Remove Suburbs?

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Should we remove subrubs? Why people like them?
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Why do you hate cagers/cages? Tell me your story.
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Why can't we fly like this anymore?

Assuming that a modern ticket costs $300, increasing legroom back to 1960s standards would result in something like 1/3 less passenger capacity, which would only increase the ticket price to $400. Assuming that a decent restaurant meal costs $30 per passenger and taking fuel costs into account ($10 seems reasonable), this would only bump up the price of a ticket from $300 to about $440 in total.

I'm sure many people would love to go back to something like the golden age of air travel in exchange for a ~1/3 more expensive ticket.

So why isn't this a thing?

Boeing 737 MAX

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What does the MAX stand for?

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What to wear for cycling to work in cold wheather?

Hi, I have started communting by bike to work every day, but due to lack of knowledge of dressing I had some issues:
-air get's unbreathable from -15°c -> is there any way to preheat it to avoid pain?
-lips are in bad condition and bleeding from -10°c
-eyes are hurting from the cold wind

I know that you are strong chads but what can the weak one do?
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Solution to all transportation problems???

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Is the solution to reducing carbon footprint and commuting times

simply cage removal and forcing people into bus, subway and on bikes
some new technology?
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/n/ games

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>Capacity: 250 passengers
What the flying fuck
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Why in the world would you subject yourself to this shit day in day out instead of having your own comfy personal private transportation that keeps you away from strangers and their germs, fart gas, rudeness, and criminal behavior?

>but Anon, it's better for the environment!
LOL no, plug-in electric cars are the future.

Buses and trains and shit like that are for The Poor, and they all dream of the day they say Goodbye to things like pic related.

You cannot logically or rationally refute this.
Only delusional Fringies are so attached to buses and trains and so-called 'public transportation' that they can't see reality.
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Rare planes

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Preferably pre-jet age preferable.
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