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Have a pic of a train or public transport on your phone? Post them here.
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GCN Choosing A Used Bike

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Apart from these plebs leaning o the damn bike i the stand and not checking for the seat post being seized, what do you all think of this video?
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/mtg/ model train general

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Old thread

I've got a bunch I'll dump later from my recent travels to Union Station in New Haven
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bikes waste more road soace than buses

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photo source: Cycling promotion fund, the photo provide a visual comparison of the amount of road space used by different transportartion means to carry 70 peoples
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Hi /n/ its me, trainguy.

I'm currently on holiday in Tasmania.
This place sucks.
There are no trains or trams. At all. Just buses. Outside of Hobart there are only extremely infrequent coaches. And in Hobart its Saturday so half the buses aren't running and the rest are hourly. That's if you can figure out the route maps.

And getting here was a nightmare. First the plane was delayed an hour and 40 minutes, we left when we were supposed to arrive! Then waiting another half hour for luggage. Not to mention getting to and from the airports.
How the fuck can Americans say this sort thing for a mere regional flight is better than catching a high speed train?!
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Intercontinental Rail

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Eurasia fuck yeah.

Who else would like to operator on one of these lines?
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Could anyone here tell me what the make and model of this scooter is?