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i Need some nightriding tools to help with visibility in the dark that are not boomer core like yellow vests and other shit
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/UPG/- Urban Planning General

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Apple announced this morning it will commit $2.5 Billion to solving the CA housing crisis. This follows billion-dollar commitments from Google and Facebook. Apple will contribute to "affordable housing funds" and allow some of its land for affordable housing.

What I'm not sure any of these companies understand is, it will require denser housing to solve the housing crisis.
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Post your favorite paint schemes
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Door to door rail service

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I hope you arm chair urban planners are taking notice. Behold the cities of the future.
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the hyperloop seems like a death trap compared to every other form of transportation
>oh, the vakuum tube has a defect, i guess you all just have to die
>the wagon is stuck, but there is no way to get into the tube to rescue the passengers, so they are stuck in a hermetically sealed tube miles from civilization
is there any wa to make this shit safe?
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/EUC/ general

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The board for electric unicycle discussion.

If you have never tried, you don't know how much fun you are missing.

>50kmph/31mph top speed
>110km/72mile range
>4 hour charge
>Pass cyclists in bike lanes
>Ride on sidewalks and no one knows how to tell you not to because they can't even name the device
>Weave through traffic in rush hour with ease
>Young people smile when they see you
>Old people hate you and are afraid of you
>Easy to bail from

Why hasn't /n/ started riding EUCs yet?

I almost don't even want to make this thread just to keep it a secret for that much longer
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Asiana Airlines sold

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Hyundai Development Company, a former affiliate of the Hyundai conglomerate, has purchased Asiana Airlines for $2.1B plus assumption of debt.

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Any of you dudes use these? The fixie kids with all the njs shit had them a few years back, I tried one now i use them on all my bikes
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>He rides a road bike frame made from metal
It's the 21st century, why aren't you riding carbon?

>it's expensive
you can get a giant tcr around 2k usd
>it's fragile
it won't break unless you get run over by a car
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