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The last thread may have been one of the most boring in living memory. Inshallah this one will fulfill our need for (you)s
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Would you?

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This New 4,000 Mile Trail Will Let People Bike From Coast to Coast on One Seamless Path
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Electrification of US freight railroads.

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This seems to be low hanging fruit for the green left. Yet I don't see a single one of them talking about this. It's all proven technology and easily projected costs and timelines. That would eliminate billions of barrels of oil used every year.
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9 out of 10 gas stations will close in NW Europe in the next 10 years
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Will self driving cars kill transportation?

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Found an old CD of Toronto TTC stuff thought I would post it
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Does anyone here have a high end electric board?

What’s your experience commuting with an electric skateboard?

What multi tool for casual trail riding?

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What is too minimal?
What is too much?

I won't I don't ever need it, but don't want to get fuck't cause I skimped out and didn't get _____ feature or tool...
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Would it even fly?
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