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/n/ Jerseys - Gen 1.2

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Would you buy this? This may or may not happen, depending on if you guys like it.
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Boats / Jetski General?

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Lets talk boats and jetskis you /o/tists.

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I noticed something very curious. Sorry for the blurry photo, it's the best I can do. I drew a line in Google Earth between Aurora Municipal Airport and Chicago Executive Airport. The line crossed right over DuPage Airport and Schaumburg Regional Airport.

I know very little about air travel. Can someone explain why airports would be positioned like this? Specifically what part of the airport is lined up?
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/pybt/ - Post Your Bike
Theme: Cheap shitty bikes you have owned
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> Be me
> Ausfag train driver
> In command of 5,000 tonne coal train
> Stopped at red signal. Environmentalistfags have vandalised signal - pulling electrical circuits out so signal shows red meaning I have to stop.
> Have parked shitty 1999 Mitsubishi Pajero with "STOP ADANI" painted on side across tracks in front of train - can't see vehicle but know its there.
> Enviroterrorists have climbed on lead locomotive and strung "STOP ADANI" slogan on banner across the long hood of unit and are now dancing and cheering on top of it.
> Been waiting two hours for police to remove Envirofags. Police just standing around like idiots.
> Have radioed Network Control Centre to tell them about delay, didn't tell them about the vehicle in front of my locomotive or envirofags dancing on top of it.
> Network Officer advises me to proceed through red signal with caution - we are allowed to pass signals showing danger providing the signal has been deemed defective by Dispatch - albeit only at a 15km/h speed restriction until we reach the next signal.
> Get up from controls and exit locomotive to advise protesters we are leaving - if they don't get off my locomotive and move their car I am going to push it out of the way.
> Protesters jeer at me.
> Shrug, close cab door, sit back down at controls.
> Punch deadman, push reverser into forward, blip the horn, throttle up to Notch 5.
> 4,270hp of pure, unadulterated power begins to roar.
> Hear shouting - open window, police are shouting and waving hands at me - shrug at them. Protesters scrambling down from the top of locomotive onto gangways.
> Co-Driver leans out window to watch shitty 2 tonne Pajero tango with 140 tonne UGL C44ACi
> Protesters leap off train and start shouting too.
> Locomotive connects with car and pushes it along track at least 20 metres - eventually tipping it over and toppling it down the embankment. Car's roof is mashed in - total write-off.
> "Sorry - didn't see the vehicle."
> tfw get off with just a warning.
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What technologies will make interstellar travel possible? Just stumbled upon nuclear photonic rockets on wikipedia. Seems cool
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Missing locomotives thread

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Can someone help me? My grandfather went on vacation a few years back, went to a railroad and took pictures of two single drive wheel steam locomotives that looked British. I just can't find anything about them. I also believe they were running. Picture is basically the kind of engine I'm looking for.
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Plane and train images

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This is a thread for posting trains and planes. No bikefags allowed
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ITT: Post famous people and politicians riding and judge them for their choices in bicycles.
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This is why /n/ fails.
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