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Are there any websites that have steam loco diagrams other than rr-fallenflags? Also steam engine thread. What I'm currently trying to model.
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Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Light Railway

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Has anyone else been to or have heard of this railway? It runs from New Romney, Dungeness and Hythe in Kent, England. If so what are you thoughts of it? I have been there many times and liked it.
(The the locomotive in the photo is called Doctor Syn, a Canadian designed locomotive built in Sheffield, England. http://www.rhdr.org.uk/locomotives-dr-syn.html
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/pybt/ Post Your Bike Thread

Starting off by reposting my new bike. That saddle (Selle Italia Flite Ti) is somewhat uncomfortable.
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why are airbus planes so ugly?
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/bbq/ - bike buying questions

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Previous thread >>1043316

A thread for questions about buying bikes

Got a Cannondale CAADX 105 that's otherwise great but I want a smaller frame size because trails and shit because fun.
I could buy another one with a smaller frame but also interested in the 2016 Kona Jake the Snake.

Also looked at Kona Rove (not sure about the 1x11 meme for my purposes though, for one) and the 2017 Jake (not sure about the ride of an aluminum fork).

Jake the Snake has thru-axle which is preferable.

G2gfast is very important but also usability (and fun) in places where g2gfast shouldn't go is of importance. Ability to fit wider tires would be great but not at terrible cost to g2gfast.

Rides vary in length ≈30-150 km (20-90 mi). Usually anywhere up to half of it is gravel/trails kind of shit. I ride in all sorts of places. I also ride a lot on snow and ice (4-5 months of snow coverage per winter).

Also taken a liking to occasional touring. Mostly tenting over weekends or so.

Bike of choice is CX because I'm afraid other more off roady/touring ones would be slow turds on asphalt. Also fun bikes to ride beyond their comfort zone.

Any other suggestions are welcome, too

tl;dr: which bike is gud 4 g2gfast but also adventure and shit?
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/bqg/ - Bicycle Questions General

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bqg/ - Bike Questions General

old thread here: >>1054163

links 4 u
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itt: Granger Railroads

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Railroads for whom a significant portion of their traffic involved hauling farm/grange produce (especially grain/wheat) across the Great Plains & Midwestern U.S. While there's no conclusive definition of the term, it's generally considered to include well-known railroads such as the...

>Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
>Chicago & Northwestern
>Illinois Central
>Milwaukee Road
>Rock Island

...as well as a bunch of smaller, lesser-known & long gone railroads. There are some pretty good railroads here that often get overlooked, so I figured we could have a thread to dump pictures & discuss them.

Let's keep the focus primarily centered on the Midwestern operations of these railroads.
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a/n/ime thread

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Discussion thread for /n/ related anime. Two currently airing this season

Yowamushi Pedal S3 - Monday
Minami Kamakura High School Cycling Club - Friday
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Leyland Class 142s

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Leyland Class 142s.

The 'marmite' of the North West's rail network in England. Half bus, half train. Essentially a Leyland National bus on a wagon chassis. These units were planned to last less than 10 years but have managed to last 32 years and are still going.

94/96 of these units still survive in daily service with Arriva Trains Wales and Northern.

Opinions on them? Personally, I like them for their quirkiness.