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Internal gear hub
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Half of all grittiness in cities is rusted and rotting rail bridges. Why the FUCK arent these rail companies cleaning up their shit? Nothing says "im in the ghetto" more than a ROW that hasnt been painted in 50 years
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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First thread of Reiwa Edition

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Why is the US and India wasting so much time with Hyperloop?

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Autistic Rail Club just put out a new video on Hypeloop discussing its failings and comparing it to vaporware.
Answered some good points but what I don't understand is why the US and India are hyping this up so much? Is it because their own infrastructure is so shit tier, they think it's just better to skip steps up to non-existent meme transportation? Is it the Elon effect? Video states that Elon paid Rahm Emmanuel like $50K USD to support Chicago O'Hare loop. Or are their governments really banana republic tier? I'd guess a mix of all of the above but that's all my opinion is, a guess. Any retard knows evacuated tube technology is a failure.
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When will the streetcar meme end?

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Weird Wings

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Can we have a thread for completely WTF aircraft designs? Bonus for obscure design proposals that never left the drawing board.

Pic related. This was an actual serious pitch by Lockheed in the 80's. I don't know how ground crew would be expected to fit this boi through the hangar door. I guess it could have doubled as Godzilla's cockring.
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Post coaches/carriages
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I was in my home state of Kentucky and I notice these median strips on almost every major highway I was in. What would you do with them /n/?

I know they’re not as wide in other areas, and some areas are wider, but we could use them for something right?
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Do orange sodium likes work better along transportation routes? Will the new bright white LED streelights and rail lights be worse on everyones eyes?
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