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was there a "horror decade" of aviation accidents that led to the huge amount of regulation we have now? or was it just organic growth of individual accident -> investigation -> new rules to deal with that particular scenario?
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Were urban freeways a mistake?

Should they be tolled to offset their massive cost and the noise?
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If the differences between "endurance" and "race" geometries amount to mere millimeters at best, and given that most bike brands are doing S-M-L rather than increments like back in the day, why do people make such an issue out of this shit? If matters that much aren't you going to be going crazy with replacing stems and cranks and bars either way?

Are we just getting caught up in the illusion of choice when the real questions are always settled on the Retül brand Guru™ Fit™ PRO™ by Shimano grope-and-cop-a-feel session (KOPS is a myth)?

Is 1.5:1 really optimal? Who decided that anyway?

Furthermore, why is upright posture considered more endurable for long periods if all the weight is going to be on your prostate rather than spread more evenly between your hands and your prostate?

Lastly, between race and endurance, which geometry is obviously, objectively the best and why are people who prefer the other geometry obviously delusional, ignorant, stupid, and a cancer upon cycling?

As a side note, if you are a cager, I invite you not to participate in this thread. This thread is for cyclists.
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Continued from>>1157476

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #16, starting with LHR
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For me it’s the double loop de loop
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does anyone here use a smart trainer for at home riding/training? been wanting to pick one up, but ive never used one so i dont really know which are good/bad/etc. a lot of reviews seem to put them all in similar rankings

im looking mostly at the elite direto or the wahoo kickr
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/BTR/ Bicycle Training and Racing
Super Mario edition: winning the sprint

Discuss all things bicycle training and racing on your bike related.
'Transport' yourself first over the finish line -- or to work on time when you're running late.
Ride farther, ride faster, climb better -- all it takes is training.
Training methods, training tools, training questions.
Post here if you want to *git gud*.

This discussion thread is implicitly endorsed by the moderation staff by way of historical precedent; haters need not apply.
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Cycling posture

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/n/ew fag, here. What posture/weight distribution do you have when riding? After going some downhills, my arms start hurting as I'm bracing myself. Is this normal? Should I shift more weight onto the seat?
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>He will never use public transit for any reason
Why should you?
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Would you buy a bike from a LBS with a "no test ride" policy?

On the one hand it's fair that they don't want people to just try shit and then order it online for cheaper.

On the other hand, since they have eliminated the reason for me to go to the LBS, why shouldn't I just order it online for cheaper?

>maybe they will fix your flats

But I can already do that, why would I go to the LBS for something so stupid?
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