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Could this theoretically go 500 MPH?

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It's been going faster and faster with tests with the latest at 375 mph. Some more track and it could go 400.
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/bbg/ bike buy general:

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Please post your requirements in a bike and also your budget and height anons, and someone will more likely be able to help you.

Some dedicated anons will give recommendations if you post your local craigslist too. May Sheldon Brown give favour to them on their rides.

Anybody up for writing some copypaste general text advice for future generals?

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Bike Value vs Price

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I'm a long time bicycle enthusiast, but I look at a lot of cooler new bikes & think, for that price I'd rather get a nicr used car, damn!

Let's get real, anything over $1,200 is just outright outlandishly overpriced.

Not to mention you can't even sell a used bike for more than $400-800, even it cost thousands....

So, obviously the bike market is extremely overpriced & undervalued, it us a small frame with wheels on it, not a damn computer or car, come on!

/End rant
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can someone point me towards a good, fun cyclocross style bike for winter commuting? im currently on a big heavy mountain bike and would like something a bit...cooler

hoping to find something in the $400-500 range

i just want drop bars and tread
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Let's get a Concorde ---The most iconic airliner--- thread going on
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Whats the smallest possible vessel you need to travel with before you can act like a weatherworn seaman? Every time I anchor my canoe, people laugh at my peg leg, eyepatch, and tales of siren songs.
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Are cargo ships able to view their own hull?

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I need someone who has worked on a ship to answer this. When a cargo ship is in motion on the sea, are the crew and captain able to “see” the ships hull, either by remote camera or by radar. Particularly the bottom of the hull. Is it possible that modern ships have cameras on the bottom of the hull underwater to see the hull or the hull outline is visible on radar in 3D.

Can someone tell me if this is the case or not
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>15 minute layover
>Departure gate is on other side of airport
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Im PhD in this field. Ask anything
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