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Traffic accident witness thread.
If you saw something awful which can't be erased from your head, post it here.
I'll start it.
>last year
>this place exactly (on the pic), green light for the pedestrians, red light for the vehicles
>articulated bus stands on the left, the right lane is empty
>the lights change, the bus gets green
>two teenage girls jump on the pedestrian crossing from the left, in front of the bus, so it can't get going
>another bus appears on the other, empty lane, going fast (not really fast, but with 50 kph)
>the driver sees the lights just changed to green, doesn't slow down
>he doesn't see the girls crossing because the other bus covers them
>neither do they, because of the same bus
>and suddenly they see each other for a second
>and the bus hits them
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Hey /n/,
I'm cycling from north London to Amsterdam this weekend and its the first time I've attempted that kind of distance.

What do you recommend from your personal experiences?

I'd say I've got a decent inventory list but it all helps. (pic related)
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Streetmix thread!

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Post everything related to Streetmix here.
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Just bought one of these for commuting to work and it's been pretty awesome.
Anyone here have any rideables? Onewheels, boosted boards, electric unicycles, etc.
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels?
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Strange & Extreme Trains

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Last thread hit the bump limit.

While there are many many locomotives that are known, there are those few which are classified as strange, or unique to those.

So, feel free to post images of strange locomotives, or any type of rail equipment which may be considered as "strange" to many.
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Kerr Stuart 0-4-2s

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Have any of you seen, ridden or at least share some interest in them?
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When you guys commute to work/school/anywhere, where do you keep your helmet? Do you carry it with you? Do you look it up on your bike? Also, how do you look your helmet up on your bike?
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Maritime General /mg/

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more tugboats edition
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