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+7 mile long boat

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Theoretically if you made a boat that was 7 miles (earth's curvature) or more long, would it have to be curved?
>pic unrelated
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels? Part 2

Old thread here (not yet 404'd at the time of this threads creation!): >>848145
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Bicycle thread?
Bicycle thread!!!
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/mtg/ - Model Train General

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Slot Cars Edition
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hahaha tall bote
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I like the touring bicycle aesthetics, but I probably will only use my bike to ride around the neighborhood and haul grocery from the store every few days. What kind of a bike should I get?

p.s. drop bars look cool, but my body doesn't agree with them.
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I found the prostate saddle

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I found it. It's not the ISM or noseless shit, it is this thing.
The white part is firm, nothing like the mushy Spongywonder or Spiderflex noseless saddles. The blue part is rock hard and you do not touch it at all except with your thighs when leaning for a turn
It is a road saddle, not for upright riding, but it's okay if your bars are level with saddle height.
It is essentially a noseless saddle with a nose. You sit on the perch, which is 100x more comfortable than all other noseless options, then you have the nose which is dropped about 2cm lower than the white area
ISM seems to be okay vs nosed but you are still putting weight on your nerves, though not your actual sex organs, it is another option to consider but not what I was looking for.
Anyways, this is it. There will be no more discussion of prostate health allowed. All recumbent bicycles are cancelled. Crank forward as well. There answer is the Rido R2.

Here's a guy reviewing it
It is also cheap as fuck at $50 and comes in black
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Got new carbon handlebars. Noticed this ripple, should I be worried? Also I think the shop mounted the hoods too low.
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>be me 262

New York City

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I’m amazed that
1. So much of New York is pretty low-density. Outside of Manhattan it’s rowhouses and wide roads, generally. I thought there’d be more midrise.
2. NYC does not have light rail. Yeah you have the G train and don’t need a Brooklyn-Queens connector but damn, I thought NYC would have this first-rate awesome transit system.
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