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hi /n/ i want to start bike racing but i am wondering what are the fastest colors? i think red+white+black is the fastest but i am wondering what are your suggestions? i want to make sure i have the fastest colors so i can win. thanks.
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Bicycles, bicycles, bicycles, bicycles, bicycles, bicycles...

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Lets have a thread about electric skateboards.

I preordered a OneWheel+ and I'm waiting for it to show up in the mail.
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Where can I talk about BMX?
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>go cycling with girl
>before ride ask her if her tires are aired up or she needs to use my pump
>says she filled them up yesterday, thinks they're fine
>skinny slicks rated to 120psi
>she thinks they're at near the max
>I check them just to be sure
>they're at about 20psi each
>later, riding with her
>her bike is making noise, I test ride it to diagnose
>turns out it's the headset, needs adjustment/overhaul, I'll do that for her later
>while test riding, discover that her rear brake is bottoming out and has almost no stopping power
>would take like 100 meters to stop going downhill
>she says it's always been that way and she thought it was supposed to be that way
>she even had a LBS tune her bike and they didn't catch it
pic unrelated
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/drt/ - Daily Ride Thread

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>>1025462 Old thread

Somewhere on the other side of the globe, we are melting Edition.

Post your rides, post photos of riding, tell us about the ride. Even trainer rides are allowed!

I'll start off with a cautionary tale. I've always ridden with just one spare tube (aside from all day affairs) with the reasoning that if I had more flats then I'd just patch them as I went.

What this did not anticipate was a grass patch FULL of fucking goatheads, which ruined both of my tubes utterly and completely.

So yeah always carry two spares folks.
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2017 Spring Babby Cup Roster Thread

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Sup /n/. 2017 Spring Babby AI vs AI soccer Cup is happening in May. We have a deadline in about 2 weeks to meet, and before that happens, we need your opinion on what should happen to the /n/ team competing in the cup!

>What the fuck

>Who the fuck

>When the fuck

***** VOTE HERE *****
***** VOTE HERE *****
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What was your first quality bike?

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Ended up scoring a pretty decent hybrid/cruzier bike today

Specialized Crossroads Deluxe, unfortunately its a little big for me, but its my first "real" bicycle and I managed to get it for an amazing deal.

700mm wheels

I think its a bit old as I cant find any crossroads deluxe models made past 2003 2003, which really surprised me because its in really good shape and doesn't look 14 years old so Im likely going to take it in for a once over at my local bike shop

Def need to lower the handlebars quite a bit but cant wait to ride for the first time in forever.
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itt: Granger Railroads

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Railroads for whom a significant portion of their traffic involved hauling farm/grange produce (especially grain/wheat) across the Great Plains & Midwestern U.S. While there's no conclusive definition of the term, it's generally considered to include well-known railroads such as the...

>Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
>Chicago & Northwestern
>Illinois Central
>Milwaukee Road
>Rock Island well as a bunch of smaller, lesser-known & long gone railroads. There are some pretty good railroads here that often get overlooked, so I figured we could have a thread to dump pictures & discuss them.

Let's keep the focus primarily centered on the Midwestern operations of these railroads.
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how do i prevent this body type from happening if i cycle every day?
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