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Graffiti vandals are literal scum

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>A group of graffiti vandals assaults three passengers on Barcelona Metro

>Among the assaulted was a pregnant woman who had paint sprayed in her face

>The incident ocurred around 03:48 when a group of 34 graffiti vandals activated the emergency break on a line 4 train which at that moment was stopped at Maragall station. They then proceeded to paint the train. ...

>The pregnant woman got paint sprayed in her face, and two other people were shoved and hit in the face. ...

>One member of the group was detained by Metro security personnel and delivered to the police. ...

What can be done to deal with this scourge, /n/? I suggest armed guards shooting to kill any such vandal.
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The Rock

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Press F to pay respects.
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>tfw in the future people living under the peril of global warming will see cyclists as enlightened ones ahead of their time and cageboomers as idiots the same way we look at flat earthers today
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Are there any boat owners here?

I've never owned a boat. In the near future I might be moving to the American Northeast (either Pennsylvania or Maine) and considering getting one.

Would I want to get a slot at a marina or just build a boatshed on my property and truck it to a waterfront on a trailer? How big of a boat could one reasonably trailer around? Here is the midwest a lot of people own pontoon boats for lakes and keep them at home, but I was thinking of more of a sailboat/small yacht.

Would a boat suitable for the great lakes also be suitable for the ocean, maybe if I wanted to sail down to Gulf for a summer? If I wanted to be able to sail from America Europe (I think it would be a neat journey, I have a friend in Finland I could visit maybe) what kind of craft would I need to make that journey?
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Classic "Airbus vs. Boeing Argument™"

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Argue the superiority of Boeing aircraft without mentioning AF447. Go.
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What is you /\/iggers' best guess on the whereabouts of this F L O A T Y B O I?

Also general Ghost Ship thread

Post spookybois of the high seas.

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Daily reminder that bicyclists are fucking road cancer and are detrimental to everyone else's otherwise reasonable commute.

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Name a better mode of transport
Pro-tip: you can't
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Vintage rural light rail

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It's nice that light rail is coming back; of course, if they hadn't ripped it up 80 years ago, it might be easier to bring back.
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Train Hopping

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Any anon's here have done any train-hopping? Been getting seriously interested in either train-hopping or bike touring across Canada, wonder if anyone here has anything to say about the practice.
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