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How do we solve the disabled people problem?
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I'm buying one of these and you fags can't stop me
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*raises your ticket prices*
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Crust Bike ls Finally Admits It

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Crust Bikes finally embraces their station as "Rivendell With Disc Brakes" - and will go on to show how much money Grant could have made it here had no scruples and cucked his legacy for marketing hype bullshit like disc brakes on pavement bikes.

Anyways here's the new ultraromance branded model, they decided to just paint it like a Riv so it would sell this time. Honestly prefer Grant's bumbling free speech SJW behavior greatly to Crusts cynical identity politics. Grant should just sue this point, no amount of instagram shoutouts are going to make up for the revenue they bite out of Riv with this blatant ripoff
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Rage inducing images. I'll start.
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passenger version when?
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Obscure Transportation.

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Post obscure vehicles.

Pic Related is argentine Catita Imperial tram.
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bike buy general, last one maxed out:

ok ill start with a kids bike question.
wanna buy a bike for my nephew, lil dude is 8 years old and 4"1(1.25mt) . i was thinking on a 24" mtb, but how to go on frame sizes etc? or am i over thinking and i should just get a 24" and thats it? thanksssss
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/mg/ maritime general

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cadets are better than ratings edition

previous >>1503759
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Posting pictures of your issues helps.
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