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Why is Australia's public transport and railway network so shit and un-kino?

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Considering we're mostly the products of English convicts/settlers and Europeans, you'd think we'd have a comfy af public transport system, yet it's terrible.

In my city of Adelaide, we have like six train lines (and one of those, the Tonsley line, doesn't even count cos it goes along the Seaford line before splitting away for like three stops before terminating), only one of them is electrified (the others are diesel powered) and the train cars look like they're straight out of the Soviet Union). Unlike in England where I could take a comfy train from London to York or some shit and see all sorts of countryside or whatever, in Adelaide it's nothing but concrete jungle and derroland (unless you're on the Belair line, but no one cares about that line). Honestly wanna live in England for a year or two, all I'd do is take kino as fuck trains everywhere and go all over the country.

On top of that, the stations are all run down and disgusting. The pic is of the station I'm going from or to regularly. There's derros everywhere, the lift is broken and smells like piss and shit and it's fucking disgusting. Why can't us Aussies have a kino train experience?

Also Australian transport thread. Talk about Aussie trains, trams, buses and other things about public transport in Straya.
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all weve got to do is dxm adderall camels newports... cia ots1 opium tobacco speed wine... and you can walk overyourself in mid air inside the mirror, fbi sonic labs come out of the ground

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I'm trying to do weight and balance for my pre-solo exam but fuck me it's pissing me off
Can anyone here help with how to calculate moment and arm? It's for a C172s btw

a/n/ime thread

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Discussion thread for /n/ related anime. Yowamushi is still airing.
Last thread >>1145489
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ITT: Post classic plane interiors. Pic related.
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Does anyone actually use these rental scooters?
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hey /n/, i recently found this fuji mtb frame in a free pile. It seems to be in good condition except for the seatpost, which some fuckwit jammed into the frame with a shim. Its bent the seatpost clamp out and is stuck on there pretty good. What do you think?
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Taiwan Train Accident Kills at Least 22 and Injures About 170 Others

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Boycott Boeing

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Who else here /Noeing/ (Refusing to fly Boeing)?

I was always suspicous of Boeing trash and the latest 737MAX crash of a brand new aircraft has confirmed all my suspicions.

I will literally go out of my way to buy a flight that is on an Airbus even if it means paying more. With the added bonus of Airbuses generally having wider cabins and the knowledge that the pilots are nice and comfy with their legroom and eating tables unlike Boeing pilots who are cramped around some WW2 style yoke.
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