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Hey /n/, anybody recognize which model rocket this is? The source has no info, and I think it's a modern rocket but was tagged with 1970s.
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which one is chad?
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Old jetliner appreciation thread

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Pictured is a Convair 990 Coronado, a lengthened version of the Convair 880, first introduced in 1961 to compete with the Boeing 707 and McDonnell Douglass DC-8. This Convair series was known for being the fastest commercial jetliner, achieving speeds of 615mph, but never saw widespread commercial adoption and only 37 990s were produced. None remain airworthy today.
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ITT: Anti-transit NIMBY greatest hits

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Share your most hilarious anti-transit videos from politicians, city councils, "concerned citizen" NIMBYs etc. Bonus points if local to your area.

I'll start this thread off with some classics.

The Light Rail System connects Minneapolis, Minnesota to some of its surrounding towns and suburbs. The project is set to expand into more conservative outlying suburbs such as Hopkins. Bob Ivers of the Hopkins city counsel warns of "ethnics" "flooding" into Hopkins from "Welfareopolis."
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Have you guys seen this new bus design yet?
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I live in the suburbs
>no bike
>no car
>the light rail is 20 miles away
>stores 10 miles away

am i fucked? can i not travel where i live?
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Milwaukee Road Electrification Thread

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Back by popular demand, ITT we discuss the greatest electrified railroad operation in world history. The proven corporate conspiracy to dismantle and abandon this operation, largely perpetrated from within the company itself by its own top-level officials, is one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever conceived and makes the Great American Streetcar Scandal look like amateurish in comparison.

Gone before its time, but not forgotten, the Milwaukee Road's Pacific Coast Extension lives on in the minds of all who encounter it. This thread is dedicated to the men and women who built and maintained this system, and the photographers who filmed and preserved this unique operation for posterity.
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Does Anyone know anything about these South African Trams?

Would like to know what size engine the have.
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'Sup ladies. Did any y'all see me in all my lengthy glory in Utah or Wyoming for the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike?

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