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Is she right?

Wheelie thread

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You *can* do a wheelie, can’t you?
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Can we have a board for architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, interior design?
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Jesus, I didn’t realize American rail was that poorly funded.
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Only citychads will know the feeling of picking up groceries on a city rental bike that costs less than a drink at Starbucks per month
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Thank Jesus I’m not a cager.
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Tonight is one of the busiest nights of travel in the United States. Airports and highways will have large numbers of travelers for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It will probably be the busiest travel event the country has had for several years due to COVID. This webm is from last night in Los Angeles.
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>dui biker with shopping bags hanging from the grips
>bike has a rack
green text thread
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big buses

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buses that are big
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