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I'll just try it again I guess.

From what I know:

>U5 is planned but Sengelmannstraße will be ugly. Also it will end at the stadium while the S-Bahn will serve Osdorfer Born. Only question mark right now for the U5 is the area around Siemersplatz, hopefully it will be served directly.
>Within the next few years, the bus network will be completely overhauled, with every important bus line joining the metro bus brand, also express buses without extra fees. I might make an autistic google doc about what I think should happen
>Annual fare rise in December, as usual
>S4 constructions planned to start in Hasselbrook in late 2020, with preperation work set to start in 2019.

>DB is permanently constructing the Sylt line and the locos there are still shit
>The Kiel-Schönberg railway line that should be reactivated is still getting the okay from the government despite cost rises
>still no set date for construction for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel because german governments are fucking useless

>U5 extension to Central Station should be done by 2020
>BER still a shitfest with select S-Bahn trains ending literally nowhere thanks to DB trying to not let the tracks rust

>other cities
idk desu

Anything about public or alternative transport in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is fair game.