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Vintage Airliner Thread

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Come on out and share them.
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Pumper Dumpers

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Hi, I know nothing about trucking, just starting to get into it.
I have been looking around at different Pumper trucks, and started to look at alibaba to see what the price was in a capitalist market.
Apparently I could buy the truck of my dreams, 4 wheel drive, small, but big enough to haul a tank with a pump attached and a cummins engine for 1/5 - 1/6 of the price in America.
What gives?
Why can't I buy my chinese truck and run my business (my father told me it would never be allowed in america)?
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Electric Bikes Now?

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Since /o/ is 98% bike threads I thought I'd ask:

What's the current best e-bike shit out there? I search and I see a bunch of $5k go-fund-me stuff years out. If I wanted to e-bike today what is the best bike, package or add a motor that currently is available?
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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chicago union station renovation

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thoughts on the plan to renovate the third-busiest rail terminal in the United States
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Ok time to talk freinds im a 19 year old guy from sweden i live on a small island outside of Gotheburg. Anyway im gonna have tomove soon i do t want to get stuck here. Im gonna try to become an engineer for boats. I dont know your political leaning but im not the biggest fan of what is happening in my country that i love. so im serisly considering jumping ship (moving). I have thought about russia. I have taken two years russian in school and im a big fan of the classic culture. balalaikas and vodka. So pros, cons? What do you think? Shuld i move or ride it out.?
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guadalajara bus lines + bikes

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hey, i am on vacation in guadalajara and i need to get around the city via bus as there are too many slight inclines for me to pedal through as the city is slightly hilly and my knee hurts. there are buses that go everywhere but most buslines use old buses. ive only seen the newer bus lines on a few routes use bikeracks and the buses without bikeracks wont let me on. how do i go about researching which buses/buslines have bikeracks¿

i need help getting to the red dot. or at least as close as i can before i have to call a taxi
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Locomotives That Have Been In TV and Films

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Let's start a thread about them
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/BRT/ - Bike Training and Racing thread

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Sprint finish edition

Previous thread (currently on auto-sage): >>1051703

IN THIS THREAD, we discuss:
* Training for bike racing (road, MTB, track)
* Bike racing tactics and strategy
* Bike handling skills relating to racing (pacelining, maneuvering within the pack, blocking, when to attack, etc)
* Your races
* Pro races
* Equipment choices (including power meters, heart rate monitors, etc)
* Anything and everything relating to bicycle racing and training

When discussing power, post W/kg (watts per kilogram), not just watts.

If you're new to bike racing and need to get started, you can start with The Cyclists Training Bible (aka CTB); there's a copy of 3rd Edition online you can peruse: (please buy a copy if you like it).

If you're interested in Power Meters for your bike, here's a good article that covers most of the choices available on the market:

If you're interested in doing some reading on basic race tactics and strategy, you can check out the following two books:
"Racing Tactics for Cyclists" by Thomas Prehn
"Reading the Race" by Jamie Smith and Chris Horner

Ask questions, and share your knowledge, expertise, and experience; everyone interested in training to be a better cyclist are welcome.
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Post your bike thread.
Old one nearly dead.
Get in here, Fred.
Show us your sled.

I will begin.
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