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Luxury Liners in the U.S. before Amtrak

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of luxury liners before the formation of Amtrak. I’m having troubles finding some good ones. Some good examples would be the New York Central’s 20th Century Limited and the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Broadway Limited. (The file attached shows a surviving fragment of the 20th century limited on an Amtrak train)

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Secretary Pete Buttigieg actually bikes home from work using bikeshare bikes.

Not bad. Maybe he'll realize how much our cities need more bike infrastructure.
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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SL Edition

Old Thread: >>1547545
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Steam Locomotive General

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last one hit text limit edition
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How do I simplify the shit out of this bike?, I wanna go minimalist as fuck

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Transportation, manufacturing, energy and materials autism

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New thread where I talk with myself about certain topics to cope with my shitty life.

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Post you bike thread

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post you bikes

I just picked up this 76 Azuki and i love it
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as smoky, inefficient and underpowered they are, what is it about early diesel passenger locos that is just Aesthetic?
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Moonshot Ideas

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What are your moo/n/shot transportation ideas?

I think Toronto should bury the Gardiner Expressway. Open up 7km of land for urban use while maintaining the "usefulness" of an urban highway.
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Aesthetic Train Stations

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Post ‘em
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