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alright boys, draw your fantasy circle line

I'll start
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>Trek rebrands "Police" bike as "Service" bike to avoid the wrath of anarchists
>online listing is "Archived" despite being 2021 model
Last news I can find is Trek refusing to stop selling police bikes after pressure from sjws forced Fuji to stop. Did they finally bend the knee?
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What the fuck was his problem

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>Try to hijack plane
>Armed with a fucking spear gun, hammers, knives
>Somehow lose to 2 unarmed pilots
How? How can one person be so incompetent?
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Why have multi level cities yet to catch on despite the immense value they'd provide?

I'm guessing it's because 4 year term city governments don't want to commit to such a comprehensive rethink of cities.
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Wow, another fucking LRT???

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>Be north american city
>Want to build some rail transport
>Always end up with the most boring generic LRT possible
Fucking why? Seriously it's like every north american city is legally required to build at least one overhead wire energized LRT with some universal vaguely european aesthetic. Does no one build cool shit like heavy rail subways anymore?
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Planespotting thread?

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Post any pics of planes that you've taken yourself. Ill throw in a few of mine :)
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Defunct Airlines Thread - Gone but not forgotten

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What's your favorite defunct airline? Why did it disappear?
For me it's Ansett. They went bankrupt back in September 2001, though they stuck around until 2002 as an A320-only low cost carrier in the hopes of finding a buyer.

Their bankruptcy had a few causes
>Deregulation of the Australian airline market put increased pressure on their revenues
>Most of their major investments (including a part share in the now-defunct America West airlines) performed poorly
>Their 767 fleet was aging and regularly had maintenance issues, culminating in their 767 fleet being grounded in Christmas 2000 and their entire fleet being grounded in Easter 2001, which was an expensive loss.
>Air New Zealand bought them out and merged with them in early 2000. ANZ didn't really have the capital available for their own modernization needs, let alone those of Ansett, so the result was that both companies were severely undercapitalised. (ANZ would go bankrupt around the same time as Ansett and had to be renationalised)
>Air New Zealand's attempts to reduce the operating costs of Ansett had detrimental effects on service quality. Their aim was to keep the same revenue while getting costs down, since that was somewhat successful for Air New Zealand, but in Ansett it had the effect of driving away customers who wanted premium service
>They spent a large amount of money to become the official sponsors of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, but didn't see much return on it since Qantas had a much stronger brand image internationally as Australia's airline, and combined with some guerilla marketing by Qantas a large number of people just assumed that Qantas was the official sponsor anyway.

After Singapore Airlines and Qantas pulled back from buying Ansett Mk.1 when it was in administration, there were plans to keep it flying in a smaller form put forward by the Tesna Consortium, but since the government didn't offer them any support they pulled back and Ansett Mk. 2's last flight landed on March 4th 2002.
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90s mtb - period incorrect

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90s meme. post em.
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There are double decker buses
There are articulated buses
But what about articulated double decker buses?
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Why can't americans build HSR?
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