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This is a real image of the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg together in flight.

Say something nice.
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recumbent thread

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Post recumbents and velomobiles

Bike gear for winter

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Where the heck do people buy cycling gear? I’ve gone to 5 different cycling shops in my area and they are all just full of bikes with no accessories.

I want to try to start riding in the winter again (used to for school) but I actually have money now and can get some actual bike pants; in sick of putting holes in my jeans. But the measly selection in stores is always entirely stitched in buttpadding which I don’t want. I have never worn any fancy bike gear other than my jersey.

I can’t figure out what gear I need to stay warm but not overheat without trying it on first so I don’t know where to look. My rides will be anywhere from like 30 to 50, wet lots of the time, and it’s rather short 2 miles to work.

Can anyone help me figure out what gear I should get? I havnt biked since early August.
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how long do we have left until stems go negative reach?
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This wouldn't have happened to cars.
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Why are so many autistic people obsessed with trains?
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PYBT - images of bicycles edition

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old thread is FUCKED. so here's my 81 fuji.
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Traction Current + Electric Aircraft

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The future of transportation will be electric aircraft powered by traction current. Power lines are cheap and easy to install compared to all other transportation networks. They can be erected above city buildings, up mountains and across large bodies of water. Automated navigation systems are good at flying aircraft but may never be able to drive cars. Electric aircraft can fly over pedestrians and traffic congestion. The combination of traction power with battery power will give electric aircraft long range, high speed, continuous recharging and the ability to fly anywhere. Power lines connecting cities will carry large aircraft traveling at high speeds. Power lines within cities will carry quadcopter taxis and delivery drones. The future is going to be awesome.
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Play Pong 4 Hong Kong!

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Hey Guys,
One of my close friends built this website called Pong 4 Hong Kong ( and I thought I would help get the word out. It's to help support the movement in Hong Kong through playing Pong. If you beat the AI in a game of 3, the website donates 5 cents per every win. Funding comes from occasional ads, so please excuse them.
Funds made on the website will be directed towards Hong Kong Free Press via Bitcoin, highlighting a potential use case as to bypass potential bottlenecks with sending money through traditional payment processors to Hong Kong.
Anyways, it would be appreciated if you try it out and help further spread the word.
Thanks a lot.