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Cyclist Fashion

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What is fastest, cotton, polyester, nylon or spandex?
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Why the fuck do bus networks in car-friendly areas still exist?
Riding the bus is inferior to a car in literally every way if you can afford a car, it turns buses into gathering places for gross druggie poors and turns people off from public transit in general.
Unless you live somewhere with traffic so dense that taking a car is near impossible, there should not be buses. NO ONE chooses the bus when their car is an option.
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>Elon Musk is the only one that realises our cities need to be 3 dimensional and make use of underground space for transport via tunnels
>Elon Musk is also the only one that wants to use said tunnels for an absolutely fucking retarded quasi taxi pool with all of the disadvantages of cars and none of the advantages
Why does it have to be this way
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Any TTTE/Railway Series autists on here?
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We all know they’re the best tyre

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But what is it, exactly, that makes them so good?
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Sailing away to antartica

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Hello, /n/! I want to sail away to antartica. I'm from Mozambique. And I have 2500US$ as a budget to buy a boat. The problem is i dont know where to buy it and how can I bring it to my country. So can /n/ help me?
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How to train hop?
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