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Train Sim YT are cringe

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No joke i cant find a good one, this guy LazerJet is the worst
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What train would you name after Anne Frank?

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Post locomotives you'd name after the girl. It can be from any railroad from any era, but it has to be a nice one.
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>blocks your path
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>this pulls up besides you
what DO you do?
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Why do you kit up for anything less than 20 miles?

Seriously, there's no reason to put on lycra and pads if you're only going to be riding for an hour

Second question.

Why do you insist on slathering cream on your balls for your once a week group ride for 50km when you could harden the fuck up?
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a/n/ime thread

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Discussion thread for /n/ related anime. Yowamushi is still airing.
Last thread >>1145489
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>me, skinny guy, rarely have shirt off
>get told my torso is pretty pale and i should tan
>only real outdoor activity i do regularly is 30 minute bicycle commute every day
how bad would it be to bike shirtless in the summer to tan? would i be the douchebag i always think guys running shirtless are?
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oBike are pulling their shitty bikes out of Melbourne. Good fucking riddance. Time for people to throw as many of them in the river as possible. I'll miss seeing these shitty things trashed everywhere.
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Whats the name of the thing that happens when you ride your bike and a car passes up real fast. It feels like being pushed in, you know?