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/mtg/: MODEL TRAIN GENERAL: "The T" Edition

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As always, all model train related stuff and all scales welcome.
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Plane and train images

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This is a thread for posting trains and planes. No bikefags allowed
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Airbus A321LR

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>4000 Mile range
>up to 240 seats

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Comet is Best Girl.
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Maritime General

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Perfidious Competition edition

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You guys think using Uber as a main way of getting to and from work is a good idea? Say if my job is 15 - 30~ minutes away, would it be a dumb thing to do?
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/n/ shit memes thread

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here's some new oc for you transit /n/erds
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/n/ Jerseys - Gen 1.2

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Would you buy this? This may or may not happen, depending on if you guys like it.
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ITT: Post famous people and politicians riding and judge them for their choices in bicycles.
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/gag/ - General Aviation General

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Big planes, small planes, let's talk about planes and everything having to do with them!

How's your flying been going?
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