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~Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum, and be advised -TSRA RMK AO2 LGT DSNT ALQDS

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Buy Bike General (last thread is dead)

2018 foil 20 vs 2020 supersix
both used, foil is ultegra and 7.5kg(16.5lbs) , supersix is 105 and 8.3kg (18.3lbs).

supersix looks nicer in real life tha in pics- so its basically a newer heavier worse groupset (but i believe better frame design, this is just a hunch due to several testimonies ive heard), vs an older beter groupset bike.

what should i do? foil is a bit more than the supersix, but not by far.
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Where is the eBike thread? Clearly the best electric method of transportation. Price performance ratio now firmly in realistic range of leisure riders.
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Has anyone here ever seen it?
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>tfw passing helmet fags with the wind in my hair
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/mtg/ – Model Train General

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OO9 Edition

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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/n/ Music

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Let this thread be a compendium of every song ever made about bikes, trains, buses and planes.
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Airship thread

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who else loves ''small'' blimps over large rigid airships?

I am an LTA enthusiast and my interest is primarily with blimps, gas balloons and semi rigids.

I've never really believed in super large, massive, rigid, transatlantic, hybrid, cargo carrying pipedreams

pic related, beautiful small russian blimp
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Rideshare fees triple in Chicago

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Looks like Chicago really wants people to use their unreliable public transit huh. I cant wait to take the Green line home after a late night at work because an uber would cost $25
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