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How much would /n/ pay for this bike / would /n/ pay for this bike if they were to use it for city commuting and occasional training rides?
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Is there anywhere I could live where riding a horse is a feasible main form of transportation.
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ITT: Post comfy railroads
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/n/ related anime

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We got 3 (sorta) /n/ related anime airing this season.
Yowamushi S3 - Monday
Long Riders - Last two episodes air on February 5th.
Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club - Friday
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Road bike tires

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I got my first roadbike recently and it came with some dreadfully slow vittoria randonneur tires, what clincher tire does /n/ think is the fastest for a roadbike?
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How to look cool in lycra?

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how can I wear lycra without looking like and absolute gay faggot?
show me what you wear to look more or less heterosexual.
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/n/ girls
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What's the rail system look like in your city, /n/?

This is the current map of Auckland, New Zealand's rail system, and luckily I live pretty damn close to the train station. The poor blokes up in the North Shore have to rely on buses though.
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Fantasy Public Transit Maps

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Hi n/. Wanna have a discussion about autistic fantasy transport maps and planning? I've been reworking the bus network of this shitty town in Germany. Feel free to AMA, give feedback and post your own ideas, plans, and maps.