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Why no WD40?

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Why people hate WD40 as a lubricant for the chain ?
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Center of the American Experiment blames Highway congestion on trains and bike paths

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High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

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In Ontario on some of our freeways we have what are called "HOV lanes" high occupancy vehicle lanes, which require vehicles to have multiple people in them to use. The idea is to encourage carpooling or at least reward carpooling. As you can see from the picture during rush hour the lanes carry much less traffic.

Now sure this has benefits and I take advantage of them when I can but wouldn't just widening the highway an extra lane help everybody?
Do they do something similar with highway lanes where you're from? Thoughts on it?
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Has anyone ever taken the greyhound bus from PA to FL? What's it like? I'm not sure if I want to subject myself to 20 hours on a bus.
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Chicago Suburban-O'Hare Rail Connector

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It is theoretically possible to give the northern Chicago suburbs a direct, one-seat rail connection to O'Hare International Airport. The best part of this is that it would run almost entirely over disused, former railroad rights-of-way that have not (yet) been developed.

From a northern terminal in the Lake-Cook Road region, the rail line would travel south, over the abandoned Skokie Valley Route of the CNS&M to the Dempster-Skokie area. From there, the rail line would continue south over the abandoned Skokie-Weber-Mayfair Line of the C&NW. At Mayfair, a connection would be built to the CTA Blue Line where it continues on to O'Hare in the Median of the Kennedy Expressway.

I do not really believe this is economically or politically feasible, at least within my lifetime, so consider it the autistic foamer equivalent of fan-fiction.
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This was PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) Flight 182, which crashed about a mile from my house in 1978, killing over 100 people. To this day the newer houses stick out like sore thumbs, since most houses in this neighborhood were built in the 1910s and '20s. Gives me the chills to think about.

Did any major /n/-related disasters happen in your hometown? Were you or anyone else you know/knew involved in a non-car-related transportation accident?
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/BRT/ - Bike Training and Racing thread

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Sprint finish edition

Previous thread (currently on auto-sage): >>1051703

IN THIS THREAD, we discuss:
* Training for bike racing (road, MTB, track)
* Bike racing tactics and strategy
* Bike handling skills relating to racing (pacelining, maneuvering within the pack, blocking, when to attack, etc)
* Your races
* Pro races
* Equipment choices (including power meters, heart rate monitors, etc)
* Anything and everything relating to bicycle racing and training

When discussing power, post W/kg (watts per kilogram), not just watts.

If you're new to bike racing and need to get started, you can start with The Cyclists Training Bible (aka CTB); there's a copy of 3rd Edition online you can peruse: (please buy a copy if you like it).

If you're interested in Power Meters for your bike, here's a good article that covers most of the choices available on the market:

If you're interested in doing some reading on basic race tactics and strategy, you can check out the following two books:
"Racing Tactics for Cyclists" by Thomas Prehn
"Reading the Race" by Jamie Smith and Chris Horner

Ask questions, and share your knowledge, expertise, and experience; everyone interested in training to be a better cyclist are welcome.
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Well thanks to this board i have become obsessed with the cannondale delta v1000.
I have searched high and low and they are not available at ANY price.

Thanks for crushing dreams i should never have even had.
Yes , i fell for the collectible bike meme :(
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"threaded bottom bracket, alright!"

In 2011 anyone with a threaded bottom bracket had a frame worth of being scrapped....

In 2017 the same people are now saying it's a luxury feature on luxury bikes?

I thought they said it was trash......

I also thought GCN suggest against steel road bikes period, doesn't matter if it was high end Reynolds cromoly

Sounds like they make up whatever the new hot shit is every 5 years.

What's next 7005 aluminum bikes they claimed that were trash in 2014 being the next cutting edge technology?
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