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/n/ has an airline

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Oh shit, SRB sent this to us

We can start an airline now, how do we start? What's our fleet, home base, livery, etc.?
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I'm looking to get into longboarding because I always walk everywhere and I have shit money for a car so I'm looking to find good info about who makes the best gear for the lowest price
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>we will never reopen all the old railways
>we will never be able to visit any town in the country, in the world by train
>we will never outlaw private vehicles.

I feel so sad.
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Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels?
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Toronto Official Thread

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Welcome to the TTC general thread. We are open to posts from anywhere in the golden horseshoe region.

Official News Source:

Thread Theme:

God bless you all! Long live the city of Toronto!
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/upg/ - Urban Planning General

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Transit-Oriented Development Edition

Previous thread: >>1041128
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Any bike geeks here that can help me identify this Peugeot cadre allege? Serial number y80514286
Help me out bros
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ITT: stupid things you did when you were a noob

>lubed my cassette with chain lube every time I lubed my chain
>didn't wipe down my chain after lubing it
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Distance and fuel

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I know this may sound dumb but I'm bad at obvious shit like this

2 different journeys to work
1 is 6 miles (takes usually around 20 minutes)
1 is 4 miles (takes about 22 minutes)
So the 6 miles one can end up taking less time because it goes over a nice stretch of motorway

Does it mean I am using less fuel because of the shorter-by-time journey?
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a/n/ime thread

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Discussion thread for /n/ related anime. Currently airing on Mondays - Yowamushi Pedal S3
Last thread >>1049912
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