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"How do you revitalize small towns with an aging population and half dead historic center?" Edition
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Most aesthetically pleasing metro maps

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Contesters may contest!
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Magical Rail Chan Desu Kun 2.0

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It seems to be time for a new thread.

For those of you who missed the first exciting instalment, I'm using OpenTTD to build a complete working virtual model of the entire British railway network. Ask me anything.
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/n/ Music

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Let this thread be a compendium of every song ever made about bikes, trains, buses and planes.
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I swear,
I'm gonna end ordering a big box of these cheap led lights to wear in my car and toss them at unequipped commuters at night for their own good.
For fuck's sake
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Road bike tires

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I got my first roadbike recently and it came with some dreadfully slow vittoria randonneur tires, what clincher tire does /n/ think is the fastest for a roadbike?
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StairTruck - The Ultimate Hand Truck

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StairTruck - The Ultimate Hand Truck
The StairTruck is a combination of the best "equipment mover" features, not available elsewhere in any other single product.

* Strong and reliable aluminum frame - Made in the USA.
* Super tough airless/punctureless tires.
* Collapsible making it easier to fit in tight spaces.
* Acts like both a hand truck and a push cart.
* Innovative frame design makes maneuvering items easier.
* Climbs stairs using a smaller sized wheel system.
* Comes with a built in tie down strap.
* Options to help make work for folks in specific industries easier (such as musicians, material handling and home moving, etc...)

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Enlighten my tiny flip brain. Why don't we have enclosed vehicles between the size of a motorcycle and a car?
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Cycling Music Thread

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What music do you listen to while cycling?
Post albums
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Has anyone here ever seen it?
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