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What is the most promising theoretical/upcoming public transportation tech? Not just the best in theory, but weighted with consideration of feasibility and infrastructure needs.
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/mtg/ – Model Train General

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OO9 Edition

Previous thread: >>1402617
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Hello /n/

Like many cyclists here, I have had a few bikes stolen over the years. I hate bike thieves and the lack of action taken against them. So, I am going to be setting up my own bait bikes as I live near a top ten theft hotspot. I have a nice shiny road bike arriving on the 1st along with a gps tracker and a rubbish bike lock! Wish me luck :)
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>as you can see from the fact that I am wearing $1200 John Lobbs to pedal my $5000 custom made Tru-Temper Stroopwafel Heerfietserwagon™ I am totally just a down to earth regular guy wearing regular clothes I totally didn't special order from an obscure ultra-expensive Copenhagen "not for cyclists" cycling clothes boutique. Why in fact I haven't carefully planned every aspect of my uncyclist image to ape what I saw on vacation in Amsterdam, this is what the Italians call "sprezz", I'm just a carefree guy who happens to be on a bike, which I just happen to own and is not at all a fashion accessory just like my $120 box calf pant leg holder from lapassioe (that's a brand, you've probably never heard of it, I know it looks just like a $2 piece of plastic from Ali Express, I'm not a fashion slave like you it's about UNBRANDING and ARTISANAL CRAFTSMANSHIP)
>Ugh, your bike has a derailleur? How JUDGMENTAL, what YEAR is it you judgmental NIMBY racer boomer?!? No more zoning! Zoning is like checking your tire pressure, this is not a race, why so racist?! Earth tones brother, do cars come in hi-viz? Of course not because the Stvzo would have said so, oh, you've never been to Germany, you absolutely must some time you would love it. Why are you wearing a crash helmet, they don't do that in Amsterdam! Vehicular cycling is TOXIC MASCULINITY, get that disgusting racing bike out of MY city, this is NOT a race! I am SO chill and unraced, not like those JUDGMENTAL tryhards who don't wear all natural fibers in subdued, earth-friendly colors on their leather and steel UNBRAND custom bikes (it doesn't have a model it was made to order because I am so unique!)
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/ARG/ Australian Rail (and other transport) General

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Surely there's enough of us around we can have a general?

Here's some talking points
- Sydney Metro
- Melbourne Metro
- Cross-river rail
- There are NO regional trains in South Australia and The Overland will probably die at the end of the year, thanks to constant neglect by successive SA governments
- Why the Melbourne B2 is the best tram in Australia and nothing will ever surpass it
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/fgg/ - Fixed Gear General

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astonishingly warm winter edition
post you fixed gear bicycles
talk about fixed gear bicycles
dream about fixed gear bicycles
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*blocks your path*
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This is an statement to let everyone on this board that I have been the person that is insisting on attacking Airbus and anyone who has a positive approach to it.

The reason is that i've been highly frustrated, being turned down by several companies at the end of the internship program selection process, and therefore I am thinking they're seeing my autism and for some reason, I am turned down even if I am qualified for the positions i've been applying towards.

I know there is no ground for actively hating on a company that most likely does NOT engage in bribing authorities or telling their employees to get Boeing's name dirty on the internet. All my comments have an intense hatred simply because I cannot enter the industry, not matter how hard I try. I hate it because I can't join it. Boeing, Embraer, anyone. I just can't. And that's on top of me already having regular episodes of anger where I just find a reason to be angry at someone.

Now please humiliate me for being this fucking stupid and retarded.
Picture unrelated.
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"This airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys."

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