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Maritime General

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Perfidious Competition edition

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Meme components

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Good or bad, post parts you got meme'd into buying and wasted money on.

Rivendell meme'd me into buying two sets of XD600 cranks when really any used $20 square taper set from eBay would have been fine. I could have bought two used bikes and stripped the old cranks for the price of one XD600. Peterson, if you're reading this, I will fight you. Pick a time and a place old man. I'm ready
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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Post interesting infos, images and videos about trains in Japan.
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So i read that clipless pedals basically put the pedals on your shoe and you wear the pedals, that was a huge technological advancement in bicycles. Why don't they take that idea further and move more of the bicycle to your body, so for instance the handlebars could be on your arms and not on the bike and you could wear the seat as pants? Am i on to something?
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Belt drive, good or bad?
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Why dont more people become pilots?

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With high salaries, autopilot capabilities(preparations, liftoff, chilltime, land-time), uniforms etc. it seems as a dream job for me.

I would literally kill for ability to fly.

I know there is high entry cost, but u will literally make that in a year when u progress.
It's definetly better than wageslave at soulcrushing customer service job for $8 and hour I think.

Read that there will be shortage of pilots as more and more people are able to fly especially when middle class in 3rd world is emerging and becoming wealthy enough to travel.

p.s. Myself can't be pilot i'm in my 30s, dont have money, have hearth condition. Who should i kill to get my frustration out?
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Night Trains

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Hey I'm looking to combine two of my favourite things. Trains and sex. Does anyone know good night Trains I can go on with my gf?

Anywhere in Europe or North America
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Any messengers here? Been a messenger for nearly half a year now in the seattle area and really love it.

discuss stories of the job and cager rage. talk about how dispatch fucked up. post your bikes, bags, or give tips for how to live off 12 cents a month

JJ dudes and other food jockeys welcome as well
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>STILL not cycling in an /n/ jersey
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This is what happens when marketing comes before common sense and a needless, dangerous technology is implemented in road cycling.

Is the UCI going to wait for the first dead cyclist to ban discs?

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