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I'm not saying he was right about everything but he should be stickied. Like /g/ has the bird sex guy.

Why isn't there a sticky and why isn't it sheldon brown? The fact is this is now the bikes board. All other transportation exists to make cycling more fun and more convenient. It's time we faced the truth, /n/.
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If you could have any airplane in the world, what would it be?
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Having a small mirror on the traffic side of your bike improves quality of life by 100%.
I can never go back.
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Rage inducing images. I'll start.
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I don't know about you, but I think that Great Lakes freighters are pretty neat.
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Your local transit

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What is the transit like around where you live? For me it's a bus that runs every 30 minutes and connects to a train station. It isn't the most convenient, but it's a lot cheaper than a car.
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/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany general - Deutschlandtakt-Edition

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Anything about public transport in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is fair game.
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Why are there so many train threads? It’s kinda clogging up the board...
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>talking to my sister about car problems she's been having
>I ask her "What were you using as the tires? Donuts?"
>my 13 year old nephew laughs when he hears me say that
>I guess he thought I was making a joke or something, and thought I meant the food
Holy fuck he's retarded.
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casual cycling

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has anybody else gone full /casual/ and loved it? it seems to me a lot of the anger Roadies have towards casual cycling is based on fear that once somebody tried it, they realize it's so much better, and they never want to do the roadie thing again. it's similar to racists fears about interracial dating. they want you to suffer with them rather than improve their cycling culture, so they try to scare you disparage casual riding on any way that they can. but the truth is really that once you go casual, you never go back.
and no, i don't mean unracer. unracer is like racing but for aesthetic points and requires some thinking and tinkering. I'm talking pure casual with poorly maintained bikes, zero thought, 30 tpi at 30 psi riding in a closed loop in a park. true casual
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