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Cycling YouTube channels

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Let's compile a list of fun to watch cycling YouTube channels with a brief description:
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Rental Scooters

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Anyone else absolutely hate these? They engage in grand abuse of public space and are always blocking your path. They also look like literal trash. My once idyllic hometown looks like a fucking dump now thanks to these. There are probably thousands of them around here and I can't destroy them all myself. So, what can one man do to rid us of this scourge? Nothing, except to spread the word.

The ideal solution would be to wipe the software on these just by walking past them so they're unusable, or hacking them so they're free to use and you can't pay of them. Thought I think you'd have to disassemble them to do that and that takes too long.
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You aren’t slower than a guy on a unicycle are you
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HS2 rail's eastern leg to finally be killed off in Tory 'levelling up' betrayal

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>The eastern leg of HS2 rail is set to finally hit the buffers next week.
>The rapid route, linking Birmingham with Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds will be axed to save £40billion, as previously reported by the Sunday Mirror.
>The bill for HS2 has soared from £32.7bn when approved in 2012 to £107.7bn. Work on the eastern leg – known as Phrase 2b and originally due by 2033 – was quietly halted in July.
>It is believed the Tories will instead this month offer a “bare minimum” of rail upgrades in the East Midlands and North.
...thus leaving us with another vanity project for the South that leaves the North bereft of modern transit infrastructure, and is now the thin end of the wedge for downscoping the rest of the project by swivel-eyed headbangers from the landed gentry class. Further proof, as if it were needed, that talk of 'levelling-up' was complete bollocks. Pure fiction.
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How to ride bike?

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I just for the life of me can't figure it out. I'm following all these tutorials, but I still can't just push and balance.

I've been go at it for weeks, go down a shallow hill to learn how to balance but I still can't get it.

My balls ache, my abs are sore.
I feel like burning the bike itself and be done with it.
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Commieblock general

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Since this is the urban planning board right? but what would be a house without a road.
lets have a Thread about nice blocks which are our only alternative to suburbs as far as you can see.
But we do not want pods where you cant see the sunrise and only sleep there in the night.

A example is Alterlaa in Viena not commie but great architecture. so ill post pictures.
feel free to ad more and discuss.
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not my problem
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fucking boomers will defend this
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Railroad slugs & B units

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These locomotives don’t get much attention as more common A units.
All discussions and pictures relating to slugs and B-units are welcome.
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Warehouse transportation

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Alright what are some cool shit you can see in warehouses?

Years ago I went in a Napa auto parts and the associates would gather up tons of little components (relays, fuses, bulbs) in these custom fabricated scooters with baskets on the front, and another basket/ truck bed thing in the rear. Looooong wheelbase they were really fucking fun to use. Policy was "no excessive speed".
Another warehouse had beach cruisers with custom trailers, similar deal. Wide open aisles, but again, small little parts where forklifts wouldn't make sense.
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