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Crankset rebuild advice?

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I pulled this crankset off a Fuji MTB I'm currently in the process of repairing and rebuilding (never rebuilt a bike before), and could use some advice.

I am thinking of either replacing the whole crankset or just the chainings, since the middle one has cracks in it and the others have chipped teeth.

Can anyone recommend where to get a replacement crankset or chainings? I cant find the exact one for sale on ebay. And how can I tell that its the right size? I'm thinking it might be more economical to just get chain rings, how can I tell which ones for sale are the right size? Thanks

Current set is a shimano fc-mc10 175mm
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wow... I can't believe I'm saying this. But Amtrak's livery actually used to not look like garbage.
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Secret Metro

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So apparently Moscow has a whole other metro system in it built for the KGB and other commie shit. Anyone know anything about this? Is this legit

Supposedly pic related is the switch off to enter it.
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Are disc rotors plausible place to shave off weight?

Currently I have some 10$ Tektro 160mms on my Rival 1 road/gg bike.

No one talks about weight differenes in rotors so I suspect there's not much differences in them?
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Project bikes general

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I've this bike since it was new (2008? Fuji Absolute 4.0) and its been sitting in disrepair for a few years now.

I want to rebuild it but have never done anything like this before, I'm not proficient in bike mechanics further than the basics, but figure with this project I would learn.

Last time I attempted to work on this bike around a year ago I tried to pull the cassette off the wheel but couldn't get it loose with a cassette tool. Thinking maybe I should get new wheels at this point. And a new crankset, because it has a crack at this point. And probably brakes.

Does anyone have recommendations of where to look for these parts for reasonable prices? I'm ideally not trying to put more than $1-200 into this or less if possible. Or tips or recommendations of where to start? Thanks. More pics in the following posts.
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>yfw 30 second train interval
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Amtrak Train Decouples

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More bad news for Amtrak... On their premiere line too. What the fuck is going on?

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Yet another deadly Amtrak crash

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Third accident resulting in fatality in two months!


Investigators say the CSX freight train the Amtrak slammed into at a switching yard was in the correct track. NTSB is focusing on discovering how the Amtrak train was switched onto on occupied track.
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I’ve been riding to work a lot more ecently and I’ve run into a problem. On the way there if I wear anything more than a t shirt I get really sweaty, but if I’m just wearing a t shirt at my office I get cold. I don’t want to bring a backpack or anything to put a sweatshirt in. What do?

Also bike commuting general I guess
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Is this the right board for roller coasters?
If so what are your favorite coasters and coaster type?
What parks have the best coasters overall?
>pic unrelated
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