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Jesus christ I've fucking had it with these things
>Neighbors leave them in the back yard
>Lime scooter guy drops fucking THREE of them off EVERY GOD DAMNED DAY by the time I get home in the morning in my parking spot THATS NOT EVEN A PUBLIC PARKING SPOT.

I've called them, I've emailed them, I've complained to the city, and I got nowhere.

I've started throwing them down in the embankment across the road behind my house when the neighbor leaves them in front of my garage door or on my lawn, and I've hucked the 3 of them in the front into the bushes, and YET they end right back up in the places that annoy the fuck out of me.

What the fuck do I do /n/? Do i start slashing the tires on them? over volt the batteries? set them on fire?