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Lance's Interview on NBCSN

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I work 5 days a week, 430 to 1300.
I just saw the recast of today's stage now since tomorrow is my day off.
Why are they even talking to this clown?
Why do they treat him like some kind of national hero (le 7 wins on EPO heheheh but I clean)?
They should have interviewed a real american hero like Lemond.
Where can I express my disgust online?
On NBC website they only have a mailing address.
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What are trains in Africa like?
Has anyone here tried them?
If yes, how was the ride?
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ITT we post bicycles that are designed properly

CUTE steam locomotives

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Is it possible for a locomotive to get more cute than this?
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Basic aluminum bottle holder, 58g
Plastic bottle holder made from recycled third world garbage for eco-virtue signalers, 48g
"Elite" plastic bottle holder, 38g
"RXL" carbon fiber bottle holder, 29g
"XXX" carbon fiber bottle holder, 20g

Trek branded water bottle, capacity 26 oz, weight unknown

Weight of 26 oz of water
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The earliest helicopters freak me out

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Would you fly one?

Fuck that nonsense

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Let's talk rear lights, /n/. I'm in the market for a new one after a while, and I was just going to get a Cygolite Hotshot like everyone recommends, but then I read a bunch of people complaining about it shitting out in the rain.

Besides just being kinda offensive in the way shoddy goods always are, I'm a bike courier, riding in the rain is not optional and I can't be having anything shit out while I'm doing so.

So I've been looking at other stuff, and found these:

Serfas Cosmo UTL-60

Light and Motion Vya/Vya Pro

Light and Motion Vis Micro II/180 Pro

Lezyne Laser Drive Rear

Anyway, thoughts, /n/? What do you use?

Pic is the Lezyne, which is cool, but I can't find out if it has a random mode – which I kinda really want.
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The Drop-Nose Saddle: best of both worlds?

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1. Nose intact for thigh-based navigation adjustments
2. Prostate fully protected
The question is: are you man enough to ride one?
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