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Was there any other reason other than the diminishing sales to dismiss its service?
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i fucking hate cripples

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why must we pander to cripples
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This is the ideal suburb layout. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Stores within walking distance, cars can pull in without hurting flow of main road. Residential is snug and secure behind stores from loud noise and evil (((corner house))) shenanigans. Bus lines simple and can follow main roads without getting lost in suburbia hell, Residential is grid layout.
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90s mtb - period incorrect memes

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post them and tell us why you like them.

>highly modifiable
>excellent fast handling geometry for commuting
>poorfag friendly + dont look like a steal me bike
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Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the meanings of these words but why is "urban infill" a good thing for low volume quiet towns? Why make traffic worse,why increase crime by having to implement low income housing, why are the residents forced to adapt by riding bicycles or public transportation because of the induced traffic. Why can't these peaceful quiet towns just be left alone?
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Based cycling clothes

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Get passed by a Fred wearing this.
What do?
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Should I switch to bigger tires? I only ride to work.

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>All the brainlets thinking it's a failure because it exploded
>Not understanding what this test just proved
We are going to Mars.
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Touring saddles

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Are Brooks saddles worth it? What are some alternatives, for long days on the saddle?
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Anyone else spend all day reading about bicycles, looking up components, building out a bicycle in Notepad and daydreaming about it, thinking about all those cool trails and adventures you could go on, thinking about flying to Iceland and doing some epic overland journey, or a bikepacking trip a few counties over, but then you realize... Shit. I have no one to bicycle with. I haven't left my small town in two years. I don't drive. I ride the same routes every time. I'm never going to Iceland. I'm never going on these amazing bicycle adventures these people on YouTube go on.

But dreaming about it is better than having no dreams at all.
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