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What's the most climate-friendly way to cross the Atlantic?

Cunard do seven-night liner crossings between NY and Southampton; how's this compare with your average JFK->Heathrow flight?

I know it's a 'shortest dwarf' thing, I'm just curious.
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Why are so many pros so bad at staying upright on the bike?
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Unusual, New, Revolutionary Bicycle Designs And Concepts

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Bicycle Tire
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Why is this thing failing, /n/? Discuss.
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How can we improve the travel-experience in public transit?
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do you have any family members or ancestors who were in transportation? post them here.

pic related, yosef navon got a railway from Jaffa to Jerusalem build under the ottoman empire.
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How often have you broken car mirrors?

Despite how bad the cities are for congestion, their are a lot more jackasses on the roads in the suburbs who won't even check their blindspots.

This year alone i've smashed 3. If you want to drive a 3000lb metal box around like an idiot then i have no compassion
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The Rock

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Press F to pay respects.
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