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helmet id

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just getting into riding
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USATC S100 thread?

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Since they were military locomotives do they have a spot here or do they belong on /k/?
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Biking across Europe

Is this viable y/n?
What country should I start in?
What country should I go through?
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>Develop a new train
>Improve the soundproofing to reduce noise

Who else thinks that's a downgrade? I just want to hear the motor, dammit. Fucking normies ruin everything.
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this is why people hate cyclist
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Service between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach starts in July.
Miami portion opens up late August/early September.
Phase II aka the Orlando Leg was set for earlier 2018 but is up in thin air now thanks to some of the counties along the route.
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>Me taking public transportation
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>not cycling in an /n/ jersey
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Who here lifts alongside cycling?
What does your routine/schedule look like?
How does it affect your recovery?

Was thinking of getting into cycling cause it seems fun, but I'm afraid it might cause me to stall or not progress as fast when it comes to my lifting shit.
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How to look cool in lycra?

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how can I wear lycra without looking like and absolute gay faggot?
show me what you wear to look more or less heterosexual.
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