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poorfag problems

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>bike I use in my university's town is rusty metal scrap I got for free
>have to use cycle hire in my home town during semesters
>not enough money to save for a decent bike, a new PC and a car
what do

>inb4 fuck cagers
i would only regularly use the car for driving between my dorm and my parents' house once a week each way (just over 100km each way) and for groceries or IKEA
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How do we stop this?

Koch oligarchs killing publi transport prjects around the US
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>go a half mile on a bike
>feel like im gonna pass out n die
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Demonic shinkansen

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so a mag I picked up recently had this sorta demonic shinkansen design, thought you guys might like...
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Crust Punks are evolving. Be Ware!
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Daily Ride Thread - /drt/

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Angry Sun Edition

How was your ride?
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Armchair Cycling Chicken-Leglets

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Prove to me you aren't a larping /n/cel wannabe leglet.

PROTIP: you cannot.
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Anyone here use some kind of skateboard type thing as a serious means of transpo? The distance I have to cover is just 2-3 miles more or less. I don't think it's much. I'm debating between a penny board(pic related) which costs 60 USD and a kickscooter that costs nearly 160 USD. Where I live, the sidewalks can be pretty shit and I don't really trust any drivers on the street to ride on the road 90% of the time, so the scooter may be better with shittier terrain since the kind I'm getting has bigger wheels. On the other hand, it's 160 USD for something that I view as pretty disposable. But I do have more experience riding a kickscooter than riding any kind of skateboard. I used to ride a skateboard for transportation before so I probably can learn it again. My issue is about the terrain I guess. Would it be worth it to pay more and have a more assured method of transportation or should I save money and learn whatever I can to make things work?

Note that maybe some days I'll opt to also use the bus along with the board/scooter to get around if I need to.
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If the pilots died would you be able to land a jet liner at 40 000 ft?
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/trolley/ - Trolleybus thread

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Let's have a thread about the best bus: The trolleybus.

Jokes aside, I was recently thinking how come in the 50's-60's so many cities around the world suddenly got trolleybuses, but then they died out again all of a sudden. Why was that? Why were trolleybuses so popular only for such a very short time?

Are trolleybuses still a good transit option? Are battery buses superior? Or is it actually advantageous to have electric buses that don't depend on batteries?

Talk about new trolleybus systems or extensions of existing systems. Which cities still have trolleybuses, and which cities still care for them instead of letting them slowly die out?
Also talk about past systems.

Pic related is the first trolleybus that ran in Shanghai, which has the oldest continually operating trolleybus system in the world. It started operations in 1917, and is now 101 years old, the only trolleybus system in the world that's a century old.
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