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Electric Bicycles.

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Has anyone here got an electric bike? I've been looking into getting one but they're rather expensive, especially the higher-end ones.

Are E-Bikes just a meme or are they actually decent for commuting longer distances?
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Who was in the wrong here?
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/fs/ - Forever Shinkansen

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/fs/ - Forever Shinkansen


>KOM chasing
>Leaderboard miring
>Giving kudos to your buddies
>Going fast
>Having actual proof that you're a retard in general

Forever Shinkansen is /n/'s unofficial Strava club. Join us!
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Continued from >>823596
Post 'em Airports new thread Mk 11 .... starting with NPS
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What's the fastest you've ever gone on the flats on a bike? I never seem to be able to break 30 km/h
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>tfw passing helmet plebs
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Will ground travel replace air travel in the future?
We all know about concepts for maglev trains that would be able to go supersonic speeds in vacuum tunnels, but do you believe that once implemented, they will replace air travel for most people? I feel like 200 years from now, airplanes will just be used for more remote destinations and that most people and goods will be traveling through tunnels. It's amazing to think about, people moving about in a similar way as data moves through fiber optic cables.
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That's one small Standard Gauge locomotive

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Meet Gazelle. An 0-4-2 (formerly 2-2-2) from 1893 built by Alfred Dodman & Co of Kings Lynn on the order of a Northfolk based businessman William Burkett. Gazelle was used for excursions on the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway and the Great Eastern Railway. Come 1911 Gazelle was purchased by Colonel Stephens for the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Light Railway to pull inspection trains where she served as S&MR No1. After her time on the S&MR she was loaned to the War Department in 1950 where she was on display at the Longmoor Military Railway in Hampshire until it's closure in 1969. In 1970 Gazelle was accquired by the National Railway Museum where she spent some time in York, later she spent time at the Museum of Army Transport until it closed in 1997. She now resides at the Colonel Stephens Museum at the Kent and East Sussex Railway.
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/mg/ Maritime General

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American Presidential Lines Edition
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how do americans go to alaska if canada dont let them drive there?
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