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>weekday morning
>must go to work
>car broke
>bike 404
>have to use the bus
>enter the bus
>no seats empty
>have to stand
>bus driver drives like a racedriver
>everyone in the bus gets thrown around
Public transportation, never again
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How can I intimidate cagers that ride to close to me or go left in front of me? What's some sort of visual repellent? Do I need to carry a big baseball bat on my back?
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Cycling caps.

Yay or nay?
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BMX Thread #2

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Starting a new bmx thread

Im an oldfag and I tried to bunny hop last night and pulled back too far lost balance crashed onto asphalt and now im bloodied all over. Its taking longer to recover bruises cause im old.

they say you have to scoop up the back wheel while bringing the front wheel up, well mate from my experience thats impossible, you can't just jump up wheels that easily but i'll try again tonight hopefully i wont die like i almost did last night

i also want to try snitching a ride like i saw some faggots doing on youtube but that doesn't really seem safe or legal.

plz anons share some of your stories of fagggatory on bmx as well.
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ITT: Cute planes

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Are double chainrings officially finished?
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Fat/tubeless tires

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When is it better to have tubes, and when is it better to go tubeless?

My buddy who has the same bike as me (pic related) has these massive low pressure tires and I really want to get some. They like fold into the ground and you can corner way sharper on gravel and stuff.
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I'm looking for other bikes like the Canyon PATHLITE.

Seems like a front suspended cyclocross and it looks nice as fuck!
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Redpill me on motorized bikes and how to still have a working bike after removing deraileurs.

Is it worth the conversion?
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