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Hi /n/

I'm looking for a bike and i have a really big penis. What would you recommend? I am also rich.

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Thoughts on BART?
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What in your guys' opinions would make an ideal city in terms of transportation and layout?
For me its
>super blocks
>trams through main parts of the city
>busses only for outskirts
>light rail only has regional based lines plus lines to neighboring cities.
>stores on bottom residential on top
>key market areas
>underground parking lots
>Electric mail trucks
>proper placement of wide roads
>bike lanes can go through super blocks
My ideas may be shit so lemme hear yours.
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Track Circuits vs. Axle Counters

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American railroads almost exclusively use track circuits to detect trains, with widespread use of axle counters limited to defect detectors.

European railways almost exclusively use axle counters to detect trains, with use of track circuits limited to station platforms and broken-rail detection.

From what I've read, Axle Counters are cheaper to install than track circuits but require more maintenance. This seems backwards to me. If that's true, why aren't American railroads leaping to get their hands on that shit?
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Confess your sins, /an/. What is the worst you've done to your pets?
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Im trying to restore this railway carriage. Am i insane?
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Why do people think 53t is a big gear?
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/mtg/ - Model Train General

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Christmas Edition
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Boring Trains

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Ugly, strange and aesthetic trains threads are old news. Let's post some boring, uninspiring and forgettable trains.
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Post your favorite paint schemes
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