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/fbr/ - Flat Bar Road Bikes

ITT: We post flat bar road bikes
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Looking to get a new bike? POST HERE. New saddle? Pedals? Chainring bolts? Wanna hear what anons think of your next n+1? Don't know if that Craigslist bike looks legit? POST HERE.

If you're looking for advice from other anons on what bike to buy, don't forget to include your size, price range, local craigslist, etc.

OLD THREAD >>1058263
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Recently due to getting memed by Schwalbe Quality Bicycle Tires or whatever his name is, I decided to try these tubes after buying only Conti for years

The first tube I used was added 3 weeks and 450 miles ago and I have yet to need to add air to that tire

Is this just a fluke or are Schwalbes really much better? I have never experienced anything like this and I am questioning my sanity at this point

I realize this didn't really need a thread but the foamer's self-pitying whining inspired me to make a new bike related thread
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Still good right?

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Would you steal this pizza?
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Scarponi killed in training accident

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>Michele Scarponi has been killed while training at home early on Saturday morning.

>According to reports in local media and Gazzetta dello Sport, the 38 year-old Astana rider had left home early for a short ride after finishing the Tour of the Alps on Friday and returning to his home in Filottrano in the central Le Marche region of Italy.
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Who here lifts alongside cycling?
What does your routine/schedule look like?
How does it affect your recovery?

Was thinking of getting into cycling cause it seems fun, but I'm afraid it might cause me to stall or not progress as fast when it comes to my lifting shit.
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Any cycling jersey suggestions for cool freds?
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/BQG/ - Bike Questions General

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Other one is nearing completion so here's the new BQG

Can anyone point me towards a good commuter tire? currently rolling on some stock 700x40 tires with a lot of tread and a lot of rolling resistance, so i want something that's not going to feel so heavy when im out riding, preferably something that comes in a 28 or so.

is the Conti Ultra Sport II any good?
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hi /n/ i want to start bike racing but i am wondering what are the fastest colors? i think red+white+black is the fastest but i am wondering what are your suggestions? i want to make sure i have the fastest colors so i can win. thanks.
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Any aircraft pilots here?

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It seems like it's mostly bikes in here, but I was wondering if there are any fellow pilots in our midst on this board. I fly mainly Cessna 172's, have about 180 hours, working on my instrument. What do you fly?