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/mtg/ - Model Train General

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"Prehysteria! 2" Edition

I made this one prematurely since the old thread is virtually unclickable in the catalog.

Old thread: >>1039533
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*blocks your path*
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Do people just not know how to use a roundabout?
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Rock Island thread #2

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It's still going edition.

Old thread
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What would he say if he was reading /n/ right now?
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Thoughts on graffiti in transportation?
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new to this board, what do you guys think about buses

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new to this board, what do you guys think about buses.
is public transport good, or is private just better.

Please no bully as i am a good christian athlete
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>be edmonton
>picking name for light rail transit system

>name it the lrt

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Why are ships travelling in risky waters even built to let hijackers easy access onboard by providing LADDERS?

I had a rope ladder to my treehouse when I was five years older. I pulled it up when I didn't want anyone to enter. Five year old me was literally smarter than every naval engineer in the world.
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what's /n/'s opinion on fixies?
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