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UTA - Le spécialiste longues distances

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Bienvenue, welcome on this thread dedicated to UTA, a defunct french airline dedicated in long-haul routes serving territories of France overseas (notably in the Pacific ocean) and African countries that were part of the french colonial empire.
>Why this thread?
Because I'm French myself, stuck far away from home since a year now, homesick as hell and fondly nostalgic about when homeland was still working properly, compared to the clusterfuck that became France nowadays

Anyways, enough said, I'll start with a few pics of the UTA network
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Please I just want to ride.

>Stay inside, COVID will kill you or wreck your lungs
>Stay inside, SMOKE will kill you or wreck your lungs

What's next? Nuclear fallout?
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Meme Bike?

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Just bought one of these for winter riding, humping around on urban streets, side walks, parks. Any tips? Or did I fall for a meme bike?
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bike prestige

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what are the bike brands with most prestige?
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Thoughts on Priority Apollo?

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I can't find a single review of the Priority Apollo gravel bike online but it's so sexy i just ordered it anyways

Slightly disappointed it doesn't come with hydraulic disc brakes but I'll get over it. I love the design and the gear it has is great.

What do you guys think about it? Should I cancel and get the 2016 Spot Five Points instead, for half the price?
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How many of you guys still know how to use an E6-B.
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Will a company that operates only super-heavy cargo planes C-5, An-124 and An-225 be commercially successful?
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Electric longboards

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Any waterproof boards that dont cost a million dollars?
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>buy a uncomfortable racing bike for 8000€
>this will surely make me faster like the pros!
>immediately gets a flat tyre because carbon fibre can't handle the road conditions
>have to walk home because the shop is closed on sunday
>oh no you're wearing racing shoes and you can't even walk
>wait until monday with your unfixable bike
>show up at the shop demanding answers
>no refunds this bike is for pros only!
>the shop can't even pump it up because it has an expensive kind of race tyre that doesn't work with a normal pump
>tfw you bought 8000€ of junk
ITT: we laugh at racers and their stupid mistakes
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Okay, this is epic.
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