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"This airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys."

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Fucking Wall Street et al. must think the rest of the world are stupid 737 MAX rename requested

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Just change the name hoss. That'll fix it.

We have entered truly epic levels of business retardation. Spread the word amigos. The tards need to understand that shit doesn't just go away because you pin a new name on it.
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Buy Bike General (last thread is dead)

2018 foil 20 vs 2020 supersix
both used, foil is ultegra and 7.5kg(16.5lbs) , supersix is 105 and 8.3kg (18.3lbs).

supersix looks nicer in real life tha in pics- so its basically a newer heavier worse groupset (but i believe better frame design, this is just a hunch due to several testimonies ive heard), vs an older beter groupset bike.

what should i do? foil is a bit more than the supersix, but not by far.
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/wmg/ Wheel Mainintence general

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-wheel truing
-wheel building

Post resources, ebooks about wheel building etc. about the most mesmerizing aspect of bike mainintence.

What is your rationale when truing a wheel? Is it best to handle it from spoke tension or just "make it straight"? I was truing wheels by using the frame and pads for years without a tensiometer...what a dumbass I was.
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>why would you bother using e-bikes

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I can't be the only person here who enjoys using rental dockless e-bikes they have now in many big cities.

This picture explains why people would use them when regular bikes also exist.
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how can enginelets even compete?
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Traveling by Cargo Ship

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Has anyone ever traveled by Cargo Ship?
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Weird Wings

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Can we have a thread for completely WTF aircraft designs? Bonus for obscure design proposals that never left the drawing board.

Pic related. This was an actual serious pitch by Lockheed in the 80's. I don't know how ground crew would be expected to fit this boi through the hangar door. I guess it could have doubled as Godzilla's cockring.
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