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Work Bike Innovation Fails

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There is a growing trend that seems to be wanting to reinvent the wheel.

Included in this category of Work Bike Fails is the attempt to "innovate" using any type of configuration that seems "different" to demonstrate the capacity to carry anything they want around town for a quick buck, as long as their Smart Phones are turned on and are feeding them 3 dollar tokens for a few miles of "Customer Service" for a company that does not even exist except behind a facade of a few computerized networks.

I am not against this opportunity to make money by bike, but as a designer and pioneer of this industry, I find that the majority of these newer Work Bikes are somewhat trivial in their addition of numerous accessories.

This thread is for the demonstration of any crappy new design that is falsely marketed for commercial purposes and to critique their design flaws.

Please join me....I know you too have seen this around town in different form.