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I bought into the Specialized meme and got these tyres for a bikepacking trip I'm doing in a few weeks. Been commuting on them on Sweden's cycle paths for a couple of months now and have had about 5 flats. Idk if it's shitty tubes, punctures in the tyres or pinch flats but it's frustrating as hell and I feel like I've wasted my money on these. And at €80 for the pair, I expected much better.

Any ideas what could be causing so many flats? I run them at 5 bar (limit is 5.5) and do most of my riding on clean cycle paths, only really ride dirt or gravel at the weekends. I'm gonna try Continental tubes because I never had problems with them on my last tour.

>inb4 go tubeless
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If you could only own one single bike for all your riding, what would you get?
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are nishiki bikes good?
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America's Train System kek

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Could America ever become as rail-heavy as Japan and other European countries? I would certainly love this, but I feel like it could ever happen.
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/n/ Plays SimplePlanes

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Does anyone else on /n/ play SimplePlanes? If yes, share your birds and rate each other's autism.

This game is /n/ incarnate. It's about time we had a SimplePlanes thread.
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Why are American planes so much better looking than Eurocuck planes?
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ITT: Obsolete transportation stuff. Pic related.
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Amtrak: The Thread

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>too politically unpopular to be funded
>too important to be defunded
Is there any way Amtrak can escape the political purgatory it's stuck in?
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>Start cycling into work
>Hot and sweaty mess by the time I get in
>Spend the entire day exhausted

How do people do this consistently
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Maritime General

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Perfidious Competition edition

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