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Rural trams

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Post rural and small town trams, past and present.
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Why is air travel today slower than it was in the 1960s?
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The Architecture the Railways Built S2

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It's back boys! We had a great thread going while S1 aired, so let's continue the fun!

>The fuck is this?
Historian Tim Dunn goes to various railways and talks about the history of said railways, and their buildings/infrastructure.
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90s mtb - period incorrect memes

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post them and tell us why you like them.

>highly modifiable
>excellent fast handling geometry for commuting
>poorfag friendly + dont look like a steal me bike
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Defunct Airlines Thread - Gone but not forgotten #2

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Old thread >>1544476

This is Varig. It used to be Brazil's flagship and one of the better airlines worldwide.

I flew in this particular MD-11 on a domestic flight from GRU to NAT in 1999 I believe.
It had a special livery made for the 1998 FIFA world cup when it carried Brazil's national squad to France.

We ended up losing the final against France (3-0). Fat Ronaldo got sick (very controversial) and Zidane raped us.
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Cold weather general

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Is there any way to keep my toes from freezing off, preferably some kind of hack with stuff around the house? I’ve already duct taped around the toe box of my shoes which helped a little but they still get cold after about 20 minutes. Also, any other tips for riding in the cold are welcome here.
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Name one feature you hate about modern era of transport.

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Name one feature you hate about modern era of transport. Anything.

For me its the pink lights for interior.
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How bad stagecoaches/carriages actually are as a means of transport?
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Trash, all of it

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aesthetic airport terminal thread
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