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how do i get into airline jobs?
I'm 21 this month and I've only ever had summer jobs, all related to warehousing and some trucking so flight kinda appeals to me. going places and transporting things/people, working close to or on big vehicles in a big industrial looking environment, etc.
I just want to finish my degree (comp eng, I dont know if i actually want a programming job) but in the meantime for summers what could i be doing? applying at my airport to see if I could be one of those luggage-driver guys out on the airfield? play flight simulators? I'd wanna be like, on the aircrew in eventuality. flight attendant seems mostly related to waiter/waitress or hospitality type jobs, which isn't really me.
I mean again I am in school for comp eng meaning i'm at least not a total brainlet (though my gpa sucks) I could eventually learn about more technical aspects of things. physics and stuff, yaw pitch roll, idk.
if anyone has any type of flight related job what was it like to actually get into it, one thing I've read is that theres sort of like a period where you don't go out much and you have to bid for more desirable trips and only seniority helps that.

someone on biz said i'm already too old to get into the profession. 21 isn't old r-right? I'd have a lot to learn but im just trying to focus on having a job i could see myself having for an extended period of time (as in my life, you know, a career), something fulfilling and challenging to my level. everyone has their own quirks and preferences. i think the technology of modern logistics and transportation is fascinating and flight would be super cool to work in. maybe it's too exclusive or something and I wouldn't be able to though?