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What are some good addon things for bicycles? Are saddlebags worth it? Or a triangular bag inside the frame? Or bags over the wheel in the back? I have no experience with any of that since i just stow it in my backpack.
Also, how much can you stow onto the carrier on the back of a bicycle with some elastic cords?
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How can I convience my wife to buy a used car.

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Cars depreciate a ton after 3 years. My wife wants a brand new Lexus but after 3 years the car holds only 33% to 40% of its original value.

Has anyone been in this situation and gotten their spouse to buy used before?
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anyone had their bike stolen?

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I hate thieves, when they steal a bike though, they're stealing someone's pride and joy

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The age of the round chainring is over.

Through an exhaustive R&D process to refine the oval chainring we discovered that optimum pedaling efficiency didn't come from subtly altering the circle, it came from a whole new shape we call the 'square'. By breaking the pedaling action into 90-degree segments the rider effortlessly puts four times more power to the rear wheel. In between these peak power moments, there is the restive stage of pedaling which riders report a 90% decrease in fatigue.

The unique geometric shape of the 'square' also provides our Quadrant rings with the revolutionary Parallel Chain Retention Technology. While conventional chainrings can only have 180 degrees of chain contact, the Quadrant ring has up to 270 degrees of contact that eliminates all chain drop. Forever.

Easier pedaling, more power, less stopping and dropping.

The Future is Square.
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The true cost of high speed rail

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Here are some facts to put the idea of US high speed rail into perspective for the dreamers.

It’s not going to be paid for by Jeff bezos. The combined total net worth of the 400 richest people, including him, in America is 3 trillion dollars. Keep in mind that’s total net worth. For a cost comparison, South Korean rail (I’m still hesitant to call it high speed) cost 12 trillion dollars. South Korea is about the size of Arkansas. Our network, as a conservative estimate, would cost about 48 times that. Taxing the rich would barely cover a fraction of that. So what does that mean?

You’re gonna pay for it, and you’re gonna be putting a huge chunk of your earnings towards it every month. You will die before it’s completed.
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anyone have the meme which is onoda yelling at his handlebars and it says something like [autism intensifies]
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What are the most feasible new high-speed rail routes possible in the US?
Taking into consideration distance, terrain, population etc.

I'm guessing something Chicago-Minneapolis, Las Vegas-Los Angeles, or Atlanta-Nashville.
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will these things be available in our lifetime?
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> Now, here, as you can see, we've added 20mm of suspension to the fork, which allows us regain the compliance lost to the stiffened disc fork, ridiculously overbuilt 1 1/8 threadless stem, and the preposterous 31.8 bar clamp fit only for a 400 lb sasquatch.
wow thank you based cycling industry
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