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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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Post interesting infos, images and videos about trains in Japan.
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Sydney Trains Megathread

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In Australias most populated city, the commuter train network has completely collapsed over the past 2 weeks. I'm surprised no one here is talking about it.

No real explanation or resolution as of yet but heres a basic run down.

New scheduling increased the amount of trains on the network, even using 40 year old EMUs on the most busy city lines. Mass congestion and other factors (understaffed, strikes, older less reliable trains) have lead to ~50% of the services cut days with no trains running on certain days.

Sydney trains has advised people who commute for work to take their leave.
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France Rail Strike

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Anyone know much about this? I'm trying to read into it and this is what I've found so far:

>Macron trying to make major changes to SNCF, the state owned rail company in France
>part of a push to overhaul the French economy due to sluggish performance
>EU law says they need to open up the network to private operators, so it seems like Macron would likely separate the rail maintenance and construction into one company and operations of trains into another. Similar to in the UK, the Netherlands, etc.
>rail unions are now calling for a 36 day strike to try and stop it. They will be rolling strikes, with some days running fine and others with no service.
>reforms includes stripping new recruits of jobs-for-life and other benefits
>“The situation is alarming,” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said of the state of affairs at the SNCF group, where many of the 260,000 staff have jobs for life and the right to retire in their 50s, as much as a decade earlier than most.
>push to close more rural lines as well and cut service in some places


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Why are hydrogen powered cars so shit?
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Maritime General

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Perfidious Competition edition

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When will we get reliable transportation to Mars? Also rocket/space transportation thread in general.
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Fictional railraods

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Anyone have fictional railroads? Just wanted to know (here have a link to a site full of blank train templates trainiax.net)
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How do we improve the flow of traffic?
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Stations we wish we could take the train from

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Dearborn Station, Chicago, 1916.
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