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is he right? the more basic the bike the better

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*blocks a cager's path*
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/den/ - German /n/ general

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This is an attempt to get a German general going. "German" refers to the language region, so Austrian and Swiss transportation topics are welcome as well.

Let's start this off with a humorous failure at the Düsseldorf Rheinbahn, who have ordered 43 new trains for their tram network. They however forgot that they have a branch towards Duisburg and let the trains built too wide for their low-floor platforms. The entire order cost around €130 million and the added cost has yet to be determined.

News articles (German):
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>read that cycling can cause prostate or testicular cancer (all that constant shock and vibration from the seat)
>don't want to ride anymore
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/tram/ - tramway general

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Boondoggle folly 19th century technology write your congressman edition.

Starting with DC streetcar, the most hopeless "streetcar" project in the entire western hemisphere.
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels?
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/ETT/ Eternal Tire Thread

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>RIP GP4kSII Edition
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Just got home from a one-month tour of Japan, AMA
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>UK: We're sick of needing to double head 2 shit loco's to haul freight

>General Electric: Say no more

Hate em or Love em you cannot deny the traction power of these fuckers.
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Just bought a car after 6 months no car. Later nerds. RIP some useless thread.
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