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Cycling legs

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Anyone shave legs for cycling reasons?
Why or why not?
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ITT: /n/ best memes

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Full Suspension on Everything

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Are gravel grinders mountain bikes yet?
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Philly Bike mob

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This is a 6 lane highway that goes through the middle of the city
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Bicycles, bicycles, bicycles, bicycles, bicycles, bicycles...

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Lets have a thread about electric skateboards.

I preordered a OneWheel+ and I'm waiting for it to show up in the mail.
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What was your first quality bike?

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Ended up scoring a pretty decent hybrid/cruzier bike today

Specialized Crossroads Deluxe, unfortunately its a little big for me, but its my first "real" bicycle and I managed to get it for an amazing deal.

700mm wheels

I think its a bit old as I cant find any crossroads deluxe models made past 2003 2003, which really surprised me because its in really good shape and doesn't look 14 years old so Im likely going to take it in for a once over at my local bike shop

Def need to lower the handlebars quite a bit but cant wait to ride for the first time in forever.
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Where can I talk about BMX?
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how on earth is this insane wackjob so popular?
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Adult Scooters

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Anyone familiar with Adult Scooters that can recommend one that isn't too much money?
Just ordered this one for 75$ but i'm sure there's a better one for less.
I got this one because i don't want some deep crack or a pebble to trip the scooter. That's actually happened to me when i was younger with the tiny wheeled scooters.
>Why not a skate board
Unfortunately i cannot balance on one
>Why not a bike
Too big
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Lets say BR returned. What would you do to fix the UKs transport?

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After that rather enjoyable thread on Amtrak, lets have a go with the tea drinkers.
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