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is this the future of air travel?
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Cleaning out drawers and found old picture of my first real bicycle. I spent so much time with that bike, went so many places, shared so much, made sweet sweet love with that thing in ways most people will never understand...
Hold me /n/.
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Need to make an unappealing commuter. Using a mtb as a base for the gearing

Give me ideas on how to make the ugliest, shittiest bike while still being functional enough to go 6 miles daily
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> Be me
> Ausfag train driver
> In command of 5,000 tonne coal train
> Stopped at red signal. Environmentalistfags have vandalised signal - pulling electrical circuits out so signal shows red meaning I have to stop.
> Have parked shitty 1999 Mitsubishi Pajero with "STOP ADANI" painted on side across tracks in front of train - can't see vehicle but know its there.
> Enviroterrorists have climbed on lead locomotive and strung "STOP ADANI" slogan on banner across the long hood of unit and are now dancing and cheering on top of it.
> Been waiting two hours for police to remove Envirofags. Police just standing around like idiots.
> Have radioed Network Control Centre to tell them about delay, didn't tell them about the vehicle in front of my locomotive or envirofags dancing on top of it.
> Network Officer advises me to proceed through red signal with caution - we are allowed to pass signals showing danger providing the signal has been deemed defective by Dispatch - albeit only at a 15km/h speed restriction until we reach the next signal.
> Get up from controls and exit locomotive to advise protesters we are leaving - if they don't get off my locomotive and move their car I am going to push it out of the way.
> Protesters jeer at me.
> Shrug, close cab door, sit back down at controls.
> Punch deadman, push reverser into forward, blip the horn, throttle up to Notch 5.
> 4,270hp of pure, unadulterated power begins to roar.
> Hear shouting - open window, police are shouting and waving hands at me - shrug at them. Protesters scrambling down from the top of locomotive onto gangways.
> Co-Driver leans out window to watch shitty 2 tonne Pajero tango with 140 tonne UGL C44ACi
> Protesters leap off train and start shouting too.
> Locomotive connects with car and pushes it along track at least 20 metres - eventually tipping it over and toppling it down the embankment. Car's roof is mashed in - total write-off.
> "Sorry - didn't see the vehicle."
> tfw get off with just a warning.
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>Be me
>Try to find a lock for my bike
>Get a u-lock first
>It just doesn't fit anywhere on my bike except under the saddle, but then the bracket is too loose
>Try a cable lock today
>Now it fits on the bike, but the lock itself is so loose it wiggles everywhere
Why is it so hard to find/make a lock that fits nicely on a bike? I don't want to carry my backpack everytime i go out.
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>Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional
Someone once said this in relation to cycling. I disagree. For anyone who truly embraces cycling, especially endurance cycling, suffering is inevitable too. Someone who truly embraces cycling, a true cyclist, will not stop simply when they reach pain. They will keep pushing themselves until they are in so much pain that suffering is no longer optional. And they will embrace that suffering. For an endurance cyclist, or any endurance athlete, heaven and hell become synonymous. To an endurance athlete, heaven is the glory in going beyond one's physical and mental limits. And hell is the suffering in doing so. The suffering is the glory.
What would be the point of cycling if it didn't involve suffering?
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How can you have a railcar this long with no articulation?

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Pic related from the 50's

Kraut space magic?