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Eternal Tyre Discussion Thread

im new to road bikes, just killed my first tyres (schwalbe lugano) after aprox 4000mi/6000km of use. they came with my bike (a mid range good alu bike, felt f75).

can anyone give me a quick induction about tyres? mine where 23mm but i see everyone is using using 25 or even a bit more. advice me!

no need to go into very rare tyres and stuff, just the most known and widely available is preferred. a objective opinion on pic related would be cool as i see they are kind of a meme tyre. also tell me if the price gap from a couple of maxxis detonators or ultrasport to the gp4000 is worth. im looking on somethig balanced between puncture resistance, rolling resistance and durability... but again if someones knows thier stuff he could prob say "this one for puncture resistance", "this one sucks on durability",etc etc. thanksssssssss.

and a tyre related question. as i needed a quick replacement for the back tyre and had no time to investigate or anything, i just got a single continental ultrasport 23mm). guy in the store told me it wuld be better if switched to the front and left my old good lugano on te back, so i could feel the grip of the continental . should i?

obviously talk about your tyre pref, what you thik is best whatever whatever. peaceeeeeeeeeeeeee