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continued from >>1039026

I couldn't have asked for better conditions for my Commercial MEL tomorrow. And I've already flown with this check pilot for the same flight, (he did my End of Course ride for a 141 school)

But hey look what I found while planning from RCM to OKC >picrelated
Who says he's only into the Airlines when he has V-way Intersections named after him?
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The /n/-Region

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The great country of 4chan houses many independently-operated regions. To the east, there's the /a/-region, to the south the /b/-region, and many others.

What does /n/ look like? How's the government? City design? Demographics? Geography? Or dare I say.... the transportation systems?
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Detroit's QLine rail vandalized before it is even open to passengers. They can never have nice things
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Did I get fucked over by my LBS?

I own a Surly Staggler (similar to pic related), I have done 9,000 km since I bought, been riding it no matter what the weather was like.

Took it in for a service and said fix brakes (replace rotors and pads if needed), tune gears, and fix anything else that needs doing.

I picked it up and the bill was £240.

They changed the BB, upgrading it to a Ultegra, replaced headset bearings, changed both rotors and put in new pads, changed chain, replaced cassette, and one gear cable.

Did I get cucked? (feels like I did)
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Formal cycling shoes

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I will start an internship in a consulting company in a couple of weeks and I need to dress myself somewhat formally.
The company is very close to my apartment and I want to ride there with my work clothes and not have to change them once I get there, since I don't think they have a shower or a changing room.
If I wear formal shoes on the bike, not only will it be very uncomfortable, but I'll also ruin and scratch them all the time.

Is there any cycling shoe that can sufficiently pass off as formal shoes? I've been looking for weeks but I can't find anything. What do ge/n/tlemen wear to go to work? Or do you just say fuck it and change clothes when you get there?

TL;DR: are there any cycling shoes that can pass off as formal shoes?
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Fuck electric bikes

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Why the fuck is this pile of shit $3000?
Its just a mini bike frame with a $100 electric motor.
Seriously why?
For 3k i can buy a motorcycle and have 2k left over and get 100mpg. With the ability to go over 25mph and have a ranger longer than 25 miles.
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I gotta vent, guys.

>spotted some roofing nails on the road as I was riding
>decided to turn around (nobody was around me at the time) to pick them up
>I was riding slow in the left lane on the wide shoulder looking for the nails
>cyclist up ahead is riding towards me now since I'm in the oncoming lane
>some cars are driving by so I decide to step off the road to let the cyclist pass
>I'm standing still on the side of the road off my bike and the cyclist is still riding
>the guy begins yelling to me before he's even up to me that I should "Be on the other side of the road!"
>for some reason he swings wide off the shoulder and into the lane
>doesn't slow down, doesn't look behind him
>he's only looking at me and yelling
>right at the time he swings wide into the lane, a car passes him
>the car narrowly misses him and has to swing wide
>that car then nearly hits another car head on
>meanwhile I'm standing off the road in the grass stationary
>the other cyclist loses his mind after this
>he skids to a stop and comes up to me ready to get into a fight
>got into a confrontation and managed to avoid having to fight this guy but he was fucking livid
>he claims that if an accident occurred, he could take me to court and I would be liable.

Is this true? Could I actually be liable for a moving collision if I'm standing off the road? Yes, I had been riding in the wrong lane but I stepped off a long time before the guy passed me.
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Would it be feasible to charter an E-unit & some coaches to go full speed on an upgraded 100mph+ Amtrak route?
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Post comfy dashcam videos like these:
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If I could fly

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How big of bird wings would be needed to get a person off the ground?

Would we even have enough energy to lift ourselves? Remember that birds are super light weight and people aren't.
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