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Why is being packed in a train/bus okay but indoor dining isn't? It'd not like the busses and trains are getting sanitized after each person leaves
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How do i go about to replace the tires on pic related? Also the handbrakes no longer work wat do? I wish i had a father to teach me this...
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post your dubiously viable /n/ idea

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double stack tail-mounted engine to minimize drag

-too rearward CoG shift
-maintenance nightmare
-no research about 2 engines sharing a single intake
-engine pod too small to accommodate high bypass engine
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Crusing General

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Anyone cruisers here? Sailing and motor included. Visit any cool places? Have any good stories? Tips for first timers? Youtubers worth watching?
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How would /n solve this? Street is 11.5 m
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has anyone of you conductor anons ever used this button?
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This is the ideal suburb layout. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Stores within walking distance, cars can pull in without hurting flow of main road. Residential is snug and secure behind stores from loud noise and evil (((corner house))) shenanigans. Bus lines simple and can follow main roads without getting lost in suburbia hell, Residential is grid layout.
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Should we start rolling America’s highways?

How else can we keep them funded?

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where is america's high speed railway system?
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