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Saw these weights on a couple of the Railway post near my place, always wonder what they do they attach to a wire but i cant see what it leads too, Any Ideas?
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>Look he wears a helmet on a bicycle, what a loser!
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Continued from>>1428181

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #18 Starting with ARN
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/UPG/ - Urban Planning General

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"How do you revitalize small towns with an aging population and half dead historic center?" Edition
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Are Americans really dumb enough to fall for this garbage? Or do they just not know about high speed rail?
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Jockey wheel excessive wear

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Dear /n/,
I bought my first bike after selling my old one five years ago. I don't remember how things were before, but on this bike the chain gets all black with chunks of the jockey wheels in less than 10km.
What does thit mean and how can it be fixed?
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I'm not saying he was right about everything but he should be stickied. Like /g/ has the bird sex guy.

Why isn't there a sticky and why isn't it sheldon brown? The fact is this is now the bikes board. All other transportation exists to make cycling more fun and more convenient. It's time we faced the truth, /n/.
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Having a small mirror on the traffic side of your bike improves quality of life by 100%.
I can never go back.
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I don't know about you, but I think that Great Lakes freighters are pretty neat.
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/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany general - Deutschlandtakt-Edition

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Anything about public transport in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is fair game.
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