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Has anyone here before experience ball pain while/post cycling and if so is there any way to prevent/reduce it?
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Fixing Amtrak

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You are given a letter saying you are the new head of Amtrak and are in charge of having to deal with all the issues the company faces, how would you go about fixing it anon?
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How to look cool in lycra?

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how can I wear lycra without looking like and absolute gay faggot?
show me what you wear to look more or less heterosexual.
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Rail Baltic project

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What does /n/ think about the fairly ambitious Rail Baltic project?

a track that will go through the three Baltic states, Poland and finally Germany
ca. 700km long, speeds up to 240 km/h

it's gonna cost 4.8 billion euros (EU-funded, of course) and be finished by 2022-2025
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What are some good chains to look for in order to lock up my medium budget bike?
I was thinking something about 11-13mm thick.

Already have a good padlock for it (PL 342), only need the chain.
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When will they start flying again? Or something similar?
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Jags ...

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Why is it they depreciate so quickly and by so much? I know I'm a bit biased, but it feels like a lot more than other cars that came out of similar prices. EG Mercedes seem to hold value pretty well compared to Jags.

I love my XJS but I can't help but remember that it's still a cheap classic even when it does feel like that.
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steel is real
80s bikes are best bikes
carbon is for freds
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I'm thinking about getting one of these ebikes as a commuter, i can get one for around 8k, I've been thinking this is more cost effective than a motorcycle after 2 years, factoring fuel, maintenance, registration, insurance. Thoughts?
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