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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels?
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>mfw I realized TdF peleton rides around 60kmh on the flat sections, and I cant even reach 50kmh sprinting
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Yet another near-miss at SFO

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Is this airport cursed?

Why do they keep turning off instrument landing system (ILS) and take years to repair that shit?
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The Queen of /n/
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Gen 1.1 Jerseys

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We're going to re-open the webstore if there's enough interest. If you want a gen 1.1 jersey, send an email to anon3140 at hushmail dot com. If there is enough interest, a webstore will be opened and everyone who emails me will be sent the link. Jerseys will cost $75-$130 (including shipping) depending on style and what country you live in.
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Post your bikes, I begin
Old thread >>1080935
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Maritime General /mg/

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more tugboats edition
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Fuck all of you bi-wheel plebs taking up space on my roads. Fuck bicyclists.

Bike hate thread
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Downhill MTB private lesson

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I can get a lesson for $50 at a pretty sweet mountain bike park nearby. Are these kinds of things worth it? I'd mostly like to work on my jumping, cornering, and technical ability (read: go fast all the time). Is this pretty lame? Like should I just chill out and let my skills develop naturally through riding more or is there a consensus about how worthwile actual "training" sessions are?

Just to give a basic overview of my skills, I've been doing it for a couple weeks regularly, and can hit small jumps and turns at pretty ok speed, but i'm just wanting to get better.