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How do you go from THIS...
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if Grant really believed his own hype he would have released a lugged version of the Electra Townie by now. he would have embraced index shifting too. his whole ideology is incoherent and inconsistent. I have a theory that he is a huge pothead
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Folding bike helmet ?

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Would you buy one, for road use? Advantage is easy to pack away. This model has passed all the safety laws (made in France). Not much info on Youtube about it though.
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What's up with Boeing these days?
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Never been more proud to be a /n/ cuck
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People in my city don't know how to use roundabouts, they cut off cars in the roundabout and give way to vehicles entering!
How do you deal with this shit?

When you see it #2

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When you see it

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Is there such thing as enough lanes in Texas?

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This is the speed limit. LIMIT.
I will not be going faster than this no matter how quickly you want to get to McDonalds. If you crawl up my ass then I will drop 5 mph for every minute you're behind me.
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> Now, here, as you can see, we've added 20mm of suspension to the fork, which allows us regain the compliance lost to the stiffened disc fork, ridiculously overbuilt 1 1/8 threadless stem, and the preposterous 31.8 bar clamp fit only for a 400 lb sasquatch.
wow thank you based cycling industry
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