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Toronto Official Thread

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Welcome to the TTC general thread. We are open to posts from anywhere in the golden horseshoe region.

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God bless you all! Long live the city of Toronto!
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2WD bicycles - gimmick or the future of cycling?
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Service between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach starts in July.
Miami portion opens up late August/early September.
Phase II aka the Orlando Leg was set for earlier 2018 but is up in thin air now thanks to some of the counties along the route.
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So inovative

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Why do they do this?
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I like trains.
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Looking to get a new bike? POST HERE. New saddle? Pedals? Chainring bolts? Wanna hear what anons think of your next n+1? Don't know if that Craigslist bike looks legit? POST HERE.

If you're looking for advice from other anons on what bike to buy, don't forget to include your size, price range, local craigslist, etc.

OLD THREAD >>1058263
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Bus routes

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Hello /n/ewbie here

Does anyone know of any reasonably priced round trips from the Central Ohio region to Erlanger KY?

Pic unrelate
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>A reputable bike brand makes a bike with airless foam tires
Has the ultimate lazy shithead bike dream finally happened? Does this mean I can finally build a bike with tires that never need inflating, with a belt drive so there's no chain to rust and a single speed or possibly IGH?

C'mon you gotta admit the idea of a bike immune to flats, rust and chain breaks is compelling. Trading performance for low maintenance is worth in some situations.

So are these tires finally ridable or what's going on here? They're Specialized Nimbus aka Tannus Aither 1.1 btw....
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Maritime General /mg/

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more tugboats edition
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Thoughts on graffiti in transportation?
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