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/fag/ - Furloughing Airlines General

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No CFIs allowed.
Come bitch about how we're all losing our jobs in October.
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Question about Truck Drivers 18 wheeler Tractor Trailers

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Can someone who understands trucks please explain this to me:
Is it possible to use the horn so much that it drains the air tanks and brakes activate themselves?

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>gilles berthoud
>chris king
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I think I can. I think I can.I think I can. I think I can.

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What ever happened to these banana farting faggots?
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/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany general - 2020 summer vacation edition

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Old one reached bump limit.

Anything about public or alternative transport in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is fair game.
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Do you guys cycle alot?
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What would it be like to have trains of that size?

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I just got a position on the state board of my union and will need to drive 230 miles 3-4 times per year for board meetings.

Anyway I can prepare to make the drive less sucky and boring?
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Helmet thread #32468

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I wear it to protect my virginity.
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