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/pybt/ - Post Your Bike Thread

Last one is at 300
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/bhg/ - Bike Hauling General

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All the basket talk recently gave me this idea. Couriers, haulers, or people getting their groceries post your rack setups, recommendations, and biggest payloads here
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Could any country today build their own version of the SR-71 or is just it a plane so advanced that mo nation could replicate it?
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How much of an effect did racism have in the creation of the shit american housing layout? Why do we have so many suburbs where it takes 10 minutes to get to civilization and 30min to get to work? I moved from the suburbs into the city and holy shit this is much more efficient. I can walk to 3 restaurants, a subway and 2 gas stations. I can cycle anywhere in town and the surrounding towns. The bus here is great too. About to get rid of my car.

Anyway back to the question
>whites in the cities get advantage at all the jobs and all the pay
>blacks enslaved on plantations
>blacks can finally move around
>build communities in the cities. cities are only place there are any opportunity or protection
>whites fearful of black retribution
>scurry out of the cities into the suburbs. get loan and house pribvilehe. blacks systematically denied housing outside of the city
>whites use privilege wealth to buy cars and afford to commute long distances to work
>blacks relegated to public transport and short distances

You Amerilards really fucked up. Now your infrastructure and transit are garbage and trumps jacking up your gas prices just like Bush did

>muh suburban sprawl snowflake white safe space
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Is that true?
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This tiny piece of metal has caused me so much annoyance. I've gone through 3 tubes, what a waste.
Each time I had done a visual inspection of the tire, then ran my fingers through. Nothing. This third time I must have gone the right angle because this little shitter sliced my finger open.
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Why the fuck would you have a saddle of which front does point upwards?

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It would scrub your balls the whole time. The FUCK is up with that?
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/drt/ - Daily Ride Thread

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As warm weather approaches, the casuals leave their couches.

How was your ride?
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Bike Buying General

Spring is here, shops and craigslist are gonna start getting busy.

Post your local craigslist, height, and what type of riding you're planning on doing.
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