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I swear,
I'm gonna end ordering a big box of these cheap led lights to wear in my car and toss them at unequipped commuters at night for their own good.
For fuck's sake
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Buy Bike General (last thread is dead)

2018 foil 20 vs 2020 supersix
both used, foil is ultegra and 7.5kg(16.5lbs) , supersix is 105 and 8.3kg (18.3lbs).

supersix looks nicer in real life tha in pics- so its basically a newer heavier worse groupset (but i believe better frame design, this is just a hunch due to several testimonies ive heard), vs an older beter groupset bike.

what should i do? foil is a bit more than the supersix, but not by far.
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>be American plane

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>Three Americans are reported dead in the crash of a C-130 Hercules, registration N134CG, firefighting aircraft in the Monaro area of New South Wales, Australia.
>The Associated Press reported that, “New South Wales Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said, ‘The only thing I have from the field reports are that the plane came down, it’s crashed and there was a large fireball associated with that crash.’ The Commissioner also told the AP that, “Unfortunately, all we’ve been able to do is locate the wreckage and the crash site and we have not been able to locate any survivors”.
>The aircraft, Tanker 134, was operated by the Canadian-owned Coulson Aviation company. It was previously based in Ramona, California in the United States before deploying to Australia to assist in fighting the catastrophic wildfires that have ravaged that nation for weeks.
>Coulson Aviation was founded in 1985 and began providing aerial fire suppression services to the U.S. Forest Service five years later in 1990 as Coulson Aviation USA. The company purchased its first large, four-engine turboprop Lockheed C-130 Hercules firefighting aircraft in 2013. As of 2016 the company operated four C-130s.

Somebody decked Durianrider

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Opened up a couple of days old newspaper and got a page 2 treat.
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US is addicted to inferior transportation design

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Cars are noisy, dirty, unhealthy, expensive, and they clutter everything up.
Cars were supposed to make transportation more convenient. But istead of designing transportation around living spaces, we've come to design our life around commutes. Every commercial building needs space for parking spots in front. Every city block needs a big, unsightly parking lot. Two hour commutes doing nothing but staring at asphalt are increasingly common. Even our solutions to problems caused by the ubiquity of personal automobile ownership feel more like patches on a gaping wound; we'll electrify them, build underground road networks, build 20 lane highways, build highrise just to store our cars. And it's been actively harmful in many ways; widespread access to personal vehicles has been an excuse to allow concentration of wealth in cities and thus geographic separation of economic classes.
If we had to do society in the US all over again, we would make it so transportation could be an afterthought rather than an ever present concern for each person.
That's not to say people who are particularly enthusiastic about driving or otherwise live in some exceptional circumstance shouldn't have access to a vehicle. But surely it isn't best that we are averaging more than one vehicle per household.
How did we get here and how do Americans break our addiction to personal vehicle ownership?
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/n/ Geo-Guessing Game!

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Let's play a game based on Google street view.

Here are the rules and guidelines:
>I'll post a screenshot from Street View
>the pic always has to be of transit infrastructure (or part of a city)
>You can ask yes of no questions to try to narrow down the place
>the game will get progressively harder as we go on

Now for the first pic, if you haven't already guessed, it's somewhere in the US...

Good luck a/n/ons
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I just got back from Shenzhen (I live in Seattle) and I was absolutely amazed by how much more advanced China is than the US when it comes to infrastructure. I am actually ashamed to be American now. Where the fuck do my tax dollars go? All of the roads and highways were flawlessly paved with fresh lane markers. The signage was all clean and intuitive. I can't even read their nonsense moon rune language and had no problems navigating their public transit whereas in places like San Francisco or Boston you need three fucking apps and a guide to figure out how to get around. The airport was incredible too; makes SeaTac look like a steaming pile of shit. Yeah, the people are animals who don't know how to have courtesy when entering/exiting trams or elevators but outside of that China is just significantly superior to the US in every single way.
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Defunct airlines
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Bikepacking Thread

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Hey I plan on doing a 5-6 day bikepacking trip from New York to Virginia

I am seeking for advice for a handlebar bag similar to the pic I want to keep set up as minimal as possible

my current bag set up is

>>Apidura frame bag
>>Specialized 20L saddle bag

I plan on using the front handlebar bag to be able to fit a 1 person divvy tent so I can throw the rest of my basic necessities in the big saddle bag.

Anyone have any tips on stealth camping as well as this will be my first taking a long tour.