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I just bought the "Serfas Super Cruiser"" the worlds largest bicycle saddle available on the market.


It will arrive in 1 week. I plan to use it on my cruiser/roadster bike (upright position). I paid 90 dollars incl shipping to Europe.

Anyone else has experience with these super large saddles? I will review it on /n/ when I get it. People's experiences with it have been great as long as you use it on the appropiate bicycle.
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The more I look at this bike the more I fall in love with it. First I disliked it but its growing on me. Where can I buy one?
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/n/, how does this make you feel?
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Are trains fun to ride on for a comfy afternoon down the countryside? Or are they shitty and just a bus on rails? I live in Chicago so I could hop on any of the 15 Metra lines and go somewhere
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Slinky-based transportation

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What do you guys think about slinky-based transportation?
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ITT: (((merchant))) vessels

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Tell us about your flats, or lack thereof.

>how many
>which tires
>the culprit

Buy any cheap tires that were puncture resistant? Expensive ones that were shit? Let's hear it.
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