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Could autogyro-commuting be a good idea for people that are kind of rich but not rich enough for commuting with a helicopter?
If there's enough people that want to get from some nice area outside New York into Manhattan or something, maybe it could be possible to have a runway on a roof or something.
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/n/ meetup thread

Post location and contact info. Cat6 other /n/iggers.
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How does a bike company sink so low?

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Schwinn is synonymous with cheap shitty walmart bikes

Same goes for Raleigh, how the fuck did they mess it up?
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels?
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Drone, drones

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Will there be a drone delivery in the future?
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Quick Trivia question.

What is a "777 FO"?
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Bought this bike for 300 bucks? Also came with the clip on pedals. Did I do good or am I a meme?
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Which city has the best tram system, and why is it Budapest?
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/bqg/ bike questions general

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/bqg/ bike questions general

Previous thread over 300

ill start! just crashed my Felt F75 a while ago (im fine just some bruises, road rash and inflamation), but the carbon fork has some damage (2 cracks) and i dont feel like risking my life so i need to get a new fork.

should i stress myself and try to get the same fork by felt? i loved how it was but at the same time i havent tested other forks in this bike. is this fork getable? i just wrote to felt cause im overseas and with no local distributor but maybe you can get it from some shop in the states,havent been lucky googling.

or should i just get a new fork, in that case, any suggestions? i would replace it with something similar,but again , im no fork expert at all, so if someone can guide me i would be great. oh its a tapered head tube fork btw.

thats it! new fork time, shat!
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