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>"Oh hey Anon! There's one seat left, why don't you join us? :D"
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/int/ - interurban general

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Talk about past and present interurbans.

Suggest what interurbans you'd create or re-create.

We talk about why the interurban is the greatest transit concept ever.
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Just picked up pic related. 2006 Cannondale F400.
Paid two hundred and fifty canadian pesos at a bike swap. How did I do and what do I need to know?
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How do you cycle and wagecuck?

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Former NEET of 7 years here, had to give it up the lifestyle a year ago since my bux got cut off.

I used to cycle at least 5 hours a day, and now due to wagecucking I can only average about 3 tops. My fitness has got drastically worse and I legit want to kms thinking about it. Although I never competed professionally or had a dedicated training regime I used to be able to win most the the time and got to the point where people recognised me.

I can't stand this wagie bullshit any longer, would I have a chance at going pro?

I have a great bike (Cannondale supersix evo black) but I've never actually trained properly before (or have a smartphone/gps to track myself with), just try and go as hard as I can (unless it's a few days before a race).
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I am Going to Toronto from the States in July and staying a block from Dundas Square.

How is their public transportation, any tips?

I am also bringing my Hardtail MTB to ride around town / local trails, where are some cool places to ride?

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/drt/ - Daily Ride Thread

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As warm weather approaches, the casuals leave their couches.

How was your ride?
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>Get back from daily ride
>Blood is pumping throughout body
>Dong slightly enlarged despite no arousal
>Whip off cycling shorts
>Wiggle enlarged donger around

who else?
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Please redpill me on the fat bike situation. My wife and I are looking to buy bikes in January, we have done a tour of approx. 1500km/900miles on hardtails with gear through highways, gravel roads, logging roads, rough stuff. I am genuinely interested to find out if the fat bike is something that can compete with a good hardtail that has a front shock. Maybe a short compilation of pros/cons? I would love for my fellow 4channers to help us out with this because usually people out in the 'real world' have no concept of an efficient debate/conversation and get butthurt too quickly.
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ITT Post Ocean Liners of the 20th century. Pic related.
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