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/bbg/ bike buy general

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Hello, and welcome to the slopestyle edition of Bike Buy General! This is the thread for asking about bike purchases.
>the dead one >>1536019
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Queen of /n/ forever and always.
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explain why i shouldn't "please"
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How did we become so hated and how do we fix it?
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/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany general - 2020 summer vacation edition

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Old one reached bump limit.

Anything about public or alternative transport in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is fair game.
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/mtg/ – Model Train General

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GWR branchline edition

Previous thread:
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I'm going to buy an electric scooter. Do people buy these like they buy cars? They get the price lower than what they list them?
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Density and transport-related energy consumption.

1/3 of America’s carbon emissions come from transportation.
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Why aren't you scooting yet?
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