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Building Motorized Bike from Kit

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Hey y'all, any opinions or advice on putting a 50cc 2-stroke on a bike?

I've never ridden a motorized bike, but I think it'd be a fun project to set one up. I'm looking at this engine kit (pic related) from some Chinese company for 120 burgerdollars. I fully expect it to be mostly garbage, but does anyone else have any comments on it?

I'll also need to get another bike for this project, probably some 50-100 dollar thing off Craigslist - any words of wisdom on that front? I don't really know what to look for, aside from a 26" or 28" V-frame, as that's what the engine says it requires for fitment.

Thanks for any help, and apologies if this is a retarded thread, I'm from /o/ lol