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Bike accidents stories

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The only accident/crash I had was a minor one, haven't been cycling for very long or very seriously
>be me
>cycling down a big street sidewalk with my friend
>using my shitty old rusted walmart "mountain" bike
>POS could not go up a hill even if god willed it
>pizza box in one hand in with a couple slices
>were coasting down this gradual decline, going faster and faster
>eventually going pretty fast
>suddenly lights turn red in front of us
>wasn't paying attention so I had to stop really quickly somehow
>had a little bit of braking on the left handle bar, but I couldnt press it because my hand had pizza in it
>slam on the pavement with my right foot as hard as possible desperately
>still have pizza in my left hand, determined to save it
>put down my left foot (the seat post was really low) in an effort to stop in time
>lose balance and bike starts sharply swerving to the right
>welp, not much else to do now
>get flung over the side, land hands first
>hands are scraped, bleeding and sweaty
>spaghetti is flowing out my pockets already
>friend is laughing his ass off
>chinese lady at the intersection reluctantly asks if I'm alright
>everything is alright
>because the pizza had survived
inb4 >and everyone clapped