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Texas Shinkansen

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>project designed and engineered by the Japanese Central Railway
>initial top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h for the commies)
>engineered for 205 mph (330 km/h)
>AVERAGE speed of 179 mph (288 km/h) even factoring in station stops
>82 minute trip time between Dallas and Houston
>will be fastest HSR line in the world in revenue service (even before 205 mph running is authorized)
>projected to cost $15B-$18B
>private company is paying for it
This is the only true HSR project in America that gets me excited. How can one company get everything so right when everyone else here screws up even the most basic of projects?
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Homebrew Transportation

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This thread will have to do with any type of motorized or pedal assisted road or off-road vehicles that are non-standard, home-made, etc.

Feel free to share & discuss.
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What does /n/ believe happened to MH370?

(/x/ need not apply)
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>Buses will operate in lieu of train service.

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i'm feeling down right now, anyone got any comfy trai/n/ related pictures or videos.

recumbent general

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reCUMbent general.

post everything related to recumbents/velomobiles/cf bikes.
vids. pics.

electric converrsions fully welcome.

baconrider invited as special quest.
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Cagers never change

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>Move to a carless community
>Great, there's no car, you can take bus and ferry to reach nearby urban area and can also choose to take bus or bike within the community to anywhere you want.
>Oh but let's also allow some golf kart running in the community as they are not cars and there's are probably some need for them to travel inside the community that are not satisfied by bus, with a quota system as one won't want their community being flooded with carts
>It now cost 300,000 USD to buy a fucking used go cart with the quota included or cost 1000 USD for monthly rent, just for travelling in between the few facilities in the community and residential area, when there are extensive bus services that are serving all of those facilities directly.
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What train would you name after Anne Frank?

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Post locomotives you'd name after the girl. It can be from any railroad from any era, but it has to be a nice one.
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Now then I love the A380, but in all seriousness does this thing even stand a chance of surviving into the 2020s? Will Emirates keep it afloat?
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

Last thread: >>1268648


If you want help picking out a bike to purchase, don't post here. Ask in >>>/n/bbg
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