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What is the appropriate response to cager rage? Is it to take the license plate number and report it to the police after slowing down to a 10mph stroll while taking the entire lane?
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>be a biking enthusiast
>live in america
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Cheap fixie + trainer for exercise?

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Alright so work is picking up, I might be looking at 45 upwards of 60 hour work weeks, and thinking about getting a cheapo fix/ single speed + trainer for the garage. I only ride MTB so getting a nice Road bike isn't a option

Problem is I'm 6'2" and it's hard finding right size frames
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Why does Germany have so many huge rail yards and why aren't they being maintained?

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Why does every minor railway station in Germany have a huge ass empty rail yard next to it? Seriously the average German village seems to have more tracks than inhabitants, what's the point? Why are they there? And don't give me the "we use them to store trains at night" meme answer again because we all know those yards are abandoned. There's years old trees growing in the tracks everyone who traveled through Germany has seen it. They're not "abstellgleise" you guys ain't stelling no trains ab it's bullshit you're not fooling anybody. So be honest for once and explain why those premium locations right in the city centers need to be occupied with 25 weed covered tracks. Did you have that many trains in the past? Do you have some kind of law that states every passenger stop needs to facillitate splitting and combining 10 freight trains at the same time just in case? If you can give me some kind of reasonable explanation for ever needing that many tracks I'd love to hear it because where I live we've never had anything close to this madness.
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Anybody else use a bugout bottle instead of a saddle bag to transport tubes, tools, patches, and wallets?

>you can put it on any bike
>take it with you, put your lights and computer in it when you take it.
>keeps water in, so it can keep it out.
>carry allen keys or axel keys
>bike looks clean

>cut water supply in half.

I do this for my 26 mile round-trip commutes. Also keep a thing of sunscreen in it.
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/tram/ - Tramway general

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Under construction edition.

The old thread went to page 11 when no one was watching. Too bad, let's start a new one with an outlook on future!

With France in the lead, the 90s and the 00s were the decades of the modern LRT, but new systems still keep popping up and the existing ones, both 1st and 2nd generation, expand. Except the ones that don't, of which we REEEE about.
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels?
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Dockless bike rentals?

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Has anyone tried this?
I am in Denver for on business trips on and off all summer. Would love to do some biking around without having to buy one here.
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Ok so I've never seen this type of bike rack before, how the fuck is it supposed to work??
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