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Old Man On Bus

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>be me
>be 14
>innocent lad and always semi social in public
>take bus to get to friends house
>friends house is a decently long bus ride away
>get on bus and get bored af
>phone time
>at the third stop a man came on the bus
>he looked suspicious
>Fedora hat
>barely any hair
>neckbeard af
>he looked 60
>probs skinnier than a twig
>I look back at my phone for comfort
>guy sits right next to me and inches closer

for disclosure sakes Im a guy

> he starts to get so close I can litteraly smell his cheeto ass breath
>i look up
>he was fucking hideous and the stench didnt help
>before i could say anything
>"hey boy do you like anime"
>i told him no ofcourse cause i aint a fucking weeb
>he gets slightly dissapointed
>"well i can be your senpai and teach ya anime"
>he said this revealing his shit stained teeth
>i said no and i politely asked for him to leave
>he started reaching for me
>but then
>my bus stop came and i ran the fuck out practically breaking a bone

So why is this green text here. Cause I was on a bus.

>Pic related