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Fuck you /n/
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Internally geared hubs

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What is the consensus on these things? Anybody have or use the higher geared(more than 3 gears) ones on their bike? They are supposed to be more reliable then a derailleur system yet whenever I do research they all seem to be plagued with major design flaws/problems with the single exception of a rohloff speedhub(which is like $1,500). I ask because I've been thinking about replacing the derailleur on my commuter with one -maybe an alfine 8.
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You ever create metros for cities you've never lived in or been to?
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Reminder that:

Chicago "L" > Poo York Subgay
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Electric Bikes Now?

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Since /o/ is 98% bike threads I thought I'd ask:

What's the current best e-bike shit out there? I search and I see a bunch of $5k go-fund-me stuff years out. If I wanted to e-bike today what is the best bike, package or add a motor that currently is available?
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>Tfw you will never see a Nuclear-fueled steam engine haul 150,000 ton consists on a daily basis
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What are your thoughts on Boom Airliner, the "successor" of the olde Concorde.
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Girls & Bikes: Girls Who Actually Ride Bikes Edition

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1. NO tattoos.
2. NO hipster shit
3. NO heels
3. MINIMAL blatant model shit

This is gonna be a rough one.
I got dat O.C. all lined up.
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>try to ride though red light
>get hit
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Cannondale Cup SNES

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> Mountain Bike Rally, titled Cannondale Cup in North America, is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System bicycle racing video game that is a simulation of real mountain biking.

This is great stuff. I can't believe Cannondale put their name on a shit-tier Road Rash knockoff where MTBs ride on pavement and you punch the shit out of fellow riders
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