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Otavi Railway

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>A special 7-tonne (6.9-long-ton; 7.7-short-ton) rail motor coach was built for an anticipated visit of Kronprinz Wilhelm in 1914. A 6-cylinder Daimler-Benz gasoline engine gave the car a speed of 38 metres per second (120 ft/s) (137 km/h or 85 mph) and the title of the fastest 2 ft (610 mm) gauge rail car

>ywn sit in the dining car of a 2' gauge train watching the wilderness of German Africa speed by as you eat your schnitzel and drink your ice cold glass of Windhoek

Why live
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Why do we still use boats again?
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Average cyclist weighs 200 lbs

Average car weighs 2000 lbs

200/2000 = 10%

cyclist contribute to 10% of overall road damage yet pay 0% of the road repair cost

and they wonder why "cagers" hate them....
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>he fell for the "urban" bike meme
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This car as been involve in multiple roberies. Can any car bro help identefie the make and model and possibly the year appx?
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give this car a character
like how the miata the fiero and 91 cavalier are like that bitch named becky
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Fill in the blank, /n/!

>If the longest ride of your life was less than ____, then you are a shit-tier cyclist.

My answer: 100km. A 100km ride doesn't make you a good cyclist by any means, but at least you're above the ultra-casual tier. Once you hit 150km it's mildly respectable.
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New thread for 2-6-0