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HAHAHA Cagers get car wrecks on the news all the time. When's the last time you heard a non cager mode of transport end up with a million casualties per year?
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Train Otaku Terrorist

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>Bomber was a train enthusiast whose slogan was バリバリ観光してサクッと撮りましょう (energetically sightsee and take pictures quickly), abbreviated to バリサク (barisaku) which also became his nickname
>In the Euphonium anime a baritone sax solo was played and popularized the term barisaku as baritone sax instead of his slogan
>He trolls 5ch with mentally deranged comments about trainspotting, KyoAni and barisaku
>Carries out an arson attack on KyoAni, shouting "you ripped me off" (referring to them "copying" barisaku)
>Trolling stops on 5ch after the attack

I always knew you /n/iggers were kinda autistic but jesus christ.
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The Drop-Nose Saddle: best of both worlds?

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1. Nose intact for thigh-based navigation adjustments
2. Prostate fully protected
The question is: are you man enough to ride one?
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An Alaska Q400 has reportedly been stolen from Seatac airport. There are additional, sketchier reports that it may have been shot down and/or crashed, but no confirmation on that as of now.
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How many days until the trainfag murderer is hanged?

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It's time we stop clinging to the pathetic notions of the past. The old ways were tools that we used to create our modern world and eventually all tools must be discarded for the task they were designed for is no longer important enough to justify their cost... Their burden. If we attempt to cling to out dated and outmoded for fanciful reasons will will be no better than the backwards Polynesians and their shell and rock currencies or the bumbling Abo still hooting into a hollow piece of wood eon after for forsaken eon. The west cannot blind itself to the hubris of human condition, we can not doing to our Stone age thoughts and inventions.

Today facts were made eminently manifest that there is among us a strain of man who desires the backwardness of the past, who does not relish new and improved modes of transport. These people who wallow in there perverted desires also tend to hide & harbor darker aspects of the human condition. Aspects that can be manifest without warning, shaking us modern men and our society to it's very core.

As some of the most preeminent transportation authorities on the vast internet it is up to us to not only stamp out trainers where and when we find them but we also must come together and find a final solution to the train question once & for all.

No method of transport that requires installed metal support systems for homogeneous terrain is fit to serve in today's world. The expense & complexity is baffling. We need more resources to help the undocumented make it to our rich lands and sustain themselves and rebuild their culture on top of our own atrophies existence. Trains take money from the world's poor and harken back to images of the Nazis cattle cars & the death trains have unleashed all these decades.

I'm calling on all of you to help me find a solution to replace trains, protect the poor and still deliver our much needed consumer goods from China to the nearest settlement center and housing.

What say you /n/?
Up to the task?

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>Blue Line gets new train cars and gives its old ones to the Orange Line
>Orange Line now has the oldest trains in the entire CTA system with no plans to upgrade

FUCK the CTA. I hate riding the orange line every morning with its 80s fake wood paneling and burned out yellow train lights with discolored plastic light covers.
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