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why can't the US long-distance rail?

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Trains are really cool. And they can be faster, cheaper, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly than cars. So why is there no high speed rail in the US? For such a big country, wouldn't that be ideal interstate transport?
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Bike Touring Routes

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27 y/o American here. I have some money saved and I'm selling my business in the next few months. I'll be doing some traveling with friends and family afterwards, but I also want to do a few long distance bike tours and I'm trying to find some interesting routes.

Places I'm considering
>Full length of Japan with some exploring and longer stops in towns I really like
>Mississippi river trail
>Continental divide

Any other tours I should add to my list?
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slaughterhouse type chain conveyors

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Could chain conveyors like this be used as public transit by people in dense urban areas?

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Majoring in urban planning rn and everyone's telling me that it's a waste of money and that I'm gonna be fucked by the end of it. Is it worth it lads? Is there anything else besides the civil engineering combo because I am a brainlet
Also for those of you on the job are there as many bugmen as there are here? Just wondering
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How would you fix America's public transport crisis?
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Land ship

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Hi /n/,
crossposting from /trv/ here.
I have wondered for a long time if it is possible to link sub-Saharan Africa, say Lagos, to the mediterranean with a faster, higher-capacity link than nomads on camels (or lorries, but afaik the trans-Saharan roads are very unreliable for business purposes, sandstorms, robbery and such). The large masses of sand make me envision some sort of "land ship" - high capacity goods transport, faster than the detour ships have to take around the western atlantic "bulge". Think of ocean giant level dimensions. Maybe some kind of crawler like in Star Wars. Or a gigantic, snail like gliding vehicle. I wonder if it's possible, and if it is, why it has not been attempted in history. It would be a feat of engineering not yet seen on the planet, it really excites me. I hope you can further my curiosity, as I may have sparked yours.
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>be depressed and bored
>go to /n/
>get inspired and get a bike
>start cycling to work and back every day
>still be depressed but at least cycling makes me feel happy and less miserable
>thank you /n/
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>wasting money on aluminum wheels when carbon is faster, stronger, lighter, AND cheaper

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Bike mechanic general

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Should we have a bike mechanic general?

Just started working as a bike mechanic a few months ago in a Decathlon store.

We do other things, like customer service on Decathlon-brand items, clothing personalisation, ski aftercare, etc. but bikes are the main part of my job.

It's my first real job, and my first experience in customer service.
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recumbent thread

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Post recumbents and velomobiles
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