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Comfy Saturday Rides edition
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I love public transportation

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God fucking dammit I love public transportation so god damn much. I'm high as fucking shitballs on the train home to my comfy burb while shitposting on my phone and idgaf. Driving is for literal cucks, it's like
>bitch I don't drive like a pleb I have plebs do that for me.
Get on this level cagecucks.
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No wonder nerds like this guy, he's validating their social retardation by saying dumb shit like this.
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When we run out of oil, why not just go back to riding horses instead of searching alternative fuel sources?
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/gag/ - General Aviation General

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Penn Central Appreciation Thread

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ITT: Post rare and not-so-rare Penn Centrals, including predecessor lines Pennsylvania, New York Central, and New Haven. Early Conrail is okay too.

Penn Central is an interesting railroad because it was such a clusterfuck, covered a huge geographic territory, and also because it rostered on some level nearly every first and second generation diesel locomotive model built. It also had some cool and unique electric operations. It's the quintessential 1970s rustbelt railroad.
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/upg/ - Urban planning general

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Colonia claudia ara agrippinensium edition

Previously >>1109637
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Toronto/Ontario Transit General

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Patrick "Outsource the entire fucking Metrolinx to Keolis" Brown Edition
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/MTG/ - Model Train General: RIP Ithaqua Edition

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Old thread 404'd

Post all model train related stuff here. All scales (O, N, HO, etc.) welcome.
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