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local bike shops suck

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>"hey come on our group ride. we start at 6am, go for 60 miles then all go out to eat"
i go. they are all going 10mph despite being kitted out on carbon bikes. being drenched in sweat does not cause any hesitation as they pile into a shitty chain restaurant (chili's) and drip sweat all over 3 tables, a booth and 13 chairs. they all order beers and stuff themselves to the brim with wings and other garbage tier food.
Not sure how any of them got home honestly.

so i wait for the advanced group ride
>6 riders total
>17mph is better
>they're huge assholes on the road running red lights, cutting off cars, taking the lane when there's a huge bike lane to ride in, throw gel tubes, co2 cartridges and other shit into the middle of the street
holy fuck, i almost snapped at them

>"hey there's a duathalon next weekend, wanna join? it's only $100"
no i dont wanna do your shitty duathalaon at 12 mph on the bike then pull every muscle in my legs trying to run for the first time in years. is pecifically cycle so i dont have to run and get hurt/sore.

i walk into store to buy a new bike
i know exactly what i want, just want to test ride first
have the exact amount of money set aside to afford everything
>they spend an hour trying to get me to buy carbon, top-of-the-line groupsets and SL versions of everything

lose a thru axle cap
>they insist of selling me an entire thru axle
my screw-in seat clamp strips
>make me actually pay $20 for a new one
get a flat, ask to use their air compressor
>charge me $3
i've probably spent $20k there the past 2 years
>never get any type of discount or special for regulars

if i didn't have such a comfy job, i'd be the fuck out of here