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Canyon's Aluminum Bike

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How do you guys feel about Canyon's Aluminum bikes?

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Can anyone identify the year/model of this bike

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Peugeot ‘Special Sport’
I think it’s mid ‘80’s but someone has told me it’s earlier. Can’t find any serial or model numbers (where should I look?). Also I realise the seat (and drink holder) aren’t original do any other parts seem after market?
Can supply more pics if someone thinks a specific part will reveal details.
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Is a sandcrawler physically possible, or would the ground pressure exceed feasibility?
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I've been frequenting /n/ and after exploring nearby trains and train hotels, I've decided I want to buy a train. I currently live in an apartment but I just inherited $40,000 and I want to buy a piece of property for starters and then a good entry level tank engine. I'm going to build a plated loop or maybe infinity symbol for starters but want to continue building tracks later in life. What is a good cheap and hardy train?
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