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roflmao, I just went to the homepage for a second and found a board that's almost completely bicycles and bike memes. hahaha, I'm genuinely laughing at this trash. Anyone got any good bike memes?

pic related-ish, just imagine it with a regular manpowered bike
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I want to get this for cruising should I ?
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Newfag here, what should i look for when maintaining a bike? Are there specific products i should look for? Also DIY/maintenance help thread.
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Marin Hawk Hill

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Hey guys looking at getting a new MTB. Would like to step it up to FS. How's this rig look? I would like a single gear up front. Not 100% about going FS, currently have a 29er hardtail and it's just old and clapped out and needs new crank arms, shifters, brake cables and housing, and the fork is busted
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Calf bite fuck ups

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I was off on an adventure today, and had to do an unexpected stop. Somehow I ended up with my front chainring sinking into my fleshy right calf. I needed to go into hospital for sutures.

I rode home (gently) but won't be doing anything aggressive for at least 5 days. Kind of sucks because I've got a 200km brevet Sunday after next.

Apart from not fucking up, are there any tips for avoiding chainring bite? Lots of MTBers seem to use bash guards, thinking of picking one up even though they're not very sexy.

Pic related, it isn't me but it's what my calf looked like until the paramedics sewed it back together.
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Props to my Turboprops

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Any love for these highly successful aircraft on /o/ ?
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Are adventure bikes a meme?
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Bicycle Racing

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So, I know about those ridiculously long road races and about downhill mountain bike racing. What else is there? I want to ride for fun but I'd like to get into something a little more competitive down the line.
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how can I own a 1930's to 1940's Twin Piston Prop. Fighter plane and not blow it out my ass with money
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