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whats up /n/iggas, just wondering what your favorite ww2 aircraft is. mine is the b17
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First MTB

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So my friend wanted me to go biking with him. I bought a used bike for $20 just to see if I would like it. I did and bought this. I like it but have read some negatives about Diamindbacks. What do you guys think?
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Rate our Autistic metro system

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We built a fully functional metro and regional rail system in this minecraft map we made.

Does it meet /n/'s standards?
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Cager Stories?

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Just got back from a leisurely 15mile ride to the mall. On the way back, I was minding my own business in the right lane of a four-lane road where there was very little traffic out. This was in a residential area and not any kind of highway, the speed limit was only 25. All of a sudden I hear some honking from behind, and an SUV swerves around me just feet from my rear tire with some obese woman in the passenger seat shrieking at the top of her lungs. They stopped at the stoplight about 10 feet ahead, and I stopped next to her.

>"Are you talking to me?"
>"I know I'm in the middle of the road, I have the legal right to ride here. You're the one who has to pay attention"
>"I wish you had hit me so you could explain that to the police"
>YOU'RE NOT EVEN ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE OVER THERE (pointing to the left side of the street, i.e. riding against traffic) SO CARS CAN SEE YOU
>"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard"

That's a bit paraphrased, but it's not exaggerated. And yes, she really did call me a "little kid" multiple times, even though I'm 23 and have a beard. What causes people in cars to be so stupid? Anyone else care to share a road rage story?
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>too autistic to call out or even ring bell when approaching a pedestrian on the bike path from behind
>try changing gears a lot so that the notice me, but this rarely works
>either ride around them onto the grass or road, or whizz past them really close and pedal away as fast as possible while they yell in shock
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I need to buy a few tubes but I don't want to take my bike to the store (too far to carry a hunk of metal with a flat)...

Is "700c" enough information to get the right kind of tube?

Pic related
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Madison area commuter rail

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So I've spent the last week and a half visiting Madison Wisconsin. Something I've noticed is how extensive the local track network is. There's a railroad track close to pretty much every important location, all the nearby small towns are connected, and the inner city has perfect walkability. There's even an old station literally within walking distance of the house I'm staying in in Stoughton. What's the feasibility of having a commuter rail system in this city? It would certainly be one of the smaller cities to have commuter rail, but the existing tracks already seem to form a perfect network.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
>/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

I'll start, so I bought that BB thinking it would fit my old mtb and the thing on the mtb is stuck, how can I tell if it will fit?
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Why not Y?

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Is there something unsafe or dangerous about the Y foil design even with modern materials? Why does the UCI ban the Y frame design? Why do they claim the weight minimum is to prevent a compromise in bicycle frame integrity yet they allow manufacturers to slim the frame and compensate with small weights?

Please explain this conundrum to me...
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