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why are aircraft not rectangular? cargo is all packed into rectangular packaging, round bodies waste space, wouldn't rectangular bodies make more sense
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You guys talk about Japan having good public transportation, explain this.
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Well the covid virus seems to have not only killed the collectible bike market, it seems to have made just go away completely.
I have several places I check every day for bikes that fit this category and not one has popped up in months.
I cant even evaluate prices because nothing is being listed.
What the hell ?
Has anyone had any different experience than this?
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Why would someone do this?
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Your local transit

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What is the transit like around where you live? For me it's a bus that runs every 30 minutes and connects to a train station. It isn't the most convenient, but it's a lot cheaper than a car.
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GWR branchline edition

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It's time for new tires. Thinking about changing wheels. What do yall think and which ones yall like
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powermeter talk,

what do you guys think of the magene P325 ?
theresa kickstarter for it, 299 for a shipped dual side+chainring PM, really tempted on buying it, (cant link here cause it thinks its spam, but just google megane p325 kickstarter) .

shall i go for it?
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What's was so wrong about using tap changer wheels on locomotives?
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