what's so great about it.
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Looking for a decent quality used road bike for $50-70 dollars. Been looking on craigslist and offerup.

So im gonna upload what i find and if someone can tell me if theyre a decnt bike id appreciate it.
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