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Ideal city

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I was thinking about what is and what can make the ideal town and this is what I came up with.
a physical and defensible city limit will be created around the town to mark the furthest extent of expansion and jurisdiction
>Green belts
no new buildings within 1 mile of the city limit wall except on developments above 4 acres. The town would buy out these resident’s lands and repurpose them for rewildfication, afforestation and cultivation
are spaces of loitering and leisure, of commerce and strolling. Narrow streets lined with trees and awnings to keep out the afternoon sun, crooked and curved to keep the cool morning air, and ornamented with pools and fountains to keep the temperature mild on the most extreme of weather. Streets are focused with termination landmarks which provide destination and meaning to the street, as well a land mark of for navigation.
>Roads are for travel.
The roads in the town should be as narrow to fit one car with turn offs for one car to yield in case of incoming traffic or doing a U-turn. On weekends (or all together) cars shall be banned from town with entry roads streets blocked off for car traffic.

>Building alignment
on property on property boundary
>Building coverage
30% of the area of the lot must not be covered by buildings. This in combination with the former, naturally creates semi-public and private plazas and personal gardens that with trees and fountains provide insolation from the sun.
>Floor restriction
Maximum 3 floors for buildings with exception for towers of a reasonable size. This provides a natural height restriction that does not create a monotonous skyline or the packing in as much floors as possible as a height restriction would result in. This is necessary as High ceilings are needed in our hotter Californian climate.
>No zoning
Lots should have the ability to have shops on the first floor

What are something that you would add? What are /n/'s thoughts?