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I'll just try it again I guess.

From what I know:

>U5 is planned but Sengelmannstraße will be ugly. Also it will end at the stadium while the S-Bahn will serve Osdorfer Born. Only question mark right now for the U5 is the area around Siemersplatz, hopefully it will be served directly.
>Within the next few years, the bus network will be completely overhauled, with every important bus line joining the metro bus brand, also express buses without extra fees. I might make an autistic google doc about what I think should happen
>Annual fare rise in December, as usual
>S4 constructions planned to start in Hasselbrook in late 2020, with preperation work set to start in 2019.

>DB is permanently constructing the Sylt line and the locos there are still shit
>The Kiel-Schönberg railway line that should be reactivated is still getting the okay from the government despite cost rises
>still no set date for construction for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel because german governments are fucking useless

>U5 extension to Central Station should be done by 2020
>BER still a shitfest with select S-Bahn trains ending literally nowhere thanks to DB trying to not let the tracks rust

>other cities
idk desu

Anything about public or alternative transport in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is fair game.
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Toronto Pearson decided they're only going to use the three almost parallel east-west runways, and all planes are going to take off and land from east going toward west. This has changed the flight paths for planes coming from the west to land in Toronto, and they now fly directly over my neighborhood. Who do I complain to about this?
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Chinese magnetic levitation train ‘is faster than going by plane’

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Road bike Headset Bearings

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can i replace my modern sealed bearings with these $2 shitters from ebay?

its a modern racer (aluminum body)...bearing completely wore off after a few years

Any Australians On?

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Apparently stage 1 of the new Sydney metro goes through wilderness and bush, and only suburban areas. Is that true? It's a metro.
While that sounds interesting I find it hard to believe.
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Reminder of what could have been.
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the hyperloop seems like a death trap compared to every other form of transportation
>oh, the vakuum tube has a defect, i guess you all just have to die
>the wagon is stuck, but there is no way to get into the tube to rescue the passengers, so they are stuck in a hermetically sealed tube miles from civilization
is there any wa to make this shit safe?
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Bike gear for winter

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Where the heck do people buy cycling gear? I’ve gone to 5 different cycling shops in my area and they are all just full of bikes with no accessories.

I want to try to start riding in the winter again (used to for school) but I actually have money now and can get some actual bike pants; in sick of putting holes in my jeans. But the measly selection in stores is always entirely stitched in buttpadding which I don’t want. I have never worn any fancy bike gear other than my jersey.

I can’t figure out what gear I need to stay warm but not overheat without trying it on first so I don’t know where to look. My rides will be anywhere from like 30 to 50, wet lots of the time, and it’s rather short 2 miles to work.

Can anyone help me figure out what gear I should get? I havnt biked since early August.
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>Way over in Flyover country, Kansas City, Missouri
>Downtown Streetcar is free
>Extension of Line being built
>East-West routes being planned
>MAX buses that are actually express buses
>protected bike lanes on major East-West roads removing car lanes
>New 2 Billion Dollar airport being built to replace old KCI
>Bus services to be Free under new Mayor's plan, the first major metro area in the US to have free public transportation.

Is there any regional city's transpo authority more based than the KCATA?

What other regional cities have done well recently?

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Why is everyone always hard for local bike shops? They practice higher prices than any online shop, they are mostly owned by lazy people who open and close shop whenever they feel like and they frequently only know about one type of bike or equipment. It's ridiculous how none of my area's LBS sell tools. Not even a basic chain breaker tool can be bought through a local bike shop. "You can get one at Decathlon" is what they tell customers. It's even worse how many of them are simply not ready to deal with certain types of bikes due to lack of proper tools or just simply ignorance, even basic things. Oh your head tube is 1"? Sorry, we don't have the proper tools for that. You want to have a fixed gear serviced? We don't do fixed gear bikes, sorry. New tires? Sure, we have to order them and wait a week until they get here and then you pay double the market price for them.

Fuck bike shops. And then every single one has the nerve to have 1 post in every 5 on facebook complaining about online stores or people who aren't grateful for their LBS.

for fuck's sake
It makes me even angrier the fact that when you google these shops they have hundreds of 5* reviews from people who went there to have a flat patched. Fucking ridiculous.
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