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Do airplane pilots post on this board? If so, what advice would you give to a new student pilot?
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Have you ever met another /n/igger irl?
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Mountain Bikes

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What do you all ride? I have a Trek roscoe 8 and a bikesdirect bike. I think it’s called a “Monster Gravity” Fat Bike. I enjoy them both. Opinions on off brands like bikesdirect or even dicks sporting goods vs name brand?

Pic is my Roscoe 8
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/PYBT/ - Post Your Bike Thread

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Old PYBT is past 300 and kind of sucked. R8/H8 my bike and post yours.

Who else /drilled/ here?
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PTNF Appreciation Thread #1

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Planes that never flew thread.

Let's have a thread series dedicated to honoring aviation marvels that could have changed the aerospace world as we know it, but sadly had the plug pulled before they even had the chance. Gone but not forgotten.


>aircraft must be serious proposals from real manufacturers and not just outlandish pitches from either retarded engineers or aerospace enthusiasts
>aircraft who's development was cancelled, but managed to have one or more prototype test flights are disqualified (thus they technically did "fly)
>global rules and local /n/ rules apply don't be a faggot.

Starting with a classic: the McDonnell Douglas MD-12, or the plane the A380 wishes it was. It would have been the first real competitor to the 747 and would have solidified the supremacy of the American aerospace industry, but complications with MD fucking up the cargo door design on the DC-10 made customers never trust them again and led to the entire company going under. They were bought by Boeing in 1997.
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how does /n/ feel about the fast as fuck scooter craze?

heavily modified some of these fuckers hit 60mph

they recently got heavily fucked in singapore, effectively getting banned
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Do you trust women pilots?
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Korea KTX high speed train derailed

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Fortunately no one die nor severely injured.
The accident happened on yesterday's morning which was quite cold and thus the rapid temperature drop have been cited as a possible reason for the problem to occurs to the track and cause the derailment.
When the accident occurs, the train was only 5 minutes away from its terminal, still running on a single track section and the speed was just a bit above 100 km/h
This section of track is relatively new, opened last December that it haven't reach its first anniversary yet.
The Korail president seems to think the use of Jacobs bogie have help prevented the train from overturning in this accident and thus achieved zero death nor sever injury
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/toronto/ thread
we need to keep this general going guys

post subways,streetcars, buses, roads, trails bikes, airports, planes and anything else once it's related to toronto
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Anyone know why I saw a CSX locomotive coupled with a CN locomotive on the west coast of Canada?