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Old one - >>1149110

post 'em!
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How did you get into riding, /n/?
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Hay fag would you like to save a piece of history
Locomotive 503 is about to be scraped any help would do
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Cycling moto snobs

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why are cyclist such horrible snobs?

Just look at this picrel strayan douchebag - when he rode for Megalized he had to do the sponsor rides with Schlek bros and he just had to virtue signal with green TLD baggies. Also plenty of numale fags are now into cycling but also into moto.

In fact, why are all racers (moto, cars, whatever) so douchy?
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/upg/ - Urban planning general

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The big black building edition

Old thread: >>1143951
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Any locomotive engineers/drivers/operators or conductors here?

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just curious to see if there are any around here

I'm looking to become a conductor soon
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ITT: Worst Passenger aircraft still in service, i'll start
>Ilyushin Il-62
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Continued from >>1069094

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #13, starting with HKG
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Tolling Roads

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How to convince others to agree?

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