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How come cruise ships have gotten so ugly?
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What music do you listen too while riding?

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Title basically says it all: what is your standard playlist when riding around? Any songs you put on repeat on a regular basis? I'll go first: Right now I'm on a Tool "kick" to get some motivation for going hard and fast(inb4).
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Sheldon Brown

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I propose that this guy be made the king of /n/, a bit like how Richard Stallman is the de facto "king" of /g/.

There are massive differences of course though - Sheldon was a normal and functional human being with a family, and also he was extremely knowledgeable and shared his wealth of knowledge with the world FOR FREE. He has benefitted humanity greatly. The number of cyclists he has benefitted must be very large. In fact surely there is no other person who is more important to cyclists in the modern age, and especially to the kind of cyclists on /n/ who always have questions and always want to learn more about their bikes and how they can fix or improve them, etc.

RMS, by contrast, eats foot fungus. The only worthwhile thing he ever did was GCC and he was only partly responsible for that.

So yeah, Sheldon Brown should be the king of /n/. All those in favour say "aye".
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Wow... it sure looks... like every other bike in the world now, so that's a change
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Velomobile in Tour De France

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>Walkable Urban Places (WalkUPs) continue to outperform other forms of real estate development in the nation’s largest metro areas, according to a new report Foot Traffic Ahead. The report finds a huge unmet demand for new WalkUPs, the construction of which could drive the US economy for another generation. Metro areas that are not meeting the demand for walkable urbanism are paying the price in reduced economic performance and social equity outcomes, according to the authors.

Do you think America’s mid-large cities (not the major metro areas) will catch up and start implementing smarter transport/build policy? They’re only hurting themselves by focusing on car-dependence.
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Drop bars are idiotic for touring. Why do people use them on touring bars? They NEVER use the drops. Drops are useful for racing/sprinting/going fast on short distances. They're terrible for any kind of ergonomic reasons. It's purely an irrational fashion statement.
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>90's Trek frame
>seller is asking $825
What is the righteous punishment for such scalping?
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I drove through both Florida and 'Bama on 4th of July weekend, what the actual FUCK are those people doing on the road
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