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The A320 is now the most sold airliner after it overtook the 737

/bg/ - buses general

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Post your buses, anon.
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I just want to see one of these things break 110mph again...
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new cockpit rate thread
post a picture of the cockpit for any aircraft you like (fixed wing, rotary, etc.) and rate from a scale of 1-10
(.5 ratings also accepted, example: 7.5)
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Transit for nocturnal people

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What's transit like in your area for nocturnal people? Where I live, it doesn't exist at all. Everything closes early, and day passes and round trip passes are only valid until midnight, rather than being valid 24 hours.
What're the best places to live in, if you're nocturnal?
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This wouldn't have happened to cars.

Steam Trains/Early diesel

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Hello all, id like to discuss trains, to see other peoples thoughts/photos of or about some cool trains
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Are there times when it's 'too soon' to put in bike lanes in a dense area?
Like what if you build bike lanes, but then your city gets a grant for light rail on that street? Do you just leave the protected bike lanes where they are?
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What is the best airline alliance?
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Nuclear trains

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Where are they?
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