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Specialized Bikes

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>As a privileged white man designing bicycles for a living, I’m cool with the sport of cycling being the alpha expression, but I often get the feeling that the bicycle is being held hostage by other privileged white men (Read Stockholm Syndrome, literally (I was born there)) who compete against each other and deter newcomers to engage.

>I’m committed to use my voice help drive positive change, diversify cycling and bring change to people whose yet to be introduced to the true magic of the bicycle. Not in the context of a self-centered sport, but as a more welcoming alternative where more and different kinds of people are welcome.

>The calling out of toxic elements and the demand for change has a snowballing effect that is nothing but refreshing. I believe in the bicycle as a tool for change and grassroots movements like the Cycling Industry Pledge by WTF Bikexplorers is just one powerful example of how to drive change and hold us all accountable for our actions, or the lack thereof.

>Erik Nohlin
>Creative Leader / Senior Designer at Specialized Bicycle Components.

damn. that's so legit