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Other thread is here >>1114253 on auto-sage, so time for a new one.

I'll start. I think I have a problem with my bike's fit. There are two things:
1) When cycling longer distances I start to get low back pain, and
2) I tend to slide off the front of my saddle.

At this point, I've been riding more than 10 miles a day for commuting purposes for years, and recreational rides, too. I think it's a postural problem. Should I move my handlebars back? Do I need a bike with a shorter top tube?

Additionally, I don't have KOPS, maybe the centreline of my knees is about 0.5" behind the spindle. But I can't move my current saddle any further forward on the seat post.

I could go get a professional fitting done, but it's like $150 round here and I'd rather not if I can figure it out myself. I'm considering buying a real road bike, as mine is a "utility hybrid", so maybe it's time to just get a properly-fitted bike?

Thanks guys.
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Toronto/Ontario Transit General

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Patrick "Outsource the entire fucking Metrolinx to Keolis" Brown Edition
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Is there a better rim liner?
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Where to Bike Courier?

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Any couriers or former on /n/? Spent some time doing it last winter and really enjoyed it. I'd like to try it out again in a different city. Any /adv/?
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Electric locomotives general?
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Transportation that you can live in thread

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Lets post them all , rvs , vans , boats, blimps, whatever ya got.
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>riding home on subway from work like every day
>cute as fuck girl gets on train, puts bike against rack, looks for seat, sits down next to me
>could have asked her about her bike, where she's biking, ANYTHING ABOUT HER FUCKING BIKE (I commute bike but that's about it, 10 miles a day, but i could have at least talked about it)
>instead, i sit there with my sunglasses on and pretend to fucking sleep

people with autism levels like mine need to be sterilized then executed. have any of you picked uop a girl on the subway/bike?
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Continued from >>953738
Post 'em Airports new thread Mk 12 .... starting with LHR
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Michael Blast Greaser: great design imo, but is it any good?
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