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I am at the elevator museume.
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*is the worst kind of bicycle*

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Does anyone else have an inordinate hatred for cruisers? Outside of pictures on the internet, I've never seen someone look happy or comfortable on one. In my city, the college hoes with cruisers are always wobbling around on the sidewalk going less than 1 MPH, the seat/leg positioning never looks comfortable, the handlebars are so retarded-looking and I can only assume from everyone's wobbling that they feel like shit. Why are they still in production? Do they stay afloat purely on selling the meme of """comfort""" to women? I know they make male variants too but I haven't seen them in nearly as large numbers, most guys seem to have hybrids/MTBs/road bikes around here.
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Why don't pedal assist bicycles have variable speed motors that apply more force through the weaker degrees of the pedal stroke and nominal force through the concentric phase?

The idea is for the system to work harder when you can't and less hard when you can but I still don't know if that's counter-intuitive
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I want to know more about the Cessna 172, namely it's mechanical it's electrical systems. This is because I'm going to be working on them soon and want a reference besides the shop manual. Any good books/non-OEM about them?

For context, many cars have aftermarket parts books, aftermarket electrical wiring diagrams (with diagnostic guides) and aftermarket engine specs that explain which parts are compatible across which models. I'm looking for this but for a Cessna.
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>you will never be a train conductor

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Why live?
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Why Not?

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This is 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. Look at the board. Eight trains per hour. Way isn't this the standard in all American cities?
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*blocks your path*
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Why are German commuters pussies against train vandals in plain sight? They are the ones paying to clean this up.
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