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why the fuck does no one sell large messenger bags anymore i'm talking 50L+ IE timbuk2 XL chrome berlin pro etc all I can find is backpacks which I fucking loath

am I srsly going to have to /diy/ it and sew something up myself?
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Post your controls
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Hey /t/, my walmart shit bike died and I have a chance to get pic related, a 1980s Raleigh Capri for $150.
Should I go for it? Is it too old?
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Japanese platform door is so terrible!!

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Are there any websites that have steam loco diagrams other than rr-fallenflags? Also steam engine thread. What I'm currently trying to model.
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>go on Surly's website
>see they now have a fat version of the Big Dummy that accepts up to 5.25" tires
I can't fucking stop laughing. This is the ultimate meme bike. It... I can't even fathom a more meme-tier bike. It could be useful in some situations, but it's... amusing. Surly and their fucking meme machines
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Bike touring

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Im thinking of doing a bike tour lasting several months, starting this summer. I don't know much about bicycles except for having used them as a local transportation tool, so I'm unsure of where to start.
I have a budget of 600-1200$ for the bike, the less the better as it will allow me to tour for longer. It could also be stolen so I wouldn't wanna ride around on a luxury bike.

I currently posess a 400$ bike, I think it is a hybrid bike, not sure. I've had it for 1-2 years and the parts have failed several times, so it wouldn't last long on a tour. Should I purchase a brand new bike or just buy new parts and put it on the frame of the bike that I currently have?
I'm also willing to sacrifice speed for longevity, I'm not concerned with moving from point A to B as fast a possible.

And some other questions, I've never used clipless pedals or anything, should I employ this on my bike for my tour? I don't know anything about bike mechanics, what skills should I learn so that I can face the challenges that will appear from crossing hundreds of miles on a bike continuously?
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What's going on with Canyon supposedly coming to the USA? They keep saying SOON SOON SOON but it's already 2017 and nothing. Is it going to happen or should I just buy something else? Are they going to back out now that the US economy is about to get crashed by a drunk driver?
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Hello, this is my first post on /n/
Recently my bike's tire was punctured while I was riding (a fucking radio antennae left on the side of the road penetrated right through it), so I need to replace my bike's back tire. I was going to replace the tire with the tire from my old bike, but I noticed the tires on my old bike are 26 x 1.95, and the tire that needs to be replaced is 26 x 2.10. Is that slight size difference okay or do I need to have the exact same size?

tl;dr can I replace a 26 x 2.10 tire with a 26 x 1.95 tire?
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Post comfy dashcam videos like these:
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