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Pilots BTFO

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Say goodbye to your jobs, you glorified bus drivers. This A350 can take off on its own.

Face it, automation is coming in the next decade and will have replaced the majority of pilots within 30 years. "pilots" will be replaced by technician overseers paid just over minimum wage. Finally we will remove human error from aviation, which accounts for 70% of accidents.
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I swear,
I'm gonna end ordering a big box of these cheap led lights to wear in my car and toss them at unequipped commuters at night for their own good.
For fuck's sake
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Can I use Amtrak without an ID and only the ticket on my phone? Could I show a picture of my ID? Could I do this for a flight? I lost it and do not have time to wait for the replacement.

US is addicted to inferior transportation design

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Cars are noisy, dirty, unhealthy, expensive, and they clutter everything up.
Cars were supposed to make transportation more convenient. But istead of designing transportation around living spaces, we've come to design our life around commutes. Every commercial building needs space for parking spots in front. Every city block needs a big, unsightly parking lot. Two hour commutes doing nothing but staring at asphalt are increasingly common. Even our solutions to problems caused by the ubiquity of personal automobile ownership feel more like patches on a gaping wound; we'll electrify them, build underground road networks, build 20 lane highways, build highrise just to store our cars. And it's been actively harmful in many ways; widespread access to personal vehicles has been an excuse to allow concentration of wealth in cities and thus geographic separation of economic classes.
If we had to do society in the US all over again, we would make it so transportation could be an afterthought rather than an ever present concern for each person.
That's not to say people who are particularly enthusiastic about driving or otherwise live in some exceptional circumstance shouldn't have access to a vehicle. But surely it isn't best that we are averaging more than one vehicle per household.
How did we get here and how do Americans break our addiction to personal vehicle ownership?
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Has anyone tried a "hybrid" motorbike yet?
>electric motor for getting up to speed
>gas engine with tall gearing for cruising and going long-distance, possibly charging drive batteries and accessories
>can pedal if it goes tits up
When it's all said and done, it should cost less than $1000, and get around the issue of bike kits not coming with proper transmissions.
What do you guys think?
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Japanese railway turntable

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Somebody decked Durianrider

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Opened up a couple of days old newspaper and got a page 2 treat.
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Work Bike Innovation Fails

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There is a growing trend that seems to be wanting to reinvent the wheel.

Included in this category of Work Bike Fails is the attempt to "innovate" using any type of configuration that seems "different" to demonstrate the capacity to carry anything they want around town for a quick buck, as long as their Smart Phones are turned on and are feeding them 3 dollar tokens for a few miles of "Customer Service" for a company that does not even exist except behind a facade of a few computerized networks.

I am not against this opportunity to make money by bike, but as a designer and pioneer of this industry, I find that the majority of these newer Work Bikes are somewhat trivial in their addition of numerous accessories.

This thread is for the demonstration of any crappy new design that is falsely marketed for commercial purposes and to critique their design flaws.

Please join me....I know you too have seen this around town in different form.
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Gas car
Electric car
Gas Scooter
Electric Scooter
Gas Motorcycle
Electric Motorcycle
Electric Bicycle

What is the best form of transport?
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Light Rail General

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Post Streetcars
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