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Clutch. Help.

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I have a 1994 manual integra. My gears will not go into gear when the car is on. When the car is off, it'll go in perfectly fine. Just had the clutch master cylinder replaced cause it was leaking. The mechanic said the slave was fine. I have plenty of clutch pressure. When the engine is on, (clutch pedal all the way down) from neutral, if I push really hard into first, it'll push the car forward a bit. Mechanic said that I need a whole new clutch. Is he right?
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Amgen Tour of California Stages Announced

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Stage 1 Men's: Sacramento (Overall Men's Start)
Stage 2 Men's: Modesto to San Jose
Stage 3 Men's: Pismo Beach to Morro Bay
Stage 4 Men's: Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita
Stage 5 Men's: Ontario to Mt. Baldy
Stage 6 Men's: Big Bear Lake ITT
Stage 7 Men's: Mountain High to Pasadena

Stage 1 Women's: South Lake Tahoe (Overall Women's Start)
Stage 2 Women's: South Lake Tahoe
Stage 3 Women's: Elk Grove to Sacramento
Stage 4 Women's: Sacramento

This is the USA's largest cycling event. Will Peter Sagan continue to be the king of California?
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Where can I buy a VW Jetta MK1?

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I really want to find an already modified Jetta MK1 but I can't find anywhere on the internet?

Is the standard procedure to buy a run down Jetta then pimp it up yourself?

any advice is greatly appreciated
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Can anyone identify this Pinarello?

Dealer doesn't have much info, wondering if it's legit.
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Considering whether to buy a car or a house.

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>can live in it

>can live in it
>can travel with it
>no property tax

I'm leaning towards the car desu, are there any downsides I'm missing?
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Gender segregation in buses

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Guys of /n/
In my city the buses are gender segregated on the front due to "sexual" problems
What y'all think of this?
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I just need to get from Point A to Point B
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>Having issues with my new brakes I bought
>Bring my bike in to the local shop to get them fixed
>They call me after two days and tell me they can't fix it
>Pick up my bike
>Now at home rand emoving the brakes so I can return them
>Notice the bike shop swapped my BRAND NEW brake pads with some cheap piece of shit
>Call them asking them if I can pick up my original brake pads
>Guy on the phone "They weren't any good, I threw them out"
>Uhhh wut?
How shit are your local bike shops? Someone please tell me they are all bad. My head is about to explode.
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Battleship thread
Nelson class best