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Drillium edition

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If you want help buying a bike, ask in >>>/n/bbg
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How do we convince NIMBYS that preserving the "character of a neighborhood" is a shitty argument because cities are and will always change

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Hey guys what do you think about this bike? They sell them in central america kinda cheap, they say they're good shit but not having any info online about them I'm sceptic. From what you see in this picture do you think it's decent?

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What flaws would you be willing to overlook to attain a cyclist wife? (or husband)
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You have the ability to restore 5 retired intercity rail routes, regardless of cost or commercial viability. Which routes do you restore and why?
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are nuclear steam trains the transportation method of the future?
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Too many NEETs and other types who have no life on this board, who have no idea, apparently, what living a real life is like -- or are living in some urban hive their entire lives and have no idea what life is like outside that.

Post your daily schedule in this thread *only if* there's no way you could use a bike or public transit and still get everything done. There's plenty of you out there.
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Thread 2 boys. Post your fixies and SS here.

Don't call me a fixter edition.
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Bike questions general - because no thread. Looking for inspiration. I've gotten myself this pretty NOS 2003 Merida Big Air frame. What whacky idea of a bike does /n/ have for it.

I'll probably make a video about building it.
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