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Stadtbahn Thread!

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Were they a good investment? Do the Rhein-Rhur Stadtbahns work well? What is the best Stadtbahn system in Germany and why is it Stuttgart?
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They're flat and have low turning gradients. Why don't we just turn the two middle lanes into a double railway? The infrastructure cost would be minimal
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Philly Fed economists: Here’s how highways ruined your city

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> They found that between 1950 and 2010 highways slowed growth in income, population, and land values in city centers, while having the opposite effect in outlying areas.

>Highways also contributed to air and noise pollution, and reduced access between neighborhoods split by freeways. Lin said the decline in quality of life “was an important factor in pushing people out of cities in the ’50s, ’60s and beyond.”

>Lin and Brinkman propose that projects that bury or cap highways could be beneficial to city centers, especially in reducing the “barrier effects” that cut neighborhoods off from one another.

Paper from said economist:
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I currently have a mostly-stock 2015 Specialized Rockhopper (upgraded grips and pedals, as per tradition). It's gotten to the point that it needs a bit of work done. Nothing too major but the wheels are a bit 'wobbly' and need to be true'd, the cable going to the front derailleur needs to be replaced after a recent crash, the grips are getting worn down and are about due for a replacement, and the tires are starting to get pretty worn (not too bad, but not as good as they used to be).

There are a couple of things that come standard on modern bikes that I'd like to have on mine. I like the simplicity of 1x11 gearing compared to the 3x8 I have now, a dropper post would be incredibly helpful, and I'm getting to the point where an air fork is almost necessary with the terrain I've been riding.

I'm not sure how much more 'advanced' a new bike would feel compared to mine. Would it be worth it to fix up and then upgrade my current bike, or would I be better off just getting something completely new? Have there been any major improvements on mid to high end hardtails that I would notice a huge difference if I got a completely new bike?

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doing Pic related for 10+ hours a week is completely healthy and has no negative effects on your posture, hip flexors, neck, wrists, or prostate. Anyone who says this isn't healthy is a scare-monger who is trying to sell you something. Trust the true online obsessives and the industry - they know what is good for you. Road cycling is healthy and if you have any problem you can solve it by spending money on multiple professional fittings, new saddles, custom-length cranksets, toe-alignment (you are clipping in right???), carbon (more flexible), new handlebars, and more ergonomic STI shifters. Seriously this is a completely natural human movement and if you have erection problems you are simplying an idiot who has not properly fit his saddle and isnt willing to try 6+ $200 saddles to figure out which one is right for his anatomy also remember cycling is a cheap and affordable hobby you shouldn't spend too much everyone should ride and also learn to take the lane because we have as much rights to the 45mph road as the barely sentient SUV driving text messagers and you should ride in the road because if we all ride in the road the cars will give up and we will win and then everyone can ride like us because we are tough and ride very hard and we are serious cyclists
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FUCK. Get ready for more shit in the streets
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anyone else who travels around the city on bicycle aimlessly when bored?
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Bike Training Questions

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How fit are you guys, any stats (be it avg. speed over a greater distance, or FTP if you know) ?
I am interested in whether you are just cycling nerds or actually also live for it.
How is your general training progress if you have noticed any until now?

Have started cycling regularly this year in March and just go outsides without much of a training plan.
Is it even worth it to follow a plan, if your basis, like mine, is so low?

According to, my FTP is not even 200 Watts.
Since my left knee started hurting, which now is almost gone, I have been avoiding long distances and any climbs. Just doing my 30 km loop in the outskirts. I can do it with 29.5 km/h average. I don't know my heart rate, but imo I am quite close to what I can sustain over 1 hour.
FYI I ride a cheapish Cross Bike with DeoreXT groupset and knobbed 38mm tires. I really desire a decent RR bike, but it may not worth the investment.
I will never get strong enough to have enough power endurance to climb some KINO mountain passes.
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Deutsche Bahn booking system

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>Have a second class ticket on a train
>Saw first class saver ticket price dropped to not much more than that
>Cancel the second class ticket to rebook the first class ticket
>Now the saver ticket is gone, only full class ticket that cost 3x money available
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Electric Bus Maker Proterra prepares for IPO

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>Proterra Inc, the U.S. electric bus manufacturer whose investors include car makers Daimler AG and BMW AG, has hired investment banks to prepare for an initial public offering (IPO), according to people familiar with the matter.

>Proterra has brought down the cost of electric batteries in its buses, making them more competitive with diesel-run vehicles

>The Burlingame, California company employs several former executives from electric car maker Tesla Inc. It is working with underwriters including JPMorgan Chase & Co, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank AG on preparing for an IPO that could come as early as this year, said the sources, who asked not to be identified because the matter is confidential.

Anyone have bets on which e-Bus company will gain the biggest marketshare? Warren Buffett is backing BYD but they’re Chinese so I refuse to invest in them.

I also think Ford’s pondering making an e-bus, especially with these Rivian and Volkswagen electric partnerships.