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Cannondale lefty at my thrift st
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>he's never done a 200km ride in his life
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I'm sure in the near future black cyclists will start dominating the Tour de France. What is the hold up?
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>most motorists literally see cyclists as non-human
>their brain actually classifies cyclists as a different species of pests
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>planned my first bike ride ever for today
>it's raining outside
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yow guys, fast question here.
whats the best site to buy online some shimano chains + a couple of gp4000's ?

buying from france. anything better than chain reaction cycles?
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tony dies in endgame

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Talk me out of buying this BMX
The seller is in my town and it's very cheap, 110$
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I met Geoff and Vicki AMA

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/gag/ - ( General ) aviation general

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Birds don't crash Edition

Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum.

Previous thread is slowly sinking here: >>1256986
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