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Bicycle Maintenance Costs

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I've just moved to the downtown area of my city and am interested in owning a bike to keep the miles off my car. Can anyone tell me how much it costs to maintain a bike each month?
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Service between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach starts in July.
Miami portion opens up late August/early September.
Phase II aka the Orlando Leg was set for earlier 2018 but is up in thin air now thanks to some of the counties along the route.
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Quadricycle Thread

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With all these bikes that come to /n/ but never is a quadricycle to be seen here.
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Thoughts on graffiti in transportation?
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Final Steam Services

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When did steam services end in your countries?

In the UK where I am from they came to an end on the 11th August 1968, the train pulled was called "The Fifteen Guinea Special"
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Public Transport in Rural Areas

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It seems like the less densely populated an area is, the more necessary it becomes to own a car.
Is this actually true? Is there any mode of public transit that is actually feasible for a bunch of dispersed villages of a few hundred inhabitants each?
I'm thinking of something between Demand responsive transport and publically funded cabs, which could also transport goods, groceries, mail etc.
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How do I choose a road bike?

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Sort of want a new one but a lot of the old ones are beautiful (and cheaper). How do I choose one? It seems like there's pros and cons to buying a new one vs old one, choosing one frame material over another kind etc. No clear 'better'
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Steam Shunters

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Hey you /n/egroes, what types of steam shunters do you have in your countries?
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G'day my /n/ignogs. Klaus here. I'm in Zurich once again so here are some obligatory tram pics.

Also I'll be here quite some time, any requests I'll try to comply. This time I have a camera phone or phone camera or whatever, so no waiting for pics.
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