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Grant here. I heard you all were saying my bikes are heavy, that my bikes need disc brakes, that my upright bars make you slow and wobbly.
Well, guess what? We listened to you. Here at Riverdell, we make bikes. Bikes for people. Practical bikes that don't cost an arm and a leg, but are high quality and last a lifetime
Well, I was wrong. Disc does make sense. Disc allows you to build wheels that will never have their brake tracks wear down and explode like a brittle piece of carbon. And disc allows you to run big, fat, extremely fast rolling panaracer tires without worrying about brake clearance, especially with fenders.
So, as of today, rivendell industries is acquiring Crust bikes and UltraRomance brand. Together we hope to consolidate the unracer field of brands to deliver you, the customer, an unrivaled cycling product.
The crust towel rack bar is now called the peregrine, a very large bird. Larger than an albatross, even.
Also the crust evasion is back, with lugs, and a beautiful yellow/brown paint job. The new model will be christened Mr Boopydoopy, after a famous pie eating contestant from Wisconsin world's fair in 1910. We had to pay his family $2,000,000 dollars for rights to the name but I think it was a worthwhile investment.
Now some may be shocked by our move to disc brakes, but listen, it doesn't have to be expensive. The Shimano altus disc line is actually superior to most disc products, when properly set up with twine and non-aero brake levers. Trust me, it can stop on a buffalo nickel coming down the steepest of hilly willys.