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shitposts / troll bikes / general cluelessness ITT

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CX on the (extreme) cheap

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Hey guys, currently living in Brazil and thinking on making a gravel/cyclocross bike for really cheap since that kind of bikes aren't popular here and the cheapest used one I can find goes for about 1000 bucks.

So, the plan is to get a Btwin Triban 100, which has 700x32 tires and a relaxed road bike geometry, and upgrade the brifters to Shimano Tourney A70 road hoods (yep, they exist).

So with that humble setup I would put some slime to the tires and rock up easily some trails around Belo Horizonte to see which components I need to upgrade as they fall apart

What could go wrong?
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Tugboat thread.
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Need to get a bike to ride to campus. Should I just go to Academy or Walmart?
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ITT: vehicles used for physical removal
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Electric Freight Trains: Milwaukee Road Lives! Edition

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These threads have had some success in the past, so I'm starting another. Post pics and information on electric freight trains ITT.

Pic related, electric locomotives on the greatest electrified freight (and passenger) route ever built in North America, the Milwaukee Road's Pacific Extension. Over 50 years of continuous successful operation, only a massive corporate conspiracy could take it down.
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Jan Heine on the Virtues of Friction Shifting

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>From: Jim Bronson

>What you fail to mention is that the electronic system has the capability to eliminate the need for mecanical cables, which would be an increase in reliability from my standpoint. If it wasn't for cable stretch, we'd never have to fiddle with our derailleurs.

>From: Jan Heine

>The problem you describe is not inherent with cables, but inherent with indexing in the shift levers. Moving the indexing to the derailleurs would solve the problem. The cables could stretch all they want, but the indexing adjustment would not change. However, indexing in the derailleur also would mean that you could use any shift lever. And Shimano invented indexed shifting specifically to make you buy a group, including their shift levers (and freewheel). Then they combined freewheel and hub into a cassette hub, so you had to buy their hub, too. Then they combined their brake and shift levers, so you had to buy their brakes, too. Then they combined their cranks and BB, so you had to buy the set as well.

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When is it time to change hand breaks?

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In my right hand brake, i have to push too much to break, whereas my left hand brake i just have to push a little.

How to fix this?

pic related
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