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Name one... ONE! reason you don't own a folding bike RIGHT NOW.
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>takes 2 hours to get anywhere in town by bus
>city reworks routes to be more efficient
>could now make a 45 minute car ride in an hour by bus
>it only runs twice a day
>am nightshift so I cant even use it

Best Diet for the Cyclists?

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I normally eat keto and would rate my riding stamina at 8.5. Whenever I break keto and start eating like a fatass my overall energy level when riding I would rate at 9.5. Problem is that I feel overall best on keto, both physically and mentally.
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ITT: Post your kit. Wearing it or laid out as in pic related, doesn't matter which.
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/DRT/- daily ride thread: Winter Wonderland Edition

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Tell us about your ride. Don't freeze your Jingle Bells off. Fill your bottles with mulled wine and lattes.
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Can /n/ improve /sp/?

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>All that parking
Can't they just do what actual major cities do and put a metro stop there? Imagine walking from the dead end of this lot in dry 110 degree drought weather.
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British railway operators effectively renationalised.

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Britain has de facto renationalised its railways due to the COVID-19 crisis for the next 6 months. The government is suspending TOC franchise agreements to manage revenue and costs. Interesting times, wonder if it will be used as a springboard to reform the way rail transport works in the UK, which seems, from an outsider's perspective, to be quite dysfunctional.

/chad/ - Switzerland/Austria/Germany general - shiny edition

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Old one reached bump limit.

Anything about public or alternative transport in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is fair game.
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The future of commuting.
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