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Toronto bicycle cops

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Toronto is at the peak of cycling safety. Toronto has a police officer positioned to have cyclists dismount for a 60 metre crossing to protect the lives of pedestrians. Such a great use of resources. You just know you can't trust a cyclist to follow a posted sign.
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Are trains fun to ride on for a comfy afternoon down the countryside? Or are they shitty and just a bus on rails? I live in Chicago so I could hop on any of the 15 Metra lines and go somewhere
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Just wanted to let you guys know, I found great jeans for cycling. Literally life changing, usually I'd default to shorts but I came across a pair of Lee's extreme motion jeans and they are fantastic, they're stretchy all around so you get complete range of motion when cycling and you don't sweat in them bad.
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Magical Rail Chan Desu Kun 2.0

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It seems to be time for a new thread.

For those of you who missed the first exciting instalment, I'm using OpenTTD to build a complete working virtual model of the entire British railway network. Ask me anything.
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I just did a 70 km biycle ride on a omafiets from my place to the Dutch dikes at the north sea

I am fucking dead
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>Walk to the store
>See this locked to a pole
How do you react?
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How can I intimidate helmets that ride in the middle of the road to get to the side so I can pass their slow ass? What's some sort of visual repellent? Do I need to carry a big baseball bat on my hood?
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>hi, Jason schappert here of, and today I'm going to do whatever the first person to roll trips says
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Post a e s t h e t i c bikes

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Any style, yours or not. Also, how do you make a bike stand on its own? I was thinking they have got to use fishing string to hold it or something...
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