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Is gravel biking the golf of bikes?
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90s mtb thread

crazy paint jobs
cheap tourers
rigid forks

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Sometimes I really wonder what kind of dork was the man who looked at Schrader valve and thought: "Yes, I should make something strictly inferior".
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Bike seat

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Anybody know what these are?
I pull these off the bottoms of rental bike saddles/seats.
They pop off without much effort & I assume they're to prevent people from sticking their fingers under the lip of the seat.
Please help.

moving to boston

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im have to go to handscom airforce base every day for a job

i notice the 62 bus drives there all the time .

where should i look for apart ments?
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For me, it's the Shay
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State your reasons for not being a massive trainfag chad
And if you are one, drop your best train pics below

This one is a Czechoslovak 475.179 Locomotive nicknamed "Šlechtična" (Eng. Duchess)

Pic taken by me today between stations Praha-Hlubočepy and Praha-Holyně in Prague, Bohemia
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runaway truck ramps

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this is the weirdest shit i've seen all week

the ramp is that long and steep and the truck just rolls up it?
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what are the best meals for multi day bikepacking when you can't get new food and cook every day?
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