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Mid to low gears on my bike make weird sounds, but they do work properly.
Pic related.
How do I adjust them to make this weird noise stop?
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What's going on here?
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Thoughts on these guys? Seattle fag and I've seen them around. I'm putting together a new touring rig and, Allah willing, should have enough cash soon.
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everytime one of these fags passes me with their grin on their face, whats up with that??? recumbents are truly the linux of the cycling world
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Do boats belong on /n/ ?

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I'm about to purchase a vessel and have some concerns/questions I'd like to discuss with folks that have more mechanical experience than I .
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Bikes need their own board, just like cars have. They are clogging up true transportation discussion.
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I have 3 free vin check pro credits

give me a vin number and I'll tell you if the car is a POS
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I'm on the standard local non-Acela northeast regional train, but we're still going fast enough to be considered high speed rail (>120 mph), and the ticket was over $100 cheaper just for the half of the route I'm taking. Why would anyone pay three times as much to only save 10 minutes on a 4-5 hour trip? Does it only exist for ripping off people dumb enough to pay for it?
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The pinnacle of bycicle evolution.
I see a group of at least 20 chads riding these every time i go out.
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Hi /n/, /g/ here.
When will the paranoia that my Back Roller Classics will fall off go away?
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