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>people with single gear bikes
Who are you trying to fool?

Everyone can tell it's not fixed gear
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Does lifting help you with cycling? Do any cyclists here also lift?
I’m talking squats and deadlifts, stuff that works your hamstrings and butt.
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Red Spokes sucks

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Taxi General

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What's /n/'s consensus on this very important and fascinating topic?
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umm sweetie why do you not have tri-bars on your roadbike yet?
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Soviet Mass Gravy Train

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Everybody wants collectivization–nobody wants 3AM knock on dhe door from NKVD...
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What is the best kind of bike for a tall person. I'm 6'1 and most people can't mount my bike
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Why do bicyclists have more rights that motor vehicles that actually pay to maintain roads? If I get a DUI driving a motor vehicle one could just do the same on a bicycle putting themselves and others in danger since they got their license taken
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What does John Allen mean by this? Does he mean to remove the tire and tube completely and wrap a rope around the rim as a makeshift tire? What the fuck am I even reading? Or does he mean something else? all of my keks if he actually means using rope as a wheel
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