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Apple announced this morning it will commit $2.5 Billion to solving the CA housing crisis. This follows billion-dollar commitments from Google and Facebook. Apple will contribute to "affordable housing funds" and allow some of its land for affordable housing.

What I'm not sure any of these companies understand is, it will require denser housing to solve the housing crisis.
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Can we just get a bridge thread going


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The Interstate System is amazing, you can't change my mind.
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Post dank bridges with rail.
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E-bikes are un-American

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Post some of that DIY dumpster gold

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You're racing along like a sausage in a diaper and this guy coasts up and slaps your bike's ass. What do you do?
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Automated People Movers

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What are /n/'s thoughts on Automated People Movers as a transit system. Could they be more efficient than and replace traditional metro systems if they ran underground? If they are used so much in airports why aren't they used more in other applications?
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can't wait for this lil nigga - the Holstenbrücke in Kiel, Germany - to be open again; car free and cutting like 5 minutes on the way from the university to central station compared to the reroute now

Several sources suggest it to be done by the end of the year, really can't wait.

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Press F to pay respect.
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Cute planes thread

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