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Stopping at Stop Signs

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Good idea or bad idea? Anyone else here like to run over cyclists who don't stop at stop signs? Then blame them when the police get there? Then have them pay for the damage to your car? Feels good.
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I like trains.
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2WD bicycles - gimmick or the future of cycling?
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Caltrain Electrification Back on Track

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what major US city has the worst public transit. So far my vote is on LA, but I haven't been to the southwest or most of the south.
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Bus routes

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Hello /n/ewbie here

Does anyone know of any reasonably priced round trips from the Central Ohio region to Erlanger KY?

Pic unrelate
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when will these fucking airless tires become a fucking reality
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Help me out /n/iggers
Also fuck him if I'm using the internet
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Folding bikes

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My generic $150 Amazon folding bike. The gear ratio seems too low for road use. Even in 6th gear I spin like nuts on the flats and don't seem to go fast enough. They probably put normal size gears on a 20 incher. Oh well. Should I rebuild it with BMX wheels/hubs as a SS freewheel or coaster brake bike? Does anyone enjoy their folding bikes? It's not too bad for commuting or basic off-roading though. I might put some Kenda Kwest or other colored BMX tires on it to make a more fun looking bike. The low gear ratio really bugs me though, which is why I don't ride it that much.
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Old motorbikes that are perfect thread. Pic related, just got it working and registered, was in my family for 20 years, laying in the garage for the last 10
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