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Boats / Jetski General?

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Lets talk boats and jetskis you /o/tists.

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Can I get some decal/sticker inspiration? I got a white no-name MTB frame and I'm trying to think of ways to make it look nicer that aren't just buying a decal pack from an unrelated brand

What do you cover your paint with? References? Accurate decals detailing after-market modifications? Neoprene and pool noodles?
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9 Passenger Turboprop Autogyro

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So in my spare time, I doodle aircraft drawings in mspaint. This is an imaginary 9 passenger utility autogyro with retractable gear which would fit in the same category as the Cessna Caravan and Pilatus PC-12. To me, it's a shame that autogyros always fell in the shadows of conventional airplanes and helicopters and are otherwise mostly restricted to hobbyist pilots in diminutive single or two seat designs. Hypothetically, I would market pic related as a light utility aircraft or business shuttle with extreme STOL performance (note the venturi air scoop on the rotor mast that provides cooling air for the electric pre-spin motor). The rotor can also be folded back for easy storage in a hangar. I've also been pondering a variant with floats but I'm not quite sure how that would pan out.

I figured I should share this with /n/ so that you guys could give it some decent livery (template in next post). In the meantime, we should have an autogyro appreciation thread while we're drawing.
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Suspension Fork on Road Bike

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Well CX bike in particular. There are suspension forks with 40-60mm travel that dont change the geometry that much. Would all cross bikes to be more accessible on mountain trails.
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Could autogyro-commuting be a good idea for people that are kind of rich but not rich enough for commuting with a helicopter?
If there's enough people that want to get from some nice area outside New York into Manhattan or something, maybe it could be possible to have a runway on a roof or something.
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/n/ meetup thread

Post location and contact info. Cat6 other /n/iggers.
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How does a bike company sink so low?

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Schwinn is synonymous with cheap shitty walmart bikes

Same goes for Raleigh, how the fuck did they mess it up?
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Paramotor General

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Lets face it.

This is the one and true master tier of transportation.
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