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continued from >>1039026

I couldn't have asked for better conditions for my Commercial MEL tomorrow. And I've already flown with this check pilot for the same flight, (he did my End of Course ride for a 141 school)

But hey look what I found while planning from RCM to OKC >picrelated
Who says he's only into the Airlines when he has V-way Intersections named after him?
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What's the fastest you've ever gone on the flats on a bike? I never seem to be able to break 30 km/h
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/BRT/: Bike Racing and Training, 'Attack Off The Front' edition

Previous thread (currently on auto-sage): >>1041744

IN THIS THREAD, we discuss:
* Training for bike racing (road, MTB, track)
* Bike racing tactics and strategy
* Bike handling skills relating to racing (pacelining, maneuvering within the pack, blocking, when to attack, etc)
* Your races
* Pro races
* Equipment choices (including power meters, heart rate monitors, etc)
* Anything and everything relating to bicycle racing and training

When discussing power, post W/kg (watts per kilogram), not just watts.

If you're new to bike racing and need to get started, you can start with The Cyclists Training Bible (aka CTB); there's a copy of 3rd Edition online you can peruse: (please buy a copy if you like it).

If you're interested in Power Meters for your bike, here's a good article that covers most of the choices available on the market:

If you're interested in doing some reading on basic race tactics and strategy, you can check out the following two books:
"Racing Tactics for Cyclists" by Thomas Prehn
"Reading the Race" by Jamie Smith and Chris Horner

Ask questions, and share your knowledge, expertise, and experience; everyone interested in training to be a better cyclist are welcome.
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Electric Bicycles.

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Has anyone here got an electric bike? I've been looking into getting one but they're rather expensive, especially the higher-end ones.

Are E-Bikes just a meme or are they actually decent for commuting longer distances?
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chain thread!
how often do you change your chain?
(please also declare on what bike and what groupset/drivetrain system it has).
>road bike with 11 speed 105, each 5000km
>mtb with cheap generic shimano stuff, only have done it once, when i killed the original stx rc drivetrain. has like 10000km right now
>bmx with salt who knows what drivetrain. whenever i break it more than once in a 2 month period.

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Fantasy Public Transit Maps

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Hi n/. Wanna have a discussion about autistic fantasy transport maps and planning? I've been reworking the bus network of this shitty town in Germany. Feel free to AMA, give feedback and post your own ideas, plans, and maps.
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O I wanna fly a plane. I did exactly what my parents said. I went to college and got a boring IT job because they told me to. But now i'm a grown man and I wanna learn to fly a god damn airplane.

How do you do it? What's the cheapest way to take to the skies with no experience?
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What's your fav kind of bike rack?

steel hoop, lamp post, wheel holder, something weirder?

convenient bike locking is underrated imo
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Continued from >>823596
Post 'em Airports new thread Mk 11 .... starting with NPS
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