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Boomer here,
I don't 4chan anymore because it's too full of faggotry to even be funny anymore, but since some of you faggots made such a fuss about it, I had to come back to make one more post to rub your faces in it.

Pic related: The Cervelo S5 frameset I've had hanging up in my garage for months? Finally built into the race bike I've wanted for a long time now:

o Cervelo S5 58cm frameset
o Full Shimano R8000 11-speed groupset (including pedals and brakes)
o 3T Aeronova Team ergo handlebars
o 3T stem
o Cobb SHC saddle
o DT Swiss RR585 wheelset with PowerTab G3 hub (for general riding and training)
o Mavic Ksyrium SL wheelset (not pictured) (for race day and fast group training rides)
o Stages R8000 crankarm (for power data when using the Mavic wheelset)
o PowerTap Joule GPS+ cyclocomputer
o Carbon-fiber bottle cages to complement the rest of the frameset
o Bontrager bar tape

Total investment, including frameset: about $2500
Equivalent value of the bike, as it sits: somewhere between $4000 and $5000

Worth every penny, too.
o Carves it's way through high-speed curves and 90-degree corners at high speed like they're nothing.
o Solid as a rock rear triangle doesn't waste a singe watt of power from the cranks.
o Solid overall frameset makes it confident on high speed technical descents yet it's *comfy* at any speed.
o Wind-cheating aerodynamics
o Pro-level, race-winning performance overall

Haters gonna hate.
You may now proceed to seethe in jealousy, and post your vitriolic insults, and convince yourselves it's worthless, you hate it, and don't want it (even if none of that is true, LOL).
I'll be over here, not giving a fuck, because this is a drive-by thread posting and I won't be back, ever, to read any of it.

So bu-bye now, /n/, and 4chan, and nothing of value was lost.