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Electric airplanes

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Why do I see so many grade crossings in anime? Pretty much any anime I've seen involves a scene where the characters have to wait at a pedestrian-only grade crossing. Are there really that many grade crossings in Japan?
You'd think that a country with such a sophisticated rail system would have universal grade separation at least in the urban areas.
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/n/ shit memes thread

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here's some new oc for you transit /n/erds
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Public transit isn't an option

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>be me
>at home chilling
>car broke
>have to get to an exam tomorrow
>order a bus ticket
>have to walk 13 kilometres to the bus stop
>get on bus, take that for 4 hours
>get to the airport
>take the train downtown
>then take the train to the town with my university in it

All in all its been an 8 hour day for a trip that normally takes 2-3 hours.

Is this reward future we want to live in?
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>cities for PEOPLE not cars
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Apron Bus thread

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Post apron buses
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Comet is Best Girl.
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Paramotor General

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Lets face it.

This is the one and true master tier of transportation.
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Does cycling help take down industrial society?
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