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>tfw in the future people living under the peril of global warming will see cyclists as enlightened ones ahead of their time and cageboomers as idiots the same way we look at flat earthers today
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Murphy's Law

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What did Amtrak mean by this?
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Why are trains in scandinavia so shit?
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sup /n/
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Voting is your civic duty

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Tesla fag site wants to know why you don’t own a Tesla. What does 4chan think?
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels?
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How to Fix America's Rail Network

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Here's a surefire plan to fix America's failing rail network:
>Break up the major Class Is, redistribute their track to regional, state, and local authorities to better manage the branches of the system and provide employment and service opportunities to communities where the track passes through
>construct interurban and street railway systems in all major cities and integrate them into the regional rail network
>where the track is near large coal deposits, natural gas, and hydroelectric power, electrify the track for improved efficiency and economy
>subsidize passenger and freight operations with a national gas tax
>passenger trains have priority on all track, including mainlines
>all communities over 5,000 population have a guaranteed passenger rail service with trains running at least twice a day
>in order to support the economy, full crew laws will be applied nationwide (5 or 6 man crews for all freight trains, minimum of 3 crew per passenger train)
>railroads must serve any costumer/shipper on their line at cost if requested to do so (like rural free postal delivery)
>ban "labor-saving" technology that seeks to eliminate jobs and reduce safety
>put new construction operations in the hands of Japanese railway engineers to avoid cost overruns, construction delays, and inefficiency

Trains are for people, not profits. Please feel free to add similar suggestions and comment.
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Hey 4channel users, my school is getting rid of ofo's and we want to steal one as a meme and for memories. Eventually we'll repaint it but we need to figure out how to take off the tracker. I wanna be like that guy that toured on it a couple a months ago. Any tips? Ofo doesn't care they're probably all going to trash anyway. Thanks in advance 4channelers!!! UwU

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Bicycles are for faggots.

Get the fuck off the road and get out of the way.

If you wear Lycra you are confirmed unrecoverable and should commit not living.
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