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/ttt/ Tatra Tram Thread

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Show me your Tatras.
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/upg/ - Urban Planning General

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Réseau électrique métropolitain edition

Previous thread: >>1027243
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I've been seeing an increase of R34s in the streets lately. Are these cars being brought in illegally or have these people found a work around? I asked two guys (who were Asian, if that matters) how they were able to import them and they said they weren't allowed to say.
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Japanese Railways General

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Post interesting infos, images and videos about trains in Japan.
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Rock Island thread #2

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It's still going edition.

Old thread
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small mole wrench
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/tram/ - Tram General

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Tunnel Edition.

Post news, pictures, and videos of light rail or trams.

>Tatra T3G emerging from the tram tunnel (under Castle Hill) in Bratislava, Slovakia.
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/mg/ Maritime General

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American Presidential Lines Edition
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Help me buy some pedals.

From wiggle or chain reaction, I need some new pedals for my mtn bike.

The ones I bought last year were too thick and had poor ground clearance. I've sheered off about 1/2 of the pegs.

So the number 1 thing I'm looking for is ground clearance.

(flat pedals obvs)
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