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Is the longer axl adjustable?

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I need to gain 5mm of external thread on the chain-side

Pic related - hollow bicycle axle
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How do I stop being a pussy riding on the road.
>riding nervously in the gutter
>stressing out when a car passes me
Tips to git gud
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Live in transportation

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Heres a new live in transportation thread for discussing all things related to living in your transportation
Pic related, just grabbed up this coach converted e350 van.
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I bought the B17 narrow saddle almost a month ago. I'm thinking of returning it and asking for my money back.

I previously used the stock Masi saddle that came with my Masi Giramondo and it was perfect. I ride a fuck ton of KM with it, though, since I use my bike for everything and it started to rip and look terrible.

Since every cyclist I know reccommended me to use a Brooks saddle I fell for the meme and bought one.

So far:

>it's uncomfortable as fuck
>my balls are constantly touching the front rivet, so that I have to be moving my ass around all the time
>it's impossible to set it level, since when I turn the screws on the seat clamp it automatically shifts up (due to my bike size, I need to use it as far up front as possible)
>I can always feel the front rivet and the metallic parts on the back
>I never had issues with chaffing before and I'm having it now
>that "hammock" effect makes me feel like I'm sinking on the saddle
>it messed up with my bike fit and now I can't find my perfect seat height again (I didn't move the seat tube at first, but it seems like it's higher than my other saddle)

Did I fall for the Brooks meme or does it get better? I've cycled 300km on it so far and I've used the proofide and it's all shit. I wanted to buy another stock Masi saddle but I don't find them for sale anywhere.

Should I return it?
Should I suck trap cocks?
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Soo, after riding your bike for a long time, did you notice a stronger upper body? Or is true when they say it does almost nothing above the waistline (if you're already not fat)?
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Switcher Thread

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ITT: Post cool switchers, preferably from ALCo (EMD, GE, Baldwin, FM, Lima, etc. are also fine).
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>get deal on cell phone mount from amazon
>now can play music when biking through phone instead of headphones in my pocket getting tied up and dangling everywhere and people can hear my sick beats
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Hitachi IEP vs. improved loco-hauled HSTs

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What do people think of the UK's Hitachi IEP trains as a replacement for Great Western's high speed trains? Would GWR, and customers, be better served by improved bi-mode locos to work with existing 125mph mark 3 and mark 4 coaching stock?
If any Brits would like to discuss UK railways further feel free to kik me: jfbenson.
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bicycle fees on airplanes

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so it seems like airlines have been getting tighter and tighter in regards to luggage and fees.
Im flying to mexico and back on volaris and dont want to get stuck with $100+ fees for my fucking bicycle
and its my custom bmx bike, i cant just hop on some craigslist bike and perform to the max

from what i hear you used to be able to just stick your bmx in a golf/hockey bag and even thought it was oversized (over 62 l+w+h) they would just check it in as a piece of luggage. but ill be flying volaris who is in the buisness of jewing customers, so im kinda worried about getting jewed by them? i looked at their luggage policy and two pieces of luggage is 70$. i can stick the frame and parts in one bag and the wheels in another bag, that should fly, right? anyone ever fly volaris? do you think theyll try and hit me with a bike fee even if my luggage is not oversized?
(back in the day i would bring the wheels as carry on, but they wouldnt let me last time i tried)
pic: 2nd to last time i was able to fit my bike under 62in
last time i tried it came in at like 70in but they just passed it through without a glance, i forget which airline
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Is a velomobile with electric assist the best vehicle on earth?

+Extremely efficient, price to ride is like 5 cents / 100 km
+Super cheap maintenance (most work can be done on road with reserve parts, no garage needed)
+Complete protection against the elements, same as a car
+Very lightweight compared to motorcycle and car. (like 30 kgs)
+Can be made very robust
+Lots of cargo space >50/150 liters
+comfortable, can ride for hours on end
+New price the same as that of a second hand car
+No other fees or tax

Aside from their dorky looks (albeit subjective) and lack of proper infrastructure (depends on country, but most infra is made for cars) it seems like the perfect vehicle

Also to all bike fags a velomobile is not made to replace bicycles, bicycles are here to stay. velomobiles are merely an addition to the garage. An addition, not a replacement.
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