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who was in the wrong here?
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What does /n/ think of the Siemens s70?
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I bought a 1985 Grady White trophy pro to fix up and get back on the water. Should I post my progress here for you guys?
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What the fuck is his problem?
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Old/Aesthetic Cycling Posters

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Post what you've got /n/
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> Could a “Check Engine” light be coming to bikes? Shimano is thinking that way, and has filed a patent application for using artificial intelligence processing paired with sensors to monitor wear and maintenance of bicycle components.
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anyone have any riding frens?

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if so,,, howd you get them? and not look like a total autist in the process

im always riding alone :(
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This Insane Bicycle is Made From Used Car Parts

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ITT: god-tier biking albums
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How big is Airforce 1?

Just watching the movie. The plane is like 20 ft across. Is that accurate?
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