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new cockpit rate thread
post a picture of the cockpit for any aircraft you like (fixed wing, rotary, etc.) and rate from a scale of 1-10
(.5 ratings also accepted, example: 7.5)
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Chinese magnetic levitation train ‘is faster than going by plane’

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Battery Locomotive

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Fuck your wires! No you can't electrify the countryside with that ugly shit.
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Cute planes thread

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*tips over*
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When will the streetcar meme end?

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Why is the US so bad when it comes to driving in general?

>stupid ugly CUV's and SUV's dominate roads, most are basically oversized sedans that offer no meaningful utility. They're just bigger, uglier, and have horrible visibility most of the time due to massive a pillars and smaller windows
>people are allergic to public transit, seem to prefer sitting in aggravating traffic snarls for hours, every single day, just so that they don't have to be next to somebody
>self righteous dickheads do shit like speeding up so you can't merge or change lanes, as if this actually helps traffic move and doesn't just incite needless road rage at all. No you fucker, I'm not in *your* lane, it doesn't belong to you, I'm not cutting you off, I need to move over because I NEED TO FUCKING MOVE OVER, GET OVER YOURSELF
>terrible lane discipline. people just sit in lanes and cruise at whatever speed they want. following too close, not signalling lane changes, speed derivations anywhere from 10 under to 25 over the limit

Is any country this bad or worse when it comes to driving? I honestly don't know.
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/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany general - shiny edition

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Old one reached bump limit.

Anything about public or alternative transport in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is fair game.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Can I ride?
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