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/bbg/ bike bying general

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old thread at bump limit >>1188086

Post your local craigslist, height, and what type of riding you're planning on doing.
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do you have balls on your bike?
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China Railway Thread

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Let's talk about Chinese Railway development in this thread.
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Looking for tires

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I just got some wheels for my road bike but they take tubular tires. Any recommendations for tubular tires that work well on the road?
I have no brand loyalty, just want something good.
>inb4 hurr get clincher rims. Im not gonna go into why I got tubular rims but i need suggestions and changing wheels isn't an option.
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why don't we have fully automated trains yet?
we have the technology, metro systems have been automated successfully since the 80s
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Boring Company

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Has won bid to build high speed rail to O'Hare airport.
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Is the Netherlands the bikefag version of heaven?
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Troll bike thread
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Are there any known late 19th-early/mid 20th Century intact examples of tramp steamers left in existence (not counting shipwrecks/abandoned ones)? Any still in revenue service? I imagine some obscure freighter line in a Third World shithole might still have one or two up and running on duct tape.
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