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GTA West Corridor

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How do you feel about Toronto's new $7B sprawl accelerator?

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What is the blandest airline livery?
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/mg/ maritime general

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non sailor(ing) edition

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Why is maintaining an aircraft so expensive vs an Automobile ?

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>2000-3000 hours required engine amd airfare overhauls costing 30k$ to over 230k$
>every single after flight requires constant checks and fixes
Why don't they build aircraft like cars? Like an 80s Toyota, you get in and start and go for over 40 years with minimal maintenance. I never understood this.
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post your dubiously viable /n/ idea

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double stack tail-mounted engine to minimize drag

-too rearward CoG shift
-maintenance nightmare
-no research about 2 engines sharing a single intake
-engine pod too small to accommodate high bypass engine
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Help me design an ebike

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I love cycling but because of an injury I am unable to do it as much as I'd like, my friend let me have a go on his ebike and it was amazing, so I want to put one together myself.

It'll be used mainly for on road (daily commute) but occasional light offroad (gravel, dirt tracks and grass), so MTB would be best. I would like it to have dual power modes, 250w for everyday use and 1000w 'no pedal mode' for occasional use. Would like it to be as light as possible, so carbon fiber frame and other bits but with one eye on durability, especially the moving parts like gears and chain
Also would like to get best bang for buck, I know it'll cost some but if there are any good deals out there I would take that route.

Shopping list
>Frame - Carbon fiber hard tail
>Wheels - Light but durable rims
>Tyres - Decent for road and light offroad, tubeless
>Disk brakes
>Pedals and crank etc (light)
>Group set, chain - focus on durability
>Handlebars, grips, brake levers etc, saddle and stem (lightness and comfort)
>Motor - 1000w with 250w mode - Quality and durability
>Battery and charger - best bang for buck

Plus anything I missed, also any tips and/or advice you may have would be very much appreciated.
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Custom ebikes are the future

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Listen lads, a decent ebike, and i mean a proper decent ebike what was designed to be an ebike from the off, not a bog standard shitty halfords tier bike with a conversion kit bolted on, a proper decent ebike is going to set you back about 2 grand, and i spent a few weeks searching through them so I know, most of them are pretty shit, for a good one with decent specs, quality frame and components and all that you really should be looking to spend about 3 grand +.


If you buy a very good frame and wheels, because what a lot of these tossers don't factor in is the torque and extra forces these bikes are subjected to, so if you buy a good frame with good forks, none of these cheap fake shock absorbers that weigh a ton and sap your energy, proper rigid forks, good hydraulic disk brakes, you can skimp on the gears, you need some decent quality but you don't need 21 fucking cogs, 6 is more than enough when you have 500w of mid drive power backing you up, a nice comfy saddle etc etc, if you get all that ordered and sent to this little place in devon, they'll build the whole thing for you and put the motor, battery, controller etc in too, all professionally done to high standards etc and the entire thing is going to cost you less than 2 and a half grand, and believe me it's going to shit all over anything they try to flog you on the internet. It'll be lighter, stronger, better at stopping, more efficient, more economical and cheaper and you my son will be a fucking winner for once in your sodding life.

take the custom ebike pill lads and make the halfords jew seethe in despair

Me? I'm putting a 500w mid drive bafang bastard on picrel and there's fuck all you can do about it.
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Name one feature you hate about modern era of transport.

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Name one feature you hate about modern era of transport. Anything.

For me its the pink lights for interior.
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