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I'm on the standard local non-Acela northeast regional train, but we're still going fast enough to be considered high speed rail (>120 mph), and the ticket was over $100 cheaper just for the half of the route I'm taking. Why would anyone pay three times as much to only save 10 minutes on a 4-5 hour trip? Does it only exist for ripping off people dumb enough to pay for it?
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The pinnacle of bycicle evolution.
I see a group of at least 20 chads riding these every time i go out.
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Hi /n/, /g/ here.
When will the paranoia that my Back Roller Classics will fall off go away?
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Hey /n/

It's been awhile, but I have a question. I'm moving from the west coast to the east coast (and no I'm not riding). What's the best way to get my bike there?

I'm getting one of those U-haul boxes to ship all my stuff and I'm wary of putting my bike in there for obvious reasons. I'm driving across the country, but I don't have a rack (it got stolen off the back of my car) and I'm not buying a new one cause I'm selling my car when I get to NYC.

I know a friend who took his bike to a shop and had them disassemble it and send it to a shop and they assembled it. But this seems unnecessary. I'm wondering if I could just take the wheels and seat post off and pack it in the U-Haul box if it'd be generally ok? I could also maybe take the wheels and seat post off and put it in the trunk of my car, especially if i put the back seats down.

Thoughts? Advice?

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serious question

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If humanity once gets its shit together and builds a moon/mars base, wich type of transportation would be used for what purpose?
Keep in mind that there will be no infrastructure to start and almost everything has to come from earth.

I´d argue that a kind of full suspension fatbike with a beltdrive, IGH and airless tires would be nice if there where any decent space suits.
With current ones, a light electric motorcycle with a hub motor would be a better option.

Maybe later there could be some kind of bus/train system driving on regulith based roads/tracks for longer distances.
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Penn Central Appreciation Thread

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ITT: Post rare and not-so-rare Penn Centrals, including predecessor lines Pennsylvania, New York Central, and New Haven. Early Conrail is okay too.

Penn Central is an interesting railroad because it was such a clusterfuck, covered a huge geographic territory, and also because it rostered on some level nearly every first and second generation diesel locomotive model built. It also had some cool and unique electric operations. It's the quintessential 1970s rustbelt railroad.
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Helmets should be banned from the road during rush hour. They take up a full lane, accelerate slowly, have low top speeds, cant climb hills, and are hard to see. There would be less traffic if cyclists drove cars instead of riding bikes on the road. They are a nuisance to the everyday man and have no place on the road.
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Is there a way to get these things off the roads and trails forever?
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TGV vs Shinkansen

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Which is better, shinkansen-derived train or TGV-derived train?
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/BBG/ Bike Buying General

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old thread has hit limit >>1074790
>ebay, craigslist, kijiji
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