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help me a/n/ons , I'm 27(M) and I have a crippling fear of the road and all and any travel

I'm not afraid of going outside but I am afraid of the road and nothing can overcome it.

I will not
>cross streets
>ride bikes or anything with less than 4 wheels
>go for walks/runs even though I am somewhat obese and need exercise (pedestrians die too)
>go on a plane (could crash or be shot down)
>go on a boat, ever (I semi-drowned in a swimming pool once and it didn't feel good)
>go on any kind of aviation

Will i be a cuck for life or how do i overcome my past accident traumas and muster up enough courage to travel like a normal person again?

The recent Iran incident didn't help in the slightest.
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Are these fucking things ever justified in municipalities without enormous pedestrian traffic?
My shithole city of less than a million seems to think we needed five of these.
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Can we have a NIMBYs greatest hits?
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Been a hot minute since we had a fantasy transit map thread.
If you've got a map you'd like to share, drop it in this thread, explain the scenario, and feel free to ask anyone any questions.
Mine is an alternate scenario where the US (at least in the Northeast) invests in regional rail travel like Europe did instead of investing in automotive infrastructure. It's still a long ways from being complete
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What is the most promising theoretical/upcoming public transportation tech? Not just the best in theory, but weighted with consideration of feasibility and infrastructure needs.
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Don't mind me, just posting the best shift levers in the World
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Canada rail and rapid transit

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Canada is the only G7 without high speed rail. Is it feasible to connect at least Toronto to Montreal? Air Canada and Porter both offer almost 1 flight an hour between Montreal and Toronto. The travel demand is there, we just need the infrastructure.
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Rideshare fees triple in Chicago

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Looks like Chicago really wants people to use their unreliable public transit huh. I cant wait to take the Green line home after a late night at work because an uber would cost $25
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Busses pls
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