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Christmas Edition
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Whats the deal with green lights for pedestrians at intersections occurring at the same time as cars turning left or right who need to use that road
cant people see this is fucking dangerous
My uni has a daycare right next to one of these - today I was saved for the second time by a massive SUV's automatic emergency break
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If the reason street cars died in the US was the evil backroom machinations of General Motors then why did steet cars die in all those places where the GM didn't do anything?

50+ mile daytrip setups

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let's post our long distance day trip setups. Just daytrip, not touring setups
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ITT: Extremely patrician locomotives

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I submit the PRR E6
>largest and fastest Conventional Atlantic type locomotive ever built
>beat an airplane in a race to NYC
>Bizzare but interesting attempt to combine American and British design principles
>survived almost to the end of steam
>was a fixture on the extremely comfy seashore services after they left main line express traffic.
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ITT: things that never saw their true potential
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>drive for a couple hours into mountains
>take a nap in car
>go camping
>drive home
Um how am I supposed to this with public transport???
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For me, it's the Mikado

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What's /n/'s favorite wheel arrangement?


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/SQTDDTOT/ - Stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread.

My commute is 25-ish km one way (15 miles for ya yankees) with 200m (650 ft) difference in height. I'm sick of using bus or metro.
I can't get a car, since I cant get a license yet (i need to verify school certificate first, and it is not fast at all).
What meme transport should I use? Biking 200m height gradient every day is not cool at all. E-bike? Electric scooter?

Pic unrelated
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