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/fs/ - Forever Shinkansen

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/fs/ - Forever Shinkansen


>KOM chasing
>Leaderboard miring
>Giving kudos to your buddies
>Going fast
>Having actual proof that you're a retard in general

Forever Shinkansen is /n/'s unofficial Strava club. Join us!
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Texas Shinkansen

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tfw can have nice things

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>FGC (Catalan government railways) will resume service of the historic Gelida Funicular after five years of temporary suspension
>This will cost 1.5 million euros to do major repairs while respecting the antique design.
>it's projected to resume service toward the end of 2018

What is Gelida Funicular
>880m long funicular in a small town in the outskirts of Barcelona
>connects the mainline railway station with frequent suburban service to the town center with intermediate stop
>built in 1924 with second hand equipment from the Tibidabo Funicular in Barcelona which was the first funicular railwayever in Spain in 1901
>so this funicular runs that very first 1901 equipment
>funicular made money until the early 1980's, then it was taken over by government railways
>kept running daily for some years, more recently it was considered a tourist service and only ran weekends and holidays
>has been out of service since 2012

I honestly thought it was kill for good. Feels good to have nice things.

ITT post nice things you've got
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wat do
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Honest question: do you think Penn Station has the dumbest users of any train station? Every time I'm there I feel like my IQ drops. I can't figure out why.

Long Island and New Jersey are filled with well educated, rich people. Why are the people in Penn so utterly vile? Compare it to Grand Central for example. It's a world apart.

Could it just be the space? Tight corridors make people antsy and thus awful?

What's the worst train station you've been in in terms of the people?
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Hang your bike !

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Disused station thread anyone?

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This one here was Headcorn Junction station on the Kent and East Sussex Railway's nothern line to Headcorn 1905-1954.
Anyone else want to talk and share?
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According to this dumbfuck, not wearing a helmet is a way of saying that you don't want to die. As in, her incompetent stance is the complete opposite of the truth.
>I think of my bare [helmetless] head as a sign that says: I am a living creature who wants to keep living, so please don’t hit me.
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/pybt/ - Post Your Bike Thread

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Old ones run its course
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/Bike Questions General/

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Scored this MTB for free from my moving neighbor. I already took off the broken stuff (rack, grip-shifters, rusty cables and housings)
I bought a solid wheelset for this bike for cheap which is compatible up to 11spd, now i am thinking about converting it to a 1x drivetrain. Do i need to change the crankset? to a 2x or 1x? i currently run the stock 3x crankset (as a singlespeed since i dont have shifters atm)
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