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I'm waiting
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Bombardier BiLevel Coach

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Thoughts on this common commuter rail car?
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New road shifter

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Thoughts? Looks interesting, even if it's a boutique brand.
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Reminder of what could have been.
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What transportation games are you playing lately /n/?
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Commuters, get in here. This thread is for the discussion of biking as a way to commute to and from work.

>how far do you bike to and from work? Where do you live?
>do you bike in your work clothes?
>what is your bike of choice?
>gear recommendations?
>do you wish you drove?
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Why does this trigger racefags?

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Is there a book in all of cycledom that causes more arguments than Just Ride?There is a lot of Boomer wisdom in this book, and I don’t understand why it triggers so many?
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Anyone helmetless?

I'm a bmx kid from the 90's grown up

And ingotninto road biking....sans helmet still

City bike it and bird scooter sans helmet.

In many municipalities only motorized cycles and those under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets
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>muh watts

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Post 'em, leglets.
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