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How to look cool in lycra?

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how can I wear lycra without looking like and absolute gay faggot?
show me what you wear to look more or less heterosexual.
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How many bikes do you have?

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How many bikes do you have?

I have 3, and they all have a unique purpose.
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Elon is killing the car culture as we know it.

Wake the fuck up manlets!!!

In 20 years you'll be fat as fuck connected to your device of choice 24/7 getting driven by an autonomous fat fucker hauler.

I cringe at our future /n/...
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/CCG/ Cycle Commuting General

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Who here cycle commutes?
Post your bike pics, details of your route.
Any tips or questions for other commuters?
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Maritime General /mg/

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more tugboats edition
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Elon Musk just saved /n/

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>Musk’s venture came out of a desire to solve traffic congestion in major cities. The company has a long-term goal of bringing down costs in tunnel construction, enabling cities to build intricate networks running 30 tunnels deep underground. These tunnels could support traditional roads, metro rail, or even vacuum-sealed hyperloops.

Subways. Hyperloops. Everywhere on Earth. On the Moon. Forever expanding across the stars.

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An ode to UK public transport

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Feel free to post anything related to public transport in the UK - including bus, trains, trams etc.

An ode to First Manchester - a marmite situation of sorts

FirstBus' operations in Manchester can be laughable at times, with buses running over 10 minutes late or even not turning up - usually to unknown reasons. Yes, traffic is a major factor and is acceptable - but its when the service is heavily delayed during quieter times which is...annoying to say the least, especially during the evening when the frequency is half hourly.

Despite this, Manchester has quite an interesting fleet of vehicles with the majority being around ten years old or even older (with some nearly reaching the twenty year mark). An example of this is the Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro fleet, with these being the first vehicles of the type in the UK, with them being introduced around 1999/2000. These are now in varying fucked conditions. There's also the usual Wright bodied Volvo stuff found all over the UK, old Dennis Tridents and other usual vehicles operated by First which a cba to mention.
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After one hundred years I have finally found the best song of all time to put on repeat while cycling...

It has...finally...begun....
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What did this poor bus do to deserve this?!...

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All painted up with....with THIS!
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Continued from >>823596
Post 'em Airports new thread Mk 11 .... starting with NPS
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