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Are houseyachts the ultimate and final redpill?
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Fugging California

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Can't eat or drink in transit stations or on transit in California.

When I lived in Japan. Food and drink are everywhere around stations. I would drink beer and chu hai on the odakyu. Eat something from a ubiquitous bread store while waiting on the platform.
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If busses can stop so quickly then why does a train take so long to do so when all cars are using their own brakes?

/mtg/ – Model Train General

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Alex "Ithaqua" Batey Edition
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Save the Paseo, dump Dr. King

>have hundred year old blvd named after the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City
>city council bullied into changing name to MLK blvd to the chagrin of local residents
>put issue on the ballot
>Voters reject MLK, demand Paseo 70% to 30%.
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Yes, I ride a fixie because it's more practical and lower maintenance.

It's like getting back to cycling's roots when you ride a fixed gear bike, I feel like one of the pioneers.

My moustache? I styled it after a photo I saw on pintrest from the 1920's. I guess you could say I live in that era!
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/UPG/- Urban Planning General

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McMansion edition
Discuss new projects in your city.
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hang your bike

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hang your bike
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I'm crippled but not super crippled and all the cripple trikes I've seen feel like super overkill and way to bulky and annoying to be practical. Are there any options that would still be small enough to go on the same paths as regular bikes without being a massive pain and also be easily able to put in a car? Something like training wheels on steroids maybe?
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