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Autistic pedaling

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Guize, I fugged up.

>commuting home
>same time as always
>same people around me
>light turns red
>slowing to stop
>distracted by car changing lanes
>Lose train of thought
>don't unclip
>fall over still clipped in
>laying on curb like retard
>unclip and sort my shit out in front of traffic
>wait for light to change for all eternity
>going through intersection, notice hot chick looking

Please just mock and berate me so I feel better. I know people in cars did it, even if I didn't see them... I guess just need some closure.
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Whats the spookiest /n/ related thing which has happened to you?
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Bike Buying General

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/bbg/ - Tweed Edition

Don't forget to post your local Craigslist and your measurements when asking for recommendations.
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Underground trolleys, /n/?
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Place your bets!

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I'd like to know what the Las Vegas and/or London bookmakers put the odds on this clod lawn-darting himself into the California scrub brush.

Personally, I think that the rocket simply won't fly at all, but rather just spurt to the end of the launch rail, and fall off the end.
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MTB for gf

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Need to get her a better bike, something she will have more confidence riding.

Looking at the Cannondale Catalyst 4 midnight. She loves the color, I dont mind the 3x7 gears, but I dont like the fork only having 75mm of travel. While we dont ride gnarly rough trail, I want an extra smooth and controllable ride for her. The shop that carries C-Dale has lifetime free tune-ups. Ive spent maybe $120 on tune ups over the last 5 years.

Other option is a Fuji Nevada 1.7, or Fuji Addy 1.7.

Im having trouble looking for decent bikes in my area. Just seeing if you guys could help.


She currently rides my old Cannondale F400.
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12 Tools That Can Your Life in a Car Accident

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Check out the article I recently published about the twelve things that you need to have in your car right now.

Stock up, and you might just end up saving your life, someone you care about, or maybe you'll save a perfect stranger.

- The ResqHammer
- Smittybilt Recovery Strap
- Military Grade Poncho
- First Aid Kit
- ResQme Tool
- T3 Auto Rescue Tool
- Light and Fire
- A Wad of Cash
- A Map
- Food and Water
- Charger
- Toilet Paper

To read the full article, please visit our website at https://www.azizilawfirm.com/car-accident-lawyer/12-lifesaving-items-for-vehicle.
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What's your favorite Cessna 172 model and why?
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Other thread is here >>1114253 on auto-sage, so time for a new one.

I'll start. I think I have a problem with my bike's fit. There are two things:
1) When cycling longer distances I start to get low back pain, and
2) I tend to slide off the front of my saddle.

At this point, I've been riding more than 10 miles a day for commuting purposes for years, and recreational rides, too. I think it's a postural problem. Should I move my handlebars back? Do I need a bike with a shorter top tube?

Additionally, I don't have KOPS, maybe the centreline of my knees is about 0.5" behind the spindle. But I can't move my current saddle any further forward on the seat post.

I could go get a professional fitting done, but it's like $150 round here and I'd rather not if I can figure it out myself. I'm considering buying a real road bike, as mine is a "utility hybrid", so maybe it's time to just get a properly-fitted bike?

Thanks guys.
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