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>working as a carer to someone immobile neck down
>he did it by falling off his bike at 17
>out on bicycle while he's in scooter (goes at like 10mph)
>lock up my bicycle while he waits
>"Why do you wear a helmet everywhere?"

Do they ever learn?


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Post your favorite paint schemes
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Jesus christ I've fucking had it with these things
>Neighbors leave them in the back yard
>Lime scooter guy drops fucking THREE of them off EVERY GOD DAMNED DAY by the time I get home in the morning in my parking spot THATS NOT EVEN A PUBLIC PARKING SPOT.

I've called them, I've emailed them, I've complained to the city, and I got nowhere.

I've started throwing them down in the embankment across the road behind my house when the neighbor leaves them in front of my garage door or on my lawn, and I've hucked the 3 of them in the front into the bushes, and YET they end right back up in the places that annoy the fuck out of me.

What the fuck do I do /n/? Do i start slashing the tires on them? over volt the batteries? set them on fire?
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Why is it so shit? Even third world countries have cheaper and more consistent service than this garbage heap. Why is it genuinely cheaper, faster, and easier to get from Cairo to Alexandria than to get from Suffolk County to New York City?

n-word pass

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ya'll are fucking gay

/den/ - germany/switzerland/austria transport general

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I'll just try it again I guess.

From what I know:

>U5 is planned but Sengelmannstraße will be ugly. Also it will end at the stadium while the S-Bahn will serve Osdorfer Born. Only question mark right now for the U5 is the area around Siemersplatz, hopefully it will be served directly.
>Within the next few years, the bus network will be completely overhauled, with every important bus line joining the metro bus brand, also express buses without extra fees. I might make an autistic google doc about what I think should happen
>Annual fare rise in December, as usual
>S4 constructions planned to start in Hasselbrook in late 2020, with preperation work set to start in 2019.

>DB is permanently constructing the Sylt line and the locos there are still shit
>The Kiel-Schönberg railway line that should be reactivated is still getting the okay from the government despite cost rises
>still no set date for construction for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel because german governments are fucking useless

>U5 extension to Central Station should be done by 2020
>BER still a shitfest with select S-Bahn trains ending literally nowhere thanks to DB trying to not let the tracks rust

>other cities
idk desu

Anything about public or alternative transport in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is fair game.
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Scared of the Road, Cyclists Are Migrating to Dirt

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> With deaths spiking on pavement, riders are choosing to go where cars can’t

> Bicyclists are dying on our streets, and, if you hadn’t noticed, people are pissed off about it. The statistics are grim: in the U.S., 2016 was the deadliest year for cyclists in a quarter century.
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This is the ideal GRID system. You may not like it, but this is what peak planning looks like.
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Canadian Election

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The Canadian election season has started, it will last one month.


The Green party is doing amazing well. The Greens are a far left wing party focused on environmental issues.

As the rest of the world goes populist so do we. We are just more polite about it.

What happened last time:

Whatever happens we are the most educated Country in the world so it will be the right thing to do:
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