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Why won't my bike shift up from 1 to 2? It shifts down fine.
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should i buy a penny longboard (36") or nickel (27") for getting around college campus? i want something small & convenient but i also want the most comfortable ride/most forgiving to beginners.

i dislike sk8r culture and dont want to become one of them, im just looking for transportation
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Transit System Comebacks

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Post examples of transit systems that managed to come back from the brink and thrive.

>Pictured: The Auckland Rail system, which went from 1M trips/yr in the 1980s to 20M trips/yr in 2017. The system was saved due to a well-timed transition to DMUs in the 90s leading to enhanced ridership, the construction of a downtown station, an electrification that took place in the 2010s, and the currently under-construction City Rail Link which will finish the transition of the rail system into an S-BAHN like regional rail system.
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Just post pics of train and stuff
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>Oh man I can't wait to dress up like a literal ass-pounding BDSM queer and go make a shitload of annoying noise around town all weekend haha oh man everybody is going to think I'm so totally tough and cool when they see me hanging out with my fat hairy guy friends lol who knows maybe I'll even pick up a 1/10 disgusting female to prove how not gay all of this is even though it seems on the surface like it's the gayest thing ever and even more gay than that when you really think about it

God why the fuck are bikers such colossal attention-seeking faggots?

Like what kind of total fucking homosexual would you even have to be to pick this up as a hobby rather than literally anything else?
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Anyone know where to buy decent minivelo frames? Also, has anyone here ever laced up a wheel for mini velo? how was it?

611 is going to Strasburg

No.1298540 ViewReplyOriginalReport So recently the VMT and Strasburg Railroad have agreed to run 611 on their rails this fall... care to have any opinions /n/?
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Buy this plane
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Peak of railway aesthetics

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For me, it's the post 1900, pre-electrification Swiss railways. It's the perfect blend of utility and elegance with so many subtle touches. Britain in the steam era was great too, but the Swiss just added that extra mechanical touch, and were built to higher performance standards.
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Airbus vs Boeing

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I'm getting into planes and naturally I want to know which one them is better? Personally I prefer Airbus because hate America.
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