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Coming to Colorado : Japanese Rail System

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You don't know me but I've got an ass ton of lottery winnings that says you'll consider what I have to say.

I'm planning to move to Colorado soon for these particular reasons:

>Fuck California
>Homes are reasonably priced
And most importantly
>Fuck California

However as I've noticed from the home I'm planning to buy out there (newly developed property in the northeast part of Colorado Springs) it's far as hell to drive anywhere. So out of laziness, I'm going to make a transportation company and get the building rights to make a rail system for the city and have it ran like they do it in Japan. No waiting 30+ minutes for a train, these bastards will arrive every 5 minutes. If you're too slow to catch the 8:05 to Academy just off of the I-25, tough titties you're just going to have to wait for the 8:10.

"But jerkass, how much am I going to have to pay to ride these ultra kickass trains?"
.33 a mile. So if you wanna go from the Citadel Mall to Woodman Valley, it's about $2.50. Or you can buy an all day pass for $5. Or a monthly pass for $50 if you're planning to use the rails as your main mode of transport for work and such.

"Wait a minute! Where are these trains coming from? What, are you going to make it?"
As a matter of fact I am. It'll be made here in America, using designs I legally acquired of their current models, because unlike Metrolink I'm not going to import used trains from 1990. You think I'm kidding about that, the trains they used are imports from a couple decades ago because they're that cheap.

"Why should I pay money to be in a crowded train like cattle!?"
You mean besides not having to drive in the snow? How about spending an extra $2 to ride in the Comfy Cabin? Wider seats, leg rests and of course it's a Quiet Cabin so everyone can shut the hell up and enjoy a respite before arriving to their destination.
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Daily Ride Thread /drt/

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old thread >>1279995
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Personal electric transport

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ITT we discuss electric transport like:
>kick scooters
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Are railroads in amusement parks "real" railroads?
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/pybt/ - Post Your Bike Thread

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Eternal Bumplimit of the Velo Mind Edition.

The old thread has been terrible for lile three weeks. Resume your circle jerk here.
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Finally! Spring has arrived and i'll be able to ride around on my bike, feeling the glorious sensation of air pressure!
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Why does this board make fun of E-bikes. They're fun. Plus my knees are fucked after 4 years of college basketball so I like not having to peddle as much.

Just accept the fact that these are a legitimate and convenient form of transportation that deserves its place in the market. I'm starting to think the only people who hate these are people who've never ridden one or insecure cyclists who think these are going to kill their hobby somehow
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how much do you get harrassed riding your bike?Post stories.

Me t everyday.
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Please help me identify year and model (approximate) of a bike. Still looking for frame number on it. It is a Batavus B, vintage.
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