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Why won't the Italian government let it die?
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>hello everyone I'm extremely rich and I live 3 blocks from everything because I can afford $5000 rent or a $1,200,000 condo, and now I'm going to tell you how to dress while commuting, if you don't do as I say you're "not inclusive" and don't you know? you don't need that bike stuff! just wear regular clothes like I'm wearing now! they don't need special clothes in amsterdam! oh, you've never been? it's lovely you should go!
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why do a lot of people have large drops from saddle to handlebar?
some pros back in the old days didn't ride with their bar as low as most do now
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Why is everyone on /n/ and elitist and a communist?
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Disney World is in the early stages of building Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, a Star Wars-themed hotel adjacent to the Hollywood Studios theme park where the brand-new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge section that opened this year is located. In addition to having its own entrance into the park, the hotel will also have a shuttle pod-themed transport system connecting it to the park. Do any of the lords of /n/ know any details about this system, specifically whether it will be a monorail, people mover, aerial lift, etc.?
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what are some public transportation vehicles for this feel?
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Helicopter buses

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Would this work in sprawling metro areas like Los Angeles? Public transit is not profitable anyway so why not a transit agency with helicopters?
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Transit cards

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I normally like to pay with cash, but I often use a local system's transit card too. What is your local system's card like?
Here, both Tri-Rail (a Florida agency, SFRTA) and Miami-Dade Transit (a county agency) both share a card. Unfortunately, Broward county and Palm Beach county haven't joined in yet, despite the large amount of inter-county commuters.
Otherwise, it's pretty decent. I get mad discounts with it when I transfer, and can stay pseudonymous while using it.


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Post your favorite paint schemes
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honestly in the united states its often times safer and more practical to ride on the sidewalk. Many ''bike lanes'' are just white stripes in a skinny area next to the curb with glass shards and trash on the side of the curb next to the sidewalk. then you got cars at 65kmh passing close enough to make you remember you are alive .its just not very pleasant to ride on the road sometimes.
So I wonder why people on this board make fun of riding on the sidewalk?
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