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compressed air has the same energy density as batteries

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al gore tesla dicksuckers btfo,_energy_density_and_efficiency

>Advanced fiber-reinforced bottles are comparable to the rechargeable lead-acid battery in terms of energy density.

funny how liberals will literally get behind whatever empowers communism the most.. ie conflict minerals too toxic to even recycle and draconian taxes against the gases we exhale
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So yesterday the GCN faggots published this video centered about the topic of rim brakes becoming "extinct" and how the "best" bike tech is now wider rims and wider wheels.

What do you guys think?

>falling for the latest marketing meme
>pushing for the obsolescence of perfectly fine working technology
>wishing for the increase of incompatible parts
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Sometimes I feel like Apple just wants my money

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The stronger your legs are the easier it is to get back up on the horse.
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minimum crew amounts

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prime example as to why we need at the very minimum two crew members on trains, unlike certain class 1 railroads in america *cough
cough up bnsf cough* are working to set. thoughts on single member crews?
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Dogs are transportation

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Good boy, its prety small, can be your 1st friend
and nobody will steal it unlike ur bike
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How do you feel about aluminum unibody trains?
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Let's lol at retarded aviation concepts
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/n/-related games

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How is this pocket city game? They claim it doesn't have microtransactions.
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>bus transfers
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