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Detroit's QLine rail vandalized before it is even open to passengers. They can never have nice things
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train hopping for fun

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I did it once and it was amazing, best ride ever

and then i found out you can get in trouble for it?
I still wanna do it some more :)
i mean as long as none of this shit can keep me from getting a job, its w/e to me
yeah, anyone train hop? thoughts?
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Post meme trends in cycling

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when will the end?
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787-10 New Pic

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It looks like a Gol-Bat.
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>I live in the city, I don't need a car
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How /n/ are electric bikes?

Just ordered my first one today.

>inb4 "just get a car", "it defeats the purpose of getting a bike"

I don't have a license and I live in a very bike-friendly town and regularly have to bike 30-40 km a day and still have energy to do hard physical labour for 8-10 hours.
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Bike probs

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Hey ive been working on this bike for like 4 months this is my current progress. I was planning to make it a single gear. (No derailleur) however i do not want to change the rear hub. will this be an issue? i have a chain tensioner coming in to help. you guys have any advice on what else i should do?
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>be me
>be femanon
>riding my rigid 90s steel mountain bike
>dressed casually, no cycling specific clothes (unless a helmet counts)
>on a paved bike path
>enjoying the nice spring weather
>begin to come up on someone from behind
>a fat guy
>wearing full cycling kit
>including Air Attack helmet
>on an S-Works road bike
>he hears me approaching and looks back
>he quickly looks forward and starts pedaling as hard as he can
>I'm keeping pace with him without even trying
>he keeps looking back at me
>literally every 5 seconds he looks back
>looks visibly distressed, as if afraid that he is going to be passed by a girl on a mountain bike
>he keeps looking back every 5 seconds or so and this goes on for several minutes
>we get to a climb
>he slows down to an excruciatingly slow pace so I pass him immediately
>when I get to the top of the hill I look back out of curiosity, he is only a third of the way up at best
>a few minutes later, stop at one of my favorite rest stops, a nice park overlooking a lake
>about ten minutes later, fat guy passes by
>stares at me as he passes
>a few minutes later, get back on my bike and resume my ride
>not long before I've caught up to fatty again
>he looks back and sees me
>he immediately stops, gets off his bike, turns it upside down, and starts spinning the wheel as if inspecting it
>clearly pretending to have mechanical issues to justify stopping, when really he just doesn't want to be passed by a girl on a mountain bike
>ask him if he is okay or needs help with his bike
>"yes I'm fine thanx. just having a bit of a rest"
Pic related, looks almost exactly like him.
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>hey anon, do a wheelie!

How do you respond?
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Is my bike cool?
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