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Golden Hours Edition

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E-Bike vs. Scooter vs. Normal bike

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I just moved to Seattle and will need some sort of transportation device other than a car. I am contemplating the following: regular bicycle, electric pedal-assist bicycle, or electric scooter.

Some pros/cons:

>electric scooter
harder to lock up. will probably get stolen. kinda dangerous

>regular bike
would be fine except there are a lot of hills here.

this would work the best but they are too heavy/bulky and cost way too much.

What should I do? My daily driver currently is a decatted 7.3 liter diesel van but the lefties in this state aren't going to let it pass emissions once its due for renewal.
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/BBG/ - Bike Buy General

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Cycling is a good thing. ITT we help rookies to get on the correct bike to make our cult bigger.
Newfags and Oldfags get in here!
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/pg/ - Pedals general

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What kinds of pedals do you guys like? Single sided? Double sided? Platform? Lots of float? No float? Anything you particularly hate? Fear?

Personally I hate straps and toe cages. I used them for years because I was too much of a pussy to try real pedals. Thinking back about all those wasted miles on substandard equipment is mildly upsetting.
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hey everyone does anyone here have any bike touring tips for a beginner?

I am a road cyclist with optimum health I average about 50 miles for my own rides. But now I want to take an adventure ride for a couple of days. I'm most concerned with my lack of basic camping knowledge. How to pack light and must essentials I must bring with me other than shelter and water.

I want to pack light as I enjoy riding a lot of miles already, but I also want to enjoy the ride and not let it be about how many miles a day i do. I originally wanted to do NY to Pittsburgh which is about 500 miles, but I think that is a big task for a beginner.

So instead I want to tackle something like NY to Philly and then perhaps Philly to DC if i enjoy it.

Any fellow bikepacking or tour heads in here?

Solid Bike Tires for Heavy Dudes?

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Im trying to set up a commuter bike WITHOUT inflatable inner tubes. Im going with at least a 27inch tire mountain bike but I have no idea if SOLID TIRES exist or where to get them. Im 260+lbs and dont want to deal with flats on commute. I don't care about weight as I'd rather be confident I can roll over shit like a tank no problemo

/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Ding ding edition

Last thread: >>1351697

/n/ Discord: https://discord.gg/z5pdNh2


If you want help picking out a bike to purchase, ask in >>>/n/bbg
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/n/ Summer Soccer Cup 2019

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Jeff Mangum being run over by a 90's Rigid MTB edition

Sup /n/. The 2019 Summer Elite AI vs AI soccer Cup is happening in a few weeks. Before that happens, we need your opinion on what should happen to the /n/ team competing in the cup. We just need /n/ users to fill in this quick poll (3 minutes tops, <10 questions, no >jewgle sign in required) about your opinions on /n/ as a board and /n/ culture for us to use for the best representation of /n/ possible.

>But I am actually new here what the fuck is all this
More info in next post if you're new to this

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>see people driving around in mandeville
>literally every location there can be reached just as easily if you're walking
>there's even sidewalks for you to do this yet people don't even walk
>you could clear up any environmental issues you have by just walking
>it's also healthier for you and less expensive

What the fuck /n/? Why don't they just walk? What is wrong with my fellow Americans?
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What's the connection between autism and liking trains?
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