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Obscure urban rail systems

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What's the most obscure urban rail system in North America? Thinking of cities that you wouldn't think have a system due to their size or urban planning or something.

I vote the Jacksonville People Mover.
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>tfw no friends so i just aimlessly bike around on weekends for a few hours so im not in the house
>also bike home on my weekly commute (5 miles each way), again for fresh air and exercise
>too awkward to even join a cycling group/club to meet people

how do you cope
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Cheap/ULTRACHEAP DIY Ultralight?

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I am getting pretty tired of being stuck to the ground and my nightly dreams of flying aren't going away. I need an air craft of any kind, Ill attempt to build it by hand if I have to god damn it!

What kind of craft should I be looking into? I've read a lot about paragliders, paramotors, backpack helicopters and trikes and what not.

also I am quite poor, if it must come down to me stealing farm equipment because I'll never be able to afford it then so be it.

p.s. fuck birds
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>biked 80km yesterday
>barely going 10km/h by the end
>slept 12 hours

I thought this was supposed to be easy
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Marin Fairfax SC1, this is a good bike for commuting in the city? Someone have one Marin bike?
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Girls & Bikes: Girls Who Actually Ride Bikes Edition

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1. NO tattoos.
2. NO hipster shit
3. NO heels
3. MINIMAL blatant model shit

This is gonna be a rough one.
I got dat O.C. all lined up.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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German car cartel: class action lawsuits

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As usual in history, German companies got busted running another cartel lately, since they hate so much Anglo-American type capitalism, fairness, etc.


"Germany’s biggest carmakers are being investigated on suspicion of operating a secret technology cartel for the past 20 years that led to the dieselgate emissions scandal, it was claimed today."

But as usual nothing will happen to those companies in Germoney or in the EU which is really just an empire of German-Europe. But if you live abroad where the rule of law applies in Anglosphere nations you can punish them and cash in, by joining one of the ongoing class action lawsuits against Volkswagen and its subsidiaries.

American class action lawsuit:

UK class action:

If anyone knows other class actions to join please share, to help fry and pickle the krauts. Don't be lazy since you can join pretty easy and stand to make some decent money if you have an affected vehicle.
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Cyclist legs

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Do my legs look muscular or just fat?
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