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>in the event of emergency, prepare for goatse
What did Alstom mean by this?
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Stations we wish we could take the train from

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Dearborn Station, Chicago, 1916.
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Why is the mini cruiser the ultimate mean of a college student's transportation?
>maintenance is literally oil, a towel, skate tool and spare wheels+bearings
beat me /n/
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ITT: Laughable attempts at urban transit

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Here's my city's attempt at building a streetcar. It hardly goes anywhere and doesn't capitalize on anything. It doesn't even connect with anything significant.
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How do you learn to ride switch?
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Hay fag would you like to save a piece of history
Locomotive 503 is about to be scraped any help would do
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Thoughts on ebikes for commuting?
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Do Americans not know what bikes are?
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I have a 90s bike with shimano 105sc groupset. I was curious what kind of brake pads are compatible. Any newer 105 pads?

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DeHavilland Twin Otter saftey

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How safe is the DeHavilland Twin Otter? Are they more prone to crash then other planes, or are all the stories just fear mongering?
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