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Di2 ir fastar
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1x Road

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is 1x road the wave of teh futute?
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Whats the spookiest /n/ related thing which has happened to you?
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Someone teach me how to freight hop
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Are there any known late 19th-early/mid 20th Century intact examples of tramp steamers left in existence (not counting shipwrecks/abandoned ones)? Any still in revenue service? I imagine some obscure freighter line in a Third World shithole might still have one or two up and running on duct tape.
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What happened to American dominance in the transit sector?

>inb4 cars and suburbs
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Underground trolleys, /n/?
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Shuttle Wing area or maybe spaceplane general?

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Why does the space shuttle produce so little lift when it has more wing area than a 737?

>Empty weight: 151,205 lb
>MTOW:240,000 lb
>Wing area: 2690 ft2 (249.9 m2[15])

>Empty weight: 80,200–98,495 lb
>MTOW: 177,000–194,700 lb
>Wing area: 1,341.2 sq ft (124.60 m2)

Would it really have killed the shuttle designers to incorporate some kind of high lift system?

Also here is a free online MIT class about the space shuttle's design which features lectures by one of the lead designers:
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Which train is objectively the most beautiful?
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ITT: Best Locomotive/Rolling Stock paint schemes
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