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Why doesn't the UK have proper designated residential parking?

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These are supposed to be 2 way streets?
Why not park on one side, bike lane on the other, and a one way street in the middle?
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Xx~-{Post your garage} - ~xX

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And use your 90s AIM screen name
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Does anyone here have any recent experience riding the City of New Orleans? I'm planning on taking a trip to Chicago and taking the train would certainly be cheaper than flying. Is it nice, or will I mostly be surrounded by meth addicts and melanin enriched gentlemen? I've never taken a train anywhere so I really have no Idea what to expect.
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Collectible bikes thread

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Ok all my efforts at obtaining a Delta V1000 have failed.
I probably missed the boat and need to look for underdogs .
Any idea what this bike will be worth in 10 years? It popped up on my craigslist a few days ago and I have been eyeing it.
Might go see it today.
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van buren arizona

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can anyone give me information on sightings of spiritual or demonic activities in van buren Arizona?
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Continued from >>1069094

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #13, starting with HKG
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Maritime General

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Perfidious Competition edition

Previous >>1128376
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Why is cycling predominately male?
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Trains > Bikes

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