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All Board The Blimp!

The biggest public transportation system

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I recently learned that school buses have to stop at railroads for the entire nations (US). I thought it was just my liberal state. Are school buses even efficient? I feel like every time I see them they are empty. Which makes me more upset when they stop me in the middle of my commute for a every single fucking train track in its path. Why am I even paying for these things with my taxes?
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/n/ meets /k/

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Is the added weight of a Raketenrohrträger worth it? Are there more convenient ways to strap a bit of anti tank capability on your bicycle in 2019?

Also, militant bicycle general I guess, do not post here unless your bike has a t least inbuilt select fire.
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My friend said suspension is for wimps, and that most mountain bikers have zero rider skill. Is going rigid really the way to go?
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British Train Thread Pt2

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This time I don't care what you post, absolutely anything from GWR steam to Royal Mail underground trains, diesel and electric as the norm would still be appreciated, though.
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Can you poorfags of /n/ possibly seethe any harder?
Face it: Cars are KING. They have been for a long time now and always will be. The more you seethe on /n/ about that the more obvious it is you cry yourselves to sleep every night because you're destitute and can't afford nice things. Then you post on /n/ trying to make yourselves feel relevant when you're clearly not.
PRO-TIP: Shitting on people who have some money and some nice things isn't going to make you relevant and it's not going to endear you to the rest of the world, it just annoys people and makes them want you to go away. You just look more pathetic. Give up and accept reality.

ITT: /n/ porn

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Come on you fags, at least some of you neurotic fucks must be into this kind of shit.
Just wish it was less footfaggotry though.

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who here /duskride/
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This is Henry Ford, the man most directly responsible for the dominance that cars have in our daily lives today and its side effects such as traffic jams and sprawling parking lots. Say something nice about him.
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Is 9/11 /n/?
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