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Fred chaindrop edition

old thread, deader than disco
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when did you come to the realization that cars and automobile focused infrastructure is a scourge to human society, /n/?

the world will literally be better if we focused on public transport.
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Doe gender segregation really works? Is it an affront to human rights?
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/n/ red pill thread
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>bought a roadbike
>today I did a 50 mile ride
>use the usual attire with padded pants etc
>after 10 miles my ass was fucking bleeding, my wrists shocking, my sitting bones sandpapered, my neck hernia'd, my ears def
>after 20 miles lose balance when coming to a halt on the clipped in side and fall on the street, hurt my shoulder really bad
>after 30 miles get passed by a 50 large motorcycle group, cough my lungs out and get stomach cancer from all the fumes
>40 miles in, start pissing blood, throw up on the side of the road. Officially lost at this point. Dick goes numb
>50 miles in, found my way back home, go into garage, lose balance forget to clip out, bash my head on the steel beam,
3 hours later, wake up in a hospital with skull fracture

fuck /n/ why did I ever start to cycle because of you
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wtf car

No.1111330 ViewReplyOriginalReportDownload thread what the fuck car is this??? some gross chinese front wheel drive compact with tiny rear wheels? or is it just my imagination?
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Microcars, people movers etc.

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Are they (or can be) a viable form of transportation, missing link between full- sized cars and public transport?
Let's discuss. Discuss about 1- or 2-people capable vehicles with roofs and engines.
Both modern and historic.
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All aboard the Cirnobus, the #1 bus in all of Gensokyo!
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Have you ever vomited as a direct result of cycling too hard?
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