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Stupid injuries

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Anyone else ever accidentally stuck their finger into a spinning brake rotor while reaching for a tool?

I'm now much more careful when truing wheels...
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Why Aren't You Making Money Working On A Bike ???

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Season is here and asking /n/ why there aren't any posts about Pedicabbing and making money delivering cargo and packages on a Work Bike

Post pics of favorite rides in this class....Main Street Classics, Boardwalks, Coasters, Pedillacs, Cycles Maximus, Max Pro, Pedal Power Work Bikes, and Trailers from PedalTek, AZ Crew....or any other Work Bike

(Please no Front Loaders if you can help it)
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/acg/ - Army Crawl General

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This thread is for the discussion of the best method of both local and intercity transportation: army crawling.
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is there any real scientific evidence, that helmets are useful?
most studies i've read were conflicted on that matter
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>motorized transport of any kind
>anything with wheels
All these things are destroying the Earth, wrecking the environment, and killing our entire species.

Pic related is all you need for """transportation""".
If you're not walking everywhere, then you're a Bad Person and are contributing to our destruction.

>Destroy all these machines
>Tear up all roads and let the Earth heal itself
>Go back to an agrarian, subsistence civilization
>Simplify everything
>Over time reduce the human population by 90%
That's what will save the Earth and our species.
You cannot refute this, you can only be in denial about it.
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>I ignore every sign and signal I come across while expected to be treated like a motorist or a pedestrian depending on what mood I'm in
>Go home and cry about "cagers" on the Internet
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So is it finally over for CA-HSR?
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> walking around town
> see cager stopped in the middle of the intersection by pedestrian taking the crosswalk
> conspicuously take a photo of him fuming in his car
> he drives off, flooring it in a 25mph suburb
why does this enrage the cager?
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Should I participate in the act of bikejoring?
I'm thinking about it but dunno if my dog's up to it
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