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Dutch Train Thread

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Love the way these look.
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How can I intimidate cagers that ride to close to me or go left in front of me? What's some sort of visual repellent? Do I need to carry a big baseball bat on my back?
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Are these tires good?
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All aboard the Cirnobus, the #1 bus in all of Gensokyo!
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Have you ever vomited as a direct result of cycling too hard?
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Hey guys, How do I get a smoother ride? I want to achieve that smooth as butter feeling when I ride? I've owned a few bikes over the years, of all types - cruisers, road bikes, mountain bikes - but none of them have ever had that feeling of absolute smoothness when pushing the pedal, like as if I were gliding as opposed to riding. Where I live there's also a lot of rough roads/worn concrete so I'm sure that factors in, but I know it's possible to overcome that and achieve a ride like butter. How do into smoothness? It goes beyond basic maintenance, I've cleaned/regreased/replaced all the bearings, I've tried different crank setups, but nothing has given me that smooth "riding on air" feeling, yet.
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Bike Touring General /btg/

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broken spokes edition

Post your bike touring stories, questions, setups, advice, plans, or pictures.
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also meme thread
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