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Am I the only one that uses the locks they give you when you buy a new gun as wheel and saddle locks?

Free, lightweight they fuck up your bolt in your gun so it's not a good idea to use them as intended
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/gag/ - General Aviation General

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privatization edition
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Is it a good idea too ask a girl too go on a bike ride with me?

Nothing to hard we will just go on a trail or something.

Will she think it's extremely boring?
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Final Steam Services

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When did steam services end in your countries?

In the UK where I am from they came to an end on the 11th August 1968, the train pulled was called "The Fifteen Guinea Special"
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/PYBT/ - 'look ma, no paint' edition.
Old thread >>1077222 is dead

My 2007 Ironhorse SevenPoint.
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/mtg/ - Model Train General

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"Prehysteria! 2" Edition

I made this one prematurely since the old thread is virtually unclickable in the catalog.

Old thread: >>1039533
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1980s Aesthetics Thread

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So, there's a chance that if you use youtube fairly regularly the arcane depths of their recommendation system will have given you this video (

Do any anons here have more like this?
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Bike commuting

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I live in a shitty suburb with little biking infrastructure, but I'd like to start commuting by bike at least some of the time. Work is 9 miles away, so it's a bit long but doable.
Most of the way there is a bike path or I can cut through residential areas, but I'll have to go about .75 miles on a four lane road with a 45 mph speed limit and no shoulder or sidewalk. Any advice how to do this safely? People tend to speed around here and aren't used to bikes so I'm a bit worried.
pic hopefully unrelated
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G'day my /n/ignogs. Klaus here. I'm in Zurich once again so here are some obligatory tram pics.

Also I'll be here quite some time, any requests I'll try to comply. This time I have a camera phone or phone camera or whatever, so no waiting for pics.
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Where can I talk about BMX?
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