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Norwegian 21C Class locomotives

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There are at least two of these locomotives here in the UK (this example being at the Kent and East Sussex Railway) and another one at Bressingham I believe called King Haakon. Are there still any of these locomotives left in Norway? (Note: I am from the UK)
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Becoming a train driver

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>Currently 18
>want to become a train driver preferably mainline
>anyone have any experience in this position need advice
>what are some things that can help me stand out when applying for a trainee-ship driver position?
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Just bought this for riding around the trails at my farmhouse in the countryside. Did I make a mistake?
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Why do cyclists have such a persecution complex?
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Are trikes for old people, women who can't ride a bike and special needs people?

Will I be seen as retarded if I was caught riding one of these babies to the nearest dollar store?
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Trackless Trolleys/Trolleybus General

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Hello /n/, recently a trackless trolley line in my city re-opened after being closed for ~5 years for road reconstruction. Route 73 (Harvard-Waverly) along with routes 71 and 72 were converted from streetcar to trackless in the 1950s, and remain as the last surviving trackless lines in Boston. As we just got a foot of snow I figured it would be cozy to go ride the newly rewired 73 line. Here are the pics I took.
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ITT: post your favorite Wikipedia route diagram.

This board is less assburger than usual today, so let's fix that.
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Is it practical to buy a Mountain Bike, and swap out the wheels ( with street tires on them so owning 2 sets total) when I want to ride a paved trail?
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Favorite Narrow gauge?

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What's your favorite narrow gauge railroad and why?
Oahu Railway & Land company here, largest narrow gauge class one common carrier in the USA, and only one with a double track mainline, ABS signaling system, and electrically operated turntable.
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