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Keep seeing these tards. Not even old people anymore it's soon to be fat kids.

If you aren't old and can't bike up the hill you don't deserve to go down.
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/FGG/ - Fixed Gear General

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For all the fixie fags.

Post your sleds and ask questions or show off purchases.
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Bike Locks and Saftey

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Hi guys, what bike locks do you use, and how do you put them on? What is the best way to avoid getting my bikes stolen?

I've spent over $1000 for a bicycle, and now I'm thinking about security aspect of it, when i park the bike in front of a store etc.. when i do groceries or go to lunch.
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What's the most based gearing and why is it the Sturmey Archer 2speed kickshift with coaster brake?
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>be riding cramped ferry for 6 hours
>Little kid screams for 6 hours straight

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has anyone here done bike touring over 1,000 miles?

i plan on riding to 2 major cities about 800 miles of total riding

i plan on stealth camping with a lightweight tent

anyone have advice here about stealth camping?
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Diesel thread

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Post diesels
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Tacoma Modifications

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Hey, I'm new to modifying cars, and dont really want to pay an mechanic to put a PA system in my Taco.
Anyone know how to do it // can re direct me to a guide on how to?
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Experimental Aircraft Thread

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Look at this fucking thing. It's a Convair B-36 Peacemaker converted to an experiemental XB-36H "Convair Crusader". Note the radioactive symbol on the tail. The Crusader had a one megawatt air-cooled nuclear reactor on board. This was a part of the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion program, which aimed to create a nuclear-powered bomber in the late 1950s. While the plane had a nuclear reactor on board, the plane was never actually powered by it. The ANP project was cancelled in 1961.
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