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Why is Australia's public transport and railway network so shit and un-kino?

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Considering we're mostly the products of English convicts/settlers and Europeans, you'd think we'd have a comfy af public transport system, yet it's terrible.

In my city of Adelaide, we have like six train lines (and one of those, the Tonsley line, doesn't even count cos it goes along the Seaford line before splitting away for like three stops before terminating), only one of them is electrified (the others are diesel powered) and the train cars look like they're straight out of the Soviet Union). Unlike in England where I could take a comfy train from London to York or some shit and see all sorts of countryside or whatever, in Adelaide it's nothing but concrete jungle and derroland (unless you're on the Belair line, but no one cares about that line). Honestly wanna live in England for a year or two, all I'd do is take kino as fuck trains everywhere and go all over the country.

On top of that, the stations are all run down and disgusting. The pic is of the station I'm going from or to regularly. There's derros everywhere, the lift is broken and smells like piss and shit and it's fucking disgusting. Why can't us Aussies have a kino train experience?

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