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Alright /n/ I got this bike gifted to my by a friend of my mums I only had to pay £40 to fix a problem with the gears but thats about it, anything I need to know about maintaining it and making sure I dont fuck it up, I know disc brakes can be tricky if you dont know much about them so as much help as you can would be great
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>take the chain off my bike for the first time
>first spray it with degreaser then give it a real good wash in the sink
>i can actually see the metal now, cool
>go to add some chain oil
>halfway through i run out of oil
>figure that it'll just spread around, no worries
>a week of snow and rain later i take a look at my chain
>it's rusted
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masculinity in cycling

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how do we make cycling more masculine/right wing conservative friendly?

Ive been cycling for some 7 years (both road and mtb) and I couldnt help but noticed how hippie infected some parts of cycling culture are (I dont mind the good parts like buying steel insted of some yuppie GarbonTM and being your own mechanic, but the whole antifa spiel). While mtbers are more of a dudebro type, they are into shitty redbull culture and consumeristic faggots on par with CEO road cyclists.

Im not sure how it related to current state of road racing, but talking to older generation, they told me how cool road bikes were in the 70s, it was also a macho thing, but me being a kid growing up in the 90s, cycling looked to me as a numale/femboy sport.

also, look how much more swole 70s racers looked compared to Wiggins or Froome.

what happened? how to bring T back into cycling?
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You mad, coasties?
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Memorable Railway Stations #2

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Old thread (>>1104398) reached image limit
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How did we go from this...
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SE Bikes!

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Any opinions on this bike? To me it's practically perfect apart from the skin wall tires, and the padding. http://www.sebikes.com/bikes/cat/retro-series/om-duro-275
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Amazing Tech Thread

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Post amazing technological feats and gimmicks related to transportation, that left an impression on you.

This locomotive doesn't only accelerate fast, it also plays music: https://youtu.be/aRf30pVGMp4

Just learned about this and it blows my mind.
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>He thinks this is a worn casette
Lmao why are lbs such crooks.
As long as a casette has teeth, it is not worn.
Do not let them tell you otherwise, you are being scammed.

It's the same type of trick they motorcycle companies use who say to ''replace your gear'' every few years and that helmets have an "2-5 year experiation date" (fucking kek)

They are using peoples ignorance to make them believe things by sounding professional to shaggle more money off of them, they're literally goblins.
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Just admit it you ride a bicycle because it's similar to a horse.
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