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Wide handlebar upgrade on a older bike

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Hey guys, looking for opinions.

I have a late 90's/early 2000's specialized rockhopper as my entry level beater to cut my teeth on the trails. However, to get the most out of my bike I'm thinking about upgrading some of the parts to make it a bit more capable. One of the upgrades i want is wider handlebars. Is this upgrade worth it on a older bike, or am i better off just using it as is with the older style narrow bars until I switch over to something newer?

Pic related, what I was going to order.
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Post your bike thread.

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No post - no bike.
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Hey /n/ates, just moved to cambridge for 3 months for a summer intenrship.

I got an apartment 2.0 miles away from my internship, what do you guys think is the best method of /n/ to take?

Torn between buying a bike, boosted board (so much fuckin money), and just say fuck it and walk for the 3 months (im kinda fat so it would do me good).

Keep in mind, I'll most likely leave the bike behind if I do that, I live across the country.

>inb4 boosted boards are for dweebos
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What can you tell me about AUTOBIKE?
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Bike with roter

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>pic kinda related

Hello guys, good morning :)

I have a problem and I need the wisdom of /g/..
I want to put like a trailer into my bike and sell shit around...BUT...I need wi-fi to do social wi-fi, but theres a problem..I need to power the equipments
What do you recommend ? Car battery with converter? UPS?

Tell me what you think about it
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How come no one talks about skating in here?
>Skating to work is GOAT
What are you guys thoughts on 3-wheeled inliners?
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Choose one and why:

1) Cyclocross Bicycle
2) Electric Bicycle
3) Motorcycle
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What Airliner?

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Youtube. And then a Microsoft commercial for some SQL server. And then I got hooked on on finding out what airliner this cockpit or flight deck was from. Quite possible a simulator, but for what aircraft? Any Ideas anons?
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I like trains.
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