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GWR Caerphilly Castle

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One of the GWR Castle Class locomotives Caerphilly Castle on display at the Swindon Steam Museum of the Great Western Railway.
A few months ago there was talk of bring Caerphilly back into steam.
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Metro Kapsul

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hello /n/tards, what you all thing of the "Capsule Metro"
It is a indigenously made transit system by some students from the Tech University in Bandung
Picture shown is the test track
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Depressing Train Stations

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Does anybody else really like depressing sort of train stations? I can't really explain it, but I'd rather go to a depressing train station than a futuristic utopian one.
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Fantasy Public Transit Maps

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Hi n/. Wanna have a discussion about autistic fantasy transport maps and planning? I've been reworking the bus network of this shitty town in Germany. Feel free to AMA, give feedback and post your own ideas, plans, and maps.
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If I was designing a large city with a high population density, instead of heavy rail I'd use Bus Rapid Transit (and the implied bus only lanes, bus priority lights, and all that comes with the BRT gold standard) + massive rush hour road taxing, and a few widespread elevated heavy rail lines.

And after commuting to and from work in times you never thought humanly possible, you'd start wishing your city had been designed this way too.
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US airline pilot related questions

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Fire away.

Pic is OC
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What are the best shoes to commute in on flat pedals?

Got a CX bike, and mah commute is 30 mins. Got pedals as pic related.

Or should I invest in some clip in shoes?
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Great Victorian Way

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>The structure was modelled on Paxton's own Crystal Palace. A glass-roofed arcade 72 feet wide and 108 feet high would cover a central roadway. Between the City and Regent's Street the roadway would have been lined with shops, while in Brompton and other areas of west London there would have been private residences. Behind the shops and residences, there would be two levels of narrow-gauge atmospheric railway tracks on each side, one for fast trains and one for slow trains.

>Atmospheric railways had failed in the past, but Robert Stephenson, usually sceptical about the system, had assured Paxton that they would be practical in these more controlled conditions. A double wall would insulate the residences from the noise of the trains. Existing streets would cross the roadway on the level, with the railways running uninterrupted above." People, I find", Paxton said "will never go much above the ground, and they will never go under ground". The structure would be dry, well-ventilated and easy to maintain—being under cover the road would never become muddy. The same basic cross-section would have been used for the river crossings as for the parts across land creating inhabited bridges – Victorian equivalents of Old London Bridge.

>The walls of the arcade would be faced in ceramic tiles. Its glass roof would keep out the polluted atmosphere of London, and promote a healthy circulation of air. In the section across Kensington Gardens there would be no shops or houses, and the arcade would provide a place to exercise in bad weather.

We need this /n/
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Bombardier is suing Metrolinx to prevent it from cancelling order

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Metrolinx is trying to cancel because Bombardier is already two years late with delivery with no firm date in sight.

Metrolinx says they are liable to pay up to $500K in penalty to construction firm if track certification is delayed due to lack of train sets, prolonging the construction period.

How do you feel about this?
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