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>Stand clear of the closing doors please

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Could one in theory use old fuselages from retired planes for cheap alternatives to ground transportation? The reason planes are retired is because they can no longer handle the stress of constant pressurization and changing expansions from changing altitudes. So if one were to say, take these old fuselages and throw them on some rails or a bus, couldn't it prove a cheap and viable alternative to creating a whole new body? Seems relatively simple from a manufacturing level.

Perhaps there are laws restricting or banning this kind of re-use. but a quick google search reveals that aircraft boneyards frequently re-sell/use vehicle parts. So why not use the fuselage for ground transport? Is it simply too expensive?
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Welcome to /uplift/ where we spread elevator autism because elevators are vertical tra/n/sport.

I used to ride an elevator over 20 times a day across multiple buildings throughout my city until the pandemic and I do miss riding some of the luxury or vintage elevators. It wasn't until I came across an elevator enthusiast who got me interested in elevators. Most of the elevators I ride are Otis elevators since I live in the US but whenever I come across an elevator with an unbranded doorsill, it's always fun to identify the manufacturer and it gives me something to do as I wait to arrive at my desired level. Many elevators use preferred components so after some time, it's possible to identify the manufacturer by button or chime.

Here's a handy guide in getting started on identifying elevator manufacturer by fixtures
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Which American city should expand their LRT system next?
My vote goes to Charlotte.
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The patron saint of /n/
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Oi bros. I have 3 different bikes - carbon gravel, alloy hardtail and old, old diamant city/fitness/road?? steel one. And you know what? Steel frame have the best vibration damping.
Now I want all my bikes to be cr-mo :(
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Pedestrian bridge

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Every bad neighborhood needs one.
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/UPG/ - Urban Planning General

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Based Single Family Edition
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Can i get a jump?
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I could not imagine anything worse than being killed in a high speed rail crash. Everything is going smoothly and then suddenly your train rolls violently and flips upside down. If you have a seatbelt on you’re lucky but only momentarily. The train enters a barrel roll while the entire cabin fills with screams, those in the bathroom or not buckled into their seats are thrown around like rag dolls - peoples heads smashing into one another or the ceiling. The elapsed time makes you realize the engineer can not correct the train and it sets in that you’re going to die. During daytime and with a window seat you are at least granted knowledge of the impact distance. At night it is a complete surprise. You’re stuck in a tube filled with screaming and frantic people until the moment you make contact with the earth, likely upside down. You know you’re going to die, you just don’t know when. It’s a surprise, like being sniped in the head. Depending on the nature of the accident you could be trapped in the windowless bathroom tumbling around covered in shit or you could be sucked out of the train car from centrifugal force and free fall into the ground or a body of water below. Any scenario is completely disturbing and unpleasant to think about. I would never wish to experience this in my life.