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Best place to by bike parts

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I need a new wheel for my bike(Giant Roam 3 Hybrid)

what is the best place to buy it? Quick google search brought up nothing, is ebay the only option?
Maybe have a local bike shop order one?

ty bb
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Everyday riding

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What sort of bike do you ride /n/?
Why do you prefer it over running?

I have a road bike and prefer it over running. I'm not as fast as cars, but I'm getting better.
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What does /n/ think of Mackinac Island
>only methods of transportation are horse-drawn carriage or bike
>features a state "highway" wrapping around the 8.2 mile perimeter of the island
>85% of the island is state park, with countless trails of various difficulties
Working here seasonally is what got me into biking
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Cargo Bike Thread

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Cargo bike + E-bike system = Cager free experience?
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>live in NYC
>Dont have time or money for motorcycle licence, insurance etc.
>Dirt poor
>ANYTHING is better than the subway
What about something like this? Anything in a similar price range that's better? Anyone used an electric scooter? Could I go to and from school for two years on this or am I dreaming? How long do these things take to charge? Looking to spend $500.

Found it on Amazon
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Bicycle Navigation

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>Try to reach a destination only 30km away
>Plot a route in Google Maps
>Try to memorize it
>Fail miserably, end up in the middle of the woods twice
>Pic related is my current setup (the compass, yes)

So, /n/, i need to get a navigation system.
These are some examples i looked at:

Garmin Edge 520
>Destination can only be entered via Computer/App, not on the device, wtf

Garmin Edge 820
>Everyone says software is terrible and unreliable

Sigma Pure GPS
>No map navigation, only arrow pointing to destination, would have considered that if it could save more than one destination

Sigma Rox 12.0
>My prime candidate so far, although it's a bit overkill

Most of these have way more featues than i need (tons of stats, sensors, online stuff like Strava), my prime concern is navigation, i.e. finding a destination.

So I wanted your input:
Do you have a Bike computer with navigation?
How does it work for you?
Bonus points for Libre/FOSS, or at least it should work with Linux.
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Anyone got some plans for an ultralight? I don't want to pay $50 just to read the instructions and decide I want something else
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Are you a MAMIL

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Strange Locomotive Thread

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If the pilots died would you be able to land a jet liner at 40 000 ft?
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