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Unracer General

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Ahem... Hello gentlemen riders and the sundry sophisticates of /n/, perhaps we should discuss the proper and mature side of cycling, unracing. To all those that say no to consumerist frivolity and yes to beauty, utility, humility, and craftsmanship. We welcome all who see through the lies of the corporate disposable plastic racer agenda and choose to just ride on fine steel velocipedes
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E-Bus Maker Proterra Open-Sources Fast-Charging Station Tech

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Over two years ago, Tesla open-sourced all its patents for electric vehicles – a surprising announcement in our IP-centric business climate. CEO Elon Musk explained the move as being in line with Tesla’s mission to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport:

“If we’re all in a ship together and the ship has some holes in it, and we’re sort of bailing water out of it, and we have a great design for a bucket, then even if we’re bailing out way better than everyone else, we should probably still share the bucket design.”

We might get access to yet another bucket design thanks to Proterra, a leading manufacturer of all-electric buses. The bus maker announced today that it will be opening its proprietary “on-route fast-charging technology” on a royalty-free basis.
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How do you fix this?

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How can you decrease the automobile dependence of a suburb exactly like this picture? Do you up zone it? Do you build infill projects? Do you basically just bulldoze it and rebuild? Are there any examples of cull de sac suburbia being successfully urbanized?
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Parks Appreciation Thread

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City parks are probably one of the most underappreciated aspects of urban infrastructure.

>Public space open to all nearly all the time that encourage healthy lifestyles
>Provides commercial opportunities for local vendors
>Increases value of local community, even in rundown areas
>Provides an attractive transportation experience with parkways

What do you like about parks? What are the best parks, in your experience?
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You wake up and find yourself in the cockpit of a jet airliner. It is night. There are no runway lights in your field of vision. You hear "Minimums. MInimums. Bank angle, bank angle."

What are your immediate actions?
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>Been wanting to fly since I can remember
>Years of headache and missed opportunities go by
>Ironically the year with the biggest universal headache yet is the one I'm actually going for my PPL in
Any /bc/ bros here? Advice for what to look for in Flight Clubs and buying/renting aircraft?
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You're at the cyclist cafe when this lady compliments your orchid collection.

What do you do, /n/? Oh and she's 163cm and 49kg, all slow twitch.
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A lot of old road bikes I'm looking at have an extra tube next to the seat tube. What is it and what does it do?
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Hyperloop Human Passenger Test

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Any believers in Hyperloop here? Didn’t see a thread about it.
Musk is finally putting humans in the testing and doing 100mph tests.

I’d prefer rail over hyperloop in >90% of routes but I think this has potential for the inland West where distances between cities are long.

Btw if you think Hyperloop is completely stupid please elaborate why because I don’t know the technical specifics.
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Public transport is shit tier

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>arrive at new city on holidays
>caught proper urban public transport for the first time
>its expensive
>its shit
What am i missing? Wheres the appeal for the average normalfag?
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