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Posting pictures of your issues helps.

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how do major bike manufacturers get away with charging upwards of 5k for bikes made in china?

like literally how is a piece of shit weak carbon bike worth 5k let alone 10-20k...
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Helium inside sealed frame

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Why not inject helium into a totally uptight frame? You're guaranteed to travel faster.
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Sand Patch

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*builds a heavy freight railroad on really steep gradients*

Why do Americans do this?
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/n/ how can I get a fixie rider gf with thick thighs?

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Enduro Chad Thread

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Why are people on race bikes in skinny pants such massive faggots?
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Now that we have a railfan President...

Do we think we’ll see public transit expansion funded by the Feds? I know things like the NHSL spur to King of Prussia is banking on a Biden Presidency.

Do you think he’ll be good for excursions? Bennet Levin seemed to think that he would extend Federal Insurance used to cover Amtrak to excursions, and that he’d repeal Amtrak’s moratorium.
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/DRT/ - Daily Ride Thread

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Based Fat bike chad edition.
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The final Pacer

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If you want the fastest bike, get a fixie. If you want your bike to do anything else, get a touring/commuter rig. Road bikes are useless, they’re heavier than a fixie and have no rack or fender mounts. There’s really no practical reason for anybody besides athletes to have a road bike, since a road bike shares nearly identical costs and maintenance schedules as a more practical touring/commuting bicycle, with none of the necessities like rack/fender mounts, or kickstands, and much more aggressive and less comfortable geometry as well as stiffer materials, resulting in a bumpier ride.
Here’s the part where you might be asking, “well what about the fixed gear?” Glad you asked. That thing requires a regrease once a year if you actually care for it enough and/or don’t blow all your money on new bike parts all the time cause you keep breaking shit after launching off the nearby 4 stair.