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ITT we discuss the objective superiority of steel bicycles
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/bqg/ - Bicycle Questions General

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/CCG/ Cycle Commuting General

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Who here cycle commutes?
Post your bike pics, details of your route.
Any tips or questions for other commuters?
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/drt/ - Daily Ride Thread

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>>1025462 Old thread

Somewhere on the other side of the globe, we are melting Edition.

Post your rides, post photos of riding, tell us about the ride. Even trainer rides are allowed!

I'll start off with a cautionary tale. I've always ridden with just one spare tube (aside from all day affairs) with the reasoning that if I had more flats then I'd just patch them as I went.

What this did not anticipate was a grass patch FULL of fucking goatheads, which ruined both of my tubes utterly and completely.

So yeah always carry two spares folks.
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Is this board friendly to people like me who know nothing about mountain biking but want to get into it?

I live minutes from a mountain biking destination national forest, just moved here. I don't know shit about it and am too old to talk to the hipster bike shop faggots.

It looks fun so just spoonfeed me pls
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What does /n/ think about the United 3411 incident?
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Wooden handlebars reporting in!

Post your snug wooden handlebars to show the filthy steel people what's up.
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Rinsten Spring Seat?

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Is this a meme or what?

t. fatty
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A guy I worked with at a bike shop told me that in some situations, titanium is not as durable as it's made out to be. And that in a full suspension enduro or downhill bike, a titanium frame would break. Is that true?
I don't remember the details, but something along the lines of, if a titanium frame gets a dent, then the frame will be prone to failure at the damaged spot, unlike steel and aluminum. True?
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