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Thoughts on ebikes for commuting?
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Hey guys. I have the option of getting a red cadent 4 by Raleigh and a blue cadent 3. Friend has both and is selling one of them for cheap. Basically both barely used. Which should I get
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Bus Ride Video

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Let's post and share videos taken from bus ride in this thread.
Hong Kong, Route 290A, Tseung Kwan O (Choi Ming) → Tsuen Wan West Station
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>drive to NYC
>almost cause 3 accidents and hit 2 pedestrians once i get into Manhattan
>everyone beeping at me

this shit is not like my country roads
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Electric scooter baby!
Just purchased my ninebot ES2 from Elgiganten (electronic chain store) in Sweden and will use it to park for free outside the city zone and scoot into work.
Just occasionally parking in the city for a year costs more than this so why not?
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Anyone done a critical mass ride?

I like to ride with other people but I don't want to be mocked by crust punks when I bring my modern road bike.
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Just got pulled over by an undercover cop car looking for cyclists to fine. The green lines are bicycle lanes. Turned left (left driving country) at red light after giving way to any oncoming cyclists (there were none). Why is this illegal?
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Who are these little men in flashy and tight clothing that scoot by on these hunched-over tiny-framed human-propelled velocipides? I see more and more of them in London. They always have a sad look on their faces and they look generally miserable. How can men sink that low? Who in the right mind cycles through busy stinking, unhealthy traffic? Do they have capacity to think or are these NPCs? And there are so many them. Are these the beta males of society? Is this the 80% of men who can't get laid? I truly wonder when I ride past them on my sport motorbike and when I sit in front of them at the red lights spouting out fumes in their faces. How do they just accept it?
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fixed a flat in 3minutes 18seconds today

whats your record?
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Is it safer to rely on bicycles as the main form of transport in these traffic conditions than conditions where the amount of four-wheeled vehicles exceed that of the two-wheeleds?
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