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Can we talk about mavic for a minute? What's going to happen now? They use a lot of proprietary spokes and shit, and the prices have dropped. Is that the market responding to the possibility of parts becoming unavailable?

Also can I just say how much it angers me that when I google "mavic" it's 90% drone cancer hamplanet neckbeard shit? Fuck drones and fuck drone people. They are almost as bad as unracers.
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Gonna be really interesting to study the effects here.

These street closures were temporary measures during the shutdown but they’ve made them permanent now.
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I have a question bros.
Is there an ideal urban exploration bike? If so, what would it look like?
Something light like a road bike, but not optimized for racing.
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SHA256(Mariko Boot Encryption Key) = 491A836813E0733A0697B2FA27D0922D3D6325CE3C6BBEA982CF4691FAF6451A

SHA256(Mariko Key Encryption Key) = ACEA0798A729E8E0B3EF6D83CF7F345537E41ACCCCCAD8686D35E3F5454D5132

are these tryes a meme? Need new tyres

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I'm due for a new set of 700c tyres for my road bike. What's does /n/ recommend? I've been running continental gp's but i'd rather have durability over olympic race performance
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/n/ humor

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Can we have an /n/ humor thread?

Let's take a break from the quarantine circlejerk.
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Blimp Thread

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hop in dude
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/mg/ War On Trains edition

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>"Remember the Mercy!"
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I almost got hit by a cager today. After he almost hit me, I blocked his path and stared at him menacingly. At first he just had a normal unapologetic expression. After a few seconds he was about to roll down the window because by that point he knew I was mad, so then I rode off. I just wanted to let him know I was mad.
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That's lot of trains.
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