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what is the future of air travel going to look like?
Why do we still ride in designs which are essentially 70 years old?
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Do you guys cycle alot?
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Why are cyclists so inconsiderate of the environment?
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Greatest pilot ever seen

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Why can't you be more like this guy? He really seems to know what he's doing. It would be a crying shame if he didn't have a flying job after all this, don't you think?
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You have to choose between owning solely a motorcycle or a bicycle for the rest of your life. You can't have one with the other. You can select any type of motorcycle/bicycle.

Which do you chose?
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What's your favorite railroad and why?
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Shimano Deore M6100. Way better than the SRAM alternatives?
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>You're in the club and this guy comes up to you, destroys your soft perineal tissues and drains your wallet.
How do you respond anons?

Welcome to "Contact Points General", where we discuss bike components that contact your body to a bicycle, as well as gloves, shoes, shorts, and other clothing that engages you to your machine.

ITT: we ask questions and discuss parts, including cockpit components, pedals, saddles and so forth and their ergonomics, fitting, comfort, and performance. Bike fitting discussions also welcome.
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>why yes i do have a front basket and panniers
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/90s/MBT Is that a girls bike? edition

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>ctrl f 90s
>Zero results

Post your 90s MTBs and talk about your plans for them. Post a picture from a ride while you're at it.
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