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Boats / Jetski General?

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Lets talk boats and jetskis you /o/tists.

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/n/ Plays SimplePlanes

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Does anyone else on /n/ play SimplePlanes? If yes, share your birds and rate each other's autism.

This game is /n/ incarnate. It's about time we had a SimplePlanes thread.
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>riding my bicycle
>car full of roasties drives next to me
>roasties scream at me from their car as they pass by
What the fuck is their motive? To startle me? Make me swerve into traffic? Why does this keep happening?
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>that 30 year old boomer on a brand name $500 bike

Who are the worst cycling personalities in your area? For me it is the trust fund boomers with their fancy dork disks that they think make them go faster (all it does is cut your leg in an accident)
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/toronto/ General

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TTC font edition

Old thread: >>1090059
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Just the other day I rode the new Brightline train. It was really nice, modern, and for once it's faster than going in your car.

U.S. will never be like Japan, or like Europe, but its the closest thing we got.

How does /n/ feel about this new train in Florida?
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strange things that actually worked

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what strange things have you come up with? techniques, gear, improvisation of any kind. I want to hear about it.
I was riding in texas against the 30 - 40 mph santa anna winds and I ended up riding like the pic for like 40 miles. it worked really well and I was able to maintain 13-15 mph.
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Boring Company

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Has won bid to build high speed rail to O'Hare airport.
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Where did this influx of vans come from all of a sudden?

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These white vans are everywhere now.
And its not just online shopping that's causing it.
How the hell did this grow so out of control?

I think it might be due to companies using vans instead of HGV's because of cheaper employment and less regulation, what do you think?
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Boston North-South Rail Link

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So apparently there have been proposals for a while to dig a tunnel that connects Boston's North and South commuter rail stations, but nothing has ever left the drawing board.

This could theoretically allow continuous high speed rail access from New York City all the way to Portland, Maine. The catch though, is that the MBTA would have to 1) electrify their entire route and 2) scrap most of their fleet of diesel locomotives which would fill the tunnels with toxic fumes, though I'd imagine they'd keep some for the routes that don't pass through the link and buy some electric locomotives for the routes that do.

So this proposal suffers from the cost of enormous capital investment an uncertainty about the benefits to the existing rail infrastructure.

How would /n/ feel this should be done? I've lived in Boston my whole life and only JUST learned about this shit.
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