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ITT: Best Locomotive/Rolling Stock paint schemes
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Meme components

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Good or bad, post parts you got meme'd into buying and wasted money on.

Rivendell meme'd me into buying two sets of XD600 cranks when really any used $20 square taper set from eBay would have been fine. I could have bought two used bikes and stripped the old cranks for the price of one XD600. Peterson, if you're reading this, I will fight you. Pick a time and a place old man. I'm ready
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Transportation that you can live in thread

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Any form of transport that you can sleep and travel in is what this thread is all about.
Lots of photos of weird shit please!
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Bikes and Trains - /n/ Plays Soccer

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Sup /n/. The 2018 Winter Elite AI vs AI soccer Cup is happening right now. We're sitting on the top of Group A after an opening 3-1 win over a former last 16 team in /f/

Bikes, Trains, Trams, Planes, Skyscrapers, Freds, Cripples and a giant can of Bepsi will take the field representing /n/ in our remaining Pool A games against /x/ and /lgbt/

Here's the schedule

>Sunday 18th - /x/ vs /n/ 5:45pm Britbong, 12:45 EST, 9:45am PST
A team /n/ has never officially played. Get ready for some spooky scary skeletons, also known as Chris Froome, and /x/ will be there too.

>Saturday 24th - /n/ vs /lgbt/ 5:45pm Britbong, 12:45 EST, 9:45am PST
A rematch from the Babby Cup Final from last Spring. /lgbt/ won 2-0 in our deepest cup run to date. Revenge would be sweet if it saw us make the elite last 16 for the first time ever

>What the fuck is this
There's links next post
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Do Americans not know what bikes are?
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Sydney Trains Megathread

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In Australias most populated city, the commuter train network has completely collapsed over the past 2 weeks. I'm surprised no one here is talking about it.

No real explanation or resolution as of yet but heres a basic run down.

New scheduling increased the amount of trains on the network, even using 40 year old EMUs on the most busy city lines. Mass congestion and other factors (understaffed, strikes, older less reliable trains) have lead to ~50% of the services cut days with no trains running on certain days.

Sydney trains has advised people who commute for work to take their leave.
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Anyone know a decent and safe /chinacarbon/ saddle? Preferably simple and non-glossy.

I'm building a minimalistic pub singlespeed.
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Continued from >>1069094

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #13, starting with HKG
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Bike customization thread

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50 bucks replaced my stolen fixie with this cheap AF but unused ""mtb"" on a hurry one year ago.
It's time to do a paint job and replace some components so I can go riding this spring without people laughing at me.
Already got rid of shitty no-brand stickers.
I will post some concepts I made in Paint
so you can help me decide.
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SB 827

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will this be enough to fix transit and sprawl in california?

picture related: what we don't need more of.

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