/BBG/ Bike Buy General

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ITT we wank together about which bikes are worth their schmeckles and good for you.

Newcomers and oldfags get in here

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British train thread

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Post your British trains (preferably AC powered Locomotives and EMUs), but diesel is acceptable.
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/PYBT/ - Comfy Location Edition

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croton aquaduct trailway, southern ny.
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Modern transportation is gay. The unholy trio of planes, trains, and automobiles are some of the worst inventions created by man. They sacrifice adventure in favor of speed, but speed for what? To get to your cubicle faster. If you prefer those three over hiking, riding a horse, a bicycle, etc. then you are a bugman. Enjoy your life of pointless speed while I enjoy my adventures.

Boat guys help me with my boat

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Just got a really cheap Grampian 26 sailboat. No mast and no motor. Where can I find the right mast and what motor would be good for her?
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/n/ approved films

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Congestion Pricing

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What are /n/'s thoughts on it?

I think it's a good way to make cars pay for their infrastructure, and encourage drivers to drive elsewhere.
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how do i avoid degenerates when biking?
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Brightline Begins Construction on Orlando Route

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For the first time, two large US cities will be linked by high-speed rail. The routes will link with Virgin Cruises and airport terminals as well.

Branson also says he’s “100% confident” there will be a Tampa route as well. What I’m wondering is how this will affect development in Orlando. It’s such a sprawled city but lately it’s seen a massive influx of new construction.
Do you think Orlando will densify if it becomes a high-speed rail hub?
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Public buses

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What do your public buses and people who use them look like where you live?

Pic related is the GRT in Kitchener Ontario Canada.
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