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why isn't this for sale?
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is he right? the more basic the bike the better

PYMTBT - Post Your Mountain Bikes Thread

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>MTB Bros report in

DH, AM, XC, whatever... post 'em here.
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Imagine doing this at 30 instead of having a wife and kids. Epic or ?
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Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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Daily ride thread: Flandrigan edition

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Old thread (no longer updating):

I've riden 36 km today including my commute and my 2 hours of deliveroo riding, it was a good day. Trying to make my best of the early autumn conditions before shit gets Flandrigan.
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ITT: Cuties

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Tickets please

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Post tickets from your public transport.
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First 737 Max hull loss

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Hello /n/, /out/ here.
Last time I was out at Yosemite, I noticed a large amount of bicycle riders, and that there is a lot of bike paths all over, so it seems like a great way to get around and have some fun.
Problem is that I drive a Toyota Mr2, and I do not wish to mount a stupid rack system to haul a bicycle 200 miles and look like a stupid cock doing it.

So how shit are folding bicycles? If I can get one small enough, I can just place it behind the passenger seat.