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Why aren't you scooting yet?
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Aviation Development General

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What would need to happen for there to be a golden age in innovation in aviation?
Outside of military aircraft, it seems as things have been stagnant for decades, and the only improvements seems to be small iterative ones. If regulation wasn't an issue, what would the next generation of tubeliners, helicopter, and GA aircraft look like?
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What bike lock would you use if you are me and live in Chicongo and you would like to be able to leave the bike unattended for 8+ hours at times?
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Bike theft general!

Hi all, just a quick update from bait bike anon here. Just been informed that the bait bike case from 5th Jan 2020 has completed in court (he skipped bail). He got the following-

>To pay costs of £85 to the Crown Prosecution Service

>Fined £450

>To pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £45

There are two more pending prosecutions.
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ITT: Favourite UK train liveries.

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im starting a long distance journey (200 km ~ 120 miles) tonight what do you think i need
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Have you ever been in a fight with another cyclist?

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Went for my daily ride and ended up getting into a fight with some old Fred who wanted to act like a typical rich asshole.

Have anyone if you anons ended up fighting someone on your bike?
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>nah bro no brakes no gears has to be as light weight and aero as possible
>wears baggy clothes and other accessories
>flat bars
>flat pedals
>is an entitled giant asshole while riding

why are fixie faggots like this
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Cube MTB's for beginner

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I need/want a nice looking bike for daily stuff, maybe some rough roads in the forest or fields with the convenience of a mudguard and luggage rack. Basically an all around bike that is not too expensive. I'm not into to serious biking or planning to.

I've heard good things about Cube bikes from frens, drove theirs and it felt really smooth in comparison to my rusty shitbike I have now. I don't mind an MTB not being optimal for paved roads or whatever and I like the sporty look, although the 2021 paintjobs are not great imo, but alas. I'll probably have the fork locked out most of the time in the city, so I need that.

Is there anything wrong with buying pic related for ~700 euros or is it a fine bang for my buck?
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