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Any forgotten loco's out there or myths about survival of a loco?
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Sup, /n/.

So I got into reading about stitch-and-glue wood joinery, and long story short some friends and I are making plans to build a plywood boat and attempt to cruise down a river for a bit on it.
Most of what I have questions about is strictly /diy/, but I wanted to come to you guys with questions about what sort of boat we want to make.

This would be carrying ~3 people down a calm (hopefully) river. We'd prob rely mainly on the current, but if a small motor could be found cheap enough that might be incorporated. Ideally we'd have some sort of tarp/frame setup to provide some shelter if it rains or if we want to moor up and camp over night.

I know very little about boat hulls, would we want a flat bottom or round, or have a keel? how wide/ long would be sufficient? I was thinking a 15 or so foot craft, but idk how big it would need to be to support 3 persons/supplies.

Not really asking for anyone to supply exact dimensions or anything, but some basic recommendations as to shape or style would be much appreciated so that I could start finding appropriate plans online to start building.

There seems to be a decent community of boat enthusiasts on /n/ so hopefully some of you can offer ideas?

Pic vaguely related, seems like a kind of decent design for what I'm looking for, maybe scaled up a bit.
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Special livery.
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PT thread

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Post the most shitty public transport service in your area
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i have a question for you /n/erds:
what do you travel with on your person?

this is what i carry at work.
yes, i use everything i carry, and the knives are tools and are used as such

pistol is for defense
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Have you guys ever had success picking up a girl on a train/bus/etc? How did you do it?

>tfw you see the same beautiful girl on your train every morning and she gets off on the next stop and she has probably never even looked at me but I'm always sneaking looks at her
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What is your opinion of Brightline, the first privately-run intercity passenger rail system in the US since 1983?
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When will they start flying again? Or something similar?
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The A380 is such an ugly plane.

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I'm glad it's not selling.
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What went wrong?
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