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How do you guys dress for cycling?
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Is this the most CHAD airline of all time?

>everyone complains about it
>but still hypocritically purchase tickets because they are cheaper

>still makes mad profits
>biggest low cost airline in the world

>crew complain about it
>still want to work there because they pay well and offer good progression
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An Alaska Q400 has reportedly been stolen from Seatac airport. There are additional, sketchier reports that it may have been shot down and/or crashed, but no confirmation on that as of now.
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>planes are statistically safer for you than any other mode of transportation
>when there is software put in that literally crashes the plane and ignores any attempted override by pilots

I'd rather be in 30 consecutive car crashes than be in even one boeing.
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Are folding bikes a meme? I'm moving into a shitty downtown apartment with no on-site storage except for a small closet so I figured I'd buy a folding bike I could stow there and easily carry up the narrow staircase. My dad called me a fag for even suggesting it and said I should find an old steel frame 10 speed. What's the best solution for finding a decent commuter bike that won't fall apart instantly, and does such a thing exist on a budget?
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Car question anons. My GF bought a car and that car has Sat radio, but no “infotainment” system. So for her Birthday I wanna get her a new stereo with CarPlay and all that, but every one I look at when you look it says it doesn’t connect with the cars current sat radio. What does this mean? Does this mean if we swap out her radio will she no longer have sat radio?

Pic unrelated.
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Big Trouble in Little Derailleur

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Alright a/n/ons. I know you all aren't necessarily a "tech support" board but I would like a second opinion from strangers on the internet who like to talk about bicycles. Pic related is where my rear derailleur used to be attached to the bicycle frame. The piece still on the bike looks like it is foreign to the frame, but when I check out shimano derailleurs (which this one is), I can't find any that look like they would have this piece for connecting to the frame. Is my goose fucked, or can this be removed and replaced by another derailleur.
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Bus Stop Thread

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This thread is about bus stops. How nice is your local bus stop? Are there still awful stops in your system?

This bus stop courtesy of Canada.

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Why won't my bike shift up from 1 to 2? It shifts down fine.
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