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What is transportation like on the Scottish isle of Harris?

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Thought on electric air travel?
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Serious question

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What compels people to paint/write stupid shit on their truck?
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>An Ireland-based entrepreneur is claiming to have invented a power-assisted bicycle wheel that doesn’t use batteries, doesn’t need charging, is not speed restricted and has an infinite range.
we got too cocky bros!

Air travel

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Why are dirigibles not a thing anymore for common travel?
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Wilderness Beaver Boats

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Oh my goodness I want one.

23ft (7m) long and they somehow squeeze in four berths, oven and stoves, refrigerator, and a shower/toilet room.

I kind of fancy saving up and retiring to a fairly simple life on a canal boat anyway. Maybe.
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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Snail Pace Edition

Old Thread: >>1516734
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ITT: we post bike we're too poor atm to buy, different peoples have different pockets so it's not a "post the more expensive bike" so ill start mine is a Cinelli Vigorelli Road 2020 it's a road bike based on the vigorelli criterium fixed gear frame with a road fork and a fork handlebar to avoid overlap is a 1x11 with a 42t crank and it weighs around 2kg(4.4lbs).
I own a 2x bike but i rarely use the small gear so it wont be a problem plus not having to deal with the front deraileur and cable give a more clean look to the ride and weight just a little bit less.
That purple is just gorgeous so ill keep it like that.
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/DRT/ - Daily Ride Thread

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Enjoy the fall because winter is coming.
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