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>3 is free
>2 is a discount
What a great way to kill carpooling

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How did we become so hated and how do we fix it?
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Bike brands with a bad name - /bbwabn/

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Can we discuss bike brands that have a bad name and the reasons why?

We can start with Canyon
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Mechanical issues edition

Previous >>1547169

If you want help buying a bike, see:
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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Snail Pace Edition

Old Thread: >>1516734
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why don't big cities have these?
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Cube MTB's for beginner

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I need/want a nice looking bike for daily stuff, maybe some rough roads in the forest or fields with the convenience of a mudguard and luggage rack. Basically an all around bike that is not too expensive. I'm not into to serious biking or planning to.

I've heard good things about Cube bikes from frens, drove theirs and it felt really smooth in comparison to my rusty shitbike I have now. I don't mind an MTB not being optimal for paved roads or whatever and I like the sporty look, although the 2021 paintjobs are not great imo, but alas. I'll probably have the fork locked out most of the time in the city, so I need that.

Is there anything wrong with buying pic related for ~700 euros or is it a fine bang for my buck?
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>2 hours each day of my life
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IC Card Thread

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Does anyone else collect IC cards? I've kept some paper tickets and plastic tokens but IC cards definitely do more for me

The phases of cycling clothes

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What phase are you in now, /n/?

Babby phase: Just going out for a short test ride around the block in my jeans

DUI normie phase: I'm going to get sweaty so I better wear cotton shorts and a t-shirt, also all this riding is shredding my nice jeans

Leglet phase: Cotton is annoying, dry gym shorts and a performance t-shirt, Nike or Adidas would be better

Beginner phase: I wonder if those MTB shorts have any advantages. Oh look a jersey is on sale, cheaper than my Nike tops and it's grey so it won't scare anyone

Early fred phase: I love having back pockets on my jersey, and how bad could lycra be? Just gonna try it this once, already worn through six pairs of MTB shorts. No need for shaving I'm not racing. Normal ray bans will do

Enlightenment: Waxing my asshole and then lotioning up with ass cream before putting on the Assos. Oakley Flight Jackets of course. Why do normies hate comfort?
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