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old thread nowhere to be found
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Transportation Infrastructure

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Pics and discussion of interesting /n/ related infrastructure. Could be bridges, viaducts, tunnels, roads, stations, ports what ever.
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Bike Touring General /btg/

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broken spokes edition

Post your bike touring stories, questions, setups, advice, plans, or pictures.
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Toronto/Ontario Transit General

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Patrick "Outsource the entire fucking Metrolinx to Keolis" Brown Edition
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What the fuck is the point of the Dirty Diamond interchange for arterial to expressway? Why not use Parclo?
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Opinion on the FUCI?
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fatbike yay or nay?

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Are these things actually worth the investment, or is this just another meme?

I currently have a full-suspension enduro bike, but the local trails are more or less muddy or snow-covered for over six months of the year.
Do fatbikes have any actual benefits in mud in particular compared to normal bikes or are they a waste of money and a funny novelty bikes at best?
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does this board even have any memes? looks boring to me.
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