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Thoughts on Ocean Liners?
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This was the peak of cycling

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How far have we strained from the light...
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>missed the ATC hiring boom
If only I was a few years older
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what are the best ways to implement small villages into public transportation without blowing large amounts of money on empty busses/trains?
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How many kinds of pedal lubricants do you keep around, /n/?

For me it is the Speedplay grease gun and the Speedplay with Sta-Lube Marine Grease, and the Speedplay SP-LUBE PTFE-based dry lube. Hit the pedals every 100 miles or so and hit the spindles with the grease gun every 250 miles and they're better than new! *

*keep in mind new Speedplays are nearly impossible to clip in and out for for the first 1000 miles, like a Brooks saddle they mold to your personal clip-in-clip-out style
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Scooby's guide on how to buy new bikes:

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What does /n/ think of Sam Chui?
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why do so many bike manufacturers use aluminium over 4130 steel?
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I don't know shit about bikes but, I really enjoy riding them.
Hoe did you learn about the different types of bikes, repairs, and proper pricing?
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Shit livery thread

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Let's have a nice thread where we point and laugh at liveries designed in an executive boardroom.
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