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it's 2017, why no nuclear powered trains yet?
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what's a good bike lock?
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what's /n/'s opinion on fixies?
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Why aren't we using teleportation portals yet? We need to stop wasting our efforts on stupid shit like autonomous cars and start working on actual efficient methods of transportation like teleportation portals
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Hey all, I'm gonna be doing a tour from Vancouver, BC through Washington, down the Oregon coast to the redwood forest in cali, and then taking the train to Portland starting in a week. I thought it might be cool to see if anyone here might like to join me for a leg of the tour / a ride / some beers while I pass through! Anyone in the area down?
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Bike touring general

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I'm doing my first bike tour in a week, it will last for up to 1.5 months. This will be the most noteworthy thing I've ever done in my life. I've never travelled before so I'm a bit nervous. I just started riding recreationally last week. What advice can you give to me?
I will camp out in nature and wash myself and my clothes in lakes. I'm not sure how I'll this will happen so I'll practice a bit beforehand. I've read that dishwashing soap is the most multi-purpose soap, should I bring this instead of a detergent? What tools and spare parts for the bike should I bring with me? What clothes should I use?
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Old /PYBT/ has hit the bump limit: >>1087580

I'll start: I've owned this MTB frame for a decade now and this is the first time I've ever actually put knobby tires on. Gonna go and do some rigid dropbar mountain biking this week.
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Tarragona Railway Chaos

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Hi /n/
I come to tell you the story of how the railways in and around Tarragona (medium sized city an hour south of Barcelona) are getting screwed bigtime.

First a bit of background:
Tarragona is relevant because it's part of the "Mediterranean corridor", a hypothetical freight and passenger mainline which is being upgraded/built along the mediterranean coast in Spain. Tarragona also has a relatively important port.
The idea is to have high speed passenger services, and freight service in both iberian broad gauge and standard gauge, so that freight trains can continue all the way across europe. This is one of the main corridors designated by the European Union.

When the Madrid-Barcelona high speed line was built, it wasn't supposed to stop in Tarragona. But responding to local pressure, the line was detoured and a station added. However this station is several km outside of the city, which now has the central station, used by conventional (broad gauge) trains, and the high speed station.

Pic related is the current layout: In red, conventional broad gauge, in blue HSR. Dottet blue projected new HSR line. The circles with yellow and black stripes indicate temporary speed limitations due to track in disrepair.
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