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I like my rigid mtb from '98. It's got a couple things I'd like to upgrade though. The freewheel style axle is bent because I weight 230 and take it off drops. Is it worth upgrading to a cassette? looks like it's $90 for a cheap wheel and maybe 30-50 for a new cassette? also it's still running cantis and I'd like to upgrade to v brakes but that's another expense for an old ass bike.
What say you?
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Is this not the most beautiful commuter rail service in all of North America?
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Conspiracy theory time. Is Sieg actually Seth Worthington?
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Shall we get a Northern Pacific Railway thread going?

I wish you could still take a train to Yellowstone.
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The Chicago Transit Authority has end-to-end video rides of its various lines. Here's the Blue Line.

I always like riding a train in the center divide of a freeway and waving to the people stuck in traffic.
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So inovative

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Why do they do this?
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>b-but my arm was extended, that means you don't exist!

This is what cyclists seriously believe.
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Network Rail

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This thread is for all thing network rail and any kind of maintenance trains.