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Favorite plane

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I was going to go with the A380 but too common. so ill go with this baby.
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How do you get "in the zone"?

>I hurt myself a month ago because I was too eager, first ride today and almost crashed again in the exact same way.
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Cyclist legs

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Do my legs look muscular or just fat?
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Microcars, people movers etc.

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Are they (or can be) a viable form of transportation, missing link between full- sized cars and public transport?
Let's discuss. Discuss about 1- or 2-people capable vehicles with roofs and engines.
Both modern and historic.
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Electric freight thread. Share your rare freights running under the wire
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Japanese mamachari vs Touring Bicycle

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These bikes are built like tanks, you can ride one through winter weather without winter tires and rain season for years without it breaking down , yet they only cost around $100.

Why the fuck are bicycles so flimsy and overpriced outside Japan? You have to shell out at least 1000$ to get a bicycle that won't fall apart while riding it. Get your your shit together senpai
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/drt/ - Daily Ride Thread

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Out with the unbearable cold and in with the unbearable heat.
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The Queen of /n/
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Gen 1.1 Jerseys

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We're going to re-open the webstore if there's enough interest. If you want a gen 1.1 jersey, send an email to anon3140 at hushmail dot com. If there is enough interest, a webstore will be opened and everyone who emails me will be sent the link. Jerseys will cost $75-$130 (including shipping) depending on style and what country you live in.
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