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Sedition related Travel Advisory to the United States. Travel ban in effect with Canada still?

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Britney Spears shirt clue :

Donald Trump's Boat Parade :

Netflix's the Floor is Lava:

The Death of Issac Cappy:

Mysterious and obviously fake COVID19 narratives (herd Immunity, masks): As seen in Britain, Italy, Canada, Brazil, and the United States (possibly China as well):

Adittional double speak active controdictory statements, and miss direction relating to the BLM movement and COVID19 levels (forbs magazine) :

Everything relating Black Live Matter and the "Black Lives Matter Riots": from as early as February (False narrative for an active revolution):

The G5 conspiracy used to cover many cell phone towers being set a blaze by people who understand how the security state operates. :

BLM protesters suddenly rounded up on mass in Las Angeles (over 400 arrested in a single pincer manoeuvre, and collection of an entire crowd of people into the back of military vehicles. likely never seen again.) :

#BlackoutTuesday on twitter- A cover for rolling media blackouts. :

- People grabbed by men dressed in military gear and thrown into civilian vehicles in Seattle and Portland :

Anyone here from the United States?