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/tpt/ Train Photography Thread

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Train Photography Thread: Volume I

Share your photos of interesting trains or just good looking photos of trains and locomotives in general. Don't even bother if you only have blurry, dark, or just rly shitty looking pics taken with a mobile phone and such. Let's keep it good looking in here. And take a dump on bikefags while were at it.

Let me begin: In this photo you can see two ČD Class 754 locomotives, specifically 754.061 in the front and 754.059 behind, on the R 926 train from Trutnov to Praha hl. n. Taken inbetween Velké Svatoňovice and Malé Svatoňovice on the 25th of April 2020.
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ITT: we post bike we're too poor atm to buy, different peoples have different pockets so it's not a "post the more expensive bike" so ill start mine is a Cinelli Vigorelli Road 2020 it's a road bike based on the vigorelli criterium fixed gear frame with a road fork and a fork handlebar to avoid overlap is a 1x11 with a 42t crank and it weighs around 2kg(4.4lbs).
I own a 2x bike but i rarely use the small gear so it wont be a problem plus not having to deal with the front deraileur and cable give a more clean look to the ride and weight just a little bit less.
That purple is just gorgeous so ill keep it like that.
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I've been considering moving somewhere on the coast of Lake Michigan, and recently I've fallen in love with the idea of going on a long sailing voyage from Lake Michigan to the Bay of Fundy, or possibly beyond if I become experienced enough at sailing that I could pull it off.

I'm wondering if anyone around here is at all familiar with sailing, or if I should maybe ask on /trv/ instead of something, but I want to know if this is really a realistic goal to have, I'm from a landlocked state (Missouri) and while we have the Mississippi and a few man-made lakes, sailing isn't the biggest hobby around these parts.

One of the main things I'm having trouble with finding is recommendations for the kinds of boats that would be appropriate for such a journey, how big of a boat would be too big, how big of a boat would be too small? Could a vessel suitable for the Lakes and the St Lawrence also be suitable for the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico?
While my goal is making it to the Bay of Fundy, could going to the Caribbean or even docking in Europe in the same vessel be a realistic endeavor to pursue, or should I not set myself up for the disappointment of discovering such a journey to be unfeasible?

Please pardon my ignorance on this subject, but you have to start somewhere, right?
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trains are a 19th century technology that doesnt make sense for moving people anymore.

Self driving cars, Bus Rapid Transit, ride sharing, and super sonic air travel are the future. Not a 19th century technology that cant change its route to adapt to changes in where people want to go. Driverless cars and buses go where people go and can accommodate to changes in that. Trains are stuck going the same routes that in the future may not be as important. Trains are the biggest meme out there. They are outdated and are ready to be fully replaced
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/trolley/ - Trolleybus general

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>Appreciate trolleybus threads

>Read trolleybus threads

>Post in trolleybus threads
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Docklands Light Railway (DLR) - based? Or gay?
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Why trolleybuses and electric buses are better than trams

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Trackless trolleys cost less to install than tramways, are very quiet, and can accelerate very rapidly & smoothly but without all the *EEEEEEEEEEE* and *CLUNK CLUNK CLANK* of a tram. they have many of the benefits of trams at a lower cost. Additionally, trackless trolleys can climb the steepest grades that trams can’t climb.

Oh did I also mention they dont end up bunching up?

/bqg/ Bike Questions General

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Carbon fiber edition

Old: >>1545028

Posting pictures of your issues helps.

How2 fix your shit:
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foots are transportation too.

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Would it be a good idea to use industrial tenis instead of mountain bike shoes???

Both kind of shoes provide feet protection, but industrial shoes win in this category, and seems more useful besides just riding on a bike. Also price is practically the same for some low-average MTB shoes than a good quality pair of industrial shoes... 150 bucks

I don't use clipless and don't plan to use them never, so thats not an issue.

Whats /n/ experience with mountain cycling shoes, roughness, durability and comfort??? Are they any better???
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