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a/n/ime thread

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Only buy Long Riders BDs if you want to

Two airplane anime airing in the Winter 2019 season, Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai and Girly Air Force.

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I bought some smaller cranks but they don't fit my chainring. Is there a way to fix this. I assumed it was a standardized thing as they don't give the dimensions of these things.
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Remember the Space Shuttle

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Has there ever been a high speed rail line built before the slower line was electrified?

Train 2: Electric Multiple Unit

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Since the other thread hit image limit a long time ago, and is only just about kept alive by occational text posts, why don't we have another thread where we post pics of trains?
Previous Thread >>1255683

Also: Should we make this a general?
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Milwaukee Road Electrification Thread

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Back by popular demand, ITT we discuss the greatest electrified railroad operation in world history. The proven corporate conspiracy to dismantle and abandon this operation, largely perpetrated from within the company itself by its own top-level officials, is one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever conceived and makes the Great American Streetcar Scandal look like amateurish in comparison.

Gone before its time, but not forgotten, the Milwaukee Road's Pacific Coast Extension lives on in the minds of all who encounter it. This thread is dedicated to the men and women who built and maintained this system, and the photographers who filmed and preserved this unique operation for posterity.
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The best of the worst

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What city in the USA has the best public transit? Here in DC its ok but its really hard to hold the transit authority accountable because they're actually funded by 3 states (Virginia, Maryland and DC itself)

It's miles ahead of back home in panhandle Florida though, where people start foaming at the mouth and screaming SOCIALISM at the thought of organizing a need we all have like moving the fuck around.
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Continued from>>1157476

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #16, starting with LHR
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Commuting with e-bike in LA

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I will be living 1-2 miles away from my workplace. My workplace is right between Torrance and Carson.

Would it be feasible to use e-bike for commute? How do I even check if e-bike is legal there or not?
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I think we can all agree that they are the best bicycle brand outside of America and Western Europe.
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