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What do in honolulu?

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I'm staying in Waikiki by the beach for a few days, so far just walked around, went to the beach, rented mopeds and went to wanoa? falls, going to hike up diamond head tomorrow. I'm with my mom who won't do anything too much off the beaten path, but don't want to ditch her because she lives across the world and I rarely get to spend any time with her. Don't have a car. But most of the stuff around here seems like a consumer hell for Chinese tourists. Anyone have suggestions of cool things to do? I liked getting out of the city but we don't have a car or a ton of money so stuff would have to be accessable by a shuttle or something

Also any cool places to mountain bike near here? I'm debating renting one and going myself for a day, saw a mountain bike tour but it sounds like spending $150 to spend all day with smug boomer couples