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/MTG/ - Model Train General: RIP Ithaqua Edition

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Post all model train related stuff here. All scales (O, N, HO, etc.) welcome.
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RailModeller Pro vs EmpireExpress vs AnyRail vs XTrackCAD?

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I've been drafting out a TOMA layout in XTrackCAD, and just running into a lot of problems with the software. On macOS it uses XQuartz, which has varying degress of crappiness. So, in short, I'm looking for something else.

MRH comments pointed me towards the options listed in the subject; RailModeller Pro, EmpireExpress, & AnyRail. Any opinions on them? Anyone used any of them? All of them? None of them?

From the gloss and shine point of view, Rail Modeller looks incredible, particularly the repeat function. But I thought I'd ask fellow /n/gineers what they thought.
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Should everyone have a fixy

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friend of friend selling a fixy for $60. Dont want one, but never tried. I hardly ride, but want to ride more often. Space isn't issue, I have a p big garage and backayrd
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Why does the UCI and CPA hate disc brakes?

Even touring bikes have made the conversion and they hold on to old tech the most (chainstay mounted derailleurs?).

Discs are OLD tech too. They have been around since the 50's in mech and hydraulic forms.
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Anyone play this game? Or Trainz?
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Interurban General

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The interurban (or radial railway) is a type of electric railway, with streetcar-like light electric self-propelled railcars which run within and between cities or towns. They were prevalent in North America between 1900 and 1925 and were used primarily for passenger travel between cities and their surrounding suburban and rural communities. Limited examples existed in Europe and Asia. Interurban as a term encompassed the companies, their infrastructure, and the cars that ran on the rails.

George W. Hilton and John F. Due identified four characteristics of an interurban:

>Electric power for propulsion.
>Passenger service as the primary business.
>Equipment heavier and faster than urban streetcars.
>Operation on tracks in city streets, and in rural areas on roadside tracks or private right-of-way.
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>Cagers kill hundreds of people every year
>Cyclist kills one person
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Velomobiles can't replace cars, but they can replace scooters and mopeds. Scooters and mopeds pollute a lot more than cars or trucks, and the exhaust is a lot unhealthier for bystanders. Also as velomobile production increases, they'll become cheaper and cheaper. You can already buy pic related on the second hand Dutch market for 2k euros. Soon that will be 1.5 and lower, it'll be an adequate alternative for mopeds.

What do you think?
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