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Amtrak rainbow era.
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Who was in the wrong here?
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Why are cyclists all elitist assholes?!
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Isolated railway systems

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ITT we talk about isolated rail lines and systems. Can be any kind of railway that's not connected to the mainline, and isn't standard urban rail either (subway, LRT/tram).
Also tell the story of how said line or system came to be and/or why it's isolated from the mainline railways.
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Should I buy an ebike?

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I'm moving to a new area for work, $60k a year. I'm a penny pincher so I found an apartment with roommates for $600/mo including utilities, which is awesome. It's also 5 miles from my work.

Since that's not really walkable, I'm wanting to bike there, but it's a half hour ride and I'd like to get there a bit sooner. I'd really like to avoid firing up the car for a measly 5 mile commute every day though, so I found an ebike on craigslist for $550 (retails for $2200).

Here's the other thing. My Nissan got recalled for the Takatta airbag debacle, so I'm currently driving a rental that they provided for free - meaning I'm essentially putting no mileage on my own car, for free. Only real cost for me is gas.

So considering this ebike is a good deal and would provide me moar exercise but is still nearly an entire month's worth of rent; should I buy it?
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Why are cyclists a bunch of insolent fools?
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Is 1x a meme?

I can't figure out any genuine advantages of it?
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Transportation Infrastructure

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Pics and discussion of interesting /n/ related infrastructure. Could be bridges, viaducts, tunnels, roads, stations, ports what ever.
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