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Old thread is past the limit and I have a question.

How is quill stem height measured? I want a new stem with slightly shorter reach but I don't want to accidentally buy one with less vertical extension. I measured it as 160mm top-to-bottom, but are they typically measured some other way? Clamp point to bottom or something? Most common height is 150mm and I've not found a single one with 160 which is why I ask.
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Airplane crashes, and near crashes

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How this could happen? Kazakstan maintenance? Huehuejet?
pic unrelated.

Brandenburg Airport

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When will this piece of shit airport finally open? I though the Krauts were efficient?
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Gear hube
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This is how you should illegal ebike riders

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Los Angeles Metro is considering renaming their light rail/subway/busway lines. Currently they are based off colors, but that may change with multiple expansion projects upcoming before the 2028 Olympics. I just did the survey and chose to have all lines named after a letter.

>How would you rename them?
>How do you rate this concept map?
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How much you wanna bet these two are fucking?
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Steam locomotive thread

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Steam engines are way cooler and if given a chance could be cleaner and better that diesel, it's just water boiling and rising up, that stuff happens naturally to water after rain.
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bike theft is probably the most epidemic contemporary crime
could / should we end bike theft by making it a terminal or at the very least mortal offense with active security mechanisms(ie bike bombs)

PTNF Appreciation Thread #1

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Planes that never flew thread.

Let's have a thread series dedicated to honoring aviation marvels that could have changed the aerospace world as we know it, but sadly had the plug pulled before they even had the chance. Gone but not forgotten.


>aircraft must be serious proposals from real manufacturers and not just outlandish pitches from either retarded engineers or aerospace enthusiasts
>aircraft who's development was cancelled, but managed to have one or more prototype test flights are disqualified (thus they technically did "fly)
>global rules and local /n/ rules apply don't be a faggot.

Starting with a classic: the McDonnell Douglas MD-12, or the plane the A380 wishes it was. It would have been the first real competitor to the 747 and would have solidified the supremacy of the American aerospace industry, but complications with MD fucking up the cargo door design on the DC-10 made customers never trust them again and led to the entire company going under. They were bought by Boeing in 1997.
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