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Canadian railroading

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ITT: Post any cool pictures, info or stories regarding railroads and railroading in the Great White North.

Pic related, British Columbia Railway train in 1980.
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Should I go for a 2012 GTR or a '16 Hellcat Challenger? Opinions, suggestions?
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Do people who cycle without a helmet deserve what they get?
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Suggest some upgrades for my bike please.

It's adventure/gravel. Under-utilised for it's true purpose & mainly just used for commute at the moment.

It's Reynolds 725, so not light at all - wouldn't mind losing a few grams where possible...
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Fapable bikes thread.
Post "the one".
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Train stories

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>Driving in the subway
>It's crowded as hell
>Stand up and offer my seat to an old lady
>A little brat jumps on it and laughs
>I slap him and get him out of his chair
>The lady thanks me and some people laugh and applaude

I had a shitty day and old but I feel sorry for the boy.
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Hit n' Run

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What style of vehicle (Sedan, SUV, Pickup, etc.) what be good for running over niggers in Compton?
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/DRT/ - Daily Ride Thread

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Last one just hit limit, winter is closing in folks

Post your rides, post photos of riding, tell us about the ride. Even trainer rides are allowed!

Also - Saskatchewan anon, answer me
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Went to my LBS for spare tubes for my 27,5 inch wheels. MFW this guy never heard of this kind of wheel size.
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The industry will soon push 28mm to replace 25mm just as it pushed 25mm to replace 23mm, mark my fucking words.
>b-but my bike came with 23mm, and I swapped to 25mm when you told me 25mm is fastest, now you say I need 28mm? oy vey, I don't have enough clearance, so now I need to buy a whole new bike, because these narrow tires just aren't fast enough! Here's my 6 million shekels rabbi, now give me that fast shiny new 28mm bike! Oh what's what? I need a fat bike too, cause 5" is just as fast as 25mm? Okay here's more shekels, I'll take a fatbike too! And I'll win all those cat 6s against roadies on this new fat bike!
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