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Just a humble bike salesman

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He doesn't hurt nobody.
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Good Deal for Road Bike? Neighbor too old to ride offered to sell

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Was taking out my bike for a ride when my neighbor asked me what I was riding, I was on an old bike I found on side of the road, never owned a good bike. He said he can't ride anymore because he had knee surgeries and he is in his 70s now, he said he has his streetbike hanging up in his garage for the past 3-4 years. I asked him how much he would sell it for and he said $150 he was gonna put it online for, I offered $80 and he said it's sold. It's a Trek with Gatorskin tires and a top gear seat and the chain looks good, tomorrow he is gonna take it down hanging from the garage and pump up the tires and let me take it for a ride to see if I want to buy it. Is this a good deal, for $80? Should I buy it? I don't know the most about bikes and have never owned a road bike before always rode mountain bikes people were throwing out. Do I buy this?

> Pic is bike flipped upside down hanging from garage I rotated is 180° so you don't have to look at it upside down
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Would anyone be interested in an album of train field recordings

I have some that I've been considering putting on bandcamp as a shitpost, after seeing this I might do it


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>You're in the club and this guy comes up to you, destroys your soft perineal tissues and drains your wallet.
How do you respond anons?

Welcome to "Contact Points General", where we discuss bike components that contact your body to a bicycle, as well as gloves, shoes, shorts, and other clothing that engages you to your machine.

ITT: we ask questions and discuss parts, including cockpit components, pedals, saddles and so forth and their ergonomics, fitting, comfort, and performance. Bike fitting discussions also welcome.
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>be poor student
>seek advice on forums on which road bike to get
>everyone responds with over $5000 bikes

why are cyclists such insufferable gate keeping cunts
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/n/ humor

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Can we have an /n/ humor thread?

Let's take a break from the quarantine circlejerk.
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Best tubular tires for the money

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I need some good tubulars for my vintage tri/TT bike. What would be good tires for $200? I currently have the tires in the pic related.

/mtg/ – Model Train General

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Models of miniature railways edition

Previous thread: >>1430662
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Daily bus thread

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Show me your shittiest commie buses.
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