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An Alaska Q400 has reportedly been stolen from Seatac airport. There are additional, sketchier reports that it may have been shot down and/or crashed, but no confirmation on that as of now.
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General Wheels: discuss wheels related here-

ok,ill start with a big one:
im into road bikes, getting serious, joined a club and was gonna start racing a year go but had an accident and just now im finishing my recovery.

im a total noob to wheels. i have an alu bike very similar to a caad12 with 105 but wheels are heavy and also recently got some money so what better to invest it in a wheel upgrade. but theres so much info and options that i need guidance.

im planning on spending something like 400usd-600usd which i know aint much, but i think thats logic for a 1.2k bike. it just feels weird investing 1k on wheels for a 1k bike. or is this my first error?

honest ignorant questions:
-should i stretch the budget (can be done)
-for this money, carbon or good alu?
-mavic is oing mostly tubular, should i try to get something tubular or stay with clincher (wich is wha i have used all my life).
-buying used wheels, yay or nay? cause i was thinking on going used.
-and i know its very general but any brands/models i should look for? classic bang for the buck or something?

any pointer or whatever is greatly apreciated. people i know or are very cheap and use whatever wheels or spend 2k on wheelsets. no onw seems to know much about the middle range. and sorry for my english i know it sucks. cheers!
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Backpack Recommendations?

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bonus for waterproof or water resistant
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/mtg/ - Model Train General

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Christmas Edition
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convince me to not go taxi driver on this town
also how do I avoid my bike being stolen? 3 u-locks and carry a gun?
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> first date: bike ride
> this girl rolls up
> no helmet

what do
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What are some of the best cities in America when it comes to public transportation, aside from New York City? I'm tired of having to own a car.
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Bicycle Geometry

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Which geometery is best for bikes?- the discussion continues

* Long and low MTB is the future but it can't climb mountains so maybe we can't call it a mountain bike anymore

* Low trail is the future of road riding?

* 27.5 tires in the pro peleton are coming - tell us what the optimal geomtery would be for these rigs
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Deep section rims hate thread

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Hello /n/, I would like to get your opinion on deep-section rims.

I am quite a fanatical hobbyist cyclist, and I used to ride on a high quality aluminium bike with good alu wheels. I recently bought a Canyon Aeroad because ive got way too much money and ive got to spend it some way. Its amazing in almost every single way. My old alu bike felt like a hardcore racing machine, very fast on good roads but very unpleasant on the rough roads. The Aeroad feels like a comfy glider, it doesnt feel fast but it actually is faster than the alu bike, and I can stay on it all day. But there is one big issue I have with it: those retarded deep rims. The Aeroad comes standard with 60mm rims. It feels great when riding over flat roads, but when you get up to speeds over 70kph it starts darting all over the place, I feel like I am not in control at all. The alu bike on the other hand, is absolutely glued to the road at those speeds, and it does exactly what I want it to do. Its an absolute dream on descents.

So, am I just a bitch or is this a real problem with deep section rims? I watch pro cycling often, and the guys on Aeroads very often use much shallower wheels. Why would they sell their costumer bikes with such retarded deep wheels? There is not even an option for the aeroad with normal wheels. I just dont get it.

Pic related is a guy who wins a lot of bicycle races, riding on an Aeroad with shallow rims on a flat course (Dutch national championships, which he won in a bunch sprint).

Are deep rims a marketing trick?
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Front and rear bike lights

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What bike lights do you use and recommend?
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