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I might be a Fred

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Guys, I think I might be a Fred.

>rides heavy steel "gravel" bike
>with 650b x 47 tires
>70% pavement, 30% gravel
>wears a helmet, with a visor, with a mirror zip-tied to the visor
>only cycling clothing I believe in is SPD shoes and chamois shorts. Wear normal workout t-shirts.
>has two racks on bike
>rando bag on front rack 99% of time, with tools, lock, and space for groceries
>throws on rear panniers when need more room for groceries
>has full fenders, rides in any weather
>sometimes gets chainring grease on leg
>rides this bike everywhere, whether out to run an errand or for a full day of riding pleasure.
>loves riding for the sake of riding, doesn't matter if it's five miles or 50.
>not competitive at all, just having fun.

Am I a Fred? Is this a bad thing?