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poop edition

Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum.

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I think it's finally time we discuss this franchise.
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Old Man On Bus

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>be me
>be 14
>innocent lad and always semi social in public
>take bus to get to friends house
>friends house is a decently long bus ride away
>get on bus and get bored af
>phone time
>at the third stop a man came on the bus
>he looked suspicious
>Fedora hat
>barely any hair
>neckbeard af
>he looked 60
>probs skinnier than a twig
>I look back at my phone for comfort
>guy sits right next to me and inches closer

for disclosure sakes Im a guy

> he starts to get so close I can litteraly smell his cheeto ass breath
>i look up
>he was fucking hideous and the stench didnt help
>before i could say anything
>"hey boy do you like anime"
>i told him no ofcourse cause i aint a fucking weeb
>he gets slightly dissapointed
>"well i can be your senpai and teach ya anime"
>he said this revealing his shit stained teeth
>i said no and i politely asked for him to leave
>he started reaching for me
>but then
>my bus stop came and i ran the fuck out practically breaking a bone

So why is this green text here. Cause I was on a bus.

>Pic related
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Why don't we have these 4 wheeled bike things?
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World’s biggest airplane

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But It’s just two planes taped together right? Is this cheating? Would you want to fly on this thing. The idea of building the world’s largest plane just for the sake of it seems fraught with hubris to me and bring to mind the Titanic, Icarus flying too close to the sun, and the Tower of Babel. Enjoy your world’s largest deathtrap, jet setters. I’m fine staying here in bed.
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Anyone here ever rode a greyhound?

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What was it like?

Were you scared?

Was it worth it?

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>socialists blown the fuck out.
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Mugger-Mover General

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Was it a success?

Now that trams, integral to the initial vision, are finally being introduced, I'd argue that it's starting to pay off.
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what is the worst injury you ever gort from cycling?
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Words cannot fucking describe how much I hate hot air balloons.
First of all, they’re fucking terrifying. It combines the fear of falling to your death due to the fact that you ride in a FUCKING WICKER PICNIC BASKET supporting you THOUSANDS OF FEET IN THE AIR. As well as the fear of burning to death because there’s literally a massive open flame above you. You could burn alive, fall to your death, or both in one of these things. Not to mention how fucking stupid and pointless they are. Helicopters and planes serve the SAME exact function, and are better in every single fucking way.
They’re also stupidly inefficient. They top out at around 30 mph. Go hop in a car and lock cruise at 30 mph and realize how fucking slow that is. As well as the fact that there’s NOTHING to protect you from the outside world. It could suddenly start storming while you’re up in one of them, or a bird could decide to fuck with you. At the extreme, a bird could wreck havoc on the balloon. It’s like riding a motorcycle with NONE of the motorcycle fun, and WAY MORE danger than a motorcycle.
Why the fuck do these things exist and why would anyone set foot in one??
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