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a/n/ime thread

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Only buy Long Riders BDs if you want to

Two airplane anime airing in the Winter 2019 season, Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai and Girly Air Force.

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*Honks extremely loud near your coast*
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what do you know about buying compact tractors I'm a farm human now
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Are there any known late 19th-early/mid 20th Century intact examples of tramp steamers left in existence (not counting shipwrecks/abandoned ones)? Any still in revenue service? I imagine some obscure freighter line in a Third World shithole might still have one or two up and running on duct tape.
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Big Boy Derailment

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So Big Boy derailed going east through rawlins. Coming back from the ceremony in Utah.


The jackass engineer/steam manager took it through a hand throw cross mover in the yard. Which was too tight for it, and almost for modern diesel engines. Even though everyone told him not to do it.
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Daily ride thread /drt/

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Old one hit image limit.
2600 ish meters of vertical.
50km ish total ride length.
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>HDI 0-60: Everyone walks or rides a donkey
>HDI 61-90: Everyone now wants a cage and "Man Utd" branded apparel
>HDI 90+: Everyone wants to ride a bike or take mass transit

How do we mentally escape the "middle income trap", /n/?
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big, beautiful airships

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