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Have any of you been flipping bikes during the corona virus? I sold off a ton of my extra spare parts hella fast.....bikes have had a sudden demand spike

Killer back pain

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When I stand on the pedals to go up hill I started getting bad back pain in my lower back. Do I need to put more spacers in the front or something? I feel pretty arched over on my bike.
But I'm 5'11" and it's a 56cm bike so it should fit me.
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How long would it take an adult that has never owned a bicycle to become proficient at it?
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Im so fucking tired of US cities cheaping out on rail transit

>grade separation? Nah we gon run it in the middle of the fucking street

>High capacity? nah

>Fast? nah we go slow as shit

>high frequency? Whats that?

>trains having to wait at red lights? sure :)

The only thing ''light rail'' does better is cost and even then its the difference between a few hundred million and a few billion and at that point you shouldnt cheap out cause in the long run you will be stuck with a worse system.
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why is this a thing in so many cities in the US.

w h y
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So I’m getting a pilots license and want to fly an airplane, realistically how old of a plane could I safely fly, for instance what about a 1955 Cessna 150c

/UPG/- Urban Planning General

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Brandevoort Edition

Discuss projects and improvements in your city
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Based or cringe?

>Buys wooden boat, cleans hull and fills up the gaps with cauk
>Hits the open ocean
>Propeller breaks on something, rings someone on the mainland (no radio) tells them the propeller is stuffed and they are heading in to shore, end up not heading to shore but just put along to their original destination, but don't bother letting the person they rang before know
>Person thinks they might be in trouble, rings the cops, cops launch search and rescue operation
>Wooden boat finally comes back into phone range and they find them
>Insist they didn't need any help
>Cops fine the guy for flares, epirb breaches and no license
>Tow him back to calm waters and call it a day
>He moors on a causeway for a bit and has his bike stolen
>Wooden boat sets off again and runs aground on a nearby reef
>Waits for tide to come back in and gets himself unstuck again (probably with more holes than before)
>Heads off just as weather gets real shitty
>Calls cops at 5am saying he's standing in knee deep water, the end

/n/ related youtube channels

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"Is this our guy?" edition

Post your favourite youtube channels about urban planning & transportation so that others can learn more about these subjects.
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