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Sup guys, yesterday i bought a Giant Cadex from a guy in my town who was cleaning up his garage, i paid for it 150 bucks, it is from 97", for now it seems in good condition i just had the time to clean it and make a quick ride around the block
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We can't even build one for people here?? Wtf. It's going to be privately funded too

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Scooters general

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ID on this scoot?
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/train/ general

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We're getting too many bikefag threads, so I'm opening a general for any train related discussion that doesn't merit its own thread. That way we'll keep this thread somewhat bumped, like the /tram/ general.

Post ITT any train related
>stories and anecdotes
>history and trivia
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[email protected]

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Tomorrow, everything changes
This is the future of cycling
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Interurbans vs Buses

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I dont know much about early 20th innovations, but why did interurbans and trolleys come BEFORE busses? Seems like it was way more work to put tracks down, electrical crosswires, and poles, and basically lock the streetcars to permanent routes.
why not just create a longbody car?
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/upg/ - Urban planning general

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tokyo edition

previous thread: >>1132939
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So /n/, where were you on the day ULA died?
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I feel like he browsed /n/

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>Benjamin Gran was a train enthusiast, a beloved son and an autism success story. He was also a registered sex offender, having served nearly two years in federal prison for child pornography crimes.

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