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Thought experiment

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This is the Newark Flat Crossing: the only part left on the English rail network where two railway lines cross at grade like this.

The problem is, the East Coast Main Line - the north-south line in the image, one of the network's primary arteries - is crossed by another busy line. This puts a hard cap on rail traffic that can traverse the ECML. Complicating factors are the presence of the nearby River Trent, and the important A46 road, both of which also use bridges to cross the Trent nearby.

It's a mess: how would you re-engineer the crossing to remove the bottleneck and free up the ECML?
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What is the most beautiful plane, and why is it the MD-11 with Fedex livery?
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I have a question bros. What scooter( non electronic) do you recommend?
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>relies extensively on parking money for income

Can't wait to see carfaggots try defend this one.
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700x28 is the patrician tier option for 98% of real-world cycling. I say "real world" to distinguish it from the fantasy world some dream of, where you're riding over boulders to escape from zombies or whatever. The bike equivalent of civilians buying a heavily armored off road military truck to drive to the hair salon. They think to themselves, "instead of steering around that object like a normal person, I will show dominance by steering into it". In this way, they hope to resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from an action film, or worse yet perhaps they are simply copying the actor's real life fashion. But rather than fashion, in real life bikes are for transportation and 98% of transportation happens on a road hence ROAD BIKES which a certain confused subculture seems to think can only be used in a velodrome under tightly controlled conditions.

There is nothing wrong with a smaller tire if that is your preference. Many of the finest bikes ever made came with 700x23 or smaller. But people who select larger tires invariably have small dick syndrome. I think you know who I mean. You've seen them in your neighborhood. You see them when you override your own common sense and decide to go out for a ride on a nice Sunday with perfect weather when the plebs who hate cycling until that one day the weather is nice and suddenly they're a cyclist today are out in full force.. You even see it online. Those pictures of Putin riding his knobby boing-boing dual suspension novelty joke bike on the sidewalk with no shirt on like the neighborhood dirtbag riding to the liquor store, right? Weak, insecure "strong man" logic. Ever notice John Kerry doing that? No of course not he's got a real bike for adults. Because I guarantee you Kerry has a bigger, thicker penis even at his advanced age. I rest my case.

Anyway this is a true incontrovertible facts thread. What are some other interesting facts about transportation?
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Prototype or concept thread.
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Dog Aggro

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I live in a ghetto area and get chased by a different fuckin dog about once a week while out riding. DESU it's starting to give me some kinda PTSD where I go into full sprint panic mode whenever I so much as hear a barking dog now while out riding. Last chase was this big fuckin Chow looking thing the size of a bear that managed to pace me for about a quarter mile before it just got bored and turned back. So far I've only managed to aggro on flats and downhills but I'm worried one of these days one is going to aggro on a climb and get fucked.

What's the deal with dog chases? Do they actually want to fuck you up or are they just chasing? Anyone ever get caught? Opinions on defense?
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Do you guys like climbing hills?
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what is the future of air travel going to look like?
Why do we still ride in designs which are essentially 70 years old?
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Do you guys cycle alot?
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