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Weight Weenie General

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What Just Landed

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Post a picture of what most recently landed at your local airport.
These were the most recent for me, a Beechcraft Premier I on the right and a Citation CJ2+ on the left. Apparently the two pilots were husband and wife, respectively.
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>So you're from 2019 lad? Well tell us, are Britain's railways still the envy of the world?
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/upg/ - Urban Planning General:

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Can't build your way out of congestion edition.

Old thread: >>1294317
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Any experienced train drivers here? What are some things you wish you knew before starting out?
In training myself and I feel like I'm in for making some major fuckups
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is it wroth using?
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BMX :- Show us your whip

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Seems there are some small wheel guys hiding in here, so lets get some BMX porn going.

Build lists are welcomed, shitty attitudes are not.
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college campus transport ideas

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ill be driving to campus each day. but i want to be able to leave my car in one place

i have a sedan so i cant exactly throw a bicycle back there. and i dont wanna deal with a car mounted bike rack. so lets exclude bikes unless you recommend me some kind of compact, disassembling-on-the-fly bike.

the campus is kinda big so no boards either

soooo i need something that
>is fun (maybe motorized)?
>can fit in a car easily
>doesn't make me automatically a faggot
if i have to learn how that's fine
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Why don't they make airplanes bigger?

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No mandatory helmets for kids in the 70s

Did they grow up more resilient and robust?
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