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Daily reminder that Chuck "Based" Yeager is still alive and well
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Helium inside sealed frame

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Why not inject helium into a totally uptight frame? You're guaranteed to travel faster.
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IETs don't like collisions lower than 22.5 MPH

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>Rear ends a HST doing 5 MPH at 15 MPH because the driver is being distracted by the ass TMS
>Crash structures only designed for collisions above 22.5 MPH
>Still out of service a year later
>Good job hitachi, nice "shinkansen technology" train you have there
Read the report here;

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would this be optimal for track speed?
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Are larger cities or smaller cities better for economic growth and a strong middle class?
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S. Korea will allow Korean Air and Asiana to merge

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The S. Korean market regulator signaled such merger is completely out-of-question when it was floated by Asiana's creditors three years ago, but it's now saying it will be allowed given the fact that the airline industry as a whole will shrink not just in the short term but also in the long term.

How do you feel about this? Would other countries follow suit? What if United and American merged? What if Delta with Southwest? Emirates and Etihad? Lufthansa and AFKLM? EVA and China Airlines? Would IndiGo buy out GoAir and Vistara?

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At what point did you realize that "gravel bikes" are just what replaced front suspension hybrids when male inadequacy complex concluded that a front suspension hybrid is unacceptable?

Think about it. You can't refute this.
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haha imagine being such a rickety pile of trash you destroy the credibility of the first, last, and only supersonic airliner, a craft that up to that point had zero fatalities
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Hyperloop feasibility

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How long will take for hyperloop to be rolled out on mass? Is it worth developing nations to skip HSR and wait for Hyperloop?
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