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Sorry to make a new thread, I found this crack on my fred sled (I have a CS bottom bracket because I'm a douche, yes) and it cannot be repaired sadly. Does anyone know if an overtightenned BB could be the culprit, or impact, or something else?
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Air France offers to buy 49% of Malaysia Airlines

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How do you feel about this? 49% is the maximum Malaysian laws allow a foreign interest to purchase. Is Oneworld kill with LATAM already leaving and now Malaysia?

Canada rail and rapid transit

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Canada is the only G7 without high speed rail. Is it feasible to connect at least Toronto to Montreal? Air Canada and Porter both offer almost 1 flight an hour between Montreal and Toronto. The travel demand is there, we just need the infrastructure.
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Q: How do you know when someone has a brompton?

A: Don't worry they'll tell you
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Light Rail General

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Post Streetcars
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What's the most popular cycling event in your area? Will anyone else know what it is?

Pic related takes place in my hometown
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Has anyone tried a "hybrid" motorbike yet?
>electric motor for getting up to speed
>gas engine with tall gearing for cruising and going long-distance, possibly charging drive batteries and accessories
>can pedal if it goes tits up
When it's all said and done, it should cost less than $1000, and get around the issue of bike kits not coming with proper transmissions.
What do you guys think?
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Aesthetic railroad infrastructure

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ITT: post and discuss aesthetic rail infrastructure from your area.

Pic is Moose River rail crossing, i think it's owned by the Province of Ontario
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