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/DRT/ - Daily Ride Thread

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Enjoy the fall because winter is coming.
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The Canard Taboo

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Give me the rundown on the canard wing/tail configuration and why it's such a taboo in non-homebuilt general aviation design?

I am aware of a few Iconic designs like the Beech Starship, but canard designs are literally outnumbered 50-1 by more common configurations. IMO it may be a decent option in naturally tail-heavy designs as an alternative to a T-Tail setup.

What does /n/ think?

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/btg/ - bicycle touring general

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/btg/ - bicycle touring general
Broken rack edition.

Ask questions, post advice, stories and photos from your trips.
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Are Segway’s still viable? will I get laughed at if I buy one now.
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Narrow gauge appreciation thread

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most discussions of rail transportation here typically involves standard gauge, this shit needs to change

Fact: The best stories occurred on narrow gauge networks

fact: the first steam locomotive was narrow gauge (4ft 1in), ergo narrow gauge is the superior gauge

a few favorite anecdotes of mine:

1. in the 1800s one of the Ffestiniog Railways 0-4-4Ts with the name of Taliesin (don't ask me to pronounce it FFS, it's welsh) hit a purported speed of 40 miles per hour on an empty coaching stock run from Ffestiniog to Porthmaddog, on a gauge of less than 2 foot (1ft 11in and a micron or something) it's safe to say the guard likely needed to hose out his compartment at the end of the run.

2. The reason so much of the Ffestiniog survived to be preserved is that towards the end it was that fucking broke they couldn't even file for bankruptcy or liquidation, so the entire network more or less set there in a wierd state of legal purgatory where the owners couldn't afford to run it, but the authorities had no legal right to touch it, and every so often they would experience a burst of life as the slate mine produced enough slate to warrant firing up one of the prehistoric George Englands to haul slate down to Porthmaddog
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Bike repair video channels

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whats some good channels to learn bike repair on vintage bikes and stuff like that. Trying to fix my road bike
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Will vacuum airships ever be viable?
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Did you know that a cyclist with an especially meat heavy diet has more of a climate impact per passenger mile than a Prius with double occupancy, and even with an average US diet it's about the same? Electric public transit is better than cycling infrastructure from a climate standpoint.
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Motorized bikes

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Was thinking of of putting together a motorized bike. Are they any good?
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Aporia Edition

Welcome to the /gag/ - /gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome.
Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum, no nudes. Bikefags not allowed :^)
Give your local CFI wageslave a hug; he's just been set back about a couple years (probably)
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