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Been a hot minute since we had a fantasy transit map thread.
If you've got a map you'd like to share, drop it in this thread, explain the scenario, and feel free to ask anyone any questions.
Mine is an alternate scenario where the US (at least in the Northeast) invests in regional rail travel like Europe did instead of investing in automotive infrastructure. It's still a long ways from being complete
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Old Berlin

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We haven't had one of those in a long time. Post and discuss tra/n/sportation in pre- and interwar Berlin.
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/mg/ Maritime General

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Cold Weather edition
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/bg/ - buses general

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Post your buses, anon.
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Collectible bikes thread

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It seems like many collectible markets are maxed out or already past the peak.
Vintage cars are slipping in price as are many types of art and memorabilia.
Is the collectible bicycle market going to suffer the same fate or is it obscure enough that it wont suffer the mainstream trends?
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What in the actual fuck was his problem?
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Yes, I ride a fixie because it's more practical and lower maintenance.

It's like getting back to cycling's roots when you ride a fixed gear bike, I feel like one of the pioneers.

My moustache? I styled it after a photo I saw on pintrest from the 1920's. I guess you could say I live in that era!
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Bus Frequency

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What is the frequency where a bus route typically becomes substantially less convinient? Asking because my local bus route has a 30 minute frequency, and it's really annoying.
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Transit for nocturnal people

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What's transit like in your area for nocturnal people? Where I live, it doesn't exist at all. Everything closes early, and day passes and round trip passes are only valid until midnight, rather than being valid 24 hours.
What're the best places to live in, if you're nocturnal?
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/jrg/ - Japanese Railways General

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First thread of Reiwa Edition

Old Thread: >>1310469
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