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Fixies only make sense if you live in a flat Earth. Otherwise, imagine you need to start pedalling but you can only uphill. You'll need to carry your flat-earther bike.
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People are still buying cheap chinese engine kits for their bicycles...
...and it's still fun to build and ride!
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Look at what i've made anon, wanna go for a ride?
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Elon is right
> taking family on the train
> fun day out
> 5 tickets, round trip
> $99 for 1 hour ride
> realize a day pass is half the price, after ordering. WHY
> train delayed 55 minutes
> get back in cage to go do something else
> next train is on schedule
> still shows up 15 minutes late
> make it one stop
> the train in front of us breaks down, might need to move family to buses
> 20 minutes waiting, train starts moving
> bathroom on car is out of service
> bathroom on car in front is locked, nobody can figure out why
> bathroom on car behind is flooded with water or piss, clogged sink AND toilet
> total travel time: 2.5 hours
Could have driven there in 30 minutes
Elon was right

Freight hopping

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What are the best European country's for freight hopping?
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Why are window seats so fucking based?
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Anyone ever have their car or truck or whatever stolen from them?

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Am I making a mistake ?
It’s my dream bike
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>holds bottle
>pretty light
>pretty strong
>every color and then some
>weirdly cheap
>has pro team cred
>not made in USA
Honestly if you are using anything other than Tacx Devas how can you justify this? I have bottle cages that cost 5-6x more than this thing and I see no reason other than bling. Especially since the expensive ones are made in USA and you never know these days. Not to get too political but I'd rather not risk supporting that crowd if you know what I mean (I am sure you do so let's just leave it at that)
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