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help me a/n/ons , I'm 27(M) and I have a crippling fear of the road and all and any travel

I'm not afraid of going outside but I am afraid of the road and nothing can overcome it.

I will not
>cross streets
>ride bikes or anything with less than 4 wheels
>go for walks/runs even though I am somewhat obese and need exercise (pedestrians die too)
>go on a plane (could crash or be shot down)
>go on a boat, ever (I semi-drowned in a swimming pool once and it didn't feel good)
>go on any kind of aviation

Will i be a cuck for life or how do i overcome my past accident traumas and muster up enough courage to travel like a normal person again?

The recent Iran incident didn't help in the slightest.
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>How about another takeoff, con-trol?
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When the world will discover the velomobile,

and realize its possibilies for revolutionizing personal transport,

and just how amazing it is,

they will be shocked.
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Uni transportation help

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Cheapest way to get around campus with some agency? I have a bike but my campus is extremely hilly so its not that much faster than walking, especially being as crowded as the campus is. Theres a bus thats unreliable but free so i take that occassionally. Would it be worth it to get a moped or motorcycle? Are there cheaper ways to do it (ie buy a kit version and assemble) or is it not worth it? Trying to keep things not much higher than 100 bc im quite broke
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/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany general - shiny edition

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Old one reached bump limit.

Anything about public or alternative transport in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is fair game.
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In my neighborhood there's a two lane highway, construction went on for nearly two years making roads narrow (to create wide bike lanes with protected islands) plenty of apartment complexes are being built all over and it pisses me off that nobody will use those bike lanes,milions of dollars wasted, and a whole bunch more traffic. I did some research and it seems they hired some Europeans to design the roads. Why the actual fuck do they want to convert us to thin eurocuck roads? Shitty pic but just example of the massive increase in traffic I'm seething so hard. Am I in wrong for being angry about this?
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Well /n/, will it take off?
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Dropper vs carbon seatpost, just broked my dropper, any advice?
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I might be a Fred

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Guys, I think I might be a Fred.

>rides heavy steel "gravel" bike
>with 650b x 47 tires
>70% pavement, 30% gravel
>wears a helmet, with a visor, with a mirror zip-tied to the visor
>only cycling clothing I believe in is SPD shoes and chamois shorts. Wear normal workout t-shirts.
>has two racks on bike
>rando bag on front rack 99% of time, with tools, lock, and space for groceries
>throws on rear panniers when need more room for groceries
>has full fenders, rides in any weather
>sometimes gets chainring grease on leg
>rides this bike everywhere, whether out to run an errand or for a full day of riding pleasure.
>loves riding for the sake of riding, doesn't matter if it's five miles or 50.
>not competitive at all, just having fun.

Am I a Fred? Is this a bad thing?
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Continued from>>1316880

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #17 Starting with AMS
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