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Realistically speaking, would it be feasible to simply bury all downtown roads in a city, so that the surface will be reserved for cyclists/pedestrians?
(not in the dumb Elon Musk way, but rather just have all major streets built over)
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/bbg/ - Bike Buy General

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/bbg/ - Bike Buy General

Post what kind of riding you will be doing, your height, inseam if you know it, budget, and other relevant details about yourself and your needs, along with a link to your local Craigslist bike page.

Last thread: >>1287759
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Boeing 787 diverted to New Caledonia with smoke from cockpit: official

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What is your opinion on this type of bi-articulated buses?

Over here there's been discussion about whether the city should build a light rail system or use these buses. The routes and traffic arrangements would be identical in either case, so only the actual vehicle would differ. Both have their own pros and cons

Has anyone rode on these? How does the rider comfort compare to a tram? I looked at some videos and it seems to ride like a normal bus pretty much, but it's seemingly masked as a tram, which is kinda funny. Here's some in action
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Boeing failures

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Post failures made by Boeing. All modes welcome. I've include 1. a plane, 2. a train, and 3. some weird looking beached boats.

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Why do you hate cagers/cages? Tell me your story.
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Post your favorite paint schemes
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Spring is QT girls in halter tops on road bikes

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Who is /n/'s true bikefu?
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Airship thread

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who else loves ''small'' blimps over large rigid airships?

I am an LTA enthusiast and my interest is primarily with blimps, gas balloons and semi rigids.

I've never really believed in super large, massive, rigid, transatlantic, hybrid, cargo carrying pipedreams

pic related, beautiful small russian blimp
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Infrastructure General

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alright this might be a complete mistake but gonna try this anyway.

Discuss anything related to infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways, waterways, trails, etc)
Try to stay on on topic, decent rule of thumb is discussion about specific vehicles of transportation are better suited to other generals (or boards) but talking about any building/structure that is relevant in transportation is fair game
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