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So, what's your opinion on BRT?

It started in Curitiba, a city who is known to be a model on transportation systems…
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/BQG/ - Bike Question General

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Bike Question General
Previous thread: >>1147937

I just tried to convert my OTS beater -whose rear derailleur recently broke- into a single gear, and the result has been a fucking disaster. The moment you move the pedals backwards the chain begins slipping out of the chaining. Any suggestions on how to proceed from here?
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So /o/ pretty much hates them. What's does /n/ think? Are they the future of automobile transportation? Will we see electrically powered commercial ships & aircraft in our lifetimes? Is EV more environmentally friendly? What will happen to the ICE?
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Bike customization thread

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50 bucks replaced my stolen fixie with this cheap AF but unused ""mtb"" on a hurry one year ago.
It's time to do a paint job and replace some components so I can go riding this spring without people laughing at me.
Already got rid of shitty no-brand stickers.
I will post some concepts I made in Paint
so you can help me decide.
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Post train maps from your country.
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Sydney Trains Megathread

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In Australias most populated city, the commuter train network has completely collapsed over the past 2 weeks. I'm surprised no one here is talking about it.

No real explanation or resolution as of yet but heres a basic run down.

New scheduling increased the amount of trains on the network, even using 40 year old EMUs on the most busy city lines. Mass congestion and other factors (understaffed, strikes, older less reliable trains) have lead to ~50% of the services cut days with no trains running on certain days.

Sydney trains has advised people who commute for work to take their leave.
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Standard Rail Gauge

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Why didn't the world just develop the same damn gauge? I don't understand why we all can't be using 1067mm.

Japan weirdly has multiple gauges too. What's up with that?
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>it's a reefer madness episode
>bananarama - cruel summer starts playing
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Unique Locomotives 3

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Hello again /n/

Up for a third thread?

However I think the whole "unique locomotives" well is running dry by now.

Anyway, here is Aerolite of the North Eastern Railway which is based at the National Railway Museum in York. (As far as I know of that is.)
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/toronto/ General

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TTC font edition

Old thread: >>1090059
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