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Do you think PanAm will ever return /n/?
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Ugly Trains

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Post some uggos, lads
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Convince me to / to not work on an American Class 1 railroad.

I just graduated college with a bachelor degree in urban planning. It is extremely hard to find a sustainable job in this field unless you have a masters which I don't want to pursue since I already have outrageous debt to pay off. After a few internships at private and governmental agencies in planning, I really don't think office work is for me... even if I did find a job in planning the average pay is 35k-45k in my region.

I started to look into careers on Class 1 railroads. Back in high school, a few of my friends graduated and immediately became brakemen, car repairmen, conductors, etc for Norfolk Southern, BNSF, Union Pacific, and others. The salaries they have range from $55k to $65k. I know of the time commitment i might have to sacrifice for a railroad job and it has barely any relationship to my degree. Is it a worthwhile investment to just drop my pursuits of becoming an urban planner at 40k and pursue a railroading career that might breach 60k?
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Catamarans for Cruising

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Currently cruising on a 2002 Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 but take possession of a Privilege Series 6 next fall - she is under construction right now.

I'll miss the Bahia, she has been a beast and is well fitted, but I am excited about the next chapter in my cruising life.

Anyone else a cruiser and if so, what are you on and where are you right now?
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Do you wear a helmet when you ride your bike /n/?
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Why didn't the car-scooter concept catch on?
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This jet airliner in this image from 1959 had a higher cruising speed than all similar sized aircraft in commercial service today. What happened?
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*blocks your camera*
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Bike computers

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Im ready to stop using my phone as gps. Looking into a bike computer.

Whats your best value bike computer with turn by turn directions? Anyone have the lezyne super gps?
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rate my mates bike.
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