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Toronto/Ontario Transit General

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Patrick "Outsource the entire fucking Metrolinx to Keolis" Brown Edition
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GE to exit locomotive business

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The entire transportation division, along with lighting, and "industrial solutions" (circuit breakers, etc.) have been put up for sale (ABB signed on to acquire the industrial solutions division) with oil services possibly the next on the block.

How does this news make you feel?
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>Siemens to build new single level coaches for Amtrak.
Are we finally gonna see the budd amfleets taken out of service
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General Helmet Thread

what helmet(s) are you guys using?
a friend crashed the other day and his helmet saved his head (and life prob). i have an old iro one, need to replace it due to age (and i just noticed a small crack)

what are decent brands/models on road bike helmets?

i also use a protec when i bmx, but thats happening less and less.

just share wha tyou use, opinions, suggestions, talk helmets.
in b4 antihelmet posting. this thread is for people that choose to use em. cheers!

personally im looking for a good nice looking onelike pic related. would be great if its not so so expensive though
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Why Not High-Speed Rail in America?

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Recently got into this whole train binge on YouTube and stumbled on this channel on HSR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDbNGMIosVU Not as cringy and foamy as other creators, but definitely edgy (posting pol and 4chan memes). But he does make sense on the fact that the United States spends a shit ton of money on failing roadways when it already had the best rail system in the world that lived along with the automobile and airplane before the government got involved.
There are basically three projects now around the country that are pushing for high-speed rail:

>California HSR - A huge public spending project in California for HSR and infrastructure as a whole

>Texas Central - Basically Japan and private partners funding a line between Dallas and Houston.

>Brightline - Supposed opening this year to start service between Miami and Palm Beach and then Orlando, also privately funded.

Is HSR a meme, or is it actually coming to America?
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How do I safely listen to music while riding a bike without being an asshole?
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Being motorcycle

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Should I get a Ninja 250 as my starter motorcycle?
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Old thread:
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What is the future of charging stations?
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General Aviation General /gag/

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/comfy/cub edition
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