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Looking for a new racy commuter

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I come from a long time disk hybrid bike and I am completely lost regarding road bikes. I also live in Quebec which means roads are not smooth as in California.This is what I am looking for:

90% road 10% dirt, able to handle all kinds of conditions from wet to snowy

Must have aluminum or steel frame

Must be racy enough because I mught join a club

Can do long distances but not touring-like

Bulletproof reliability

Shimano 105

Also looking for a solid trainer that I can use with the bike in order to keep myself in shape during winter

Till now my choice is for either a Cannondale Topstone, CAADX or CAAD12. I can't make up my mind what differentiates them and what would be the best kind of brake set (hydro disk vs mechanical disk vs Y brakes)
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/n/ 2019 Winter Cup Poll

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4chan's 2019 edition of the Winter Cup starts one month from today and we're surveying /n/ on how best to represent the board for the next season. We're polling on what players you want to represent /n/, and what music, logos and custom 3d models you want to see showcasing /n/. The tournament itself starts on February 15th with /n/ seeded in Pot 2, where our tiny board could face opponents like /pol/, /sp/ and /vg/ and pull off some big upsets.

You can vote here and have your say on how our board should be represented:
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/ourguys/ of /n/

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>ralph nader
>he named the (((cage)))
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What's it called?

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Train hate thread

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post em
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/int/ - interurban general

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Talk about past and present interurbans.

Suggest what interurbans you'd create or re-create.

We talk about why the interurban is the greatest transit concept ever.
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what do you actually think of this thing?

Filthy Transportation

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Post the dirtiest, grittiest, nastiest transportation-related shit you can find. Bonus points if still operational and operating.

Pic related.
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hey fellas i have a schwin ascension 29 and i have to replace the inner tubes
problem is when i buy 29" inner tubes as reccomended they're too "long" and their diameter too large
what do

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You scud running at 500 and this dude slaps you girlfriends stabilator. What do?
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