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Helicopter thread?
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>slows your group down
Anyone else hate riding with girls?
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The future of the Japanese diesel train

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The Japanese diesel train has little population, and the daily service number can watch the neighborhood such as few mountains and rivers or seas only in a running country area. The diesel train disappears surely. But, on the other hand,JR Kyushu Railway completes the hybrid-type world latest new diesel train, and is new, working is seen.

With the thing of "Moka railroad" running in Tochigi located the north of Tokyo, a watermelon color is characteristic, and the vehicle of the photograph is popular among railroad fans.

Remember the Space Shuttle

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/upg/ - Urban Planning General:

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Can't build your way out of congestion edition.

Old thread: >>1294317
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The lapping train which ran in Japan【Galaxy Express 999】

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Because Reiji Matsumoto who was an author of "Galaxy Express" lived in Nerima-ku, Tokyo with the station of Seibu Ikebukuro Line, service began.

Reiji Matsumoto HP

RouteSeibu Ikebukuro Line

Blue Aviation Strobe Light?

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Just stepped outside for a smoke, and something was just screaming across the sky (have no idea what type of aircraft) with a blue strobe flashing on its left side. I don't think I've ever seen this before.

A quick Google search shows that they do in fact make a blue strobe for aviation, but blue is apparently not a color that is actually used in aviation.

One post hinted that a law enforcement aircraft could use a blue strobe while on duty?

Anyone know about this?
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the year is nearly 2020

>Food replicators?
>flying cars(can they even be called cars?)
>zero emission power plants

Nope we have:

How is this accepted?
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>mfw zooming past the 2km long car waiting line
get fucked cagies, bikechads rule the streets
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Solution for traffic safety forever

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All cars made from plastic and then padded with cushions , also limited to 25mph everywhere

No more traffic deaths
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