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/train/ general

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We're getting too many bikefag threads, so I'm opening a general for any train related discussion that doesn't merit its own thread. That way we'll keep this thread somewhat bumped, like the /tram/ general.

Post ITT any train related
>stories and anecdotes
>history and trivia
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Rail tourism

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What are the most interesting rail journeys out there?
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>The new bridge is estimated to cost approximately $1.5 billion.
>estimated to cost approximately $1.5 billion.
>cost approximately $1.5 billion.
>approximately $1.5 billion.
>$1.5 billion.
Why is the cost of new infrastructure so high?
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How should fare evaders be punished?

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CN + BNSF merger

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It need to happen. Fuck the US government for putting an end to it. It would've been glorious. Imagine the purchasing power.
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You may only post in this thread if you're riding a train.
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Thots on the Fokker F27 Frenship?
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>tfw passing helmet plebs
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Making Trains Teriffic Again

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Add your ideas on how would you improve rail efficency around the world since it is objectively the best transportation system if you discount teleportation or other "interesting" means.
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Please redpill me on the fat bike situation. My wife and I are looking to buy bikes in January, we have done a tour of approx. 1500km/900miles on hardtails with gear through highways, gravel roads, logging roads, rough stuff. I am genuinely interested to find out if the fat bike is something that can compete with a good hardtail that has a front shock. Maybe a short compilation of pros/cons? I would love for my fellow 4channers to help us out with this because usually people out in the 'real world' have no concept of an efficient debate/conversation and get butthurt too quickly.
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