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Keep on truck'n
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Thoughts on 3-wheelers?

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I have a feeling that 3-wheeled vehicles are going to be the future of road transportation.
Smaller, cheaper, 3-wheeled personal vehicles.
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>be me
>AA is retiring the MD80 today
>A month ago got selected to be in the AA employee only ferry flight to Roswell
>”hey anon your recurrent training was scheduled to start on September 3rd”
>had to decline the invitation to be on its legitimate last flight.

Massive aviation cockblock

Life is unfair, I am now here doing engine out procedures.

Also MD80 appreciation thread.
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To flight climate change flights subject to 150% tax

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This was emailed around and posted to a few walls at my university.

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/mtg/ - Model Train General

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Slot Cars Edition
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why do mountain bikers always smoke so much weed?
every single one i know below 40 regularily lights one up before hitting the trail
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How much do you smoke on your daily ride?
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Post multitrack drifting
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Streetcars Trams and Trolleys

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Post vintage street railways. Shown: Yale students crowd a Connecticut Company open car for a home football game
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Geoff and Vicki

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They're at it again, going around the cutesy old railways of the Isle of Man.
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