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HAHAHA Cagers get car wrecks on the news all the time. When's the last time you heard a non cager mode of transport end up with a million casualties per year?
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you become the absolute monarch/dictator of /n/topia, what will your laws and changes surrounding cycling and transport be?
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/gag/ - ( General ) aviation general

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poop edition

Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum.

Previous thread here: >>1336469
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Boomer hate thread.

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I work in a bikeshop and can I say that I fucking hate when some boomer faggot brings something like this into the shop?

It's always some guy who is slightly fat and uses it to go two miles, or a methhead who has too many DUI's to get a license ever again.

List of shit wrong here.
>usually on a walmart cruiser
>coaster brake
>direct drive instead of pedal assist
>500 dollar Chinese engine kit on 50 dollar 20 year old box store bike
>smells like shit
>leaks all over my goddamn shop

And when someone uses one of these on a bike with gears you get this shit:

>twist shifter next to throttle with brake lever now completely out of reach or pointing up into the sky
>throttle attached to brake with a second fucking brake lever right above it, usually interfered with
>fucking electric blinkers and stop lights.
Fucking hell you guys have two arms that tiny Chinese stop light with actual bulbs instead of LED's isn't bright enough to see, better yet differentiate which way you're going.

Shit these fuckers say:

Other fucking shit boomers do:
>it's a fucking 60 year old freewheel that doesn't engage
>it's a fucking purple painted chain on some Mexican bike.
>it's a fucking gas pipe schwinn

Also, fucking also

>handlebars five inches higher than saddle with the saddle totally slammed into the frame
>wd-40 on chain
>fucking literal bearing grease on chain
>pulls out a fucking schwinn stingray or those fucking west coast classic bikes

fuck your entire generation of lazy weekend pieces of shit.
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Cars significantly more dangerous than guns in New York, new data shows

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111 deaths by auto compared to 61 deaths by shooting in the first 6 months of 2019.
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Post Your Planes/Pilot General

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Any 121fags here? Got my ATP initial ride in a little less than 2 weeks but the real stressful part is that they are sending me to DTW afterwards
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Celeb bike thread? Celeb bike thread!
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>new urban infill projects announced every month in every city
>dozens of cities expanding bike/rail/sidewalk programs
>gas prices increasing so cars are used less
>NYC instituting congestion pricing
>climate change awareness encouraging people to look for alternatives to cars
>high-speed rail being built in multiple places

I was born just in time to witness the American infrastructure revolution.
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/PYBT/ - Post your bike thread

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The other new PYBT was started by a cuck, beg for (you)s in this one instead edition

Got new rims for my troll bike. Shimano RS-21.
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Americans Shouldn’t Have to Drive, but the Law Insists on It

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The automobile took over because the legal system helped squeeze out the alternatives.

In a country where the laws compel the use of cars, Americans are condemned to lose friends and relatives to traffic violence. My childhood neighbor was a varsity student-athlete, the president of the junior class, and the most popular girl in school. One day in September 1995, a car crash took her life. She had been driving home on the freeway when her car went across the median and collided with one going the opposite direction, killing both drivers.

In our small city in Michigan—like almost everywhere in America—driving is the price of first-class citizenship. We never stopped to ask whether a different bargain was possible. Since her passing, approximately 1 million more Americans have been killed in car crashes.

In America, the freedom of movement comes with an asterisk: the obligation to drive. This truism has been echoed by the U.S. Supreme Court, which has pronounced car ownership a “virtual necessity.”

>As I detail in a forthcoming journal article, over the course of several generations lawmakers rewrote the rules of American life to conform to the interests of Big Oil, the auto barons, and the car-loving 1 percenters of the Roaring Twenties. They gave legal force to a mind-set—let’s call it automobile supremacy—that kills 40,000 Americans a year and seriously injures more than 4 million more. Include all those harmed by emissions and climate change, and the damage is even greater. As a teenager growing up in the shadow of Detroit, I had no reason to feel this was unjust, much less encouraged by law. It is both.

It’s no secret that American public policy throughout the 20th century endorsed the car—for instance, by building a massive network of urban and interstate highways at public expense.
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