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>completely clean my disgusting drivetrain with degreaser, rinse, dry, re-lube
>now chain sounds like it's kinda grinding along when it sounded pretty smooth when filthy
>commute speed has actually increased from ~11mph
to ~11.8 mph

please explain /n/, what have i done wrong
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9 Passenger Turboprop Autogyro

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So in my spare time, I doodle aircraft drawings in mspaint. This is an imaginary 9 passenger utility autogyro with retractable gear which would fit in the same category as the Cessna Caravan and Pilatus PC-12. To me, it's a shame that autogyros always fell in the shadows of conventional airplanes and helicopters and are otherwise mostly restricted to hobbyist pilots in diminutive single or two seat designs. Hypothetically, I would market pic related as a light utility aircraft or business shuttle with extreme STOL performance (note the venturi air scoop on the rotor mast that provides cooling air for the electric pre-spin motor). The rotor can also be folded back for easy storage in a hangar. I've also been pondering a variant with floats but I'm not quite sure how that would pan out.

I figured I should share this with /n/ so that you guys could give it some decent livery (template in next post). In the meantime, we should have an autogyro appreciation thread while we're drawing.
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a/n/ime thread

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Discussion thread for /n/ related anime. Currently airing on Mondays - Yowamushi Pedal S4
Last thread >>1071216
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Old one - >>1149110

post 'em!
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Could airships make a comeback sometime in the 21st century in a niche, luxury travel/leisure capacity?
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/bbg/ - Bike Buying General

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Anyone know a decent and safe /chinacarbon/ saddle? Preferably simple and non-glossy.

I'm building a minimalistic pub singlespeed.
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Bikes and Trains - /n/ Plays Soccer

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Sup /n/. The 2018 Winter Elite AI vs AI soccer Cup is happening right now. We're sitting on the top of Group A after an opening 3-1 win over a former last 16 team in /f/

Bikes, Trains, Trams, Planes, Skyscrapers, Freds, Cripples and a giant can of Bepsi will take the field representing /n/ in our remaining Pool A games against /x/ and /lgbt/

Here's the schedule

>Sunday 18th - /x/ vs /n/ 5:45pm Britbong, 12:45 EST, 9:45am PST
A team /n/ has never officially played. Get ready for some spooky scary skeletons, also known as Chris Froome, and /x/ will be there too.

>Saturday 24th - /n/ vs /lgbt/ 5:45pm Britbong, 12:45 EST, 9:45am PST
A rematch from the Babby Cup Final from last Spring. /lgbt/ won 2-0 in our deepest cup run to date. Revenge would be sweet if it saw us make the elite last 16 for the first time ever

>What the fuck is this
There's links next post
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/upg/ - Urban planning general

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The big black building edition

Old thread: >>1143951
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