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>tfw saw a cager on his phone while I was out walking earlier
What should happen to """"""""""""people"""""""""""" who do this?


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Transport-related vidya game /vn/, computers in OpenTTD edition
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Got a worksman m2620, 20 inch rear wheel 26 inch front. Fixing it up atm. Anyone got experience with these beauties

Pic related, my new ride with my old one, my tent, and everything I own
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/upg/ - Urban planning general

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Discuss new developments in your city, complain about nimbys and share your thoughts about urban development in general

Building a new capital in the middle of the desert edition
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Any hobos/freighthoppers here? My friend used to tell me about his mind blowing adventures riding freight trains across the American west but I was always too chicken to go with him.

/mtg/ - Model Train General

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Slot Cars Edition
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>riding a bike by a company that also makes hybrids and MTBs
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Has the world ever seen a more attractive turboprop?
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Any other low income people here enrolled in the discount programs for their local electric scooter and bike rental companies?

Most of them charge 15c a minute and some have 1-2$ unlock fees. With the discount program I get 60 free minutes a day for Jump e-bikes, and no more unlock fees for most of the scooter programs and most of them go from being 15c a minute (9$~ an hour) to 4c a minute (4$ ~ an hour).

You email them a copy of your food stamp card and then they change the pricing in the app.
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Daily Ride Thread /drt/

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Old thread
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