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Free bus services

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How would you feel if your city had free bus services? Do you think having such services is a good thing?

Pic related is the GOKL free bus service in Kuala Lumpur. As a local I've taken it many times and it is alright. The buses are well maintained and frequencies are around 10-15 minutes, only downside is the traffic in certain parts of the city. And it seems that most of the people who take it are foreign workers and tourists.
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Maritime General
big ships edition
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big, beautiful airships

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Autogyro Appreciation Thread

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Hey /n/,

Let's have a thread dedicated to the most underappreciated form of aerial transportation. IMO, autogyros can be quieter, cheaper alternatives to helicopters 90% of the time where hovering performance isn't needed.

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Less known truck manufacturers

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Ginaf, Paul, Astra, Sisu...
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Hi /n/

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It’s about that time!!
>We’re my aerospace engineers at?
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Press F to pay respects for our fallen homie
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> still littering the streets
> still driven by retards
> more companies still being created
> regulation only just now happening in big cities, smaller areas want to pinch every penny they can out of their economy
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>Worst marine disaster in the History of mankind.
>No radar
>Worst waves in the world
>10 dead Americans. 10 I tell you.
>Border line terrorism

What do you think really sank the Fitz?
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me and ma' brahs

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