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actual conversation with a fred

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>"um, not to be rude, but helmets are largely unnecessary. The human skull is a natural helmet that can withstand 520 pounds of pressure. bicycle helmets are a multi million dollar industry whose existence is based on a lie"


>"um ok, i'm gonna go enjoy my ride."
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Would you rather have a cute cyclist girlfriend or get first place in the Tour de France? I don't know which I would prefer.
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>get deal on cell phone mount from amazon
>now can play music when biking through phone instead of headphones in my pocket getting tied up and dangling everywhere and people can hear my sick beats
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train thread

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Sup ladies?
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Huge bike enthusiast here with quite a pricey bike. Being such an investment I was looking for bike lock suggestions to protect my bike.
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Strange & Extreme Trains

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Last thread hit the bump limit.

While there are many many locomotives that are known, there are those few which are classified as strange, or unique to those.

So, feel free to post images of strange locomotives, or any type of rail equipment which may be considered as "strange" to many.
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bicycles suck
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What is the most /n/ bike out of these three options?
>90s rigid mtb with slicks/semislicks
>highly collectable bike like pic related
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/bqg/ - Bicycle Questions General

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bqg/ - Bike Questions General

old thread here: >>1054163

links 4 u
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Friendly reminder that if you are riding like a fucking faggot in the middle of the lane on a country road, I will just drive into you because there's absolutely no witnesses and you'll be too disorientated to see who did it.
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