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Lost Narrow Gauge Railways

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Thread for narrow gauge railways which closed and are totally lost or abandoned.

Such as the Rye And Camber Tramway which ran from 1895 to 1939.

Before anyone says "Anon you dumbfuck tramways and railways are two different things!"

It was still considered a railway regardless.
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>daily drive an ebike
>need to do a repair
>ride my normal bike for the day

how do people live like this?
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Great Western Railway Appreciation Thread

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Come and show appreciation for the Great Western Railway.

>God's Wonderful Railway.
>Great Way Round.

>And so on.
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>tfw can no longer hear the bus a few streets away and rushing out to make it
>tfw whizzy electro buses now
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Are trains fun to ride on for a comfy afternoon down the countryside? Or are they shitty and just a bus on rails? I live in Chicago so I could hop on any of the 15 Metra lines and go somewhere
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Well thanks to this board i have become obsessed with the cannondale delta v1000.
I have searched high and low and they are not available at ANY price.

Thanks for crushing dreams i should never have even had.
Yes , i fell for the collectible bike meme :(
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Bikes need their own board, just like cars have. They are clogging up true transportation discussion.
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Dutch Train Thread

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Love the way these look.
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whats the cheapest clipless pedal set incl shoes there are too many options to choose from
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Mid to low gears on my bike make weird sounds, but they do work properly.
Pic related.
How do I adjust them to make this weird noise stop?
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