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Hey /n/, what's stopping me from building a small single-seater airplane from plywood and balsa or whatever and slapping on pic related for 350$?
Seems way too inexpensive to be real, sounds absurd that for as little as 450$ you could build a functioning airplane, 11.5hp ought to be easily enough to get me up and flying, right? it runs on gasoline as well so no expensive nitro required. Maybe i ought to make it my daily commuter, a lot cheaper than buying a used car for example.
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Where to Bike Courier?

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Any couriers or former on /n/? Spent some time doing it last winter and really enjoyed it. I'd like to try it out again in a different city. Any /adv/?
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Michael Blast Greaser: great design imo, but is it any good?
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some bikers just deserve to be run over
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help me
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>walking transportation

>anyone here never even walk outdoors?
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>a 10-year survey by a Boston-area fertility center that observed 2,261 men—from all walks of life and not just elite athletes—who contributed over 4,500 samples of sperm. Investigators correlated the sperm parameters with the level of exercise, focusing on sperm density (the number of sperm per milliliter), sperm motility (the percentage of sperm that were moving), and sperm morphology (what the sperm look like).
>The study found that men bicycling more than five hours per week had a lower sperm concentration than either sedentary men or those doing other types of exercise. It’s also interesting that the association with the lower sperm counts was not affected by the patient’s age or weight.
Guess I'm walking to work.
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Who else /uni/ here? I just got pic related couple weeks ago. Saw these other kids around campus riding skateboards and scooters around and wanted my own original (hipster?) form of transportation. Tonight was probably my biggest jump in progress; was able to cross from one end of a basketball court to another. The stuff I read on unicycle forums and other resources say that starting on a 26" is bad, but I disagree since only 2 weeks of off & on practice and I can almost consistently ride a decent distance.
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