Shit livery thread

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Let's have a nice thread where we point and laugh at liveries designed in an executive boardroom.
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Knocked off bike

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Hi /n/.

I got knocked off my bike today. Nothing massively serious, no injuries to myself really, although I fucking hope my bike is okay. It looks okay but I might have missed something.

Anyway, I was googling what to do. No injuries like I say, but I still think the driver was a total cunt (same old bollocks, "didn't see you", go fuck yourself).

Things on the net are saying to report it to the police. Do you reckon I should even though I'm not injured? I think I probably will, I took the number plate because fuck them, and another car saw it. I didn't take the witness' details, but there is a camera on that road, and I can physically describe the car (colour and size), so if possible then I am certain the camera would have seen that car. But maybe they can't look at cameras for small things like this.

But yeah, fuck cagers forever. I drive myself but I'm not a blind cunt like this cunt was.
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>earth tones
>no logos
>not too racy looking, just ridey
>obscure, expensive, no one will think you're poor
Is Brandt-Sorenson apparel the ultimate JUST RIDE kit?
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What are your thoughts on donoteat01?
He's a guy making videos on public transit and urban design from a socialist perspective.
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Post dank bridges with rail.
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PYBT - images of bicycles edition

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old thread is FUCKED. so here's my 81 fuji.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Third One In The Catalog Edition.

Last Thread: >>1416718


If you want help buying a bike, ask in >>>/n/bbg
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Boeing's nightmare never ends

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>John Barnett says tests suggest up to a quarter of the oxygen systems could be faulty and might not work when needed.
>He also claimed faulty parts were deliberately fitted to planes on the production line at one Boeing factory.
>Mr Barnett says his attempts to have the matter looked at further were stonewalled by Boeing managers. In 2017, he complained to the US regulator, the FAA, that no action had been taken to address the problem. The FAA, however, said it could not substantiate that claim, because Boeing had indicated it was working on the issue at the time.
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Door to door rail service

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I hope you arm chair urban planners are taking notice. Behold the cities of the future.
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Which one is you favorite?

Do any other places have any interesting road signs?
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