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>it's another "i have no friends and i live in a suburb so i'll just bike aimlessly around the town to get out of the house on a weekend, and i also have to bike up a 2 mile long 800 foot elevation hill to beat my ass as an ending to the ride" episode of my life

kill me please
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If i have an uber account but i dont own a credit card can i use a gift card to pay for the rides or do i need a credit card associated in order to use a gift card
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ITT: Things that make you automatically discredit someone as a cyclist.

>uses Di2
>doesn't wear a helmet
>has a Brooks saddle
>rides a fat bike on pavement
>rides on the sidewalk
>is fat but still wears full kit
>is fat but still rides a super lightweight bike
>is fat but still rides a super aero bike
(nothing against fat cyclists btw, it's good that they are getting out and improving themselves)
>no bottle cages
>only bikes for sport; doesn't commute, tour, randonneur, go on adventure rides, or anything else
>always drives death cage to the bike trails (it's okay to do it sometimes, but you have to ride from home at least some of the time)
>only owns one bike and it's carbon
>owns multiple bikes and they are all carbon
(carbon race bikes are great but everyone needs a steel bike for commuting and general riding, if you ONLY ride to race/gotta go fast, then you are a faggot and not a true cyclist)
>people that don't carry flat repair tools and a multitool when they ride
>people that take their bike to the LBS for flat fixes
>people that don't know the difference between hybrids (good all-around bikes) and cruisers/comfort bikes (shit tier abominations)
>not knowing the brand and model of the bike they are riding
>people that use dry lube (wet lube is NOT dirtier if you dry off the chain after lubing it, and wet lube lasts longer; if you want lube for dry conditions then use wax/ceramic, not dry/teflon lube)
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NAHBS 2018

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Started today. Sharing lazy Instagram shots for you asshole manchildren
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thoughts on a general for /n/ related vidya and software?
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South African Railways

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Can we show some more love for the glory of South Africa's transit network? It used to be top notch and was one of the best and was highly respectable well into the 1980's.
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Whats the probability of flights being cancelled due to an earthquake?

Seeing as it just did here in mexico city with such a big airport (relatively), i wondered
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Disk brake on a non disk brake frame?
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Tour duPont

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Why is it so much more fun to watch this than modern bike racing?

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Just admit it you ride a bicycle because it's similar to a horse.
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