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Maritime General - /mg/

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Just started riding daily about a month ago. How long until my taint pain goes away ;_;
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Cycling moto snobs

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why are cyclist such horrible snobs?

Just look at this picrel strayan douchebag - when he rode for Megalized he had to do the sponsor rides with Schlek bros and he just had to virtue signal with green TLD baggies. Also plenty of numale fags are now into cycling but also into moto.

In fact, why are all racers (moto, cars, whatever) so douchy?
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Minneapolis is the best place in the world for urban cycling. Prove me wrong. Protip: You literally cannot.
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Beginner to biking and would like a bike that I can use on mainly paved trails. I have my eyes set on Raleigh's Cadent 3 & 4. They seem very similar and I was wondering if it'd be worth spending the extra $$$ on the Cadent 4. Would like some insight, please.


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shitposts / troll bikes / general cluelessness ITT

Old thread >>>>1130437
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CX on the (extreme) cheap

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Hey guys, currently living in Brazil and thinking on making a gravel/cyclocross bike for really cheap since that kind of bikes aren't popular here and the cheapest used one I can find goes for about 1000 bucks.

So, the plan is to get a Btwin Triban 100, which has 700x32 tires and a relaxed road bike geometry, and upgrade the brifters to Shimano Tourney A70 road hoods (yep, they exist).

So with that humble setup I would put some slime to the tires and rock up easily some trails around Belo Horizonte to see which components I need to upgrade as they fall apart

What could go wrong?
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Tugboat thread.
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Need to get a bike to ride to campus. Should I just go to Academy or Walmart?
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