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How does /n/ feel about this movie?
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>not cycling in an /n/ jersey
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Looks like Chris Froome just got caged on
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>b-but my arm was extended, that means you don't exist!

This is what cyclists seriously believe.
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I used to take my dog running alongside my bike, it was pretty nice. It was just a cheap bike I got at walmart though and the handlebars weren't that stable.

I'd like to get another bike but I have two issues:
1. I am not certain how much money I should drop on a bike that I won't use all that much--just for short rides for enjoyment/exercise, not transportation anywhere.

2. I need to take two dogs with me now. Previously I only took one dog and just held her leash in my hand. I was curious about if anyone bikes with two and if it is worth trying one of those "springer" contraptions on both sides of the bike.
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Bike paths

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What's your opinion on them? Do they actually encourage cycling? Which city has the best/worst?

Its my opinion that the money spent on bike paths would be better spent on widening roads and adding shoulders. for one bike paths always seem to not go anywhere useful. Second its safer for both bikes and cars to widen the roads because it make drivers more aware of cyclists and gives them room to pass. Third its always a good thing for any city to have the option of widening roads in the future and with a 3 ft easement on either side without shoulders it is only possible to expand roads 1 lane at a time.

Our local transportation department has quarterly meetings for people to suggests changes and these meeting are dominated by Fred's and cycling clubs. I think I'm going to attend the next one.

I think another issue that is proliferation the over use of cycle paths in my area is an ordinance that says new structures can choose to add a cycling path instead of a sidwalk, and cycling paths are much cheap and not really required to be maintained.
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What do you /n/iggers think of brightline
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PTC and railroad automation

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How long until PTC is fully implemented and railroad crews become cucked out of their jobs by automation?
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels?
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Paint OP's Plen

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So I spent about 2 hours doodling this 2 seat light sport airplane in mspaint and thought you sickos could give it a decent paint scheme.

Standard and floatplane templates included, pick whichever one you prefer.
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