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Should modern day cities be built with canals?
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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SL Edition

Old Thread: >>1547545
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/BBG/ - Bike Buy General

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Whole lot of nothing edition

post here if you want advice on buying a bike
if you want recs off craigslist, post your height and budget and intended use
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747 thread

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post jumbos
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>Most efficient form of drivetrain lubrication
>Low maintenance

Why aren't more people taking the paraffin-wax pill?
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What's the best transportation disaster catchphrase? We gaan? Vada a bordo, cazzo?
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> tfw someone finally got everything right in one bicycle.
fucking helll, I could cry rite now. they finally did it
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Is now a good time to launch a startup airline? I’m honestly thinking about it. Europe btw.
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