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why isn't this for sale?
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BQG - Bike Questions General

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Old thread is past the limit and I have a question.

How is quill stem height measured? I want a new stem with slightly shorter reach but I don't want to accidentally buy one with less vertical extension. I measured it as 160mm top-to-bottom, but are they typically measured some other way? Clamp point to bottom or something? Most common height is 150mm and I've not found a single one with 160 which is why I ask.
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How much you wanna bet these two are fucking?
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First 737 Max hull loss

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Steam locomotive thread

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Steam engines are way cooler and if given a chance could be cleaner and better that diesel, it's just water boiling and rising up, that stuff happens naturally to water after rain.
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Daily ride thread: Flandrigan edition

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Old thread (no longer updating):

I've riden 36 km today including my commute and my 2 hours of deliveroo riding, it was a good day. Trying to make my best of the early autumn conditions before shit gets Flandrigan.
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Voting is your civic duty

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Tesla fag site wants to know why you don’t own a Tesla. What does 4chan think?
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Boring Trains

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Ugly, strange and aesthetic trains threads are old news. Let's post some boring, uninspiring and forgettable trains.
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/toronto/ thread
we need to keep this general going guys

post subways,streetcars, buses, roads, trails bikes, airports, planes and anything else once it's related to toronto
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Model Train General

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Old thread 404'd a while ago, figured I'd start a new one. Post all of your modeling pictures, creations, purchases, layouts, tips, etc.
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