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/FGG/ - Fixed Gear General

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For all the fixie fags.

Post your sleds and ask questions or show off purchases.
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big bike small space

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how do the poorfags of 4chan store your bikes when not riding them?
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>HDI 0-60: Everyone walks or rides a donkey
>HDI 61-90: Everyone now wants a cage and "Man Utd" branded apparel
>HDI 90+: Everyone wants to ride a bike or take mass transit

How do we mentally escape the "middle income trap", /n/?
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You're not a leglet are you? Prove it, lemme see yo flex
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Buying Panniers

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What types of panniers do you all use? My front ones are finally dead. They were 40 years old and it's time. I'm looking to buy new panniers, but there is nothing out there.

It's either $250 ortilebs, shitty $40 meme tandem packs, or $150 "vintage" eBay sets. I'm thinking of just biting the bullet and buying the sport packer plus, but are they worth it?

I'm going to be touring Japan in September/october. So I'm worried about rain. It just seems like ortileb has a total monopoly on the pannier market.

Pic related is my current setup. Thanks.
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Post Your Planes/Pilot General

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Any 121fags here? Got my ATP initial ride in a little less than 2 weeks but the real stressful part is that they are sending me to DTW afterwards
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/tram/ - Old Stuff Edition

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Post trams, tram engines and interburbans/DMU's.
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Why U.S. pedestrian deaths are at their highest level in almost 30 years

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>wider roads, sprawling cities, heavier traffic in residential areas due to navigation apps and increasing distractions from digital devices. And according to victims’ families and safety advocates, the problem is a crisis state and local governments have been slow to address.

>If you try to walk a street, you will spend a good 10 minutes without ever seeing a crosswalk.

Pedestrian fatalities are at their highest since 1990.
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/NGG/ Narrow Gauge General

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Since the last narrow gauge thread escaped my bump, I have decided to make a new thread. I know plenty of you /n/iggers love narrow gauge, including myself. I will start out with the most beautiful of Colorado's 36" gauge railroads: the Rio Grande Southern. Get a load of the scenery and the loop that made Ophir, Colorado "famous" in railfan circles. RGS 74 is just departing Ophir's station presumably after dropping off goods, mail, and some passengers.
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