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Chicago to extend Red Line to 130th Street

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>Just spent billions fixing up their current 95th terminal
>the extension will go through only the black ghettos
will it turn those areas around or will the Red Line still be the shittest line to be on at night?
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I did not know helicopters could do this. Stable enough for the blades to be that close to the slope of the mountain. He just parks it there.
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/accidents and disasters/

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Never seen a thread like this here. Post and discuss specific accidents, incidents, or disasters involving roads/highways, aviation, railroads, etc.

This one happened not too far from me back in 1995 in Fox River Grove, IL about 42 miles northwest of Chicago. A commuter train traveling at about 70 mph smashed into a school bus full of high schoolers. Resulted in 7 deaths, 21 injuries. The bus driver, who was a substitute who had never driven the route, misjudged the amount of space on the opposite side of the track and left the back end of the bus hanging over the rails while at a red light.
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New Chinese bus driver seat with improved security. [Wuhan]
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Pan American World Airways nostalgia thread.
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BYD battery electric buses are failure

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>Delayed delivery
>Range far less than spec
>Failed brakes
>A number of other issues including insufficient protection and unsecured lock
Why are they still making buses?
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What's your favourite bus?

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Pic related Enviro 400 MMC.
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>your preferred mode of transport
>your political views
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