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/bqg/ bike questions general

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/bqg/ bike questions general

Previous thread over 300: >>1172552

Are higher-level cranksets (i.e., Ultegra, Dura-Ace over 105, and other equivalents in other brands) stiffer, or are they just lighter?
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would they actually expect you to help or are they just memeing?
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This is my cities new trams,
say something nice about them.

also, they call them trains officially.

inb4 lol bombardier.
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/pybt/ - Post Your Bike
Theme: Cheap shitty bikes you have owned
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Yo poop, I lost your number and I know you’re probably still on this bullshit board. Text me?

Pic related. It’s me the one time we tried riding bikes together on the levee.
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/bhg/ - Bike Hauling General

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All the basket talk recently gave me this idea. Couriers, haulers, or people getting their groceries post your rack setups, recommendations, and biggest payloads here
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Does cycling help take down industrial society?
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Plane Riddle

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I have a riddle /n/,

If a plane is sitting on a conveyor belt, and the belt is moving in the opposite direction of the wheels, and at the exact same speed, will the plane take off? We're assuming the conveyor belt is stationary and is only turning with the wheels.

Well /n/?
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Well, /n/?
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Why we don't travel by zeppelin?

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