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Why don’t more stadiums have parking decks? Seems shitty to use up all that space for parking when it only gets used on game day.
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does anyone else notice that cagers become way more aggressive towards cyclists in the winter? I never have a problem in the summer but some wigger in a honda accord just tried to start a fight with me saying that I need to bike on the sidewalk. this shit NEVER happens to me in the summer
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Oh no!

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The Koch brothers got him too.
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If I was a billionaire and I wanted to buy a super-sonic jet, just for fun, what should I buy?
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How do you urbanise the terraced rice fields of luzon
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Oskosh b'gosh, a new mail truck.

Pour one out for right hand drive sliding door Willys the GOAT mail truck
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Unracer thread

why won't grant tell me how much the steel vs aluminium Bosco bars weigh???
he just says:
>Get the aluminum if you are tempted to ask the weight difference
no FUCK YOU Grant, tell me the weight difference
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Solid 6 with a Good Set of Tools Edition.

Replaces old thread
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When will this meme die?
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