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Solid 6 with a Good Set of Tools Edition.

Replaces old thread
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What is the argument against these ultra-comfy padded bicycle seats? Is it just a weight concern or do they actually hinder performance in some capacity?
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When will this meme die?
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The great unzoning of America has begun.
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Does your LBS offer free post group ride penis inspections (to determine chafing supposedly) or did I just get scammed?
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Aesthetic Train Stations

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Post ‘em
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Would dividing public transit into classes encourage more people to ride the bus?

first class might have something like a personal attendant and reclining chairs like nice leather lazyboys on the bus.

business class might have work stations and wifi

economy would be limited to standing room only at the back of the bus
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Is getting a pilot’s license worth it? What could I use it for career wise?
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/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany general - Deutschlandtakt-Edition

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Anything about public transport in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is fair game.
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Why are Yachts so common among the super rich, but neither airships, nor gigantic flying boats are even a thing nowadays?

I was watching some videos on youtube about superyachts a few months ago and the superyacht lifestyle just sounds pretty dull. They all look alike and only differ in size really. Helipads are nothing out of the ordinary but that's it really.
I would at least want it to be a seaplane tender for like a rotax powered SeaRey and then I thought it would be even cooler to have a giant flying boat. Think Sprouse Goose but with modern materials, it would be insanely expensive, but from what I can tell, that's kind of the point.

And as for airships, I'm not the biggest fan but I figured there'd have to be at least some rich assholes who want an airship that dwarves basically any man made vehicle. Again with the technology and materials of today, why doesn't this stuff exist apart from like warbirds?
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