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>have an electrified high-speed rail line connecting chicago & milwaukee that consists mostly of private, double-tracked right-of-way
>let the company fail and sell it all for scrap money
>50 years later, Amtrak & Metra dodge freight trains over 2 separate lines to provide the same rail coverage at a fraction of the frequency and speed
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/BBQ/ - Bike buying questions 2k17.1

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Post questions about buying bikes here.

I'll start.

Got a Boardman Road Sport with Claris as a Winter/Commuting/Take Away To Work Away With In Back Of Truck bike recently. Been in denial but its a size too big for me. Its in good condition I reckon I can get £200 for it second hand. Was looking for a replacement of a similar cheap Claris/Sora second hand bike around the same cost. A guy I know is selling his Spesh Diverge A1 with Claris, good condition in my size, for £275. I've not really ever thought about the whole adventure bike/gravelbro thing before but it looks versatile and it isnt any heavier than the Boardman which is managable. Also, I often work away in places with bad roads. Should I do it, if I can sell my bike?
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sup /n/

I got a mini velo for cheap (150 dollars) second hand

what now?

pic not related
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Trackless Trolleys/Trolleybus General

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Hello /n/, recently a trackless trolley line in my city re-opened after being closed for ~5 years for road reconstruction. Route 73 (Harvard-Waverly) along with routes 71 and 72 were converted from streetcar to trackless in the 1950s, and remain as the last surviving trackless lines in Boston. As we just got a foot of snow I figured it would be cozy to go ride the newly rewired 73 line. Here are the pics I took.
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Flying Boats Thread

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Post flying boats here

this is a Latecoere 631, if you were wondering.
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But do I post on /o/ or /n/ ?

Ebike or trike thread I guess
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We are all aware of the multi-track drifting meme, but what is the technical term for this type of railway operations error, and what are some real-world examples of it?
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Toronto Thread

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Toronto thread,
At least we have a full first generation streetcar system edition.

TTC and GO transit thread. Post vehicles, routes, future plans and news. Discuss ideas on how to make our transit system better.
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Why are the windows on this thing practically on the floor and half behind my seat? Seriously, who designed these shit heaps?
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For the last six years, I have been using OpenTTD to build a working virtual replica of the UK rail network.

Ask me anything.
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