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from o they sent me here

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not sure where else to go. if you guys cant help nice.
Anyway so i have a bike that is old and im thinking up replacing some parts,aka doing a make over. i have a question my bike is 9 speed. can i make it a 10 or 11, buying the proper parts of course.
also bicycle general thread? pic unrelated
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>In 1990, Specialized tried to sue RockShox Inc, claiming the company's name too closely resembled the bicycle model name Rockhopper[19] The case was ultimately dismissed with prejudice.
>In 2006 Specialized sued Mountain Cycle over its use of the model name "Stumptown" (nickname for Portland), alleging it resembled the Specialized model name Stumpjumper.[20] Mountain Cycle closed doors shortly thereafter.
>In 2009 Specialized had a trademark dispute with a manufacturer of bicycle bags, Epic Designs, now Revelate Designs.
>In 2010 Specialized took NASCAR racing driver & team owner Robby Gordon to court over the logo used for his own "Speed energy drink"
>In 2011 Portland wheel builder Epic Wheel Works was forced to change its name due to potential trademark conflict with Specialized.[22]
>In 2012....

so many rekt by lawsuit there a more weaselish, uninventive and overrated brand?
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Names for Railroads that could have been?

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You smart people who dwell here, give me some names (and possible liveries, if you feel like it) for some railroads that could have been.
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human powered transportation that's more compact than a bicycle

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I'm currently looking for something that I could use to make 10-15 mile round trips in an urban area while carrying groceries or other small loads. Only problem is that I also want to be able to carry it in my rather small car, don't want to mount a bike rack, and don't want something that would significantly cut into my limited trunk space (so folding bikes would also be out of the question). Would a skateboard or foldable scooter be a practical choice for this or are there other choices I should be considering? I figure rollerblades are probably out of the question as far as practicality is concerned.
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Honestly, American suburbs look really comfy to cruise around on a good bike.
Why does nobody else think this Way?
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Philosophy in /n/

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Here is the thread for then great /n/ related philosophical questions of our age.
First of all let us ponder upon the great paradox of public transportation: How is it possible that it is the best, yet at the same timeone of the worst ways to get around a city? (Not THE worst, the worst way getting around a city is carrpooling with a bunch of sweaty fat blokes in a rickety Fiat 500 with a broken AC in the summer heat of August during rush hour),

Pro-transit Cager

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Anyone else like me? I’m a cager who lives in the suburbs, I love cars, working on them, I buy Ford stock and use my truck for all my trips.
But I promote basically any kind of mass transit in America, especially on rails.
Less people in cars means less traffic and potholes for me. Long-term, it’s way cheaper for the public to run transit than build/maintain/expand highways.
I’ve read a lot of the pro-car posts here and I don’t think any of the cagetrolls actually believe anything they write they’re just mentally ill.
Suburbs aren’t even desirable unless the central city they’re anchored around is doing well. So there’s basically every motivation for a suburbanite to promote transit.
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/upg/ - Urban Planning General

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Discuss new infrastructure projects, big real estate developments, and project ideas.
Also discuss what your city needs to improve transportation
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Could airships make a comeback as airborne cruises?

Imagine a cruise over the Amazon rainforest/Rocky Mountains with stops in various national parks
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El Ogro de las americas!
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