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Does/n/ use fenders on their commuter?
Which ones do you recommend. Im getting tired of having my ass get wet and covered in mud.
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Looks like ORD is finally getting a new terminal
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Can we talk about hybrids?
I see that they are kinda hated here because they don't excel nor at road or mountain.

The way I see it, they are a middle point.
I've never owned one but I've had road and mountain bikes. I recently got attracted to them because I've seen that they can be fast and also a good commuter.

Are they a meme? Latest trick by the jews?They good?
I would like to hear a more in depth opinion of you.

What are some good models?
I've been looking at a Giant Escape and a Trek FX.
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Why do people get so bitter at me online about using technology? I rent electric, pedal-assist bicycles in my city, branded "Jump" and people JUMP down my throat when I tell them about it.

They recently raised the rate from 7 to 15 cents a minute (4 dollars to 9 dollars an hour ~) so I joined their Boost Access Program for low income riders and now it is 7c a minute again and no more unlock fee and 60 free minutes a day. I can rent e-bikes to my hearts content now and rather cheaply. I love the new world. Why do people get so mad at me when I tell them I do this?
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Post your cities bus. Here's mine in Adelaide, Australia.
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got a killer deal on my dream bike and now im in a bit of a QUANDRY

the bike was sold as a demo model, "only scuffs on crank" everything else like new. frame didnt come with a warranty

no prob.

got the bike, tuned up and all but the chainring is a little warped. its not even bad but i can see it when im pedaling, it kinda sways.

that "Scuff" appears to have caused a warp in the chain ring. does that mean the bike was wrecked? there's no mark on the handlebars or deraileur like most bike accidents cause.

i bought it with paypal. i contacted him and he said to send pics so he could warranty it. i bought it from a guy a few states over, that works at a bike shop.

anyone got advice? it seems like that crank was involved in a bit of a crash but all the rest look like new. and ive already done 80 miles on it with no issues


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Do you think America would have a higher life expectancy if we were a more pro-transit country?
Heart disease and car accidents are two of our leading causes of death.
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RV living

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I honestly think RV living and Van dwelling is the best way to transport myself and live and discover all the states. I even have a yt channel sharing my experience living on the road
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