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Name one feature you hate about modern era of transport.

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Name one feature you hate about modern era of transport. Anything.

For me its the pink lights for interior.
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/PYMTB/ - Post Your Mountain Bike Thread

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The regular pybt is a shitshow.

Discuss mountain biking edition.

Finally got it ready for the coming season. Advent X, Assegai, Dissector.

The Rocky Mountain winter still has two more months until the thaw.
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Cage. Hate.

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Cars may have been invented to make moving about easier; but they soon came to be embodiments of forbidden desires. According to Illich, ‘The model American puts in 1,600 hours to get 7,500 miles: less than five miles an hour’ – not much more than he could travel on his own feet. Which is more important today: the use of cars as means of transportation, or their use as expressions of our unconscious yearnings for personal freedom, sexual release and the final liberation of sudden death?
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Avionics porn thread

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Can be civilian too like garmin or dynon
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A fireman’s bicycle circa 1905
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Here it comes.
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How would you react to being on a flight with a black pilot?
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>no car insurance needed
>can drive on bike lane
would you?
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Is getting a pilot’s license worth it? What could I use it for career wise?
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IRL City Builder

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Imagine there was some real life version of Cities Skylines, and you have unlimited resources and power. What features would you add to your city? I would add canals like pic related simply because they look cool.
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