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How you commute to work ?

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BSO thread

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Cheap bikes, Wal-Mart bikes, AliExpress bikes, silly designed bikes both good and bad.
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Completely new to bikes, I only have this Old one
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Places approved by both /n/ and /o/

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Why all the hate between /n/ and /o/. There would be no problems if we had a city with good infrastructure for both cars and bikes, as well as good public transportation. I love cars, motorcycles, bicylces, ATVs boats, planes, trains, and everything in between. So why all the hate? Love not war is what we need.
So, what is the best place/city which has

>good streets
>a lot of bike lanes
>public transport
>good sidewalks
>and more /n/ and /o/ approved shit.
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PTC and railroad automation

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How long until PTC is fully implemented and railroad crews become cucked out of their jobs by automation?
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Air Canadas New livery, I actually like it. Reminds me of the one they had before their shitty toothpaste livery
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wat do
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guis am i doing this rite?
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I dunno why but I love these old trams way more than those new ugly ones..
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Canadian railroading

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ITT: Post any cool pictures, info or stories regarding railroads and railroading in the Great White North.

Pic related, British Columbia Railway train in 1980.
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