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Foothill Gold Line

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I think a busway would have been more cost effective and scalable.
>ridership is below predictions
>over budget
>moves homeless from Pasadena to the SGV
>slowed north south traffic in all cities today couldn't afford a overpass.
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ITT: Brutal mogs of /n/
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What chinese alumemenium can do?
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Rapha Hate Thread

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What do you think of my bucket hat, cool, huh?

Fucking chapeau, cunts!
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Cross-country biking

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Idk whether to post this here or with the degenerate cosmopilitans at /trv/ so here it goes

I'm not interested in being a wageslave, so I intend to roam this great country given to me by 11 generations of ancestors. However, automobiles are an invitation to have yourself shook down by the bandit highwaymen known as police.

Have any of you ever cycled across the country? Slept in the tree line off the road? How do you bring enough food and water with you to get to your destination? Is it safe to travel through the south and southwest during winter or should you hole up somewhere? Which sort of roads are the best to follow? Do you bring weapons of any kind?
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Why don't you own an electric unicycle? I've had mine for a couple months, and as far as last-mile transportation, there is literally NOTHING that compares to the speed + practicality of my EUC. When I'm not zooming at 25mph to class/work/the grocery store, I'm easily carrying it around into class/the staff room/my shopping cart or charging it at home. There is nothing that compares to the convenience of one of these units and basically you are fucking stupid for not owning one already
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Maritime General
big ships edition
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Klunker appreciation thread

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Post klunks
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Have you ever been bullied by a cager?
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