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Stretches For Cyclists

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Whats a good stretching routine for cyclists?
What do you do?
What should be avoided?

theres so much info everywhere, thats it difficult to tell whats best and whats actually wrong. we all know this is important but a lot of people dont take proper care of it. you may be fine now but maybe with some years shit comes in.

trying to find the perfect routine. (road cycling btw).
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Canyon's Aluminum Bike

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How do you guys feel about Canyon's Aluminum bikes?

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Is a sandcrawler physically possible, or would the ground pressure exceed feasibility?
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I've been frequenting /n/ and after exploring nearby trains and train hotels, I've decided I want to buy a train. I currently live in an apartment but I just inherited $40,000 and I want to buy a piece of property for starters and then a good entry level tank engine. I'm going to build a plated loop or maybe infinity symbol for starters but want to continue building tracks later in life. What is a good cheap and hardy train?
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